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"No one said anything about that. It's not supposed to be this way!"

Yuki screams at Kyo.

The cat glares at him.

"Don't you think I know that! I've tried to suppress these feelings, but they're still there.

Do you think I asked for this? I didn't even want to tell you cause of this, this right here." Kyo shouts back moving his hands to prove his point.

Yuki was ready to combust.

The cat had just confessed he had some sort of feelings toward the rat.

Yuki couldn't even begin to wrap his mind around such lunacy.

The cat takes a step foward, and Yuki steps back.

"You stay away from me. You're crazy."

He says putting his hands out in front of himself and shaking his head.

A look of pained sadness appears of Kyo's face.

"Alright Yuki. Fine. Be that way. I should've expected..."

He says in a hoarse voice.

The cat turns and walks out of the house slamming the door behind him.

Tohru suddenly appears hair dripping wet.

"Are you and Kyo-Kun fighting agian?" She asks.

The girl had obviously been taking a bath and had rushed to make sure the two boys were alright.

"We were, but Kyo left."

Yuki says motioning to the door.

"Ah uh did he say when he'd be back?" Tohru asks.

The rat shakes his head, then says, "I'm sure he'll be back soon though. Don't worry Honda-San."

Yuki heads for the stairs.

This had to be the weirdest day, the rat had ever encountered.

Kyo didn't really confess love for the rat, did he?

He couldn't have, how bizaree is the notion.

Yuki walked to his bedroom to think.

Kyo's confessions had left the rat's brain scrambled, and he needed to sort through the feelings he was now having.

There was shock of course, but there also seemed to be excitement.

Was it possible to be happy Kyo liked him?

Yuki hashed things over until Tohru came to get him for dinner.

The rat drug himself down the stairs in a laboured manner.

He almost just wanted to stay in his room, considering all possibilites.

Shirgure already sat at the table when Yuki entered the dining room.

He looks up at the rat with a strange look in his eyes.

"He told you didn't he?" The dog says.

Yuki was taken aback. Shigure knew?

"You rejected him. Am I right?"

The rat nods numbly.

Shigure sighs loudly.

"I told him not to say anything. He won't come back now."

The dog says. Yuki was awestruck.

What was going on?

"What do you mean, he won't be coming back?" He asks.

"I mean we won't see Kyo agian now. I'm going to have to tell Akito, so he can send out a search party. Then Kyo will be punished severely. What a nightmare he's caused himself. All cause he couldn't keep unrequited love inside."

Yuki felt a wave of panic.

"Wait! Can you wait two weeks before you tell Akito? I'm sure the stupid cat will come back. He's probably just dealing with some things."

The dog gives the rat a wary look, then breaks out into a smile.

"Okay Yuki. I'll wait two weeks. But if Kyo doesn't return in that amount of time, then you have to tell Akito for me. You also have to say that it was your idea to wait two weeks enabling Kyo to get further away."

Yuki was outraged.

The dog talked as if this was all his fault.

The rat pondered a moment, then realized it sorta was.

"Okay fine. Deal."

Tohru walks in with dishes laden with food.

"What's a deal?" She asks.

"Nothing Honda-San. Wow this all looks wonderful."


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