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She grunted, forcing her eyes to adjust to the room. It was still dark but her eyes made out what looked like 4 metal wires. She looked up and realize that the height of the room seemed endless. 'I must've fallen from there.'

'Now I know what a test dummy feels like.' She laughed bitterly, lying and telling herself that this would all be over soon. Her whole body ached and it didn't take a genius to know that her foot, which had twisted in a 45 degree angle, was broken.

It also didn't take a genius to know that moving would give her great pain.

The CSI in her kicked in and she began to examine herself, realizing she was far worse off than she thought.

'Few bruised ribs, a broken leg and a concussion.' She licked the sweat of her lips and fear flashed through her eyes.


Her hand immediately shot up and she winced in pain when she her fingers met with a large gash at the back of her head.

'Make that a few bruised ribs, a broken leg, a concussion, and large gash to the back of the head.'

'What the hell happened? Think Sidle think.' She forced herself. 'I was on my home and I-

Pain shot through her leg.

'God help me.' She mumbled. 'What happened? I was on my way home and I-

Drops of blood landed on her lips.

She gave a small sigh of defeat. She couldn't think straight. Every second took forever.

Wake up. That's what she needed to do. Just wake up. She didn't know the extent of the damage to her head and for all she knew, she might not wake up if she let sleep evade her.

'What would wake me up?'

'Cold case files.' She answered herself bluntly, trying to recall one of those good cases that Grissom had kept her away from. 'Lurie. Prime suspect in the death of-

She was cut off by the bright light underneath the floor she was sitting on.

She rubbed her eyes in agony. 'Crap.' Looking up, it was suddenly all so clear. 'Metal wires. 6 by 5 feet room. And a ceiling that goes on forever.'

'Shit.' She opened her mouth to shout but only blood came out and her throat hurt like hell.

"Elevator's working." She heard someone, Grissom, say and fear glazed through her eyes. Kicking the walls, she tried to force the elevetor sway but was unsuccessful.

"Just push the button." She heard Catherine say.

She tried talking again. 'Blood.'