Without You

By Melora

Rating: M (For some mild language and strong sexual situations)

Pairing: Sam/Jack

Category: Angst, Romance, Established Relationship, Episode Addition

Spoilers: Season 6 – Frozen, Nightwalkers, Abyss

Set: Before Frozen and during Nightwalkers and Abyss

Sequel to: "You're Not the Only One in Need"

Series: Part Two in the "In Need" Series.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. No copyright infringement is intended. Created for entertainment not monetary purposes.

Status: Story is Complete, Series is a WIP.

Summary: After the events of Frozen, Sam and Jack spend time contemplating their relationship.

Author's notes: I must apologize for the delay on this sequel. I know there are a few people out there who were expecting it much sooner, and I am sorry it has taken me so long to post it. I just had a bit of a crisis of confidence. Hopefully that is over now.

For those of you who did not read the prequel to this: This is the second story in the "In Need" Series. Reading the first story, "You're Not the Only One in Need," would be helpful but is not necessary. Basically, the premise is that Sam and Jack began a secret relationship after Daniel's ascension. If you would like to read the previous story in the series, the 16+ version of that story is archived at fanfiction . net and the 17+ version is at samandjackalways . net. There is also a 17+ version of this story archived at the same place (although only part one is different). Admittedly, this type of story has been told before and by fanfic writers far better at it than me. So I apologize ahead of time if this story seems pedestrian. Hope you enjoy!

Part One

Jack's bedroom

Sam placed her palm gently on Jack's bare back, reveling in the warmth his body exuded. He always slept this way. Every night since they had been together, he would curl around her after their lovemaking, his arms wrapped around her waist and his nose buried in her hair. Yet by morning, he was always comfortably lying on his stomach, facing in the opposite direction, with his face halfway smothered in his pillow. Maybe it was that they were both still more used to sleeping alone, hence they both tended to gravitate to their own sides of the bed during the night. Or maybe it was that they felt so comfortable with each other now that they no longer felt the need to constantly demonstrate their affection for each other all of the time. Sam sighed lightly and hoped it was the later rather than the former.

She stretched languidly, trying to wake her muscles after a night of deep and undisturbed sleep. As she watched her lover, his ruffled silver hair and tanned shoulders just peeking out from under the covers, she began to ponder whether she and Jack were gradually becoming more and more like a typical old married couple.

But then… there was the fact that none of their friends and co-workers knew anything about their relationship and they both knew it would have to stay that way for a very long time. Neither she nor Jack were interested in resigning from the Air Force anytime soon. There was still too much work to do at the SGC and they were both too important to the program to give it all up right now. And so they continued to see each other in secret, cherishing every spare moment they could spend together and wondering when and if things would ever change.

Sam slid her hand up Jack's back and began to lightly run her fingers through his hair. At Sam's touch, Jack let out a small groan. "Carter…leave me alone. I'm asleep here."

Sam chuckled lightly, knowing better than anyone just how cranky Jack could be in the morning. "Sorry to disappoint you, Jack…but if you're talking, you ain't sleeping."

"But I could be, if you would just turn over and leave me alone for another half-hour."

Sam shook her head and smiled at him indulgently. "Jack…we need to get up. It's 0630. Antarctica, remember?"

This time Jack let out an even louder groan, the sound muffled by the pillow he was currently burying his face in. "Why the hell would I want to get up to go to Antarctica? Nothing good ever happens there."

Sam smiled slyly as she ran her hand smoothly over his bare shoulder. "I don't know. I have some pretty fond memories of sharing body heat with a certain sexy Colonel once in Antarctica."

At that, Jack head popped up from his pillow and he turned over to face her, his face still puffy from sleep. "Sexy, huh? You think I'm sexy, Major?"

"Absolutely, sir."

In one fraction of a second a very groggy Jack was completely alert and ready for action. He quickly rolled on top of Sam, trapping her beneath him and pinning her hands above her head. The speed and agility of his movements, in addition to the feel of his hard body on top of hers, took Sam completely by surprise.

With Jack holding her wrists firmly above her head, Sam instinctively arched her back, bringing her body, still unclothed from the previous night's activities, in full contact with her lover's. Jack's sleepy eyes immediately widened at the awe-inspiring feel of her soft skin brushing against his. And he could see from the hazy, seductive look in her eyes that Sam knew exactly what she was doing to him.

Ever so slowly Jack began to nibble on Sam's jaw and neck, carefully avoiding the lips which he instinctively knew were impatiently waiting for his kiss. Jack then lifted his head to stare down at his lover. Sam's eyes were just barely closed, her head gently tilted back into her pillow, her mouth slightly open, and her breathing ragged and irregular. There was no better sight in the world than an aroused and compliant Sam Carter.

He could no longer resist the temptation. In that moment, he needed her…so badly. He tipped his head forward and seized her mouth, possessively swiping his tongue inside.

Sam's eyes popped open at the sensations Jack was evoking in her. The sounds she made in response were muffled by Jack's mouth, which was still actively moving over hers, his tongue and lips devouring her own, as if trying to consume her whole.

Jack repositioned his grip on her wrists, making sure her hands remained firmly trapped above her head. It was clear that he was in the mood to be the dominant partner this morning, and Sam was more than happy to oblige…at least for a little while.

But as they began to make love and her desire built within her, Sam began to struggle against his restraining hands. She wanted to touch him…hold him. Jack tightened his hold on her and continued to mercilessly kiss her mouth in response to her writhing movements, determined not to let her go.

As Sam relaxed and gave up her quest to free herself, Jack removed his mouth from hers and buried his head in the crook of her neck. Gently, he began to nibble at her sensitive flesh, knowing full well that it was one of the spots that drove her crazy. He was validated in this knowledge by the whimpering sounds Sam began to mumble in his ear.

As the tension built within him, Jack began to almost unconsciously suck and bite at the spot on her neck where his face was positioned. Sam responded in kind, pulling her legs around his body to increase the contact between them. This was not the normal sleepy morning sex that they usually engaged in. This was urgent…almost primal and within minutes, both Sam and Jack had reached their release and Jack unceremoniously collapsed on top of her.

As they lay there, too exhausted and satisfied to move, Sam wondered about what had brought this on. Jack had been almost like a man possessed. He had made love to her like his whole being depended on it…as if he knew that it would be a long time before they could be together like this again and he wanted to etch the experience into his memory.

"Jack…" Sam softly called out after a few minutes of enjoying his solid weight on top of her. She threaded her fingers through his silver hair, brushing it back tenderly. "As much as I love this, you're going to have to move soon."

Still oblivious to the world around him, Jack simply murmured, "Hmmm?"

"For one thing, you are getting a little heavy and it's getting harder for me to breath. For another thing, we have to get a move on. We're going to be late to Peterson to catch the transport to McMurdo."

Jack rolled off of Sam, eyeing her suspiciously. "You sure know how to ruin a romantic mood."

Sam laughed and placed a small peck on his pouting lips. "That, Jack, was not romance. That was full-on, hot and heavy sex. And it was absolutely fantastic."

Jack merely smiled smugly at her admission as he eyed something else that had caught his attention. His grin only grew as he reached out with one finger and lightly traced a dark spot forming at the juncture of her neck and torso.

"Looks like you are going to have a little souvenir from this morning, my dear." He didn't even have the decency to look apologetic. If it were possible, he looked even proud that he had left his mark on her.

Sam rolled her eyes and started to get out of bed. "Just what I need…another reminder of your sexual prowess. I'm just glad that our t-shirts have fairly high collars that will cover it. Can you imagine what Janet would say?"

"She'd definitely demand to know who put it there. And knowing the good doctor, you would not get a moment's peace on the flight to McMurdo."

A melancholy expression flitted over Sam's face. "And we both know that's the one thing I can't tell her."

"Hey… are you having regrets about all this?" Jack looked at her apprehensively, afraid of what her answer might be.

Sam smiled wistfully and placed a firm and decisive kiss on his lips. Although she did not provide a verbal answer to his question, her kiss was the only answer he needed. That one kiss told him everything – most important of which was that she still wanted to be with him no matter what the sacrifices.

Sam stood and strode towards the bathroom in all her naked glory, her short hair slightly disheveled from their early morning activities. "I'm going to take a shower now. You can sleep for a few more minutes if you want."

As she reached the door, she turned back around towards Jack. "Or…you could join me," she offered with an impish grin.

She didn't have to ask twice. Jack was out of the bed and into the shower in record time. After all, what was extra sleep compared to a very wet and very naked Sam Carter?