Chapter Twenty-Three -

That night, Yuki and Kyo made love for the second time.

After both had riden their pleasure to it's highest, Kyo collapses on top of Yuki. As thier breathing returns to normal, Yuki drawls lazy designs on Kyo's back, enjoying his lovers weight upon him.

"I don't want to lose you." He says. Kyo chuckles. "You mean you don't want to lose what we just did." Yuki sits up and pushes the cat off of him.

"No. That's not the most important thing. You are, and if I lose you, I don't know what I'll do." Kyo pulls Yuki onto his lap. "I recall saying something like that earlier today, and I had one little mad rat boy make me promise to never leave. Am I right?" Yuki nods. "Well then you shouldn't question my promise. I said I'll never leave you, and I won't."

They lapse into a moment of silence. A random thought occurs to Yuki. He remembers the story Kyo had written, and the picture he had drawn. He had read it only last week, yet it felt like a year.

"Hey, what happens at the end of your story?" He asks quietly.

Kyo breaks out into a evil smile. "You mean after they fuck?" Yuki blushes at the cat's blunt words. "Yeah. What happens the next morning? What do Matsuri and Aki end up doing?" The cat shifts slightly then replies with a smirk, "They live happily ever after."

Yuki let's out a laugh. He hadn't laughed in quite sometime.

"Seriously. What did you plan for them?" Ha asks placing a kiss on Kyo's chest. "Well, I think they truly do live happily ever after. Even if that's rushing the story some. Aki realizes he love Matsuri. The end." The cat says. "Mmm, so just like us uh? Except our story may not end so well." Yuki replies.

"Well I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Kyo says breathily. He gently strokes Yuki's hair.

"So you just want to wait for Akito to do something?" Kyo nods. "You must be crazy! Why would you do something like that?" Yuki asks. "Because of you." The cat replies.

"Lunacy." Yuki mutters.

"Love." Kyo retorts, then fiercely kisses Yuki.

"You know I went on a date when Kakeru-San, so you'll have him to deal with." The rat says pulling away. Kyo growls possessively. "Like hell I will." He says placing a kiss on the rat's lips. "I'll just draw him a picture of us fucking. Think he'd get the message?"

Yuki lets out a laugh. Gods he loved the cat. Whatever happens will happen. The rat was willing, as long as he got to be with Kyo. Everything would be alright. Hopefully.



There you go last chapter. I might write a sequel, but I dunno. It'll depend on how things go with my other stories, and if I get any good ideas for a follow-up. Hope you liked it, if not, whatever. Review please. I love those things. Love you all the peoples. -Rose