This is my first fic naruto faces some thing that completely destroys him will he be able to forgive konoha or destroy it.

I don't own Naruto


It was a beautiful day in the village of Konoha it had been two months since the mission to retrive sasuke. After the removal of the curse seal Sasuke went back to normal so to speak, it was discovered that it was affecting his rational thinking and was ultimately forgiven he apologized to Naruto and the other genins.

Team seven was currently waiting for their Jounin sensei on the bridge Sasuke was sitting near a tree as usual Sakura was speaking to sasuke(more like having a one sided conversation) but Naruto was being unusually quiet it took some time to notice but Sakura eventually wondered what was wrong with her teammate she walked over to him.

"Hey naruto are you okay?" she said noticing the unusual look of thought on the blonds face. Her voice brought him out of his daze and he immediately put on his mask of emotions. "Yeah I'm fine Sakura-chan " he said smiling she looked uncertain but she nodded and a bit reluctantly walked away thinking ' what's wrong with him '

But Sasuke knew what Naruto was thinking he was remembering the fight at the valley of the end. The fight that he regretted, he wished he could take it all back but he knew that that wasn't going to happen he was practically begging for Kakashi to show up.

Right on time(so to speak) Kakashi showed up in a puff of smoke "Hi guy's sorry I'm late but I had to…"he stopped as soon as he realized that they weren't really listening he frowned ever so slightly behind his mask he actually liked to have his students yell. "YOUR LATE" and "LIAR" but he simply decided to get on with today's lesson "Naruto ,Sakura I want you to work on your chakra control and stamina respectively"

"What about me?" said Sasuke speaking up suddenly feeling left out not that he didn't deserve it "Your coming with me, I'm going to teach you a new technique. "

"WHAT?" yelled Naruto suddenly very angry.

Kakashi simply shrugged and stated in a calm even tone" Naruto you and I both know you have more to learn your not strong enough yet "

"And your telling me Sasuke somehow is" He all but yelled at the jounin "I'm the one who beat Garra of the sand and Haku who he couldn't beat and I beat him when he went crazy. So tell me how is he stronger than me." He narrowed his eyes at him effectively sending a message that promised pure pain if he didn't like the answer

Kakashi however simply shrugged and stated in a once again even tone "I'll admit you beat Haku but if Gaara hadn't exhausted himself fighting Sasuke then you too would have been beaten and if Gaara hadn't showed up to help you in your mission you would have lost to Sasuke without his help that's why Sasuke is stronger than you."

Sasuke hearing this thought "Wait a minute. Didn't Kakashi read the reports Naruto beat Gaara, and me for that matter on his own didn't he read that what's wrong with him' At this point Sasuke was practically screaming in his mind

Sakura was thinking along the same lines as Sasuke, Kakashi seeing his other two student looking sort of uncertain raised a quizzical eye brow 'What's wrong with them' then another thought entered his mind 'Could I be wrong' He asked himself then he took notice of his blond haired student Naruto was looking at the floor his blond hair covering his eyes from view an unreadable expression on his face. At this Kakashi's frown only deepened, Naruto was usually like an open book with his emotions not to be able to read them is…unusual.

Then to everyone's surprise Sasuke stepped forward "Kakashi sensei didn't you read the reports on our fights. I hate to admit it but I was barely able to lay a finger on Gaara it was Naruto who arrived fought him at his full strength and beat him. " Then Sasuke looked down in shame "And in our fight Naruto beat me fair and square Garra arrived after I was knocked unconscious and helped bring me here since Naruto was exhausted" Kakashi was gapping behind his mask for two reasons #1 The Sasuke Uchiha was admitting his failure's and #2 With every thing that sasuke just said only promised one thing that he would be receiving, PAIN! PURE PAIN WAS IN THE COPPY CATS FUTURE.

Kyuubi shifted un comfortably in the cage their was a heavy rumbling and a rise in temperature the demon gazed into the water at his feet and scanned the boys recent memories his eyes widened in surprise

For the first time ever Kyuubi,Kakashi,Sakura and Sasuke all thought the exact same thing "OH FUCK!"