Note: This fan fiction takes place around the episode passions.

" No, my Spike." Drusilla said as she pushed the crippled Spike out the front door of the mansion.

" Dru, Princess, you cant just kick me out." Spike begged.

" I don't love you anymore." Drusilla said. Angelus appeared in the doorway. He smirked and then ran his fingers through Drusilla's hair. She purred.

" Yes, my boy, she moved on." Angelus teased, " she's made up her mind, and lucky for me-."

" Why you disgraceful, bloody, piece of s-." Spike spat at Angelus, he put his hands in front of himself in a strangling motion.

" Now Spike, you might want to find shelter, sun up's on the horizon. Dust. We'll have to get a maid..." Drusilla disappeared into the house, " I ate the last one."

" Oh and watch out for the slayer. She's a bit mad."

" Yeah, nothing comes good from a brassed off slayer." Spike joked sarcastically, " why?"

" Your no use to Drusilla now, she needs a man who... isn't bleach on wheels." Angelus disappeared into the house and the door slammed shut in Spike's face. Spike punched the door and wheeled himself out of the large yard.

" Stupid Peaches, I'll show you no use, I'll shove the proof in your ugly, disfigured forehead as you die..." Spike took a quick look at the rising sun and decided where his destination was. But first, he needed a drink.

" Buffy, there's a nice guy at the door." Joyce said as she opened Buffy's bedroom door, " poor guys in a wheel chair."

" Who is it?" Buffy asked. Her mother shrugged. Buffy walked down stairs and Joyce followed.

" He's got the strangest hair." Joyce said and Buffy hurried to the door. She knew who exactly who it was.

" Spike." Buffy spat as she looked outside.

" Slayer." Spike mocked.

" Who's he?" Joyce asked. Buffy pushed her mom away.

" Mom go make popcorn for the movie." Buffy said, " He's a ... an ex friends friend."

" Ha," Spike smirked, " As if." Joyce stepped into the kitchen.

" Spike, you must really have a death wish 'cause coming here is suicide. Plus you cant come in because your not invited."

" Shut it with the talk, Slayer." Spike said annoyed.

" Why don't you go back to Slutsilla and her posse of disciplined dolls?"

" I came here to help you." Spike said, " Now are you going to invite me in or let me freeze my arse off out here."

" One, you lack the ability to feel temperature, two, I actually have intelligence, so therefore I know not to be stupid an invite you in, third, I can trust a backstabbing enemy more than you."

" One, it's called a metaphor, two, I have information about dear Angelus, third I'm the only chance you got."

" ... Pinky promise?" Buffy asked. Spike rolled his eyes.

" Pinky promise, what now? Pledge of allegiance?"

" No." Buffy said, " I cant trust you with my mom."

" I wouldn't hurt your mum. I wont do anything, any harm, any..."

" Breakage?" Buffy asked.

" ... Breakage." Spike said.

" Your crippled right?" Buffy asked a bit unsure.

" Well, gee, I don't know." Spike said sarcastically, " Like I would be riding around in a wheel chair when I could just as easily walk." After much thought, Buffy answered.

" Fine." Buffy said, " But you cant fight."

" And you cant either." Spike said. Buffy nodded. Joyce came back over carrying a bag of popcorn.

" So what's his name?" Joyce whispered into her daughters ear.

" Spike." Buffy said.

" He looks familiar."

" You saw him at parent teacher night."

" Oh." Joyce said thinking.

" Yeah." Spike said.

" How long are you staying? Joyce asked, " Because me and Buffy were having movie night."

" Just for a minute." Buffy said.

" Hey, wait a minute." Spike said, " My girlfriend kicked me out because she's busy with your boyfriend because you turned him bad. So you owe me a favor, and as much as I hate to say it, I'm staying with you."

"No." Buffy said.

" Joyce. may I please stay for the night?" Spike asked.

" Spike." Buffy warned.

" I have no where to stay and all my moneys with my girlfriend."

" Who's now of the ex variety." Buffy added, " Who he was stupid to date in the first place."

" Oh, like your boyfriend has been very healthy for you too." Spike said, Buffy lost it and slapped him really hard and Spike caught her hand, " Now slayer, we had a deal. Joyce"

" Sure, Spike." Joyce said, she sat on the couch, " If you haven't eaten yet, we got leftover lasagna in the fridge."

" Oh, I'm fine. I ate not to long ago." Spike said as he looked at Buffy, he licked his lips.

" Despicable." Buffy said as Spike wheeled himself into living room, " Wait Spike, where are you going? You said you had information."

" Yeah." Spike said, " But maybe I'm too tired to give the information to you."

" Well at least my fist isn't to tired to cave in your face." Buffy said, Joyce glared at her.

" Buffy, what happen to manners? You know what, Spike, you can sleep in Buffy's bed tonight. She can sleep on the couch."

" Thank you, Joyce." Spike said.

" Do you want to watch A Walk To Remember with Buffy and I?"

" No thank you." Spike said, " I've seen it before."

" We'll we can watch another movie-."Joyce said.

" No, it's ok." Spike said, he faked yawned, " I think I'll retire now."

" Buffy can help you upstairs."

" I would like that." Spike said as Buffy reluctantly pushed Spike over to the stairs. Buffy started to mumble something. She slowly lifted the front part of the wheel chair and after a few minutes she got Spike up the stairs.

" If you touch anything in my room, you will regret it," Buffy warned, " In fact, stay away from everything in this house."

" Well it's kind of hard to, on account of I'm inside your house." Spike said.

" ..." I'm going down with my mother, I know where everything is in here, so-."

" No touching anything or I get the pointy end of the stick right?" Spike said. Buffy sighed and left her room. Buffy walked down the stairs.

" Nice guy." Joyce said, " how'd he get hurt?"

" Huh?" Buffy said as she looked upstairs.

" The wheel chair?" Joyce asked.

" A freak accident, an organ fell on him." Buffy said.

Spike wheeled himself over the a bookshelf and looked at the items. There was a picture of her, Willow, and Xander, one of her and Giles, one of her and her mother, and one of her and an older guy, probably her dad. Spike grabbed a small jewelry box and in it was a cross. It had Angels scent all over it. Spike put the box back and looked around the room. He chuckled when he saw a badly drawn picture of him on a dartboard. It had many holes in it. Spike plopped him self on the bed and leaned back. The aroma, lavender, was everywhere. Spike liked the smell. Then he felt something poking his back. He leaned up and picked up a stuffed pig.

" The slayer sleeps with a pig, wow." Spike said, " oh the slayer's so tough." something caught his eye. The corner of a book under a pillow. Spike grabbed it, " bingo." he opened the diary and started to read. It was really descriptive and Spike couldn't put it down. Then it got to talking about Angel.

Yesterday was wonderful. He was so gentle. But, when I woke up today I was so scared. He wasn't there. At first I though that it was me, I wasn't good enough. But then after I didn't' see him for the whole day today I think something happened to him. Maybe he was killed... I hope he show's up soon, I miss him.TTFN Buffy

" Yeah something sure did happen to him." Spike said as Buffy's door opened. Buffy stepped in.

" I need to get-. Give me that." Buffy grabbed the diary and the stuffed pig from Spike, " I told you not to touch my stuff."

" I didn't read it." Spike lied. " It was poking me."

" ... I need to get some stuff." Buffy said as she opened her dresser drawer. She pulled out some pajamas.

" Yummy sushi?" Spike asked.

" ... So?" Buffy asked a little embarrassed. She grabbed her stuff and checked her bookshelf to make sure Spike hadn't messed anything up. She left the room and got ready for bed.

Spike was awaken the next morning with the whole Scooby gang around him.

" Alright, What's the deal Bleach Brain?" Xander asked.

" Yeah." Willow said.

" Get out of my face." Spike said, " Go kill yourself." Spike leaned up and pushed them away.

" Buffy, I don't think this is the best idea." Giles said to Buffy from the back of the room. Spike heard.

" Sod off Grandpa." Spike leaned over and grabbed for his wheelchair, " This business is between the slayer and me." Xander leaned foreword and grabbed Spike's shoulder.

" If it involves Buffy, it involves all of us." Xander yelled.

" Get your grubby hands off me, Whelp." Spike growled. Xander reluctantly moved her hands away.

" Whatever information he had should be helpful because right now we have zilch information."

" But, he's in your house." Giles said, "and we cant trust him."

" But he did the pledge." Buffy said.

" Pledge?" Giles asked.

" The pinky one?" Willow asked.

" Yeah." Spike said. He got himself on the wheel chair, " You others can go home, Buffy, we can talk later during lunch. Shoo, people, fly away."

" Spike, your talking right now, with them."

" Maybe I'm shy." Spike said.

" Maybe we can help you overcome the shyness." Buffy said, " Now."

" Fine, fine, but I'm only doing this to get Dru back." Spike said, " Help me downstairs."

" Or you can just tell us here, so if your lying we can throw you out of the window into the pure sun." Xander said.

" Xander." Willow warned, " Spike, tell us, please."

" Thank you, Red, I think I will."

" What is it?" Buffy asked.

" Angelus has a plan with the watchers girl-."

" Jenny?"

" What is it?" Buffy asked.

" I don't know, she's doing something that Angelus doesn't like."

" I did see she had a restoration book." Willow said, " Oh my goddess, how could I have not noticed before, she's going to, god I'm so stupid, she's restoring Angel's soul."

" Any thing else?" Buffy asked, " There better be more."

" ... I'm hungry." Spike said, " Got any blood?"

" No." Buffy said, " Is there any more?"

" There opening acathla. That's what the large rock was." Spike said.

" Acathla?" Giles said taking off his glasses, " It does make sense."

" Any who, I'm getting pekish."

" That doesn't sound right." Willow said.

" It means hungry." Giles informed her.

" Oh, I thought it was - not important." Willow stopped herself.

" Red here is having naughty thoughts." Spike said. Willow blushed and was about to reply but Xander interrupted.

" Leave Willow alone." Xander said.

" Why are you helping us." Buffy asked curiously.

" Same reason as you." Spike said, " Drusilla may make mistakes at time, but she's mine, I'm hers, it's like the cycle of life, me and her are meant to be together."

" Oh how..." Buffy mocked, " Disgusting."

" You seem to forget, Pet, that its your mongrel she has." Spike said, Willow looked at Oz who hadn't said anything yet just as Cordelia ran in.

" Sorry I'm late, John Pierre was doing my nails and then I noticed a split end and I had to get that fixed, hey, so what did I miss?"

" Kill me now." Spike said annoyed.

" Hey isn't this the guy who made me and Willow get stuck in a closet." Cordelia asked. Willow nodded.

" Oh." Cordelia said, " What's he doing here?"

" He gave us useful information." Buffy said.

" Angels going to kill Jenny." Willow said.

" Oh, but that's like the only teacher I like in this school." Cordelia said, and then she saw Giles stare at her a bit hurt, " Of course, she's no where as good as you, Giles."

" Right." Giles said a bit annoyed.

" So are we going to warn Jenny?" Willow asked.

" Oh, I could go." Willow said.

" Me too." Giles said, " Incase Angelus shows up."

" Are we study bound?" Buffy asked.

" Afraid so." Giles said, " Every one meet at my house."

" I'll go get the donuts." Xander said, he left the house. Then Giles and Willow left,

" Come one evil dead," Buffy said as she pushed his wheelchair out of her room, " Were going to Giles place." Cordelia followed her.

" Were the first ones here." Buffy said.

" We'll hurry up inside, the suns everywhere." Spike said.

" I don't have keys." Buffy said, " so suck it up."

" Suck it up? I could die."

" Really not complaining." Buffy said.

" Break down the door or something." Spike said.

" She's not going to break down the door." Cordelia said, " she's nowhere as rich enough to buy another one."

" Oh shut up Cordelia." Buffy said.

" Just kick it down." Spike said from under his jacket that he was using as a shield. You could hear a steaming noise.

" Oh, is the infamous slayer of slayers begging a slayer?"

" No," Spike said, " The crack gang is here." Sure enough Giles, Willow and jenny were coming.

" So explain to me why we still are keeping him." Cordelia asked.

" ... I don't know." Willow said.

" He might come in handy." Buffy said, " like a trade."

" Hey, I'm only in this so I can get Dru back." Spike said, he wheeled himself over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of bourbon.

" I was saving that -." Giles said just as Spike opened it and drank deep, " For a special occasion."

" Spike." Buffy grabbed it from him. She set it on top the fridge. Spike tried to grab it but it was too high. He gave up and wheeled himself back into the living room. Buffy and Xander were sharing a couch both eating a donut. Oz was on a chair Willow was sitting on his lap. Giles was pacing by the bookshelf, Jenny was sitting on the coffee table with Cordelia.

" So why exactly does Angelus want me killed?" Jenny asked.

" Jenny..." Giles said, " Are you trying to restore Angelus's soul?"

" ... ...It was suppose to be a secret, I wanted to be sure that it would work before I got your hopes up, Buffy." the phone started to ring. Giles picked it up.

" Oh, yes, hello Joyce... Who is it? Really?" he asked, " Ok, I'll tell her, stay away from him. You'll find out soon enough." he the hung up with Joyce.

" Angel's at your house. Your mom invited him in."

" Oh my god, why? I told her not to." Buffy grabbed her coat and ran out of the house. The Scooby's followed her Spike put his coat over him and followed.

They arrived at Buffy's house and Buffy was the first to go in. Angel and Joyce were sitting on the couch talking.

" Oh Buffy, Angel just told me the funniest story."

" Mom," Buffy grabbed her moms arm, " Can you please go?"

" Go? Buffy what's going on?" Joyce asked annoyed and confused. Buffy looked at Angel.

" A lot." Buffy said as Angel grinned. The rest of the Scooby's came in. Angel stood up.

" I see you've brought the gang. Oh, Spike, I don't know you were in an alliance with the slayer."

" I'm not." Spike protested.

" Why are you here?" Buffy asked.

" What's going on?" Joyce asked again, Giles pulled her back,

" Angels a felon." Giles said.

" Angel, I don't want to kill you." Buffy said. He lunged at her and knocked her too the floor. He stood over her, one leg to each side of her.

" We've been in this position before? Haven't we?" Angelus teased. She kicked her leg up and kicked him in the spot that matters.

" But I will if I have to." She jumped up ad he was crouching down. And kneed him in the face. He grabbed her and threw her on the coffee table and it broke with the force.

" I got to help her." Joyce said, she leaned foreword, Spike and Giles pulled her back. Angelus lifted her by the shirt and it ripped, she tried to scramble awry because there was something wrong with her arm. Giles and Xander ran foreword, Angelus dropped Buffy, she hit her head on the bookcase and passed out. Angelus started to fight Xander and Giles and managed to knock them out within a few seconds. Willow put up her fists but oz pushed her back and ran towards Angelus. Angelus just pushed her away. Cordelia, Willow, and jenny ran upstairs after jenny grabbed Joyce's hand. They ran upstairs into Buffy room. While downstairs Angel punched Spike over and over hard, knocking Spike out. Angle grabbed the unconscious Spike and Buffy and left the house. The girls watched Angelus ad he walked out of the Scooby's house staying in the shade until he got to a sewer entrance. Then dropping Spike into the sewer, then Buffy, then finally jumping into the sewer himself.

" Daddy, you brought me a present." Drusilla said, she rushed t o Angelus and pulled him to one of the bare rooms in the mansion, " But I cant play with them?"

" No." Angelus said, " You can play with them, after they've become acquainted." he shut the door and the two left without a word. Spike was laying on the ground and Buffy was sprawled next to him with her head on his chest.

" Uhh..." Buffy said as she grabbed her head. It was hurting. She still kept her eyes closed but she lifted her head up and put it back on the uncomfortable pillow. Buffy then realized that something was draped around her stomach. It was cold and it made Buffy curious.

" Morning." she heard Spike's voice say.

" ..." Buffy leaned up and pushed herself away from Spike, " Oh my god where am I?" Buffy asked. She surveyed the room. It had stone walls and a stone floor. There was no windows but there was a single light bulb handing from the ceiling.

" Were in Angelus's mansion." Spike said.

" And you were awake and didn't even wake me up." Buffy said to Spike. He stayed silent. Truthfully he had been awake for a long time, hours. Secretly he like the feel of the slayer on him, cuddling, and he couldn't help putting his arms around her and holding her close.

" I didn't want you waking up because I new as soon as you woke up you would start nagging and being a bitch." Spike said, " And what do you know, I was right." Buffy ran over to the door. She tried to find the knob but there was none. The she started to kick it.

" It's a special door. Dru, me, and Angelus used it to trap people that we were too full to eat yet." Spike said, " It can only be opened from the outside. Dru and Angelus must be hungry because we had a dozen people in here the other day." Buffy looked at Spike.

" What happened at my house?" Buffy asked, " after I passed out?" she sat next to Spike.

" The whelp and your watcher ran at him, they passed out. The short redhead guy did too. The girls all ran upstairs."

" And?" Buffy asked.

" And? That's it."

" What did my mom say?"

" She wanted to help you but your watcher pulled him back."

" I need to get out of here. I need to watch my friends. They aren't safe."

" Slayer." Spike said trying to stop her ranting.

" They need me. And I'm stuck here."

" Slayer." Spike repeated.

" And Angel's going to kill them. No." Buffy said.

" Buffy." Spike said.this caught Buffy's attention because he's never said her real name before, she stayed quiet, " they'll be fine. They got each other. It's us you should worry about." Buffy tried to hide the tears that was fighting to come out. She couldn't. she looked away and wiped them away, the she felt Spike arm on her shoulder. He felt very uncomfortable doing this, comforting a slayer. Buffy felt uncomfortable of what she was about to do next. Spike was astonished when the slayer laid her head on his shoulder and started to cry, still Spike patted her back and let her do that.

" Spike and the slayer are getting close." Drusilla ranted, " it haunts me. Can I go play with them now?"

" Yes Drusilla." Angelus said. Drusilla skipped out of the room and down the corridor and stopped in front of the door.

" Trick 'em." Drusilla chimed. She stepped into the room, " Hello, Buffy?"

" Mom..." Buffy looked up, she saw her mom.

" Slayer it's not your mum." Spike pulled her back. Buffy pushed him aside.

" Mom you shouldn't be here." Buffy put her arms open to give her a hug, " I didn't think that..."

" You didn't think." Joyce said, " You never think."

" What?" Buffy asked her mother.

" Buffy, it's not Joyce, its Drusilla."

" Shut up." Buffy spat at Spike.

" She's using mind control." Spike said.

" Mom." Buffy said.

" Don't call me mom." Joyce said, " Your not worthy to call me mom."

" What?" Buffy asked. Her mothers hand came out and slapped Buffy's face. Buffy rubbed her soon-to-bruise cheek.

" Goodbye." Joyce said as she left.

" Goodbye? Wait, where are you going?" Buffy hit the door, " Mom?"

" Buffy." Spike moved over and grabbed her ankle. She kicked him away. He tried again and this time she leaned up against the wall and slid to the ground. Spike crawled over to her.

" That was Drusilla she can make you see what you want to see." Spike said, " she did that to me many years ago, after I had killed my mum."

" You killed your mother?" Buffy asked.

" Yeah." Spike said.

" Why?"

" I turned her into a vampire after Drusilla turned me. She got a bit frisky on me and I had to kill her."

" That sucks." Buffy said, " ... Your mom was hitting on you?"

" Yeah." he said, " but she acted like my mum and ... Lets just say I wasn't too happy when I found out it was Dru."

" Oh..." Buffy said, " can you tell me how your human life was?"

" ... I was born in 1860. I was 20 when Dru got a hold of me. At the time I had a fancy for a bird named Cecily, she hated me. At a party one night, I was writing a poem about her, god I was a Poncy bugger." Spike stopped. He thought to himself for a moment. Why do I feel ok with talking about my past with Buffy? Drusilla doesn't even know much about my past...

" Spike?" Buffy asked, " What happened next?"

" Huh?" Spike asked.

" You were having a nostalgia trip and then you just... blanked out."

" Oh." Spike said.

" If you don't want to tell me it then you don't have to." Buffy said.

" No, it's fine." Spike said, " these other snobs... They took the poem and recited it to everyone else. It ruined me, every one criticized it."

" Can you tell me it?" Buffy asked.

" It's not that good." Spike said.

" I doubt it." Buffy said.

" Fine." Spike said, " ... My heart expands 'tis grown a bulge in it inspired by your beauty, effulgent."

" It's better than some other poems."

" Oh, what poems do you know?"

" I wrote it." Buffy said.

" Ok." Spike said.

" Brace yourself." Buffy warned, " Poor Sally Bate got locked outside her gate, started to scream and shout, 'I'm locked out' poor Sally Bate, she looked foolish standing in front of her neighbors gate."

" Save me from this torture." Spike teased as he put his hands on his ears.

" Hey." Buffy said, " Stop."

" I was joking." Spike said, " It was ok."

" God, I hate you, don't do that." Buffy said.

" So... That night Drusilla saw me. She followed me to an alley, we talked. She gave me a choice and turned me. After that I killed all the guys that had teased me and I turned my mother."

" Ok." Buffy said, " That so beats my 'my life sucks' story."

" And what's that story?"

" I'm a slayer."

" That doesn't' seem so bad, you get to help people." Spike said.

" That's one of the good things, but there's a whole load of bad. If someone's dies then it's my fault. I get the responsibility. And I never get to do what a normal teenager would do. I don't get to party, date... It sucks. Lets not even talk about a slayers average life capacity."

" ... I could help you with that." Spike said.

" What?" Buffy asked.

" Nothing." Spike said.

" What did you say?" She turned to him.

" Nothing." Spike said. Buffy hit him on the leg.

" Tell me." she said.

" Ow, don't hit me, that hurt." Spike said.

" That hurt?" Buffy asked. Spike looked at his legs and realization hit him.

" I can feel my legs." he smiled.

" Yeah, one step closer till you can walk again." Buffy said just as she yawned.

" You should get some kip." Spike said. Buffy leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

" No, I'm not tired." she said sleepily.

" Right, then don't get some sleep."

" Ok..." Buffy said. Within a few seconds she was all the way asleep. Her head slowly turned onto Spikes shoulder. Spike smiled and then he frowned. 'what does Drusilla and Angelus have planned.' he thought. He looked back at the sleeping Buffy and laid his head on her head.

" Have you got it yet?" Drusilla asked Angelus.

" Not yet." Angelus said.

" Well hurry up." Drusilla said impatiently, " I want to see them die."

" We will, just as soon as we get Acathla ready."

(A week later)

" We need to find her." Joyce said, " ... What if he's doing stuff to her... "

" Joyce." Willow said, " Angel not the type to rape her."

" ... We need to help her, call the police."

" Joyce..." Giles said.

" Giles cant we just tell her?" Cordelia asked, " She has the right to know. After all she is Buffy's mom."

" Know what?" Joyce asked.

" Nothing." Willow said.

" Mrs. Summers does deserve to know." Xander said.

" No, we cant." Giles hissed.

" If nobody'll tell me, I'll just call the police and as soon as I get Buffy I'll find out what you won't tell me." Joyce said, " I've already waited a week and I'm not waiting any longer."

" Joyce." Giles decided, " Sit." Joyce sat.

" Your seriously telling her?" Willow asked.

" Yes... Joyce. Vampires are real..." Giles said, Joyce rolled her eyes.

" Like I would believe that..." Joyce said.

" It's true." oz said.

" Werewolves, demons... You name it, there all real." Giles said, " Angels a vampire. Spikes a vampire... Buffy is the slayer.

" Slayer."

" The chosen one." Giles said.

" She who is given the strength to defeat the supernatural." willow said.

" Make the baddies croak." Xander said.

" Do the dirty work, while, the others, unknowing to the evil live regular lives.

" Joyce, please believe us." Jenny said, " We'll help her... And you can too."

" ... Um... How dumb do you think I am?" Joyce asked, " Seriously." Giles sighed.

" The daisy's talked to me..." Drusilla said, " But then they curled up... To dust... They told me of a plan... A surprise... For me?" Drusilla said.

" You bet, Drusilla, tonight's the night." Angelus said. He joined a dancing Drusilla over by Acathla.

After the last week Buffy and Spike became really close friends. Both wanting more, but unable to tell the other. They secretly cared about each other and were scared of what might happen to them. They both knew what Angelus and Drusilla were capable of and that something bad was going to happen. Spike had told Buffy of his whole life and every moment of his life. He told her about all the slayers that he killed, told her of all the wonderful places he and Dru had gone... France, Prague, Africa... Buff admitted she had never been outside California. Spike had wanted so bad to tell her he'd take her somewhere exotic and wonderful, of her choice, as soon as they got out, but he didn't want to put her hopes up. Spike had finally been able to walk again with the help of Buffy.

Buffy had told him everything, she told him about when she was a kid and had annual trips to her dads, she told him about wishing she had a little sister, and even how Angel had been her first. Spike had easily growled at that. Surprisingly, Buffy started to even trust Spike more than she trusted her friends.

" Spike?" Buffy asked. Spike was trying to sleep.

" What?" he asked sleepily.

" Sorry, but, I was thinking."

" Don't think," Spike said, " You'll hurt your pretty lil' head."

" Spike." Buffy said playfully hitting Spike.

" What is it?" Spike turned to her.

" After this, if we survive, are you going to go killing people again?" Buffy asked.

" It depends." Spike said, " Will, 'kill Spike' be on your to do list?"

" ..." Buffy was thinking, " No."

" Then I wont." Spike said.

" Thank you." Buffy said.

" Any thing for you-. It was nothing." Spike corrected.

" What was that?" Buffy asked.

" It was nothing." Spike said.

" Before that." Buffy said..

" ... Then I wont?" Spike said.

" No, after that?"

" I didn't say anything."

" It sounded like 'anything for you'." Buffy said," do you really feel that way?"

" ... Yes, ok, fine, I admit that I like you." Spike said.

" The feeling is very mutual." Buffy said. Just as Buffy said that, a rancid smell came out of the vent. Spike sniffed, " what is it?" Buffy asked.

" I don't know," Spike said, " Don't breath it."

" I wasn't planning on it." Buffy said. But the smell surrounded them, Buffy had to breath and as soon as she did she started to get sleepy. The same happened to Spike and after a minute or so, both were asleep on the ground.

" We can restore his soul." jenny said, " I have all the information needed and the materials."

" I can help with it." Willow said, " I've been studying."

" That would be great." jenny said. She got the information and she and Willow sat in a circle and the Scooby's all sat around and watched in silence.

He woke up to Drusilla's ranting. Talking about some evil beautiful plan to get rid of the world. That week and a half Spike came to the conclusion that Drusilla was a crazy bird that wasn't right to be with, she was un-healthy for him. Buffy was awake watching Drusilla. Spike was tied to a pole with his hands behind his back.

" Can you just kill me and end this torment?" Buffy asked. Spike smiled at that.

" Me too." Spike joked.

" Don't worry, your time is almost up, wait your turn." Drusilla said not realizing the sarcasm the two had said in there words. It was then that Spike realized what was happening in front of him. Angel had just cut hit hand and walked over to acathla. Nothing was happening. Then Angel grabbed a helpless man and cut his hand. He stepped toward acathla. Spike took his eyes away from that and looked at Buffy. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was chained to a pole. Spike watched helplessly as a vampire untied Buffy's chain. Buffy eyes were wide as she was pulled over to the blue swirly mouth of the once stone statue. Spike tried desperately to break the rope that rendered him useless to the saving of Buffy.

" No." Buffy begged as Angelus pulled her over to the gaping hole, " I don't want to be eaten."

" So, how does it feel to know you're the first of this world going to hell?" Angelus asked.

" Hell?" Buffy asked, " I choose not to die either." she squirmed in his arms, " no, Angel, please."

" Ahh." Angelus sighed, " I love the sound of begging slayer."

" Angelus, leave her alone." Spike called.

" Spike standing up for a slayer? That's new. Oh and guess what else is new?"

" My shoes are." Buffy said trying to catch Angelus off guard.

" Wrong answer." Angelus said, " A helpless Buffy."

" I'm not helpless," Buffy said, " It's the stupid rope."

" Gorgeous." Angelus said. Hr pulled Buffy to him, they were only a few feet from the blue hole. He rubbed his hand down her stomach and leg and then roughly kissed her as he threw her in the hole. She screamed as she was sucked beneath. Spike watched in fury as this happened and as soon as it did his ropes snapped. He ran over to the hole and ran in after the woman he loved. Angelus watched and then screamed, he fell to the ground and grabbed his head.

" What's ... what is going on?" He said. Drusilla looked in disgust and walked out of the room.

" Not again." She said as soon as she was out of sight.

" It's done, he has his soul." Jenny said, " That is, if it worked."

" That was it?" Willow asked.

" Yeah." jenny said.

" Maybe Buffy will come home now?" Joyce asked.

" If she's still alive, which, she's probably not." Cordelia said.

" Cordelia." Xander said as he pulled her out of the room.

" She'll be home any minute now." Joyce said as she looked out the window.