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Waves of Love

Chapter III

Hatsuharu fitted his jaw back in place as Saki stared back at him, eyes seemingly blank and feelingless.

"Well?" What looked like boredom crossed the girl's face. She didn't seem to notice that she looked absolutely beautiful. She stood there in a crimson red victorian era dress, yet modernized. The skirt wasn't nearly as large, but it still accentuated her body's shape. The top half was a crimson corset with gold thread trim. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, curled into ringlets. And finally, her shoes were simple ballet flats in gold.

Haru stared some more. Finally he jerked to conciousness, and extended his hand. She took it, and willingly followed him down the walk. Hatsuharu walked her to the far side of town. Nowhere he could run into stray Sohmas. All the while, Saki questioned him.

She asked the oddest questions. Any question that seemed to come to her mind. And pretty darn personal ones too.

"Hatsuharu-san, tell me about your latest ex-girlfriend." The words crashed like an anvil on the cow's heart. It was an innocent enough question. People ask things like that all the time. It just so happened that Hatsuharu's latest ex-girlfriend was his soulmate, and also related to him...and also not so long ago. But could he tell Hana that? Would he tell her that? No, of course not. He would play it cool.

"Well. It was a long time ago. Some girl. She wasn't anything all that special." And there he left it. Hana took a deep breath. The waves were nearly physically piercing her skin with their intensity. Obviously she was something special, and probably not too long ago. Shaking her head a little, she waited for the almost poisonous waves to subside. There is plenty of time to delve into that one. Or maybe there was absolutely no time. She turned her topic to the rest of his family.

It extended far beyond their health, but their personal quirks as well. Surprisingly enough, she was equally interested in Kyo as she was in Yuki and the rest, if not more. She asked questions befitting of a shrink. Questions he found himself able to unanswer.

Should I be able to answer this kind of crap? Why doesn't she go date them instead? Haru thought sullenly. Of course Hana felt the spark of melencholy. She stared into his face harder, as if she could read his mind. Of course she couldn't, she could just read waves, but it was ever so inconvenient to feel feelings but not know why they came about.

"You've asked me all kinds of questions, I think it's my turn now." Haru jabbed playfully.

Hana just nodded her consent. And indeed, he too asked all manner of questions. However, the outcome was much less satisfactory. All the responses he received were vague and totally unworkable. Everything she said seemed to end. It was like a big yellow road sign that said "NO OUTLET" for there was simply nowhere to go.

"I can't really say" or "I don't remember" or "perhaps" were just about all that he heard, if it wasn't a one word response.

Her favorite color? "Black."

Favorite music? "Metal."

Favorite book? "Spiritual texts."

Wonderful. Maybe she will soften up in time. She had agreed to be his girlfriend, hadn't she?

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