1Incredibly short thing written as result from incredible boredom.

Kurogane had his man-pride to think about...

It hurt him, Fai's tears, the way he was curled up in the corner like some kind of injured animal. He couldn't answer him, he could only glare. He knew the bruises he left, and the harshness of when he pushed him off, and the pain in those blue eyes he couldn't stand to look at, why was he so hurt? why did it hurt so much to just tell him no? Fai's mass of blond hair was tangled in his fingers, his head bent down so that Kurogane could no longer see his face, but knew he was sobbing. All Kurogane had done was say "no". He just couldn't accept a request like that, it was wrong, and Kurogane knew that he didn't like it. He wasn't about to bend to the will of the skinny blond. It was un-natural, and what if the other two found out? He'd never hear the end of it, Kurogane had his man-pride to think about. He heard Fai's muffled voice,
" Please..."
Kurogane gave in,
He said, giving in but not enjoying it at all, Fai's face brightened as Kurogane continued,
" You can have the last chocolate chip cookie."