This is a challenge!

I am wondering if anyone will do this but I have to try!

You see we need more Raven and Slade fanfic! Ok the musts!

PS: if you need to know anything about slade of raven's pasts you can just ask me I'd be more then glad to tell you what I know.

Rating M, or T. If M must have a Raven and Slade lemon, if T must have adult stuff but not a lemon cause then it will get removed and we don't want that.

Don't make them too OOC, try to keep them in character if you wish to learn about Slade or Raven you can ask me by review and I'll answer and help you out.

This is right after the Malchior deal, but we're going to say that Trigon came and gone before the dragon ok. Yes I know it's fucked up but leave me alone about it it's my challenge isn't it.

Slade blackmails Raven uhh… he does something to the titans like what he did to Robin but not that, do something different.

He does not make her his apprentice, (she'd kill him if he did that lol) he wants to learn about her, why you figure that out I'm not telling my ideas (there's to many to put on this lol). So they talk, spar, you can make him try to make her his apprentice but she wouldn't ok. Put a lot of physical and emotional interaction between the two of them.

Make Robin pissed aka the titans know about what ever he did but can't do a thing about it.

Ok I think I'll leave the rest up to you thank you! See I'd write my ideas out in a fic but I'm working on one right now and I don't what to take any longer to update then I already am lol sorry every one who's reading it I'll try to make it worth the wait aka its going to be long. Ok please review for this if you are going to write it so I know I'd love to read it! Ok bye please review you can ask about any thing. Bye :) ;)