Halloween or Devils Night

Who gets to chouse

By: evilsangel

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It was almost Halloween in Jump City. In just about a week, kids will be out getting candy and dressing up in silly costumes and having fun all night, right? Wrong. This time things were going to be different. Rules that were made unknown to the humans were going to be broken, and some of the predators of the night were going hunting. But I'm getting ahead of myself. You don't want me to spoil it for you, do ya?

"Oh come on, Raven. You have to, please, for us." Beast Boy or BB for short, hell even the name Changeling would fit now. Though Beast Boy was still as always the little annoying green shape shifter. He as well as everyone else, was trying their hardest to get the Tower Goth to turn the tower into a haunted house for Halloween this year.

"I said no, Garfield. I'm not using my magic just for a little scare." Raven, the Tower's mysterious dark bird. Very little is known about her, except for the fact that if you go into her room you are as good as dead.

"Please, friend Raven. I do not know much about earthly customs, so this would be something new for me. Pleeeeeease friend Raven," Of course Starfire, or Star, the bubbly red haired alien princess. Her bright green eyes looking at Raven with a pleading look of sadness.

"Come on dark girl. It would be fun." Cyborg or other wise known as Cy, the Tower's wise man and power house; he wouldn't act it but he could be very serious when he needed to be. The guy had become an overprotective older brother to the dark one.

Raven's eyes moved over to Robin, the Titan's leader. He was almost always serious. He would never say yes to something like this. Her eyes had a –come-on-help-me-out-of-this –look. One that apparently the great detective over there didn't see, or just plain ignored. She hoped it wasn't the ladder, because she hated to be ignored. "I think that it's a great idea Raven. It would be a good way for us to have some fun this Halloween." The others jumped for joy screaming 'YEA!' for their leaders help. Raven gave the Boy Wonder a dirty look that made him surge apologizingly.

"Fine," she sighed "I'll do it BUT," the Titans look back at her again. "No one is to bother or ask me about anything I'm going to do; got it?"

"YES" they all exclaimed at once and with that Raven left to start preparing.­­­


Raven was pacing not out of wondering what to do, but out of worry. 'Should I really do this? It's Devil's Night this Halloween.' Fear settled in her about what that meant. She would no longer be able to hide; she would be revealed just like the rest! The Titans would learn the truth about what she was! 'What would they think of me after this! I have to find out what is going to happen this year. After all, Devil's Night only comes around once every hundred years, who knows what's going to happen...'

(Back with the Titans)

"So Titans, what do we want to do?" asked Robin as the Titans sat on the couch, bored as hell, flipping through their 987 channels and still not finding anything on. Well, most of the Titans anyways. Raven was in her room trying to meditate. True, she was free from Trigon's influence on her powers and emotions. Hell, she could even show all the emotion she wanted to, but she had to meditate for a different reason.

"Come on, guys, there has to be some game here we haven't beaten, right?" asked BB as he hopelessly looked through their huge collections of games, tossing the ones they, as in Cyborg and Robin, have beaten. "Oh man, not one game! This totally sucks!" he began to pound his fists on the floor as if he was a three year old throwing a tantrum.

"Ok…" said Cy as he looked down at Beast Boy with his eyebrows raised, "So that means we all should go to the mall and get some new games then." They all agreed with Cy, nodding and standing up from the couch getting ready to head for the door; BB got up and joined them.

"Oh most glorious we shall venture to the mall of shopping!" Star was flying around them in joy for the news that they shall be going to her favorite place, well besides the hair and makeup places. "Shall I go and fetch friend Raven?" she asked as she hovered upside-down in front of her leader, her long flaming red hair dangling wildly.

"Well you can ask her, but if she says no don't push it. She said not to bother her too much if we really want a haunted tower this year." Robin replied to the girl, as Cyborg walked up to then fallowed by Beast Boy who went to Cy's right, his back to the back of the couch.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see what the dark girl has in store for us." Cyborg said as he looked to Starfire's upside-down face when she turned to look at him when he started speaking.

"I bet its going to be creepy. Do you think that it is going to be like when we watched Wicked Scary?" BB asked, looking to Cyborg.

"I don't know, but I'm not stupid enough to ask." Cyborg said leering back to the Changeling.

"Hay, I'm not stupid! I just don't think a lot." BB said back, looking a little put-out.

"Yea I bet!"

Robin snickered at the two. "Cyborg's right BB, if we ask her she won't do it. And I think she can make it scary enough without our help." He said, putting an end to the fight before one could really start.

"I agree dear friend Robin, friend Raven has a, umm… liking for the dark kind of things, yes?" asked Star righting herself in the air.

"Yep," said the others looking to her and nodding their heads with a look that said quiet plainly that they agreed.


She had just ended her meditation and was laying on her bed reading about Devil's Night. Apparently this was the time some of the crueler demons would go kill and torture humans. She hoped that none of them would show themselves in Jump. As she read, she learned what Devil's Night did to non-humans.

The Night will affect the angels, demons, some of the magical creatures, vampires, and even the Nosferatu. Nosferatu are a shire of vampires or other Nosferatus. They are more powerful then a vampire and can do many things they can't but like a vampire they do drink blood. 'So it seems I'm not going to be the only one not looking forward to being exposed to the humans.' She thought to herself.

She kept reading until a thought hit her like a ton of bricks. 'The Powers!' her eyes widened with shock. 'They'll find me!' Curses in languages known and forgotten by others formed themselves in her mind, a couple slipping past her lips. She really was not the cursing type, but right now she felt like it. She began to look through her many books on her shelves and a few others she had hidden all over her room to see if there was a way to still hide from them. But alas her search went in vain. There was a knock on her door. She closed one of her books letting her powers place it back where it belonged on one of her book shelves and went to open her door.

"Hello friend Raven," said Star when the door opened to reveal half of Raven's hooded face.

"Yes Star, what do you want?" said Raven in a non rude way, just straight to the point.

"Well, we are going to the mall of shopping for more of the video games friend Beast Boy and friend Cyborg love so much. Do you not wish to join us?" She had a hopeful look in her eyes clasping her hands in front of herself.

"I think they love those games too much Star." Raven replied looking at Starfire's emerald eyes; silently wondering whether Robin had given Starfire an order to make her come.

"I did not know you can love something too much friend Raven?" said Starfire tilting her head a little making it look like she was thinking about something.

"Never mind, Star. Look, I'm sorry, but I'm busy. Maybe next time, ok?"

"Ok, friend Raven, I hope you enjoy what has you occupied."

"I will, oh and Star? Tell Robin I might not be here when you guys get back. But I will still have my communicator with me if you need me. Ok?"

"Ok friend Raven, I will be very sure to tell friend Robin of such message. Good bye friend, I hope to be back later. Maybe I shall get you something."

"Bye Starfire. Oh wait, Star," she called back to the alien girl that had started flying away. Raven opened the door the rest of the way and leaned out a little to catch the girl before she got to far down the hall. "Don't get me something like last time, if you do, ok?" She was going to tell the girl not to get her anything, but unfortunately for her, Star would get her something anyways, so why bother.

"Oh, ok friend Raven, but I still do not understand why the DVD I got you was not an appropriate gift." Star said looking back to her only other friend that is a girl in their Tower.

With that, Star went back to the others to go shopping and Raven started putting her books away before she left to go to her other friends. Wondering what Starfire was going to bring back for her, she shuddered remembering what Starfire had got her before. She hoped the boys would keep a good eye on the naive alien, or at least keep her out of the bad stores. Those types of places are not for innocent girls like Star, or her for that mater.

End of Chapter 1

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