Ok this is my first real fic, so please read it, ok?

"Bills Mysterious Teleporter Machine"

Chapter 1

Brad woke up to another mundane Sunday morning, felling all depressed and blue. The house was alive with his 4 brothers and sisters happily eating breakfast and chatting to each other about school, toys and digimon. Brad laid in his several minutes until his overweight mum came in and hollowed "GET UP AND HAVE BREAKFAST OR YOU'LL MISS OUT ON WATCHING DIGIMON". Brad groaned and rolled over. His mother left the room he sighed a sigh of relief. He silently cursed the fact that digimon ever came into existence.
After a few minutes, he started to drift back to sleep when suddenly a frosty numbness started in his legs. He got up and looked down to see a packet of peas plastered to his feet. He kicked them off and had a lonely breakfast. After breakfast, all his brothers and sisters went outside to play.
He settled back into his room he shared with his two other brothers. Digimon stuff was everywhere as his eldest brother was a hardcore digimon fan. The only part of the room that wasn't "digitized" was his small shelf above his bed which had the few real treasures he owned displayed there, a small Pikachu figurine. He held it and pretended that it was alive and it could speak to him. His mind fell into a pit of his favorite things, pokemon. He daydreamed that pokemon really existed and they were friendly to him. Brad didn't notice his youngest brother Chris entering. "Brad, you really should come out to play with us," Chris said with deep concern, breaking Brad out of his pleasant daydreams back to harsh reality. "Oh, its only you, Chris" he murmured. He looked at Chris and his youthful expression of energy, Chris the only kid in his family who liked pokemon other than himself. Kind, gentle and energetic, he often made an excellent playmate. However, he was very prone to asthma, which meant he could not play outside on most days. Brad looked out of the window and asked Chris "Would it be good if pokemon really existed? I could think of it now. I'll be like cool..." Brad kept talking while Chris was looked wide-eyed at the miracle unfolding.
A vortex of white energy had appeared in the wall behind them. It was growing by the minute with a very soft whooshing noise. Chris tapped Brad on the shoulder and Chris turned around and his grew as big as plates at the sight of it. The vortex had stopped growing and had changed to something similar to an oval window. He saw a leafy forest showing in this window. But Brad or Chris were not expecting what they saw next.
To Brad's and Chris's astonishment, a Pikachu wandered from the forest through the vortex, but when it saw the two humans, it fled back through the vortex.
Chris stared into Brad's eyes with utter amazement. "What's that what I think I saw?" he murmured. Brad reply was oddly shocked "Yeh, I think so, but how?" "I don't know" replied Chris. Then, he added, "Do you think we could go through to that place?"
Brad rushed through the vortex before Chris could finish the sentence.

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