Title: Only This Moment
Author: ferretgirl-1124
Pairing(s): SpeedyxAqualad
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: R
Warning(s): Slash, mentions of war and death
Disclaimer: Not mine, though the mild fuck up of canon can be credited to me.
Word Count: 509

Summary: They only had this moment, and they meant to make the most of it.

A/N: I kind of had to mess with cannon to make this work. Assume that the Titans find out they were being tracked, and Robin gave out missions anyways because there were no other options, or something along that line. Inspired by Only This Moment by Royksopp.

Robin's message was hurried, and only confirmed what East had already guessed at; everything had gone to hell. The Brotherhood knew everything, had always known, and know it was all crashing down around their ears.

Bee was beside herself, flicking to and fro, trying to reach someone, anyone, to get a good update.

Speedy was too much of a realist for that. He knew time was limited, and he didn't want to waste his time to trying to make contact that would just be tracked anyways. They had their missions, and they had to get to them.

However, he was Roy Harper, which meant his mission could damn well wait. He had something more important to do first.

His knock on Aqualad's ('Garth's' he firmly reminded himself) door was brief and perfunctory, and really just for form's sake. He was inside before his hand could loosen from a fist. There was what he wanted; the Atlantean boy on the floor, laying on his stomach, head and shoulders stuffed under his water bed as he scrabbled for some object. Roy had no idea what he was searching for, and honestly didn't give a shit. Time was running out; he wasn't going to spend it playing games.

One swift movement later, the dark haired boy was staring up at Roy, clearly bewildered as to how to came to be on his back and straddled by his housemate. "Spee-?"

"Shut up."

He shut up.

Roy continued. "We don't have much time. This isn't a normal fight. This is war, fish boy." His voice was soft and urgent, his eyes burning with a zealots light. When Garth opened his mouth, no doubt to object to being treated like an idiot, Roy's hand went over it firmly. "No. Not now. You need to listen to me. I don't know if I'm gonna survive this, okay? I don't know if any of us are. And I've seen the way you looked at me. I know you want me. And I want you too, okay? I don't know about anything else, but I know that, and we might not have much time. This might be our chance. It's…it's fucking gay, but I wanna spend my last moments with you. So just…let's just do it."

He removed his hand. Garth stared up at him solemnly, thoughtful, when Roy's words could have scared him. "Do you love me?"

"Does it matter?"

"…I suppose not." The Atlantean was still solemn, too detached by the unreality of this moment to be frightened. This was not a time for thought, and both boys knew it. They could feel the impending danger, an almost palpable feeling, and they succumbed to it and each other.

They could not guarantee they would be alive tomorrow, but that was just one more reason to really live today.