Finally you'll find out what happens to him. Hope you enjoy it. From now on any pokemon talk will be in normal talking marks "". The translation is in those funny arrows .

Chapter 2

After what seemed like an eternity, Ben finally drifted back into consciousness. The throbbing which he had felt before he loss consciousness was still there but with no pain. He yawned and then tried to stand up but for some reason he could not support himself enough to walk on hind legs. He looked down at his arms should have been and almost screamed. His arms had turned green and were no longer arms, they had become forelegs. He tried to say something, but all that came from was "Bulba Bulba Bulbasaur" His mind froze as he realized the truth. He had somehow, some way became a bulbasaur. Realizing this, he began to cry with despair.
Eventually, another bulbasaur walked out of the bushes at the side of the path and questioned him "Bulba Bulbasaur?" Why are you crying?. Ben the Bulbasaur replied through tears and sniffling "Bulba...Bulba Bulba Saur" Because...Because I was once...human. Surprisingly, the other bulbasaur did not attack or reply in a hostile manner. The bulbsaur instead used its vine to brush away the tears still streaming down his face. "Bulba Bulbasaur Saur Bulba Bulba Saur,Bulbsaur Bulba" I am sorry that I attacked you. I thought you hurt my baby on purpose, and I am sorry I fired the seed at you. If it weren't for me, you would be still human the bulbasaur spoke, a tear welling down her face. Then her face brightened "Bulbasaur. Bulba bulba. Bulba Bulbasaur Saur. Bulbsaur? Bulba bulbasaur. Bulba, Bulbasaur bulba saur saur!" But you're still alive. And still well. All that I can do now is teach you all a bulbasaur needs to know. And who knows? One day you might turn back into your old self again. Rise, young bulbasaur and rekindle the hope in your heart!. Ben sat up, hope rekindled in his eyes "Bulba...saur" So Ben headed towards the bulbasaur's clearing to start a new life. The life of a bulbasaur. To learn to survive in the wild then to search the world for a cure.

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