(Authors note) Hi all. This story might have some crossover with Scryed only with Ryuhou and Kazuma or maybe more will see. Well enjoy chapter 14.

Chapter 14

Nami woke up breathing hard. She looked around the room. She saw everyone was asleep. She felt pain in her heart like something bad was happening.

"Are you ok Nami"? Tamasine asked her. Looking at her with worry.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me". She said with a fake smile on her face but Tamasine wasn't buying it.

"I know you're worried about Hideaki but he'll be fine. Will get him back". Tamasine told her.

"I know we will". Nami said looking at him.

Tamasine smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek. Nami smiled back at him and rested her head on his shoulder.

The next day they woke up early.

"Thinks Chiyo for healing us and tell Kano that to when his up". Ashley smiled as she walked back up the stair. The rest followed her up.

"Don't worry Ashley I'll tell him". Chiyo said as she waved bye to them.

Ashley and the rest went back up the stairs and now there was a green door there. Ashley opened it and walked out the rest followed her out.

When the went out. A kid with black hair with a red bandana on his forehead. His one eye was red the other was purple. He wore a long red coat with black paints and a black shirt on with black boots. On the side of him were two guns.

"Umm. Hi there kid. What are you doing here"? Tamasine asked.

He said nothing and walked away.

"Hey I asked you a question"! Tamasine shouted at him.

"Tamasine just leave him alone". Nami told him.

"He saw come out of the door will he say anything"? Tomo wondered about him.

"I'm sure he won't tell". Tani said with a smile.

"How do you know"? Ashley asked.

"Well I know him. He lives with Muro. His the master of time and space son Fudo". Tani told them following the kid now. Everyone followed her.

"We can find him easer now since his here". Tani sad with a smile.

"I guess so". Youko muttered looking bored.

"Hn". Hiei said close by Kaida.

They followed Fudo to a Apartment blinding. They walked in. Fudo didn't say word as he sopped at a door with the number 111 on it. He went in his pocket and took out a key and opened a door. And walked in. they rest followed him in. it was a nice apartment with a living room with a TV in the middle. A kitchen with a stove and everything. A small hall way leading to two rooms.

A guy was in the kitchen sitting in a chair. He had orange hair with glasses on his face with organ green eyes. He wore a red shirt with black paints. He was very good looking. He had a book in his hand that he was reading.

"Who's that"? Tamasine asked.

"That's Muro". Tani told him going up to him. Muro looked up from his book and jumped out of his chair as looked at her.

"Long time". Tani said with a smile.

"Yes a long time indeed". He said with smile. Not taken his eyes off her.

"I see you still have the kid with you'. Tani said looking around.

"Yeah Fudo may not seem like much but his really strong now". Muro told her.

"Yeah I guess your right". She said with a smile and hugged him. He hugged her back.

"I missed you". He whispered in her ear.

"I know I missed you too". She whispered back in his ear.

"I hate to interrupt but were running out of time here". Tamasine said inpatient.

"Tamasine don't be rude". Nami shouted at him.

"Sorry but the sooner we get to the master of time and space the better". Tamasine frowned as he crosses his arms.

"What. You guys came here to see my father"? Fudo asked.

"Yeah were here to get to the place were he live". Tani told him.

"I see you came back here. So I can bring you to the master of time and space place right"? Muro asked.

"Yeah and I came to see you two". Tani said with a wink.

"Hmp. My father wont just give what you want his very strict man. Who even throws his own son out"? Fudo said with a sigh.

"The only one who as every stood up to him was his mate but they got into a fight and left him". Muro told him.

"What Dai left him"? Tani said shocked.

"She got mad at him so she went to a different world. I can bring you to were she is but it's different there". Muro told them.

"Takes us there then". Tani said. With a frown.

"Very well. Everyone stand there". Muro said pointing to the wall.

Everyone stood there. Fudo looked at him and stood there to.

"Ok. Then". Muro said as he construed hard and in a burst of green light they were gone. It was dark and felt cold Katana closed her eyes and was out cold.

They fell on something hard that felt like dirt. They got up and looked around.

They saw two men fighting each other with everything they had.

One had short brown hair that was sinking up with brown eyes. He looked pissed off and his his right arm is covered in a protective metal alloy and three curved fins are created on his right shoulder blade.

"Shocking First Bullet"! he screamed as he attacked the other guy. Who had greenshi blue hair. With red eyes. He looked mad as hatred was in his eyes. There was something in front of him. It was paurple and white permenantly crossed-arms and two long, purple ribbons. With one red eye and it turned into something that resemble a lamia.

"Vigorous Right Fist Fukuryuu and Vigorous Left Fist Garyuu". The one with red eyes screamed. The one with the arm fell back wards but chaged at him.

"I'm not giving up until your dead Ryuho"! he scearmed with a smile.

"Same gose fro me Kazuma". The other one said clamly.

"Exterminating Last Bullet"! he shouted at him as he attacked him and he fell back ward too. The one called Ryuho was about to get upand attack him till he noicted the gang standing there.

"Whats wrong Ryuho". Kazuma said mockingly.

"Thats enough for today". Ryuho said as he walked up to them. The thing that was in front of him disapered

"What do you mean thats enough for today lets finshes this"! He sceamed at him. Till he truned his head and saw the gang. His arm went back to normale and his hair was down in his face.

Both of them were now looking at them.

"Umm. Hi there were new and were just passing throw". Tamasine told them.

"Just passing throw in the middly of nowere"? The one called Kazuma said looking at them. With a frown.

"Well. We come from a different world were looking for someone named Dai". Muro told them.

"That's cazy talk a different world. What kind of crap are you trying to pull on us". Kazuma shouted at them.

"It's the truth don't belive us but were looking for that person. If you haven't seen her then get out of are way". Tani shouted at him.

"Why you bicth. I don't care if you are a girl I'll kick your ass"! Kazuma shouted.

"Engouh. I belive you guys and I will help. I know were she is". Ryuho told them as he walked off.

"What your kiddening me right you don't actly belive them". Kazuma said with a frown.

"I belive who I want to. Now shut up or get out of here". Ryhuo said in a deadly voice.

"I'm not going anywere till. We see who is stornger till then I guess you stiuck with me". Kazuma said with a smile and walked off too. They rest looked at one other and followed them.

Sorry have to end it here. I hope it was ok. Making this a crossover but Kazuma and Ryuho play an inporten role in this story but you'll just have to wait till next time. Bye for now.