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"The Bulbasaur's Seed" By Electric Rhydon

Chapter 1

Once there was a young kid named Ben who was always being naughty, or so his parents thought. Every day, he would get into trouble over something he done wrong even though most of his misdeeds were actually clumsy fumbles. Today was no exception.
Ben! GO TO YOUR ROOM!!" hollowed his mother after he had accidentally spilt honey onto the floor. "And think about what you have done" Ben stomped off to his room. On the walls, he had posters of rock pokemon. He imaged have all his favourite rock pokemon and how grand life would be, being a trainer of rock pokemon. He was so fed up with his parents, he decided he would run away. He pulled his posters from the walls, packed some clothes and crept down the stairs, through the kitchen and out the back door. As he went out in the backyard he glanced back at the house. He suddenly felt a change of heart but that didn't stop him jumping over the back fence and walking into the wilderness. The desire for freedom overwhelmed the threatening change of heart. As he walked through the wilderness, he started whistling to his favourite tune. He felt alive, more alive than he had ever felt.
After walking through the wilderness for a short while, he came to a clearing, and sat down and decided to have a rest.
He had been dozing lightly for a couple of hours when a sudden noise startled him. As he pulled himself up, he slipped on something and started tumbling down the hill. He couldn't stop himself until he rolled into a tree, bumping his head on the trunk. He sat there dazed rubbing his head. Out of the bushes sprung a bulbasaur with a very mad look on its face. As Ben sat there wondering the bulbasaur tackled him from behind. His head rebounded off the stump as he was tackled again by the bulbasaur. Ben was wondering as the bulbasaur was whipping him with its vines. After he got up, he saw the answer. He had accidentally rolled onto a baby bulbasaur. After he got off it, the baby quickly recovered from being squashed and ran into the bushes behind its parent. The bulbasaur tackled Ben again, knocking him onto the stump. Pain roared in his back, spreading to his entire body like a wildfire.
Gasping in agony and fear, he felt his back only to feel a sharp piece of wood embedded into his back. Enduring the wild, enraged bulbasaur's attacks, he ripped the wood in his back out of the wound, which gushed fresh blood. He saw the bulbasaur crouch down and aim its bulb at him. Ben panicked, thinking that the bulbasaur was going to finish him off with a solarbeam and fled. He ran, so afraid that he didn't hear the soft pop of a seed being fired or felt a pain like something had drilled into his back. Ben ran and ran until he reached the path leading north. He stopped, then suddenly felt very woozy. The pain in his back was replaced by a warm throbbing feeling. Dark shapes swam before his eyes as he fought to stay conscious. Finally, he could not hold out any longer. His world swam from nighttime to a pale green then to black.

Hmmm...Can you guess with happened to Ben? Sorry, you'll have to find out in the next chapter!