Dark Summit

by Kokuei Sogekihei

Kapital Vier

Kagome sighed for the umpteenth time in the last two minutes. Right now, she really hated Sesshoumaru being a Taiyoukai. They couldn't do as much together and Kagome was the type to get bored easily. Kagome looked down at the meadow below her and watched the romping InuYasha chase after a butterfly. With another sigh, Kagome wistfully remember her childhood.

Now she appeared to be thirteen and her poor brother looked twenty-one. But she knew he would stay that way for a good century or two before aging a bit more.

With another sigh, Kagome turned back to the crystalline lake before her, staring at her frowning reflection.

She was the same height as Sesshoumaru when he was this age, which was actually quite short compared to his current titan elevation. She had ankle-length moon-blue hair and a fluffier-than-ever moon-blue tail. She had a growing bosom that certainly made Kagome feel alien around her brother. Kagome smiled softly at the memory of when she noticed her enlarging breasts.

Kagome's eyes could not get any bigger as she sat in the hot spring, staring at the small mounds on her chest. Suddenly she jumped out of the water and, making sure to cover her lower body, ran to Sesshoumaru's room, where she knew he would be.

Kagome opened the shoji screen with a clack and scanned the room with her senses. Finding no one else there but her brother, Kagome closed the door behind her and ran to Sesshoumaru's desk, leaving small puddles of water signifying her tracks. Turning the next bookcase, Kagome let out a whimper at seeing her brother, who quickly looked up at her, only to raise an eyebrow at her state of undress.

"Kagome, why are you wet and undressed?" There was a coloring of concern in his deep baritone voice that pulled Kagome closer.

As soon as she stood right in front of his desk, she let it out. "Sesshou! There's something wrong with me. There are these things on my chest! See?" Kagome pulled her arms away and looked at her chest in disgust at finding the mounds still there.

Kagome looked up to see a very large grin on Sesshoumaru's face. If his shoulders said anything, then he was trying to keep his laughter in. Kagome growled. "Fine! Laugh at me and my messed up body! It's not like I have I problem with it!" she spat sarcastically, only to have her ears filled with Sesshoumaru's rich laughter.

It lasted long and loud until he was finally able to quell it.

"Are you through yet?" Kagome huffed, her arms crossed as she tapped her foot impatiently.

Sesshoumaru nodded once, the grin still there. "Kagome, there is nothing wrong with you. You are simply growing up. Though I must say, you aren't getting smarter if you don't know what a breast is. It seems you have the wrong tutors."

Kagome glared at the subtle insult. "I am NOT stupid, Thank You Very Much! It's just that I have a guy teacher and he only will discuss a guy's body, if that at all. Now tell me Sesshoumaru; What Is Going On!"

Sesshoumaru finally gave in, knowing Kagome was definitely at the end of her rope if she used his full name. "Alright, but just know that it's simply part of growing up. Your growing breasts are basically feeding…tubes for any children you have. You know how pups get milk from their mother? Well that's all it is, except there are only two in your human form. Anything else? Maybe you've been having exciting dreams?"

Sesshoumaru's grin did not falter in the least when Kagome jumped over the desk and into his lap, slapping the hell out of him. Kagome simply spat a retort before giggling hysterically, Sesshoumaru's hands to quick to catch as he tickled her. Eventually Kagome was sent back to her bath.

Later that night, Sesshoumaru had grinned entirely through dinner, making Kagome blush until she finally couldn't handle it, jumping over the table and causing a repeat of earlier.

Kagome sighed blissfully before realizing Sesshoumaru sat next to her quietly. "What are you thinking of?" he asked softly.

Kagome blushed fiercely. "About the time when I discovered my uh… chest." A grin appeared on Sesshoumaru's face as he snorted. Kagome glared when it suddenly turned into outright laughter.

When he didn't stop at her growl, Kagome pounced, knocking the older inu over as his body shook with his laughter. Kagome put her hand around his throat and glared when he continued laughing, only to find herself on the ground with Sesshoumaru pinning her by the arms.

Kagome kicked upwards and smirked when Sesshoumaru's breath was pushed forcefully out of his body, his hands going to his crotch. Kagome stood and laughed at him and only got a warning growl before Sesshoumaru leaped up and pushed her into the ground again. Kagome struggled before finally managing to roll him onto his back. The siblings wrestled like this for a few moments before they lay side by side, staring up at the dimming sky, their breaths labored and filled with soft chuckles.

Suddenly the voice they least wanted to hear sounded right above their heads, golden eyes and white doggy ears obstructing their vision. "What are you two doing? Can I play?"

Before the two could say anything, Jaken came running up, yelling about dragons. "Lord Sesshoumaru! There are dragons in the outer section of the Eastern Wing! They are attempting to break through the barriers! You must kill them, milord!" he shouted.

Sesshoumaru and Kagome stood at once, a grim look on the latter's face. "Kagome, take Inuyasha to the fourth hiding spot. Come to the Eastern Wing when you are through." Kagome nodded once and scooped up Inuyasha into her arms, disappearing in a blur towards the castle. Sesshoumaru followed her, only instead of going to the underground Western Wing, he headed towards the attack.

Pulling out his favored katana, Acerbus, he easily found that large group of lower-level dragon youkai. Pouring a bit of youki into the demonic sword that was birthed from his mother's very fang, he vanished into the fray, swiping Acerbus occasionally and taking a large chunk out of the draconic forces.

Kagome appeared a few moments later, dressed in her battle uniform: a midnight red skin-tight body suit where only her head was uncovered. She had a black sash with maroon endings on it and black armor on her shoulders with the large spikes nearly coming over her head. Her fluffy moon-blue tail was situated around her waist and over her shoulder. With her katanas strapped around her waist, she made for a very intimidating person, despite her beauty.

Unsheathing Victus, a sword also from her mother's fang, Kagome joined her brother in battle and the two fought side-by-side. In a matter of moments, only those of the Western Royalty and one other stood on the bloodied battleground that was once Kagome's favorite garden.

The figure before them glowed an eerie red and Kagome and Sesshoumaru instantly recognized the odor that had also been on their father's dead body, on Izayoi, and a part of Inuyasha's initial scent.

It was the purification ryuu youkai.

Kagome's eyes bled red as she realized that this bastard was Inuyasha's true father. Sesshoumaru's eyes were tinted crimson, but he held his demon in better check than his sister, who let out an enraged roar.

The figure merely smiled, showing fangs, his silver gaze glowing with power.

"Thought I was dead, huh? Guess again. That pathetic excuse of a demon was quite easy to manipulate. I daresay Izayoi almost did her job too well. How does it feel…to know that your 'half-brother' is actually of no relation? That your father was lead astray by a simple human onna."

Sesshoumaru scoffed. "We were already aware that the brat was of no relation. We also know that Izayoi is merely a whore, willing to spread her legs for anyone. I should know. She offered herself to me on many occasion." Sesshoumaru smirked when the youkai frowned.

"How dare you speak of my mate in such a manner, whelp!" he spat with no small amount of distaste.

Kagome seemed to regain herself at this comment and smirked devilishly. "No matter, she has been dead for centuries. Surely, you must know that by now. The only reason you are allowed to live is that you have bound your disgusting soul to a miko's. Your tainted blood shall freshen my coat anew and restore the blackened glory of InuTashio. Also, your head will be a very nice trophy at the foot of my bed."

"Wench, hold your tongue. You know not of what you speak."

That was the last thing the irritating demon said before he smoldered away before their very eyes, blood pouring from his chest as Kagome flicked this filthy crimson substance off her blade. "Don't. Ever. Call. Me. WENCH!" she screamed. It was joined by the melting dragon's own shrieks of pain and terror before he was nothing but dust in the wind.

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes when Kagome cried out in distress as she noticed the state of her garden before flicking his wrist, the bodies disappearing along with the blood and the miniature forest restored to its former glory. Kagome hugged her brother dearly before a sob interrupted them.

They turned to see Inuyasha staring at them tearfully. "Is…is it true? What he said…is it true?"

Kagome sighed softly and beckoned the little hanyou to her, holding out her arms, which were readily filled by the boy. Lifting him up, she nuzzled him. She had never hated Inuyasha, just the memories that came with him. Otherwise, he quite a good little boy.

"Inu," she started, using his pet name. "I'm am afraid that it is so. And before you ask, yes we have known since we first saw Izayoi, your mother. Even if you don't look like this and are of no relation, I still think of you as my little bro." Inuyasha sniffled and buried his head into Kagome's embrace while Sesshoumaru watched passively, not at all useful in situations such as this.

"Do you hate me Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha suddenly, peering into the TaiYoukai's gaze.

Sesshoumaru smirked and shook his head 'no', which put the hanyou's fear to rest. "But you are still a brat," was his comment as he walked away, a smirk still adorning his beautiful features. Kagome and Inuyasha shared a small smile.

Sesshoumaru was Sesshoumaru today and forever.

Ende vom Lied