(Two weeks later)

Spike stood in the shadows, even though he knew that that couldn't shield him from her wandering eyes. Darkness, after all, was not a problem for vampires. Plus he was the only person not running around screaming something in…. what ever they spoke in. It sounded like "Were all going to fucking die". Seeing all these running men made him stand out like a sore thumb.

Truthfully what had happened to her haunted him. Long ago he wanted to be the cause of her death. She couldn't die by the cause of any other demon. He wanted to kill her so much that he even saved her from other baddies. But he couldn't save her from Drusilla. Now here she was with her sire, her vampire sire, who was also his sire, and they were on a killing spree.

Spike knew that Drusilla could sense him. She could sense him when ever he was within a 100 mile radius. That's how she always found him when they were playing hide and seek among the tombstones.

He heard Buffy laugh.

Spike wanted to hear the Buffy laugh that he'd heard thought all the years he known her. Never before had he heard this laugh. This one sounded evil and maniacal.

Spike thought of all the good times they had. So many wonderful moments, he whispered to himself. Everything was wonderful, even making sandwiches with her was wonderful. He remembered the fun they had when Angelus trapped them into the room. When they woke up in the crappy Initiative apartment. When they were tricking the guards at the Initiative, by saying they were going to have a love child named World Peace. He remembered how they had celebrated him coming back from hell. A tear fell from the blonde cutie. And he thought of all the times they fought side be side.

Than, regretting this, he remembered the sad moments. He remembered seeing her shocked face as he left on the train. He remembered the sad moment that he almost raped her. And this was the worst of them all. It hurt him to see her like this. A child of evil. Just like him. She was the sunshine, she was meant to be a child of light. A killer of what she's become.

And Drusilla, she did this just to piss Spike off. Paying him back for all the things he's done to her. She didn't even take into consideration what she's done to him. Screwing Angelus right in front of him. Making him fall in love with her, while she only wanted him as a 'bedtime buddy'. Hell, he even hated her for turning him into a vampire. It was because of her that thousands of people died in his hands. It was because of her that William died in that dirty alley many decades ago. It was because of said crazy bitch that Buffy was now a creature of the night.

He pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Taking it between his lips he breathed in, stopping the craving that he'd had since he heard the news about Buffy. His body relaxed a little bit with the euphoric relief.

His eyes stopped on Buffy again. They didn't move for minutes. He watched her for so long.

Knowing that soon, all he would see would see of her was a pile of dark, black ash.

(same place, same time, different veiwpoints)

She wondered why her Sire was acting strange. For the past hour she had been glancing nervously around. Then Buffy decided to asked Drusilla what was wrong.

"Drusilla?" Buffy asked, Drusilla jumped at the sound of her voice. Then she calmed down.

"Yes, my Childe?" She asked, a fake smile stood on her lips, and Buffy knew it.

"What's got you all scared?" Buffy asked, "Surely it isn't the people." Buffy motioned towards all the cowering people.

"No." Drusilla said, "I feel a presence."

"A presence of whom?"

"My dear William." Drusilla said, "Either he wants to join our little family….. Or."

"He's here to kill us?" Buffy finished, "I'll protect you mother."

"You are a child, you cannot beat him."

"But he loves me." Buffy smiled.

"Not anymore." a British voice said. This made both of the girls jump.

"Spikey." Buffy flirted as she stepped closer to him. She was hiding her fear.

"'Ello, Pet." Spike said looking right through her at Drusilla.

"How are you, long time no see." Buffy smiled. Spike changed the subject.

"Your scared of me." Spike sniffed then smiled.

"No." She lied.

"I can smell it on you. You reek of fear." Spike said. Buffy sniffed in.

"I don't smell any thing." Buffy said. Spike's fists balled up and as soon as Buffy saw this she backed up.

"Spike, you naughty puppy. She's your sister." Drusilla said, she stepped up to them and pushed Buffy back, "And you should be giving Mummy a party for not killing the girl."

"Oh, but 'Mother' You did kill her." Spike mocked, "She doesn't have a heart beat, does she?"

"But she's alive." Drusilla argued.

"My bad, she's un-dead." Spike argued back, "She was a slayer, she's not suppose to be a vampire."

"Well I guess she didn't get the memo." Buffy said, "Now are you going to join us, or not?"

"Or not." Spike said.

"Then that's it, let's fight." Buffy said. Drusilla shook her head 'no'.

" I'm going to fight." Buffy repeated.

"He's a master vampire. You're young." Drusilla said. Buffy sighed then crossed her arms and stepped back.

"I appreciate your motherly demands." Spike smiled, "It's good to let Buffy watch you die, leaving her helpless when I go to kill her."

"Don't you have feelings for me, anymore." Buffy asked.

She reached down to his belt buckle and pulled slightly. Spike closed his eyes and gulped. Then he opened them and pushed Buffy to the floor. Drusilla stepped foreword and was face to face with Spike. She pulled back her fist and punched Spike so hard on his cheek that blood started to drip out of his mouth. He spit out some of it right when Dru was about to punch him again. His hand jumped out and grabbed her fist. He twisted it slowly until he heard a 'pop'. With her good hand, Drusilla grabbed his shoulder and kneed him in the penis. Spike immediately let go of her wrist and head butted her in her stomach. With the force of the blow, she flew back against a light pole. Spike stepped to Drusilla and got so close that she couldn't get out. His body was pushing her to the pole, that she couldn't even move.

Buffy stood up quickly and stalked to Spike and Drusilla, she pulled back her hand, and jammed it at the back of Spike's head. His head collided with the pole, and Drusilla saw the chance to get away. Spike's nose was broken. But he didn't care, he had other stuff to worry about, and right now, he was loosing.

Buffy and Drusilla started to run away, but Spike ran faster and grabbed Buffy's wrist, he threw her onto the ground and started to punch her face. He temporarily forgot about Drusilla and she swung her leg out and kicked Spike on the top of his head. This got Spike off guard for a second and Buffy took the opportunity to flip the positions. She was now straddling him and punching his face. He bended his legs towards his head and trapped Buffy's head between his boots. He swung his legs back down to the ground with Buffy still trapped between his feet. And her head hit the ground at full force. There was a loud crack and Buffy was unconscious.

Drusilla was in shock.

"What did you do to her!" Drusilla shrieked.

"It's just a little concussion, nothing that you haven't done to me." Spike said. He stalked to Drusilla and she backed up. But before she knew it, her back hit the wall. Spike's fist shot out and hit her in the jaw. Her jaw got dislocated and her mouth flew open.

Spike heard the once cowering people run away, and he was happy that there was some still alive.

Drusilla stared at him with hatred in her eyes. And as soon as he pulled a staked out of the inside of his leather jacket her eyes begged him for mercy.

Spike did it, too. And as soon as the stake pierced her heart, she was gone. Just a pile of dust floating in the wind.

He couldn't believe that finally he did it. He staked his sire. He'd been wanting this forever…Now for the other part…. Buffy. He turned to where he left her. And she wasn't there.

"Looking for me?" Buffy asked with hatred. She swung out a piece of wood at Spike's head and it hit him really hard. The piece of wood had come from a broken bench by the pole that Buffy slammed Spike's head into. Spike grabbed the wood from her easily and threw it several meters away. He pushed her to the ground and straddled her.

Tears fell from his eye as he pushed the stake into her chest. For a few seconds she looked like the old Buffy: wide eyes and loving eyes. A crying Spike leaned down and kissed her, just as her body turned to dust. The dust flew away into the sky.

And Spike sat there, eyes red and puffy, watching the sunrise.

… Then there was a total of three dead vampires floating in the cold, November air.

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