I know… it's two years late and oh-so short. But here it is.

Day 230
Flying on Appa with HER. Grrrrr…
Pissed off! (My blood pressure would be so much better if I wasn't surrounded by idiots. Pity me!)
Hit List:
Girl Fight, Brooke Valentine

Okay, so Sokka and Aang FINALLY managed to rescue me after that horrendous yet wonderful stint in my hometown. Why horrendous yet wonderful, you ask? Horrendous, because GOD, the South Pole is DEPRESSING! And ugh, Haru kissed me. Awkward much? Wonderful, though, because I found out that Zuko has a crush on me! Hooray!

But back to the present time. While I was away, Aang picked up an Earthbending teacher. I was so relieved because I thought we could finally get this war thing on the road, you know? Kick some Fire Nation butt, right? Keep Zuko as a prisoner of war, that sort of thing…

But then I MET the girl.

"Sugar-queen"? Seriously? Is that all she's got? Bitch, please!

"Look honey, why don't take that abnormally large chuck of earth out of your arse and stop being so damn self-centered!"

"Well, excuuuse me!" Aang and Sokka look scared. Good. It's a woman's duty to strike fear into the hearts of men.

"At least I have some bending skills!"




"That a challenge? Bring it on, midget!"

"Oh, it's already been brought, sugar-queen!"

Day 230 (Night)
NOT injured! Take that, Toph!
Torn between 'victory-dance-happy' and slightly worried. Not about Toph though, cause she's a freakin PANSY!
Hit List:
"The Blind Bandit"… ha, bandit, my ass… also, that machine thingy. Idk what that is, but it's freaking me out.
We are the Champions – Queen (wow, I suddenly LIKE Queen)

Well, I definitely pwn'ed Toph in our "friendly" spar… okay, so it WAS mainly because I had healing abilities… but I still won!

The only thing I'm worried about it the fact that this machine thing is chasing after us like-whoa and it won't stop and we're all really tired and this is ALL TOPH'S FAULT because she wouldn't stop arguing with me or do her fair share of the work! I am perfectly justified in thinking this way! There are no flaws in my logic whatsoever!

Argh. This lack of sleep is really getting to my brain. Ah well, maybe our problems will just go away and we won't have to worry about them! Right?

Yeah, okay, I'm not fooling anyone. This saving the world gig is seriously getting old.

Oh, damn! It's back! I wonder… it's pursuing us so vehemently… could it be my love…? "Zuko?"

"Katara, what are you talking about?"

Errr… "Maybe Zuko's following us."

"Who's Zuko?"

"Nobody you need to know about." She better keep her hands off of my man!

"Katara, chill! Toph, Zuko is the crazy prince chasing after us who wants to regain his honor by capturing Aang."

"And he has a ponytail, like Sokka."


Day 231
Bleeeerggghh. SLEEEEEP.
Hit List:
Too tired.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Tokens.

I will attempt to recount our experiences of the past day. It will not be easy, because I'm tired. But I shall persevere!

Toph: I hate you!

Katara: Well, the feeling's mutual.

Toph: I'm running away!

Katara: You do that then. …Oh, darn! Well, time to find a badgermole.

Aang: Damn it, Katara! First Jeong-Jeong, and now Toph? FAIL.

Yeah, so that was great! Now Aang won't learn Earthbending and it's basically my fault. Oh, and then of course those three crazy beeyotches from the Fire Nation had to get all up in our grillz. That was annoying!

Tai Lee: Omigosh, you're, like, totally cute!

Sokka: …thanks?

Katara: Your friend should have her head checked.

Mai: Tell me about it.

Tai Lee: Oh, shut up Mai! He's waaay cuter than Prince Zuko!

Mai: (She totally über-blushed. Well, it was an über-blush for a frigid bitch. How dare she! He's mine!)

Yeah, so I found my rival in love: Mai of the Frigid Bitchassness. Not one of my best days. But wait! It gets even better! We finally managed to shake off Needs-Ritalin and Needs-Prozac and met back up with Aang, who was fighting Zuko's sister, Azula. She did this hilarious impression of her brother… which was totally mean and uncalled for. But funny. And then Zuko showed up! Le gasp! And then Toph showed up with Iroh, that cheating bastard! Le doublé gasp!

So we were all fighting and stuff, and yeah, and then we thought Azula had FINALLY surrendered, because hey, all of us had just overpowered her – pretty pitiful, I know, it took like six of us to get her down – and then she STILL managed to get in a parting shot at Iroh! He looked pretty bad too. Azula of the Psychopathic Bitchassness, we'll call her.

I was trying to be all nice and help the dishonest jerk with my TEH AWESOME healing skillz, until Zuko – ZUKO, the boy with whom I am heavily in lust and definitely not anything resembling anything other than lust, especially not love, which would be reallllllly awkward anyway, so we might as well just skip that altogether – got all pissy and shot fire at us. He shot fire at me!

All in all, today's not been my best. What's a girl to do?

Hey Zuko… do you have sunburn, or are you always this hot?

Oh, pickup lines. Always my sweet relief.

If anybody's paying attention... I'd love to hear what you're thinking. :D