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Chapter 11

She was four months pregnant already. The morning sickness was a little heavier than it had been with Arielle, or even Alex, but she had lived through it. Now she was reaching the part of the pregnancy where she just got to relax and watch her stomach grow. Beast Boy could see that it was no longer flat. She was just starting to show. That was what he liked best. When people could actually see that his wife was pregnant. He didn't know why, but it made him feel proud.

Arielle's birthday was the next day so the whole tower was getting ready. The others opted to do all of the out of tower work, so Raven and Beast Boy could stay home with their kids.

"Daddy, where's mumma?" asked Alex as he played with his toy rocket.

"She's taking a nap, buddy," said Beast Boy with a smile. "Do you need anything?"

"No, I was just wondering," said Alex. "She's gonna be napping a lot, isn't she?"

"Yeah," laughed Beat Boy. "But that's because she's pregnant with your little brother or sister. So just make sure you're quiet if you're gonna pass our room."

Alex nodded and went off, driving his little spaceship through space, otherwise known as the common room. Arielle was sitting on the couch watching a cartoon show that was full of colors and children's singing.

Raven entered and looked well rested. She stretched, gave him a smile, and headed for the kitchen. "How's Arielle's party coming along?"

"Great," said Beast Boy. "Cyborg and Bee are picking up the cake and Robin and Starfire are getting the decorations."

"Did we ever chose a theme?" asked Raven.

"No, but I'm sure Robin and Starfire will pick out something appropriate," said Beast Boy.

"With Starfire's taste, I wouldn't be so sure," said Raven heading for the fridge to fill her empty stomach.

"Mumma, hold ya!" said Arielle walking up to her mother. Raven scooped her up and continued getting herself something to eat. Arielle knew that something exciting was going on and she knew that it had something to do with her. She just wasn't sure what exactly. But she was very pleasant nonetheless.

Cyborg and Bumble Bee returned with the cake. It was a normal cake with icing that read, "Happy Birthday Arielle! 2 Years old!"

"We're back, y'all," said Cyborg.

"I see you're lookin refreshed, Raven," said Bumble Bee.

"Yes, I'm starting to get my second wind for the day," said Raven with a smile. "Thank God for naps."

"Well that's good," said Bumble Bee. "Now I couldn't decide on what to get Arielle for her birthday, so I bought three things and I need you to help me figure out which one to give her."

"What are you going to do with the other two gifts?" asked Raven.

"Oh, I'll just return 'em," said Bumble Bee. And with that the Raven put Arielle down and they went to Cyborg and Bumble Bee's room to take a look at the gifts. Cyborg was glad they had left.

"Yo, B, I've got some big news," said Cyborg smiling.

"You're gonna finally get to work on that van/bus thing?" chuckled Beast Boy.

"No," said Cyborg. "I'm gonna propose to Bee."

This was the second time one of his friends had told him that they were going to ask their girlfriend to marry them. Beast Boy wondered what it was about him that made him seem the type to tell this to. But he was glad he had.

"Dude! That's great," said Beast Boy giving him a guy hug. "When're you gonna do it?"

"I was thinking this weekend," said Cyborg.

"And you're telling me now?" said Beast Boy. "Dude, I don't think I can keep something like this is for the next couple days. Why couldn't you have told Robin?"

"Cuz you're my best friend and I just like seeing you sweat," said Cyborg. "But you gotta promise not to tell anyone, not even Raven."

Beast Boy sighed and said, "Fine, I promise. But you're putting me through hell, you know that."

"Of course I do," laughed Cyborg.

A few minutes later Robin, Starfire, and little Caley returned with the decorations. Beast Boy was nervous about what they had gotten. He had forgotten about Starfire's odd tastes until Raven had reminded him.

"Hello friends," said Starfire happily, with Caley asleep in her arms. Robin entered behind her with a few bags. "We have gotten the decorations for parties."

"Great," said Beast Boy with a nervous smile. "What theme did you guys choose?"

"Purple," said Robin.

"Purple?" asked Beast Boy.

"Well, we weren't exactly sure what Arielle likes yet and we didn't want to get clowns or something she might be scared of," said Robin. "And we knew that Raven hates pink, so we chose purple."

"I believe we have gotten everything that is the color of purple that can be found," said Starfire.

The decorations were stored in Cyborg and Bumble Bee's room, along with the gifts. Starfire went to lie down since she was tired from such a long day. Robin and Cyborg went to work on the new Titans Automobile that was being created. Bumble Bee was going to catch up with the Titans East to see how they were doing over the phone. Arielle was put down for a nap and Alex had popped his other space movie in, which meant he would be all set for the next hour and a half. Beast Boy and Raven decided to spend a little alone time in their room.

"No doubt Bumble Bee's spreading the word to the Titan's East about the baby," said Raven sitting down on the bed.

"I'm sure they'll be shocked," laughed Beast Boy.

"I know," said Raven. "They probably think that you're animal instincts are making us breed like rabbits."

"Probably," chuckled Beast Boy as he sat down next to her. "So, what do you wanna do? We've got like an hour alone."

"Hhm," said Raven thinking. Then a smile graced her lips. "You wouldn't be interested in giving me a back massage, are you?"

"Okay," said Beast Boy. "But what do I get out that?" He asked this with a devious grin.

"If you make me drool I'll let you do whatever you want with me," she said, grinning as well.

"Really?" asked Beast Boy hopefully.

"Hey, I'm already pregnant, what else can happen?" she said kissing him.

Beast Boy quickly broke out of the kiss and pulled her back on the bed and got behind her. He began to work every muscle in her back, plus a few that Raven didn't even know she had. About five minutes in Raven was drooling, but he wouldn't stop yet. He loved making her moan and sigh as he rubbed and loosened her tight muscles.

"Beast Boy, if you don't stop I'm going to pass out," she said between moans.

"That good?" he asked kissing her neck.

"You have no idea," she said through her salivating mouth. Beast Boy chuckled and softly rubbed her back down. Her whole body felt like it was tingling. "Okay, do what you want with me."

"Oh yes," he said crawling out from behind her. "My turn." He crawled on top of her and began to kiss her feverishly.

There came a round of knocks on the door. Beast Boy couldn't believe it. Raven just broke out laughing. The poor guy, sometimes he just couldn't catch a break.

"Who is it?" asked Beast Boy trying not to sound furious.

"Do you know where my rocket is?" asked Alex's voice through the door.

"No Alex," said Beast Boy. "Why don't you look in you room." He heard his son's footsteps walking away and he turned his attention back to his wife. "Now, where were we?" She smiled and he started to kiss her again. He traced her hands over her body and placed them on her waist. Just as things were getting heated there came another round of knocks. "What?" asked Beast Boy a little more impatiently.

"It's not in there," said Alex.

"Well I don't know where it is, then," said Beast Boy.

"Does mumma?" he asked.

"No!" said Beast Boy.

"Okay," sighed Alex and once again he went walking off.

Once he was three steps away Beast Boy attacked Raven with his lips and began to roll her pants down. The knocks on the door returned. "What now?" asked Beast Boy almost in a yell.

"Arielle's awake and she's crying for mumma," said Alex.

"Thank you, sweetheart," said Raven and Alex went back to his movie. Beast Boy would have cried. He was so close, oh, so close. Raven could feel his pain and she kissed him one last time. "Sorry, my love. We're parents first and lovers second."

"I know," sighed Beast Boy and he rolled off of her.

She buttoned her pants back up, readjusted her shirt, and headed out of the room. Beast Boy placed his head into one of the pillows and screamed with frustration. After he got that out of his system he just lied there quietly looking up at the ceiling.

It was in that moment that he realized that he wasn't a kid anymore. He was a man; a full grown man with a wife and children. It was quite a realization for him. None of the Titans were kids anymore. They had grown up. They had met as teenagers, but they were still like children. And they had grown up with each other. They had watched each other mature and become the person they were today. He guessed that they were probably the most traditional family around, and they weren't even blood related.

Raven returned a few minutes later and saw him just lying on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. She found this a little peculiar, but she soon joined him on the bed. She crawled on top of him and gave him a soft kiss.

"She's asleep again, if you want to pick up where we left off," said Raven with a smile.

"In a minute," said Beast Boy. "I just want to hold you for a little while."

Raven hadn't expected that answer, but she was happy with it anyway. She moved off of him and they lay there in each other's arms for a while. He never wanted to let her go, and she felt the same about him.

"I love you," he said holding her tighter for a moment.

"I know," said Raven. "I love you too."