Dark Summit

by Kokuei Sogekihei


Sesshoumaru glared at the shrieking newborn pup in his mother's arms. Really, must she be so noisy? Sighing softly, Sesshoumaru took a chance to inspect his new baby sister. She was small, but her claws and evil demeanor undermined the cute look. She already had wisps of moon-blue hair and bore their mother's silver-green eyes. On her head was the Crescent of the Western Lands, only it was colored light blue. The two slash marks on either cheek were colored a vibrant red, saying that she was of pure lineage and had poison talons. A small tail with tufts of moon-blue fur was waving about in a strange manner… almost as if the girl were happy.

Sesshoumaru leaned in closer to the pup and extended one claw towards her face. It was nimbly caught by her tiny fingers, which suggested quick reflexes. Sesshoumaru couldn't help but wince when he felt his finger in the mouth that was already teething. He was amazed how much of his finger could fit into that tiny mouth; almost his entire digit, including the claw, was inside of the cavity.

This amazed him to no end.

Yumemaru looked down at her two children, smiling widely when she notice the affectionate look on Sesshoumaru's usually passive face. "You like her?" she asked softly, causing his wide golden eyes to stare up at her. He nodded vigorously, causing a chuckle to escape his mother's lips.

"Good because you're going to have to protect her in the future. Her name is Kagome, and I think she has a bit of an attitude if her constant scratching says anything." Mother and son shared a secretive smile before looking down at the newest addition to the Nishi family.

Suddenly the doors to the infirmary burst open, causing Sesshoumaru to stand immediately and whip out his katana, ready to attack anyone who dared to intrude. He sheathed the sword, however, when he saw it was only his father, who looked shocked and amazed at the tiny demoness held in his mate's arms.

The tall inu youkai was soon by his mate's side, caressing his newborn daughter's face with such affection that it would make it suspicious if anyone said this was the true InuTashio. After all, his reputation was cold and heartless; a merciless killer with no remorse.

Sesshoumaru contented himself to watch his sister from afar, knowing he would get to spend time with her soon enough. Yumemaru, who had been tickling the baby with one claw, suddenly jerked. This immediately caught the attention of everyone in the room. The demoness gave a gasp of pain and it was soon clear why.

Blood was spreading through the sheets from her abdomen.

The head midwife started shouting, asking why no one had checked to make sure Yumemaru had no internal bleeding. It was quite common for a demoness to appear fine after the first few moments of completing childbirth, only to suddenly die from extreme blood loss because the delivery caused internal bleeding.

InuTashio and Sesshoumaru were quickly shoved out of the room with Kagome in the latter's arms, left to wonder what would happen to the lovely demoness inside. They waited for what seemed an eternity before the head midwife came out, a grim expression on her face. She shook her head and looked at Kagome.

"I'm sorry," she rasped, her voice thick with a foreign emotion. Regret? Sorrow? "We've lost her."

InuTashio jumped up at that moment and stormed out with a fierce expression. A few minutes later a chilling howl echoed throughout the castle. Sesshoumaru looked down at his little sister and held her close, the child suddenly still as if knowing what had transpired, her gaze teary.

Sesshoumaru howled long into the night, the breeze carrying the news of his mother's death to the Western Lands.

-End Prelude-

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