Once upon a time there where four children. They where the children of the richest Count and Countess in the land. The young Countess gave birth to two sets of twins. The older set was born fifteen years before the younger set. They where two boys, Vladislaus and Vladimir. The younger set was a boy and a girl, Gabriel and Gabriella. All four of them where dark headed, Vladislaus and Gabriella had black hair and Gabriel and Vladimir with dark brown hair. Vladislaus had black eyes, Gabriel had deep brown eyes and Gabriella and Vladimir had sky blue eyes.

Their mother died giving birth to Gabriel and Gabriella and their father died a year later. So the sixteen-year-old Vladislaus Dragulia became the new Count and had the care of his brothers and sister. And one year old Gabriella was named the new Countess Dragulia.


Vladislaus turned from studying some papers as he stood by the fire place. He set the papers on the mantel. "Up past your bed time, Gabriella?" He came across the large study that had once been his father's and took his sister from the arms of her nurse.

Gabriella laid her head on her brother's shoulder as he sat down.

"Having bad dreams again?" he asked.

Gabriella shook her head. "No," she said shortly. She went through periods of when she would speak no more than she had to. And at others times, she was bubbling over to speak to anyone who would listen.

Vladislaus studied his sister's face as the firelight danced across her fine features. She had her mother's high cheekbones. He smoothed her baby soft curls back from her face. "Is Gabriel asleep?"

Gabriella shook her head. "No. But he wants to be left alone."

Vladislaus and his brother Vladimir often marveled at their younger twins. Both Gabriel and Gabriella where quiet, pensive and extremely thought provoked.

The years passed. And with them…came the cruelest twist of fate.

The four children, now grown up, sold their souls.

And it all happened on dark night…in the depths of the country estate.