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Chapter 1

It was a rainy day in Japan, some were at home. There, at the windowsill, sat a girl with medium length black hair. She was about 17 in age and her hazel eyes looked out the window. Her skin was pale but not too pale and she had a scar on her back. She had a likeness to wearing dark clothes, as her current attire reflected with a black skirt and a navy blue shirt with a skull on it.

"Hey Katana, you're still looking out the window I see", a young mans voice remarked. With his black hair with a little bit of white in it and purple eye's. Tan skin, he was very handsome and he wore a black t-shirt along with jeans. He and his brother were half wolf, half snake demons.

"Oh, hi Tomo. Whereas your brother? He's late again", Katana stated in annoyance. At that moment, the door to her house swung open and a boy came in. He looked exactly like Tomo, minus his blue eyes and black speckled white hair. He wore a green shirt with a pair of black pants.

"Tamasine, you're late", muttered his brother.

"Sorry, I got side tracked. It wont happen again", Tamasine smiled.

"It better not, you know how the boss gets when any of us are late", Tomo angrily growled.

"Yeah, I know. Where is she"? Tamasine questioned looking around.

"I'm right here you idiot". A tall woman with green hair and red lips came out of nowhere. She wore her usual outfit of a red business suit with a short skirt. She scanned the room with her cold eyes, Okay everyone, we have new recruits, and a new mission, she exclaimed.

"Really Lady Maro, who are they and what's our mission"? Katana grumbled.

"Well my dear, they should be here any minute now, all I can tell you that they're four boys", Maro smiled, and they will help the three of you with the assassinations today.


The Yu Yu gang was on their way to a house that was in the middle of the forest.

"Aw man! Why did Koenma have to give us this stupid mission? Isn't there anyone else that can do this? Not to mention I'm wet and hate the forest"! Yusuke complained making clear the fact he didn't like the idea of being in the middle of nowhere and being an assassin.

"But the reason he sent us out here was because he said something funny about them. They only kill powerful demons, but the strange thing is that their souls were taken"; Kurama explained wondering why someone would want to take demon souls.

"Hn, who cares, as long as I get to kill, I'm happy", Hiei smiled. They arrived at a large house with gates all around it and a huge garden with double doors and golden handles. The house itself appeared old fashioned.

Tomo opened the door.

"Hiya! Were the new assassins at your service", Yusuke exclaimed.

"Oh! Let me through"! Maro shrieked as she pushed Tomo aside, "Oh, you guys look really strong. Come in! Come in! You guys must be cold"! She alleged as she pushed them into the house.

"Jeez! This place is gigantic". My name is Yusuke. This is Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara". Yusuke ad-libbed while he looked around. There was an up stairs, a living room, a kitchen, and another room.

"Nice to meet all of you. Your rooms will be up stairs. Katana"! Maro screamed her name as she appeared out of nowhere, Katana, I want you to show them to their rooms.

"Fine, right this way", She muttered without even looking at them.

"What a strange looking girl", Yusuke whispered to his group, not knowing that Katana could hear every word.

"Here, you with the big mouth, this is your room", Katana glared at Yusuke.

"Hey! I don't have a big mouth"! Yusuke shouted with anger.

"Actually, you do kind of have a big mouth, Urameshi", Kuwabara remarked not thinking.

"Shut up, Kuwabara"! Yusuke yelled as he hit him in the face. He then turned around and entered his room, slamming the door behind him.

"Hey, ugly, your room is next to his", Katana affirmed as she walked away with Kurama and Hiei following her down the hall.

"Here, this is your room", She directed at Hiei. He entered his room without a word leaving Katana to walk farther down the hall.

"Why does this girl look so familiar to me? There is just something about her that is familiar to me", Kurama thought.

"Hmm, you're right Kurama, there is something about her and, you know what, I like it", Youko stated in his mind. Unknown to them, Katana could read minds, and she was listening to their conversation.

"Here, this is your room", Katana directed Kurama.

"Thank you", He alleged. She ignored him and walked away, entering her room.

"Oh, this sucks. I hate it when old enemies pop up out of nowhere", Katana muttered as she thought about the first time she saw the fox demon. She was in a different form back then, but she remembered him.

Flash back

Katana had just finished robbing a village, still having her locks of black hair only it now contained sliver. She had two cat ears and a tail, and her eyes were blue with a tint of green. Her skin was tan and had symbols on the shoulders. She wore a ninja suit with armor on it and a skirt with skulls around her waist. She was officially a cat demon. She ran until she sensed a demon heading her way so she hid in a nearby tree. The demon was under the tree now letting her have a good look at him. He was a fox demon.

"What, a fox demon? I wonder what he's doing here". She thought to herself. He looked up at her and smiled, "What, he can see me"? She thought. Suddenly, she felt something surround her and when see looked at it, she discovered that it was a plant of some sort and it was pulling her down, wrapping itself around her like a rope until she fell.

"Damn you! Let me go you jack ass"! She screamed angrily as she tried to free herself.

"I wouldn't do that, it will only make it tighter", He informed her with a smile. Finally she gave up and trying to free herself was pointless.

"Who are you? What the hell do you want from me"? Katana screamed with anger.

"My name is Youko Kurama, and I need that orb that you just stole from that village", He smirked.

"Like hell I'm giving it to you"! Katana was very mad now.

"You have no choice my dear. Now be a good kitty and hand it over".

"First off, how am I suppose to hand it to you if I'm tied up and second, I already told you I'm not giving it to you"! Katana frowned in annoyance.

"Fine, have it your way", He snapped his fingers and the plant that was around her let her go.

"Huh, you're just letting me go"? She asked him.

"Of course I am. Oh, and thanks for the orb", He held the orb so she could see it.

"What But How"! She gasped surprised that he had gotten the orb without her knowing. She realized, then, when the plant was letting her go, it must have taken it.

"You Bastard"! Katana screamed with anger.

"Yes, its quite a lively orb if I do say so myself. No wonder you wanted it so much". Without warning, she attacked him, digging her claws into him. He quickly pushed her back and was on top of her.

"Get off me, Jack ass"! She screamed at him, but he ignored her and moved his face closer to hers, kissing her lips. He then let go quickly and got off of her.

"Well, my dear, I must be going", And with that Youko disappeared.

"No, come back! You don't understand! I need that orb because I'm dieing"! But it was too late, he was gone. He had taken the item so went to the trouble of stealing from the village. She had heard of an orb that could cure anything the holder desired. So she stole it from the village, hoping that it would cure her diseases, but now it was gone and she could no longer breath. She was left there to die alone. Years past and soon she got brought back from the dead to only find her soul taken from her by Mora, forcing her to do everything she said or her soul would be cursed. Of course she had more power than ever before but that was worth nothing to her now. Her freedom was gone.

End of Flashback

And there she lay in her bed, thinking of revenge.

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