Me no ownie.

Hello all! I am a relatively new Avatar-Fandom writer, and I don't mind exploring the reality of things. Like what's really going through Katara's head. Observe!

Day 1
Currently: Leaving my childhood home. Break out the tissues!
Mood: Bittersweet.
Music: Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson

Well, Gran-Gran slipped this journal in at the last minute, and I may as well make use of it. I'm so exited! I'm going to the North Pole!

Father would be proud of me, I know it.


Day 186
Currently: Traveling with Aang
Mood: Acerbic. Sardonic. Cynical. Sarcastic. Derisive.
Hit List: Pretty much any person I come in contact with. And DAMN, that's a lot.
Music: Hung Up, Madonna.


That's me. Katara the responsible, Katara the logical, Katara the water bender, Katara the pure.

You know what? NO. How 'bout Katara has depth? Yeah, there's a concept people! There's more to me than THAT (see above). "Katara the hormonal teenager" or "Katara the snarky bitch" would be a little more fitting. Or at the very least more descriptive.

I haven't been able to write in a while obviously. Too busy trying to AVOID BEING KILLED. Yeah, fun stuff!

Anyway, in my defense (to all of you prissy, stuck up snobs out there who were born with a silver spoon up your ass), I can't be virginal all the time. Example: Jet. Yeah, I totally hooked up with him because he had a great personality. Hel-lo! Megalomaniac much? He was hot. Why else would I, ya know? But some people just take it the wrong way. Oh no, she didn't realize he was really a crazy, power-hungry weirdo... Riiiiight.

I've got a bad girl side – who doesn't? Some just show it more than others, right? Right.


Katara the pissed off.

Day 205
Currently: In a cell, in some Earth Kingdom town (controlled by the Fire Nation. Yay.)
Mood: Frustrated w/ the men in my life.
Hit List: Mostly Sokka; got some Aang in me to, though.
Music: L.O.V.E., Ashlee Simpson.

You know, I just got around to thinking that the stupidity of men could sink no lower. Enter Sokka! "I'm hungry, Katara!" Then don't eat all the food we have during your midnight snack sessions, imbecile! Sokka, I love you dearly, but you can be so utterly dense, it's bordering on disgusting.

And then Aang, sweet little Avatar that he is, suggests that we just "stop in" at a large, seaside city to get some more supplies because "We need other – eh, stuff, too, Katara, don't you think?" The sympathy he feels for beloved brother is almost as sad as Sokka's eating binges. And, by the way, he never gets fat, that jerk.

And, of course, the town that we pick to stop in has just been taken over by the Fire Nation! Wow, things were just getting better and better... And even after that, even after they realized that a good portion of the Fire Nation Troops were swarming Agni's Canker Sore (Yeah, as if the name wasn't enough foreshadowing...) even after I pointed all these facts out to them, they STILL wanted to go!

Why are men so stupid?

And (Ye gods!) we got caught. And, mostly likely, that utterly delicious excuse of a prince is probably on his way here. Yes, Zuko is hot, both literally and figuratively. Haru was cute, but Zuko is genuinely hunkalicious.

He he he... I wonder what Sokka would do if he could hear my thoughts right now? Probably scream and rant about the purity his sister and the Water Tribe's honor.


To be continued...