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Chapter 1

Starfire was raiding the fridge furiously, eating everything she could find. She was about five months pregnant and her stomach was just starting to show. She was hungry all the time, and not only that, she was craving… normal food! Of course, they were strange to her, but she was eating everything normally. This meant no drinking mustard and none of the eating of french toast with gravy.

"Robin, we must do the shopping of the groceries again!" she called after making herself a rather large snack.

"Again?" asked Robin, who was sitting on the couch with Cyborg and Alex. They were in the middle of watching a baseball game.

"Yes," said Starfire walking over and sitting next to him. "Is that alright?"

"Of course it is," said Robin kissing her. "I don't want you to go hungry."

Beast Boy entered and quickly sat back down in his spot. He had run off to go to the bathroom during the short commercial break. He picked Alex up, sat down, and placed him down on his lap.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked.

"Not yet," said Alex.

"I have asked for more of the groceries," said Starfire.

"Big surprise there," laughed Beast Boy.

One of the baseball players from the team they were cheering hit a homerun and suddenly the whole room erupted with cheers from all of the guys. Starfire was quite surprised by their reaction and nearly jumped five feet in the air.

"What has happened?" she asked quite alarmed.

"We just got another run!" said Alex hopping up and down on his father's lap. Beast Boy was starting to notice how big Alex was getting and hoped to God that he didn't land in the wrong place.

"So nothing is wrong?" asked Starfire.

"No," said Cyborg. "If we start to cheer it's a good thing."

The doors to the common room opened and Raven entered with Arielle on her hip. She had just woken up from her nap and her face was still tired, and she had a pacifier in her mouth. Her head rested on Raven's shoulder, her arms tucked in between their bodies. Raven walked over to the couch and saw everyone watching the game.

"How long does a baseball game last?" she asked. "It's been on for hours."

"It's almost over," said Beast Boy, who smiled when he saw her with his daughter in her arms. "Good morning baby girl," he said sweetly.

"Daddy, it's not morning," said Alex not taking his eyes away from the game.

"Yeah, I know," said Beast Boy kissing the top of Alex's head.

There was no room left on the couch for Raven, so she sat on the floor with Arielle in her lap. The child was almost fully awake now and felt like moving around. She crawled out of Ravens lap and got to her feet. She was fourteen months old and had been walking for about three months now. She was also getting the hang of saying words and had become very vocal. They all knew she was going to be a chatter box like Beast Boy.

She found one of her toys, a ball, on the ground and began to happily talk to herself in her own baby language. She grabbed it and began to walk around. Raven watched her closely and made sure she wasn't going to fall over or hurt herself. Arielle wandered back over to her mother to show her the ball. "Mumma," she said handing the ball over to her.

"Yes, I see," said Raven with a smile and took the ball. Arielle mumbled a couple things and continued on. She headed for the kitchen, so Raven quickly got up and followed her. She was getting more and more of a work out now that Arielle was mobile.

The men cheered again and shouted, "Go! Go! Yes! We win!" Once again Starfire was surprised, but at least this time she knew that everything was okay. So she clapped and smiled, even though she wasn't sure exactly what was going on.

"That was a great game," said Cyborg. He looked at the clock and gasped. "Oh shi… I mean crap! I gotta get ready!" And with that he jumped up and ran out of the room.

"Where the heck's he going?" asked Robin.

"I believe I heard him say that he has a date tonight," said Starfire.

"Who with?" asked Beast Boy picking Alex up off of his lap and putting him in Cyborg's spot.

"I am not sure," said Starfire.

"Ooh," said Beast Boy evilly rubbing his hands. "I smell a secret." And with that he turned into a fly and went off to spy on Cyborg.

"Come on Star, let's go buy some groceries," said Robin standing up.

"Oh yes!" said Starfire quickly getting to her feet. "I am already beginning to get hungry again."

"Auntie, you just ate a snack," said Alex crawling off of the couch as well.

"I know, but I am still hungry," said Starfire.

"Well let's go and we'll stop to get something to eat on the way," said Robin. "That way you won't be too hungry while we're shopping."

Starfire smiled, grabbed Robin's hand, and said, "Let us go!"

Raven scooped Arielle up and brought her over to the couch. She sat down and started to blow raspberries on Arielle's stomach, causing her to squeal with laughter.

"Mumma, can I play with my dinosaurs out here?" asked Alex.

"As long as you bring them back to your room when you're done," said Raven. "You remember what happened when you left them out?"

"Daddy stepped on my spike tail dinosaur and hurt his foot," sighed Alex.

"That's right," said Raven. "And we know daddy can't be trusted to watch where he's walking, right?"

"Right," giggled Alex and then ran off to his room. Beast Boy knew he would never live down tripping on one of Alex's toys, and the others were constantly making fun of him for it. Alex didn't even mind that he had broken the toy; it had been the funniest thing he had ever seen.

All of a sudden there came the sound of yelling and the slamming of a door. Raven sighed and shook her head. Beast Boy entered a minute later looking a bit disheveled.

"You never were the best spy," said Raven.

"He literally threw my out of the room and into a wall!" said Beast Boy sitting down, rubbing his sore back. "But I did find out who he's going out with."

"Who?" asked Raven.

"Guess," said Beast Boy with a smile as he laid back into the couch. Arielle quickly crawled onto Beast Boy. He didn't know what it was about his lap that his children just loved.

"No, tell me," said Raven.

"You have to give at least one guess," said Beast Boy lifting Arielle into the air, making her giggle. He may have been sore, but he couldn't resist making his daughter laugh.

"Fine," said Raven rolling her eyes. "Aqualad."

Beast Boy laughed and said, "No, but close."

"I was close with Aqualad?" asked Raven.

"Well, right group," said Beast Boy putting Arielle down. "Bumble Bee."

"Really," said Raven as if she had heard a good bit of gossip. "How long has this been going on?"

"Evidently," said Beast Boy leaning in over to her and speaking softly. "They really hit it off at Robin and Star's wedding."

Just then Cyborg walked in. He was wearing a holographic ring that made him look like he was dressed casually. "See ya," he said, giving Beast Boy a dirty look.

"Have fun!" said Beast Boy with a grin. Cyborg wanted to say something rather… crude, but since Arielle was in the room he decided not to.

Alex returned with a few of his dinosaurs in his arms. He plopped down in front of the couch and began to play. Arielle quickly climbed off of Beast Boy and joined her brother on the floor. Since both of the kids were on the floor Beast Boy brought Raven close to him. She leaned against him and smiled.

"Hey, I got a call from the party hall today," said Raven.

"Yeah?" said Beast Boy slyly slipping his arms around her waist. "When can they book us?"

"There's an opening in four months, six months, or any time after a year," said Raven putting her hands over his. "So when do you want to get married?"

"Whenever you do," he said kissing her.

"You don't care if we get married in four months?" asked Raven.

"We're pretty much married now," laughed Beast Boy.

"That's true," said Raven.

The two children sat on the floor with the dinosaurs, playing some game that only they understood. Alex was pretty much trying to create a game out of the random things Arielle was doing with the triceratops that he had let her play with.

Starfire and Robin returned an hour later with a dozen bags of groceries. She was eating a candy bar as they entered and Robin looked exhausted. He had never known how tiring it was to take care of a pregnant Tameranean. The good thing was that he was finally starting to get used to the idea of being a father. Beast Boy had spoken to him and really helped him out. He had been a little freaked out when Starfire's intense mood swings kicked in, but Beast Boy reassured him that it was normal, even though when Starfire got mad she shot starbolts randomly.

"I am feeling quite tired," said Starfire. "I am going to rest."

As soon as she left Robin collapsed on the couch. "She's tired?" he said.

"How many times did she drag you through the store this time?" asked Beast Boy.

"Five times," said Robin. "Every time I thought we were done she would remember something and we'd have to go all the way to the other side of the store."

"Just think," said Raven, patting him on the thigh. "You're a little more than half way done." Robin gave a tired moan and leaned back into the couch. Raven and Beast Boy chuckled.

"I'm hungry," Alex announced.

They all looked at the clock. "Dinner time," said Raven standing up. She headed into the kitchen to start cooking.

"But I'm hungry now," said Alex following her into the kitchen.

"Well I can't make dinner magically appear, Alex," said Raven taking a few pots and pans out. "I'll be done in a half an hour."

"Can't I have something now?" he asked.

Raven sighed and reached into one of the cupboards. She handed him a granola bar and said, "Now go play with your toys or put them away."

But it was too late. Beast Boy was standing up and as he took a step his foot landed on the T-rex. He yelped and fell over, back onto the couch. As he sat there cursing under his breath. Arielle was laughing and clapping and even Robin let out a few laughs.