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A twenty year old blond Hokage sat in his desk sorting through some paper work. He signed a few more papers before looking out the balcony and sighed. A mid-sized red fox walked over and jumped on the desk. "What's the matter kit?" It asked seeing the far off look on the youngsters face.

Naruto turned back to the fox and smiled softly "Nothings wrong Kyuubi. Just a little anxious."

(Shortly after Naruto had absorbed the ninth tail he was able to release Kyuubi from his prison and gave him the strength of a konoha jounin so he could keep himself safe.)

Kyuubi snorted and looked at him with a sly smile on his lips "She's due any day now isn't she?" He asked with his own hint of excitement in his voice. Naruto nodded "Yeah she is. I wonder if Itachi was this anxious when he had his kid? I know Kakashi was anxious I constantly saw him reading books and not his usual Icha Icha books."

Kyuubi snorted again. "That Sasuke brat is worse off than all of you even though he doesn't show it. I can smell his emotions all the way from here" Naruto let out a short barking laugh. "Yeah. It was a real pain in the ass to get Yuki and him to admit their feelings for each other."

Kyuubi started laughing "And do you remember what had happened when he had announced that he had proposed at the same time that his brother announced he was getting married to Rei?" Naruto looked thoughtful for a moment before giving a wide smile. "Oh Yeah the party."


Naruto and the rest of the males had taken Sasuke and Itachi out for a bachelor party while the females went with Rei and Yuki out to their own party.

They had shared some funny stories, drank Sake and were all getting dead drunk. Naruto, Benkei, Neji, Gaara and Lee were sitting in a round table enjoying telling some stories. Lee hadn't drank a drop of Sake Neiji was still good if you discount the start of a small headache. Benkei and obviously Naruto were perfectly fine.

"So your telling me that it was you who fixed my seal" Gaara asked with a little shock in his voice. Naruto nodded looking happy with himself.

Naruto then turned back to Neji "So you're telling me, that after two years, you were able to convince the entire council that the Hyuuga's curse seal was unnesesary?" Naruto said, in between gulps of a small glass cup. Naruto was making damn sure he was going to find out everything he could from the Hyuuga.

Neji exhaled, annoyed to no end. Even after so many years he was still the same Naruto…

"I do not have to explain anything to you." No way in hell was Neji going to say he was had to practically beg on his hands and knees for the council to agree. Even if it was to escape his destiny like Naruto proved to be possible

"Che. Party pooper. Oi Lee, what the hell is the matter with you? You've been ogling the liquor all night. Just grab one already."

"I'm afraid I cannot. Hokage-sama, Gai-sensei, as well as Neji and Tenten forbid it. I don't exactly know why though." The taijutsu master still didn't know what sort of monster he was while totally hammered.

"How is Ten-Ten by the way?" Naruto had not seen much of the young woman but in the times they had spoken she had become a good friend.

Neji and Lee shrugged.

"You guys are such hypocrites. Drinking so much and not letting Lee get some. To hell with them, Lee, here." Before Neji could react, Naruto had slammed a bottle in Lee's mouth.

"Naruto you fool! You'll bring the death of us all!" Neji yelled.

"The hell are you talking about? I just gave Lee some- Oof!" Quicker than any one could follow Lee had dashed and slammed his fist into Naruto's gut.

Naruto flew through a wall. Luckily, it wasn't wood so no splinters.

"I'm getting really tired of flying through walls!" Naruto spat and ran back inside.

What he saw was insane. There was a whitish green blur moving all over the place. Girls screaming and running around all over the place, shinobis were barking out orders left and right. What the hell is going on?

Amongst all the screaming and chaos, Chouji's roar was heard.

"Who the fuck gave Lee liquor?" There was a pause. "Damn it Neji, why didn't you stop him!" Another pause. "Whatever. Just try and lure him out of here before he breaks something else! Shikamaru help get everyone out before they get hurt!"

Naruto frantically searched the room for someone who knew what was going on. He gave up after a minute.

"What the HELL is GOING ON!"

Shikamaru smacked him from behind the head. Naruto turned around.

"Idiot. I was starting to enjoy miself." Shikamaru muttered glaring at him before fixing his jounin jacket

"Lee is a natural at Drunken Fist. The only problem is, if he gets too much, he goes berserk."

"Oh. Lets take him down then." Naruto said, not really knowing how much trouble Lee was when even he was slightly tipsy.

"Too troublesome. Just help me herd the people out." Naruto pouted and got to work. After a few minutes of them leading everyone out of the building Naruto and Shikamaru rushed back in only to find Kisame desperately trying to block Lee's Taijutsu with Samaheda and Itachi attempting to grab Lee and put him in a master lock.

Both were failing miserably.

Naruto, Shikamaru and the others soon joined the fray and the battle with the green monstrosity of Konoha began.

In the end it took Itachi's mangekio, Kisames water jutsus, Kiba as a two headed wolf, Shino's entire bug army, Shikamaru's most powerful shadow jutsus, Chouji making his arms grow to abnormal proportions to hold him, Naruto's full demon form, Sasuke's kunai with wire, Gaara's binding sand, Kankuro's puppets, Kakashi's dog summons, Jiraiya and Gamabunta, Neji using his sixty four palms technique three times, Iruka and a few genjutsu's that he knew, a couple of dozen Anbu and Benkei's massive strength to bring down the green beast.

Naruto officially decided that when he became Hokage in a few months he was going to make it an act of treason to give Lee any form of alcohol. It was to be labeled the villages S class secret weapon.

After the chaos was cleared with Lee they all went home. But Naruto and Benkei wanted a few words with the two Uchihas. They caught up to them and Naruto smiled a warm smile at them. "You guy's I just want you to know that Yuki and Rei are like sisters to me. If you hurt them I'll use your inner organs as spicing for my ramen broth. Got it?" He asked with a sweet voice and a kind smile that sent shivers up the two brothers spines.

Naruto then disappeared in a swirl of flames. Benkei didn't say anything he merely took out a melon from………somewhere. And smashed it with one hand. He then walked away leaving two brothers wondering what the hell they had gotten themselves into. They started walking away when Naruto's voice came from all around them. "Remember the noodles……oh yes remember the noodles" The voice sounded like it was coming from beyond the grave. The two brothers started walking home just a little bit faster.

Flashback end

Naruto laughed at the memory. "The look on their faces was hilarious" Kyuubi smirked at him "So was yours as I recall your first meeting of Sakura's parents" Naruto immediately stopped laughing and visibly paled at the memory. "Oh good don't remind me" He said holding his head while he was still growing paler.

Kyuubi grinned at him "Oh but Naruto don't you remember what dogs a chainsaw castration and a couple of race horses have in common. Or perhaps what the father said he would do to yo……"

"SHUT UP YOU STUPID FUZZ BALL" Naruto yelled shuddering as the memories came back to him. Even with his demonic powers he was still scared shitless of Sakura's father. During the wedding he was giving Naruto glares which clearly said 'You hurt my little girl and I'll…' Naruto shook his head hoping to clear the scary mental image that came into his mind.


He reflected on every one else and the changes that had occurred to them during the years. Neiji had married Ten-Ten with Hihashi's blessings. Gaara and Hinata now had a son who had his mothers eyes with red hair that was almost a dark brown if you looked at it with the sun in a certain direction. Chouji and Ino had also gotten married uniting the Akamichi and Yamanaka clans, they still hadn't had any children but they still seemed happy.

Shikamaru had also married Temari. The wedding was interesting to say the least. Shikamaru had said something along the lines of troublesome women and Temari had practically destroyed half of the area with her fan.

Another surprise was Jiraiya and Tsunade they had gotten married shortly after Naruto had been given the title of Hokage. Naruto as the Hokage was asked to be the one who did the ceremony which he gladly accepted. Iruka and Anko had married as well as Kakashi and Kurenai. Iruka and Anko didn't have children but Kurenai and Kakashi sure did. They had a little girl barely three months ago. She had her fathers silver hair and Kurenai's red eyes, she was a very beautiful dirl. They had named her Rin in honor of Kakashi's old teammate. Kurenai surprisingly didn't object to it.

Itachi had also had a son and Sasuke's child was on the way. Itachi had a son about a year ago and had named him Uchiha Koto. Naruto gazed out to the suny day and couldn't help but smile. 'Things sure are looking up aren't they.' He was about to go back to his work as the door to his office was busted down and Kiba came running through the door. "What the hell do you think your doing dog breath" Naruto said standing up. Kiba was leaning on his knees breathing heavily.

He managed to breathe through his heavy breaths "Sa-Sakura-hospital-baby-" The combination of those three words had Naruto out the door and on his way to the hospital so fast he broke the sound barrier.

When Naruto arrived at the hospital he blasted through the doors blowing them off their hinges and running up the stares so fast the tiles were shattering. He ran all the way up to where he caught Sakura's scent. When he reached the place Ino, and Chouji were standing outside. Naruto could hear Sakura crying out in pain. He turned to the others and asked "What the hell happened?" Ino finally noticed Naruto and smiled at him "Hey Naruto. Sakura was at our house when she went into labor. Chouji brought her here and we meet Kiba on our way here. We sent him to go get you."

Naruto nodded and walked into the room.


After many hours of being in labor Sakura finally gave birth to a baby girl. She held the baby in her arms happily and said. "Hey Naruto come and meet your daughter." She then looked around and noticed that Naruto was nowhere in sight. "Naruto?" She asked bewildered looking around. Tsunade walked next to her with surprised and confused expression "Umm Sakura don't you remember what you did?" She asked slowly.

Sakura blinked a few times before finally shaking her head. Tsunade pointed behind her and Sakura turned around and found a very big hole in the wall. "Umm what happened" She asked a little confused Tsunade shook her head disbelievingly.

"Naruto came in and you asked him to hold your hand. He did as you asked, when you went into what is considered the most painful part of the process you were yelling and screaming at him saying that he did this to you and other things of that nature. At the very end of the procedure you had a amazing surge of adrenalin and flung him through the wall."

Sakura blinked and blinked. "Ohh" She finally said simply. Just then Naruto came through said hole holding his head. "Ohh my head" He groaned but then he looked up and found Sakura looking at him with a happy smile on her face. He then noticed the little girl in her arms. Naruto stared at the little girl almost as if she was in a state of shock. Sakura gestured for him to come over with her hand and Naruto did still not taking his eyes off of his daughter.

Sakura smiled at him and said "Meet your daughter Naruto." She held out the baby that was completely wrapped up in a blanket leaving only her face and hands visible. Naruto gently took her in his arms and sat down. He noticed that she had his blond hair and Sakura's emerald green eyes. The only difference is that she had slits for pupils and two wisker like marks on her cheek. Naruto let her grasp his finger with her small hands he noticed that she also had some very small claws on her.

Naruto smiled gently he then heard a voice right next to his ear. "Aww, she's so cute" Startled Naruto turned around and found Kyuubi sitting on his shoulder looking down at the baby in Naruto's arms with an expression that was never seen on the once mighty demons face before. It was tenderness and adoration.

Just then four people blasted into the room and Naruto, Sakura, Tsunade and Kyuubi turned and found Anko, Iruka, Mr. Haruno and Mrs. Haruno at the doorway Anko looked around the room and noticed Naruto was the one who had the bundle in his arms. With speed that would have rivaled Naruto she was at his side opposite the side that Kyuubi was on and looked at the little girl.

Her eyes started watering a little and she called out to Iruka. "Hey Iruka get over here and look at her she's so pretty." She said with what seemed like a girlish squeal in her voice.

Iruka came over to her but was beaten to the punch as Mrs. Haruno had managed to reach Naruto and was now holding the little girl in her arms. Naruto wondered how a woman with no ninja training could move that fast.

Mrs. Haruno also gave out a girlish squeal and she addressed her husband "Come look Jiro she's so pretty" Jiro walked over and he looked at the little girl and smiled.

"Have you decided on a name yet" Iruka asked still looking at the girl. Naruto looked at Sakura and she nodded indicating that he could choose. He thought for a moment before looking up and said "Kira…her name will be Kira."

"All right all of you Sakura needs her rest so everybody out." Tsunade said making everyone but Naruto leave the room. Before she closed the door Naruto called out to them "You had better watch out mom your going to be called Grandma soon." Anko stuck her tongue out at him and walked away with a big smile on her face.

Naruto turned back to Sakura who now had a the girl gently sleeping in her arms. She looked back up at him and smiled. He smiled back at her, he then walked over to her and kissed her passionately. "You've made me the happiest man on earth" He said before standing up and smiling at his daughter. "I have to get back to the office if you need anything send this one…"

He then made some hand seals and a small white fox came out and jumped on the bed before curling up into a ball.

Naruto laughed a little. "H e might be a little lazy but he's obedient. I'll be back as soon as I can okay?" He asked, she gave him a reassuring smile and he vanished in a swirl of flames.


Five years later

Naruto stood at the top of a small hill. He was watching contently as Sakura and his daughter Kira were playing in the river at the foot of the river he rarely got a day off but the office had been relatively slow and Shizune had volunteered to do the rest of the work.

He walked over and sat on a stone that was near the river. Watching his family playing so carefree in that river made his heart swell up with joy. He still couldn't believe his good fortune. He loved Sakura and he adored his daughter. She was extremely intelligent from an early age as Naruto and Sakura noticed.

Naruto and Sakura agreed that she got it from her mother. But much to Sakura's dismay and Naruto's sense of pride she used that intelligence for pulling pranks. She was fairly well behaved and kind hearted despite her demonic nature.

She was a fairly average child. Kyuubi said that her demonic blood hadn't activated yet which was why she didn't yet have the enhanced sense of smell and other senses.

Kira and Sakura were splashing each other violently, laughing as they each gulped and spluttered around a face full of water. It was hard to call a winner- both had seemingly endless supplies of energy, and neither was willing to back down from such an entertaining challenge.

Sakura lunged towards Kira, launching herself into close quarters. She began an offensive attack in earnest, splashing quickly with short strokes to drench Kira. The girl, not quite understanding the technique, was still trying to use forceful, big splashes. They were so slow and took up so much energy that it was soon apparent Sakura had the edge.

Kira sensed defeat hovering on the horizon and started inching towards shore, near the rock where Naruto sat, trying to beat a subtle retreat onto dry land.

Sakura caught her intention and cried, "Oh, no you don't!" Both girls launched into a full scale last ditch attack, heedless of where they were slinging water in their attempts to out do the other.

It wasn't until they were both laughing on shore, sitting back on their elbows and giggling weakly as they struggled to catch their breath, that they saw the consequences of their carelessness.

There, on what should have been a dry, safe boulder, sat one drenched and highly irritated demon lord.

Both girls saw him at the same time and let out identical 'Eeep!' of alarm. They knew they were in for it.

There was a silent pause, lasting one whole tense second, before both girls scrambled to stand with the instincts of prey about to come into close contact with an incredibly pissed-off predator.

Sakura made it to her feet first and so was out of the way when Naruto sprang to life. With a playful and mock-enraged growl he sprang on Kira, pulling her up into his wet arms and slinging her over his shoulder. The girl gasped and laughed, trying desperately to free herself, but it was obviously no use. She was no match for the demon lord/Hokage's strength, and was headed towards her doom.

Her struggles doubled as she saw that she was about to be dumped unceremoniously back into the river as payment for her crimes. She giggled, pled, and yelled, trying to avoid her watery fate. Nothing would appease the young Hokage, however, and in she went.

Kira landed on the water's surface with a great splash, immediately plunging through to the water's depths. She came up a moment later, spluttering and laughing, and caught Sakura trying to slink away unpunished.

"Oh, no, Mommy!" she yelled, causing Naruto's head to turn in her direction. "You have to get tossed, too! It's only fair!"

"Tattle-tale," Sakura shouted, sticking out her tongue at the water logged child, until she saw that Naruto seemed to agree with the girl.

Sakura let out an undignified squeak as the dripping little fox began to stalk her slowly. She couldn't keep a grin off her face as she saw the look of pure playfulness in Naruto's normally aloof eyes. It was thrilling and exciting, making him seem much more lovable even as it warned her that she was definitely in for it. She didn't dare turn her back on him, knowing he could pounce on her before she'd make it two steps away.

She inched back step by step, hands warding him off ineffectively. She tried bargaining with him, hoping to avoid a swift dunking.

"Na..Naruto," she stuttered nervously, "You just stay over there. Don't try to manhandle me like that, it was an accident!"

He advanced on her slowly, matching each of her steps with one of his own.

"Do you think you could stop me?" he asked with a predatory smirk, making the hairs on her arms and neck stand up. He was in full hunting mode, and she knew exactly who his prey was. She'd have better luck bargaining with a mountain lion.

"N.. no," she said again, glancing around for any hope of escape, "but you should stop right where you are! Getting you wet was just a mistake!"

"Yes, it was," he agreed, still maneuvering her where he wanted with every deliberate step, "but getting you wet will be done entirely on purpose."

He turned a little, steering her where he wanted her to go once more, until she realized her back was now to the water. She was trapped.

Naruto smirked in triumph as he slowly began to close the distance between them. His body was tense with his impending victory, his internal demon reveling in this teasing pursuit. He'd given in to his primal chase instincts and found himself enjoying it immensely. He liked stalking his wife like this.

With a final lunge that startled Sakura into jumping and yelping, Nauto leapt forward and caught her, swinging her fully over his arm. He shifted her until her stomach rested over the center of his right shoulder, making her struggles ineffective. His hand splayed across the back of her thighs and he tried not to notice how firm and soft they were. Her swimsuit left plenty of flesh available for his touch. He jostled her lightly when her legs thrashed wildly, delighting in the 'Umph!' of frustration she made when she realized she wasn't getting anywhere.

He stomped slowly to the water's edge with his wiggling burden, chuckling when he heard her protests as the river came into her view.

"Put me down this instant!" she demanded, breathless from giggling and fighting.

"As you wish," he said blandly, tossing her into the water without another word.

Sakura resurfaced, spluttering in mock indignation, glaring at the smug male on the shore. Kira swam over to her and put her arms around her mother's neck, too tired from laughing to continue treading water.

With a sly look to Naruto, Sakura turned to Kira and put their heads together. Naruto's demon instinct was stumped, but his masculine intuition kicked in right away. It was telling him that bad things happened when two affronted females collaborated against one hapless male. His advanced hearing was unable to pick up Sakura's words, masked as they were by Kira's piercing giggles. Purely male instinct told him to run. He stomped that down, telling himself that nothing one puny human and one young half demon could do would ever hurt him.

Obviously, the poor male had a lot to learn about females.

Sure enough, Kira and Sakura soon put their plan into action, causing Naruto to experience a wholly unfamiliar level of paranoia. Their false airs of innocence almost curdled his insides with dread.

'Am I sure I don't want to knock them out right now and avoid trouble?' he wondered, as he watched the two girls turn away, pretending to be done with him. He didn't trust them half as far as he could throw them.

Minutes passed with nothing unusual happening. The girls were behaving as though nothing had occurred and as if they hadn't been dumped into a river by a vengeful demon lord. Naruto figured they'd finally seen sense and realized there was no point in trying for retaliation.

He was lulled back in to a false sense of calm as he sat back on the sunny rock, absorbing the warm rays as the two girls played. He even dared to close his eyes for a minute, dozing lightly.

Soon, though, he realized that it was quiet. A little too quiet.

He peeked around him to realize that he couldn't see Sakura or Kira anywhere. He sat up with a start, looking and sniffing around for any sight of the two girls. He couldn't sense them above land. Could they be in trouble under water?

He leaned over the side of the rock, peering over the ledge down into the water below, unbalancing himself slightly in the process. He was totally caught unprepared when two sets of hands shot out of the water, latching onto his Hokage robe and pulled him down into the water.

Naruto surfaced from the water, growling lightly. His arm was already wrapped around his laughing wife and delighted child he'd caught under water, trapping them to his body. He hauled them up alongside himself and dragged them to shore.

"That is enough water for you two," he rumbled low in his throat, shooting them a mockingly severe glance that only made them giggle harder. "You do not deserve any more play time today."

Sakura and Kira were thrilled with their success. It had taken a lot of patience to catch the demon off guard, and luckily the timing had been good. They couldn't hold their breath forever. It was perfect, and they shot each other smug grins.

Naruto dumped them both unceremoniously onto the ground at the base of a tree. With a wicked glance in their direction he shook himself free of excess water, droplets splattering them from head to toe. For a moment he resembled the fox he sometimes turned into. The girls threw up their hands and protested mightily; secretly pleased he continued their game.

He then sat down next to Kira without comment and leaned against the tree's trunk, turning his nose up and away from the two girls as if completely uninterested in anything they were doing. With a studied air he began the long process of completely ignoring them.

Kira was having none of it. She yawned and stretched, worn out by all her water activity. With a small sigh she climbed into her fathers lap as she always had, resting her head on his chest and closing her eyes.

Naruto, familiar with the scenario, merely brushed the girl's damp hair to one side and continued to look off into the distance. He could still smell the distinctive scent of his wife sitting a little ways away.

Sakura saw that Kira's hair was still damp. She didn't want the young girl to catch cold and thought it should be off her neck. She stood up and moved over to her pack, removing a couple of towels. With practiced movements she began to dry her own hair, before moving forward to Kira.

She kneeled nearer to Naruto's side, intent upon getting close to the little girl in his lap. She looked into Naruto's eyes as they turned to meet her gaze.

His gaze was still softer than it had ever been, and when he saw the towel she held in her hands he nodded his head once in agreement.

Sakura moved until she was right behind Kira's head and gently began to squeeze the excess water from the dozing girl's hair. She was careful not to pull too hard or jostle the girl, intent upon letting her continue to rest. When her hair was as dry as it could get, Sakura motioned for Naruto to lift the sleeping girl away from his chest. She then moved the damp towel beneath the child for a barrier between his damp top and her head.

When that was done she leaned against the tree trunk herself, content with her situation. Her left side was only inches from Naruto's side, absorbing some of the heat he so readily provided. She was just inches from the back of Kira's head. She lazily reached across and pulled Kira's hair towards her once more, beginning to braid the damp strands together.

She turned her eyes from her mindless job to find Naruto's sapphire gaze once more meeting her own.

It was simply a beautiful, pure feeling.

When she lowered her eyes at last, unable to maintain such an intimate connection for any real length of time without doing something that wouldn't be appropriate infront, she felt the day's activities catch up with her. She was worn out, sleepy, and fully prepared to take a short rest.

For the moment she was content to close her eyes, leaning back against the tree trunk as the drone of insects and the sun's gentle rays lulled her into a peaceful sleep.

Her head drifted onto Naruto's shoulder and she set herself comfortably and soon sleep consumed her.

Naruto gazed at her head of pink hair with eyes that held a great deal of love. He moved some stray strands of hair and kissed her softly on her head. "I love you Sakura" He whispered softly. He then leaned his own head against the tree and soon joined his family in a peaceful slumber.

He never noticed the peach blossoms falling beautifully around him and his family

His last thought before falling asleep was that he never wanted such a beautiful moment to end.

The end


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