Blood of the Pure and Blood of the Tainted

By: evilsangel

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The veil of shadows that had surrounded the Titans disappeared and they found themselves before a huge building they had never been to before. Raven was in the front of the group and the others were behind her like they had been when they were in the T-Tower but Raven wasn't facing them anymore with her hood down. She was looking at the building which had caught the others' gaze as well.

It was huge to say the least; a large stone walkway with many steps led up to two very tall doors made of thick dark Rosewood. There were carvings of angels upon them and above that going from one door to the other in an arch form were ancient writings that was all but unreadable but to a few; Raven happened to be one of the few.

The rest of the building was just as grand as the door; even more so really. Above the doors was more carvings of stone; elegance crafted into every inch of the pearly marble. Arches and stain glass windows adorned the front of the church with angels of pebble and a magnificent cross above the doors stood out on its own. Steeples big and small had been crafted out of the limestone only adding to the grandeur. The whole face of the church just blew the Titans away; it really looked as though it had all been crafted out of one solid piece of white marble.

The Titans were only a few feet from the first step that led up to the grand doors. The pearly stone had a glossy and extremely pale pink hue to it. Up on the sides, on the steps, sat two gargoyles frozen in gray stone. Both had gargoyle appearance of something that you might be able to call a dog with the four legs and body shape minus the tail or muzzle of a dog; it was more like the face of a vampire bat. Furless and with ears that looked like bat wings poking out of the head along the sides where ears should be. The creatures looked very fierce plus the fact that they were almost as tall as a human standing with all four, four clawed feet on the ground at around 4'3 only a little shorter then Raven.

Raven was the one to break the awe inspired silence. "This is our destination my friends, welcome to one of the houses of God." She did not need to look back to her friends to know that they still had their mouths open, she could feel it…

"My home planet has never had such a building, it is so beautiful." Starfire said in astonishment.

"Yeah," commented Beast Boy. "I've never seen a church as big as this or built with so much stone."

"That is because, Beast Boy," said Raven as she began to ascend the steps with the others walking up behind her still entranced with the church's look. "This church is old, very old. The writing on the doors places this church back; I'd imagine about a thousand years ago, give or take a few decades." She said casually walking up the steps with her cloak swept behind her rippling as she moved with her hood still down, it wouldn't be good to enter a church trying to hide especially if you're a demon…

Raven had arrived at the top of the steps and stopped the rest following in suite. "Raven, why did you stop?" Robin asked moving to walk past her right side but Raven threw up an arm and stopped him.

"Wait." She said eying the gargoyles closely. "Ok guys, I'm going to tell you something real quick." She said quietly not taking her eyes off the gargoyles. "These statues you see right before of us are not just statues, they're gargoyles."

"Well no duh Raven," said BB laughing a little bit. "What are you afraid of something that's not going to move!" Raven growled fiercely at the idiot causing the creatures heads to turn to look right at her. Her demon origin had just shown through to them. Beast Boy yelped and the others too were caught off guard by that, well not Raven she knew that would happen.

"Well thank you Beast Brat!" She spat out. "I was hoping to get inside without them waking up." She turned her head to the Changeling that had jumped behind Cyborg with Starfire on Cy's left. "Now if you'll shut up I'll finish what I was saying." She said glaring at the boy who quickly nodded and she looked back to the gargoyles that had yet to move again. "As I was saying these are gargoyles, protectors of the church. They make sure that demons and other creatures do not destroy or try to taint this holy place. The reason I stopped is because I am demon as you know. I need you guys to, no matter what happens," she added quickly looking at Robin's face with her arm still in-front of him. "To not and I mean NOT," she glanced back to the gargoyles again, "interfere. If you try to fight they will take you as a threat and kill you."

"You're not going to fight them are you Raven?" asked Robin looking worriedly at her, 'those creatures looked too formidable to me to be taking on by yourself.' He thought to himself but he didn't voice it because he didn't want to alert the others to that fact, though he was sure they could tell anyways.

"Not if I can help it Robin, you're right they are too formidable to really take on by yourself without coming to some harm." She stated reading his mind. "Remember guys just don't do anything, which means no drawing your weapons Robin, that's a threat to them." She dropped her arm a took a three steps forward, the gargoyles moved from their sitting position to be standing and growled a warning to her. She felt the others tense up but held up a hand to the Titans and they relaxed back down again.

She took another step forward again the gargoyles both stepped down from their perches on the stone. She held up her arms in front of her chest "Its alright, I don't mean this house any harm." She took about five more steps closer and the gargoyle on Raven's left walked to block her from the door while the other went behind her to block her from the others. Both were growling at her with white eyes that had a little bit of a gray cloudy look to them.

She let them cross her as they began to circle her growing closer with each pass. But still she did not back down or show any fear. "I mean this house no harm," she said again, but like before they just growled at her. 'Fine be like that then,' she thought to herself. "You know who I am," she said her voice strong almost like the tone she had back at the tower. "I have passed through these doors before and if that is not enough for you to let me pass then remember what I am, who I was born from. I have never harmed a church on this planet nor have I killed an angel that was on its own turf, on this planet." She hastily added. "Now," she said lowering her voice to a darker tone "let me pass!"

The two gargoyles stopped circling her and looked to each other then to her again. The one that had blocked the door the first time was there again as was the other in the same place it was before as well. The first moved and faced its body to hers before bowing its head and walking to its perch with the other following its example. "Thank you," she said dipping her head to each of them as they sat down.

The four Titans let out a breath they didn't know they were holding when the two backed off of their friend. But now two of the four had registered what Raven had said to the creatures. One that she had been in this place before but apparently didn't have to deal with the gargoyles that time. Two, why did she tell them to remember what she was, she was a demon, she said it herself; but then she did tell them to remember who she was born from, maybe it had something to do with her mother… Then three, why did she keep saying 'on this planet'? Too bad for the two titans that were thinking Raven had turned back to them and motioned them to come with her.

They walked up the rest of the steps and passed the gargoyles that were like statues again and to the doors. Beast Boy walked over to the one on the left and was going to poke it but Cyborg grabbed his arm before he could. Cy didn't think that they needed to piss of the gargoyles, something that BB didn't understand right now. Raven grasped the handles and pushed the doors open and walked inside with the others following. Cy pushed BB in; Beast Boy was going to make a comment to his best bud but then he saw the inside of the church and totally forgot what he was going to say…

It would seem that the Titans were awe struck… again. The ceiling was more then forty feet above them and whole place was lit with a golden light. Whether it was from the stain glass windows that had angels and other holy designs adorning them or that almost everything had a golden glow to it; you really couldn't tell. The ceiling was made up of arches of a beautiful design. In the front was a huge grand altar that had a statue of Jesus hanging on the cross in the middle of it with two statues of an angel one on each side with their wings up and their arm outstretched to him. All of this was under an arch, that had a small cross on the top, connecting by the sides were two smaller arches that had one of the disciples under each. Above that were two more statues of the other two disciples under arches that had steeples coming from the tops with elegant designs covering each and every place of the work, that was not a statue, giving it more detail then the other Titans had ever seen.

Raven lead the Titans down the aisle passing the many pews and heading for the altar, which standing in front of it were two people. The one on the right had a priest's outfit on while the other had long white robes on with large pure snow white wings draped over his shoulders. It seemed as though they were talking but the winged man's frame visibly froze and quickly looked over to the Titans who were approaching; more precisely Raven.

The angel looked back to the priest and ended their conversation to which the priest then bowed and left taking the right path and entered a door and disappeared behind it. Then turning to the Titans the angel began to walk towards them raising his wings from his shoulders as though he was approaching a threat. The other Titans that had not noticed him before did now as he approached them. Raven stopped and so did they with the angel to take the last few steps towards them. With only about two and a half feet apart the angel stared down at her and she glared right back.

The angel stood at about 6'4 and had long shaggy light brown hair that framed his face. With high cheek bones and light blue eyes with thin lips he was very handsome with his almost golden complexion. "Raven" he said his voice deep and emotionless, staring into her violet eyes.

"Michael." Raven stated her voice the same as his; deadpan.

The two continued to glare at each other as the Titans watched. They felt like they were back outside with the gargoyles circling their friend again with no way to help her. The silence raged on and the Titans were getting desperate as to what to do, they could feel the tension rolling off of the two in strong waves with no idea of what to do. But just as much as they didn't know what to do now with the two as they were; standing there and glaring at each other. With the next action from Michael really shocked them.

Before anyone had registered what happen Raven was off the ground and was wrapped in Michael's arms and wings in a tight embrace.

"Ahh," Raven screamed shocked by his action. "Michael," she cried out, "what are you doing?" He had picked her up so high that her hands were holding her up on his shoulders with his wings and arms wrapped around her waist and legs.

"I" he said with pride and joy, "am hugging you, that's what! Do you know how long it's been since I've seen you my dear!" He hugged her closer.

"Michael put me down!" Raven said trying not to smile or show any emotion other then annoyance.

"Nope, not happening Raven" he stated as though it should have been a fact to her. Raven had just been reminded of how she'd met Lestat today. Why couldn't they just keep their hands off of her today!

"Michael, I'm asking nicely, please put me down" She said again getting a little annoyed at men today.

"Nope," he said and he shrugged her body so she lost her grip on his shoulders and fell to his left shoulder as he turned and started walking back down the way he came.

"Michael!" She shouted when he did this. "Michael what do you think you're doing?" She could see her friends following them now. Starfire and Beast Boy were giggling openly. While Cyborg just grinned and Robin just looked a little put off and shocked.

"I'm making sure you stay at least alittle while my dear. The last time I saw you, you were almost to the brink of death!" He yelled out, "And I want to have a nice long talk about all the things I've been hearing about what you've been doing!"

Raven sighed and propped her left elbow on his shoulder resting her head on her palm while with the other hand she tapped her fingers upon his back on his spine in-between the places where the robe was cut for his wings that connected at his shoulder blades and went down almost his entire spine. "I'll stay for alittle while, Michael," she said his name with so much venom that it made the angel chuckle alittle. "As long as you let me down, other wise I'm poisoning you right now." She said roughly.

"What," he said not believing her. "You wouldn't poison me!" He exclaimed. "And I'm not putting you down." They were almost to the altar. Raven growled and sank her claws on her right hand into his back making the angel cry out in pain "Alright!" He said loudly. "I'll put you down! Just get your claws out of my back and keep that poison in your veins!"

She did and he finally let her go placing her in-front of him next to the altar. She glared at him while she fixed her belt and clasp that held her cape. "Well, now that you've put me down, which I might add if you ever do that to me again I will kill you." She said with such a tone that had irritation and bit of anger in it. "I can introduce you to my friends that have been very patiently waiting." She motioned to the Titans that were standing around them, Starfire and Beast Boy waved.

"Oh my, I'm sorry," he stated turning to face them, "please you must forgive me. I had been so caught up in seeing her again that I had not seen you." He said asking for forgiveness. Robin mouthed 'obviously' but got caught by a sharp glance from Raven and quickly shut his mouth. "My name is Michael," the angel said before he dipped into a deep bow and fanned out his wings letting the tips brush the floor. He stood back up and wings bristled like a bird's does when they are resetting them. He had them cup his sides but left enough open so he could still move his arms freely as he so desired.

"Hum," said Starfire rising to the air and floating over to be almost right ahead of Michael. Normally she would be jumping up and down at the chance to make a new friend but something about this person was just intimidating, maybe it was his wings or maybe it was just because of presence. "My name is Koriand'r of Tamaran, but it translates into Starfire on earth." Michael extended his right hand to greet her in a hand shake which she accepted.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Koriand'r of Tamaran; I am The Archangel Michael, order of the Seraphim, I am from Heaven." He stated as they shook hands and let go.

"Dude! Are you seriously an angel?" Beast Boy exclaimed jumping up to the front moving to be almost touching the man in-between Starfire and him. His bright emerald eyes were wide with astonishment.

"Sorry," said Cyborg reaching back and pulling Beast Boy away from the angel that had looked slightly shocked that BB got there so quickly. "This is Beast Boy or BB for short" he said then pointed to himself, "and I'm Cyborg, or Cy is just fine."

Michael laughed it off his shock and looked to Cyborg. "Oh don't worry its fine; you would think I'd be use to by now because of all the little kids that come to this great house on Sunday." He said shaking his head and smiling making his hair fan out around his face. "Still it is a pleasure to meet you both as well and yes I am an angel." He stated looking at Beast Boy.

"Cool…" Beast Boy breathed out astonished looking at his wings.

"I'm Robin," said Robin pushing the conversation along. Michael looked to him and again extended a hand which Robin took. "Leader of the Teen Titans." He said proudly with a smirk.

"Ah yes, I thought that was where I'd seen you guys. I don't watch much TV but Elva does, I believe I saw you guys on the news once, yes that must have been it…" He let his voice trail off as he stood back up to his full height. "Well it is an honor to meet such fine heroes as you. I can sense that you all are good at heart and pure of soul, well all but you my dear." He added looking back to Raven with a little grin on his face.

Raven gave him a small grin that just screamed 'I'm evil!'. "But of course Michael" she said then gave a low evil laugh that never really left her throat.

"That is not nice," stated Starfire rising up a tad more to be eye level with the angel. "Please, new friend that is an angel, why do you say such things about friend Raven! She may be half demon but she is still a very good person!" Starfire said defending her friend.

"Oh I know that the Raven you know is a very good person, but like you said she is a half demon." He said looking at Star then looked back to Raven. "But then you have to think about what I know and have heard about what this little bird does when you are not around." He stated slowly looking into Raven's eyes for answer.

"What do you mean Michael?" Asked Robin taking a few steps closer, "Raven what is going on?" He asked almost desperately, he was getting tired of everyone else knowing what's going on other then him and his team. First it was the vampire Lestat, now is the Archangel in-front of him! What do they know that he doesn't!

Michael did not look at him at first but then did when he talked to him. "I'm sorry but it is not up to me to tell you," he said motioning to Raven with his eyes. "I'm not going to tell you because I believe that you do not know because the saying 'ignorance is bliss' comes into play with this." He really did look very sorry and Robin couldn't help but believe him, he was an angel after all. Everything that this man said just sounded like the truth; he imagined that even if he said the sky was brown he would have believed him.

"Michael" said Raven putting a stop to that conversation before anything could be said that she might regret. Michael's gaze returned to her, "the reason that we came hear is that I have a soul with me that had a last request." She said reaching into her soul under the darkness of her cloak and grasped the soul and pulled it out showing Michael that her words were true.

"Raven," he breathed out a little shocked. He reached out and she placed the soul in his hands. He looked at the soul then back to her, "Raven, you didn't, please tell me that you didn't k-"

"NO!" she said quickly eye's widening, "no" she said again more softly while she regained her composure. "I didn't do that, the soul just came to me during my meditations like the rest do." She said softly. "He had a last request," she paused thinking of how to word it. "He had never been to a church or even prayed before; he wanted to come here for forgiveness." Michael nodded to her and looked into the soul.

"Raven" he said softly, "I am glad that you have honored his last request. I shall call Father Caven out here to take the soul to a place where it can rest and fulfill his last request before sent to where he belongs." He said looking at her before calling the priest back out, who rushed out in just a few seconds. Michael handed off the soul to him whom accepted it as though it were the thinnest of glass. The priest bowed to Michael before departing with the soul floating above his hands since he could not touch it, just like the Titans, he didn't have that ability. "Now I'm sure there is more to you coming back here then that Raven." Michael said looking at her and regaining his good humored voice. "Please tell me why you all have come?" He asked looking at all the Titans.

Starfire was the first one to speak up again. "New friend that is an Archangel-"

"Please Starfire, just Michael is perfectly fine." He declared. "Please forgive my interruption." He gave her a small bow and looked up to her eyes with his wings tightly pressed to his body. "Continue if you will, sweet child of beauty." He avowed to her making her blush a light scarlet.

"Oh, well ok then," said Star a little flushed. "Well then, I hmm…" She had seemed to have forgotten what she was saying but then it came back to her when she looked away from his baby blue eyes that sliced right into her soul. She could see all of the purity in his eyes; they weren't glazed over with lies like some of the eyes she had seen from the bad guys or the innocent's eyes that they protected daily. "I had always wished to learn more about Earthly customs and religion was one of the things I had hopped to learn about. Friend Raven had asked if we wished to come so that I might get the chance to learn and see a church for myself. I have never been anywhere so beautiful; we have nothing on my planet that can compare to this." She said looking around before looking back to him. Which was a big compliment coming from her since she thought her home was the most beautiful place there was.

"I see," Michael said slowly. "Well then that makes me a terrible host!" He announced getting astonished looks from everyone but Raven who was shaking her head and pinching the bridge of her nose. "I'm torn between what I should do and what I wish to do!" He proclaimed and smacked himself in the head with his palm.

"Dude, don't hit yourself over it! I'm like that too!" Exclaimed Beast Boy and they all looked at him in question. "Like sometimes I don't know whether to play Mega Monkeys III or to play Lord Death, Zombie Rebirth!" They all groaned except Starfire who didn't look like she got it and Michael who started laughing out. It was a deep smooth laugh that had a calming effect.

"Thank you for that my green friend" Michael said. "I've now figured out how we both can get what we want!" He exclaimed happily. "Ava!" He shouted, calling for someone.

"So what is it that you want Michael?" Asked Robin, who up until now had been pretty quiet just watching and learning; acting like a great detective that Batman had taught him to be.

"Oh well I just wanted sometime to catch up with Raven here" he said looking back to her. "The last time I saw she was… well umm… how should I put this…?" He wondered for a sec before just asking Raven something. "My dear, have you told them anything?" He asked her looking skeptical.

"Yeah man that's what I've been thinking!" Shouted Cyborg, "Raven so far we've met Lestat and now Michael who both know what's going on and we're still clueless!" They were all looking at her now and she glared right back.

"You can ask me later, which was the deal." Raven said with no emotion. She wasn't looking forward to going home now. 'I've never told them about the Underworld or anything else like that because I've been protecting them! But now if they ask I'll have to answer with the truth… I've never lied to them yet, well ok one time but that had to be!' She shouted at herself in her mind. 'They couldn't know Trigon wasn't my real father! That would have made more trouble then they could have handled! But I won't lie to them again; I'll just have to hope they don't ask anything too bad.' She thought to herself as she looked back to Michael hoping that he could see that she needed the topic to change and fast. But it was not the Archangel that changed the topic for her.

"You have called for me Archangel and I have come." Said a woman who looked to be no older then 33. She was kind of tall about 5'4 with light blond straight hair, almond shaped eyes that were a dark brown. She had nicely tanned skin that wasn't too dark or too light. She was wearing a nun's outfit with the black robes and the white over top that went on the robe and around your neck. This woman was Ava, Elva's older sister.

"Ah yes Ava." Michael said turning to Ava and taking a few steps closer to her when Raven turned to look at her. She was standing closest to Raven since she came from the same way the priest had left. "I was wondering if you would like to do something for me so that I may have the time to catch up with an old friend." He said placing his hands on Raven's shoulders, hinting to Ava that she was who he wanted to talk to. Raven glared up at him but said nothing about his touch.

"Of course," she said quickly, eager to help in anyway, that was just her style. "I'm more then glad to help you. Please tell me what it is you wish me to do." She said and took a bow at the waist.

Michael chuckled; he'd forgotten that she was the one that bowed unlike her sister who really was that pure to begin with. "Do you remember what I have told you about this house?" He asked removing a hand from Raven and motioning to the church with it.

"Of course," she said not rising from her bow. "I remember everything you have ever told me to remember." She said proudly still not rising.

"You do not have to bow my dear." Told Michael, Ava rose with a little pink in her cheeks. "If you wish would you please show our other guests around and tell them about this great house?" He asked her, he wasn't the type to force anyone to do something that they didn't want to do.

"Of course I would be honored," she said proudly looking to the other Titans. "Please if you will follow me, I shall show you around." She stated kindly in her sweetest voice. Starfire quickly went to the girl and started asking a bunch of questions, some were asking if she would be her friend, favorite color and such things. Beast Boy and Cyborg just shrugged and followed the two girls but Robin stayed where he was looking at Raven and Michael. He didn't like how Michael could touch her like that; it was as if Lestat was back. To see another touch her always got to him, but he didn't know where they stood just like he didn't know where Lestat stood with Raven either…

"If you will please excuse us Robin" said Michael kindly. "I wish to catch up with Raven" he gripped her shoulders alittle harder and motioned for her to come with him. She looked to Robin one last time before turning with Michael push and walking to the left of the altar while the others went to the right. Michael let her go and walked at her left, furthest side from the altar. He placed one hand above the middle of her back and his wings opened up some and almost blocked Raven from Robin's view completely.

Robin growled but ran over to the others who were still on introductions. It turns out she was a big fan of the Titans.

"So," began Michael as he led her away from the others who were making too much noise to have a proper conversation by. He looked down at the young girl that was walking with him. He really couldn't help but smile, she really did look a lot like her mother.

"So… what do you want Michael?" Raven asked sarcastically. Looking up to his face she caught his grin.

Michael laughed and moved to gesture for her to sit down on the front pew that had a red cushion on the back and on the set, going down the length of it. Raven sat and then so did Michael. His wings were alittle bit of a problem though; he laid them out so that they bent at his shoulders but were straight and put up a feathery barrier between him and Raven. "Why now this is a problem." He stated trying not to laugh at his own foolishness. Raven couldn't help but smile.

"I would say so; I take it your bones aren't that flexible then huh?" She asked but more so it was a statement then a question.

"Apparently, how about this, it'll be more comfortable for us both. Stand up for me real quick if you please." He said looking at her.

"Alright fine." She sighed out trying to sound exasperated, which she succeeded at.

"Thank you my dear." He said pleasantly getting that she was only playing with him. He stretched out his wings against the back of the pew. "There," he said "now I can have my wings out stretched which I've wanted to do for awhile now but this great house is not wing friendly when you have to stay on the ground." He said laughing a little.

"Oh and where do I get to sit, your wing span is over ten feet!" Proclaimed Raven placing a hand on her hip causing her cloak to open up showing half of her hourglass figure, not that Michael noticed; nor did she want him to notice.

"You can press your back against my wing; it's not going to bother me. Plus the feathers are softer then the back of this anyways, you know that!" He stated the last part what the air of an 'a matter of fact' statement about him.

"Fine" she sighed out and sat down slowly placing her back on his wing so she did not pull on any of the feathers. Raven sighed again as she relaxed once she'd sat down. It felt good to sit, to feel the feathers on her neck. She repressed a shiver, he was right, as she knew it too; they were so very soft…

"Now that we both are comfortable, I wish for you to tell me what you have been doing since I last saw you." He said looking at her; he really couldn't stop smiling at her. It wasn't love or lust, just the fact that she was here with him, again. She seemed so relaxed even though he knew it was total opposite; he really had to ask, he'd never quite understood that. "Raven I know your blood" he stated. "How is it that you can come in here, I would have thought that," she looked at him like he had lost his mind. "Don't give me that look!" He said. "I know you can come in here, it's just that with who your father is that you wouldn't like to be in here."

Raven sighed and closed her eyes "Trust me Michael I hate being in here." She stated not bothering to open her eyes or look at the angel. "But I can stand it, after all" she said and turned to look his in the eye. "I'm not completely evil." Michael laughed.

"No child I guess you're not!" He said laughing a little. He sighed and leaned back on the pew, if she wanted to talk about what he'd heard she'd talk, if not, oh well.

A few moments past between them as they sat on the pew; they had their eyes closed and were leaning back relaxing with each others company. It was Raven who broke the silence. "Michael, do you remember when I came here?" She asked him softly.

"I'll never forget that day my dear. You were almost to the point of death when you were taken to me here." He said also in a low voice, he wondered why she brought it up.

"I never told you how that happened did I?" She asked.

"No my dear, you didn't." He stated looking to her but she continued to just relax and have her eyes closed.

"Do you want me to tell you about what happened?" She asked looking to the angel.

"YES!" He said, maybe a little too quickly leaning up, but he was eager to learn as to why she was so hurt that night.

Raven looked a bit shocked but she just laughed lightly and continued to lean back against his wing while he watched her. "Alright, alright, no need for you to get jumpy." She said playfully toying with him. He just gave her a half smile half glare in response. "Well let's see where to begin…" She asked herself as she thought of that day, night, whatever time it was. "Alright I had just gotten out of a fight with the demon that had owned Jump City as his territory."

"Wait," said Michael stopping her before she could continue. "You really did fight that demon for this Territory!" He exclaimed realizing that one of the first rumors he had heard might have been true. Of course it did come from one of the two that was with her that night…

"Michael, who is the one telling the story here?" She asked him glaring into his eyes upset about being interrupted.

"Oh sorry" he said giving her a sheepish grin. "Please, continue." He stated "I shall try not to interrupt you again." He said waving a hand for her to 'have the floor' again, as it is said.

"Thank you." She said relaxing again on his wing and closing her eyes. "Now like I was saying… I fought that demon and I won but at the time I wasn't as powerful as I am now or you could say I wasn't as open with my powers as I am now." Michael nodded, he knew she hadn't been and he knew why too. She has always been powerful but she had also feared herself, she had learned a long time ago how to trap power inside of herself. He remembered when he found out about what happened to Azarath. Many believed that she should be killed for it while others who still stood beside her mother stood for her to live as well. He wondered if they had decided yet… "At that time I had two demons with me," she pause and looked at Michael, "they were sent to me by my father." She said warily, she didn't know how he'd react to that piece of information. She saw his hands clinch into fists and his aura flared against hers causing her breath to hitch. But he made no outward action or commented upon that fact or that he'd had known that already. Raven decided it was best to move on with her tale. "You see what happened after the fight was…."


Raven was leaning on a brick building panting heavily as the body in-front of her turned to ash. "Princess are you alright?" One of the two men asked, that had come running up to her from down the street. They had been forced to watch without being able to help her fight for it was a match for territory.

Raven was by no means okay; her body had taken a lot of damage. She had been too afraid of herself to use her power, for fear of losing control again. So she had barely used any; counting on her physical strength and speed.

She had cuts and bruises all over her body, a thin but long spike had entered her right lung along the top of her breast going down into the middle of her lung breaking three ribs in the process snapping them into her lung causing more damage. It was not a wide stab but it was long and went into her lung puncturing the lung sack making blood leak from her lips as her breathing became more and more difficult while her lungs filled with blood. Three deep gashes ran across her stomach from the claws that had just got her before she killed the demon. The first two weren't that deep but the lowest one had gone into her body so deeply that she was sure that it had cause some internal bleeding in her abdomen. Her inner organs were bruised and some had torn from the force of the hits she had taken causing more internal bleeding. Blood covered her body not all of it was hers but more then half of it was.

Raven coughed up blood and leaned more onto the building with both hands as she began to lose the strength to stand. "Adham," she said weakly, one hand moving from the wall to her abdomen. Her hand quickly became covered in her dark blood. Blood trickled from her lips and down her chin, "I think… I" the last of Raven's strength left her and she collapsed to the ground.

"FUCK!" Screamed the other demon that was farther from Raven, he was tall about 6 foot and had cropped hair that was a deep red with orange streaks that gave it a fiery look as he rush up to them. He was wearing a shirt that had flames all over it with baggy blood red jeans.

The demon who had been identified as Adham rushed to Raven's side and caught her before she could hit the ground. "Princess!" He shouted. "Can you hear me, just nod or look at me don't try to talk!" He said. He had straight ebony hair that went to the bottom of his ears wearing all black that enhanced his deathly pale skin. He was wearing a plain black T-shirt with black jeans as well.

Raven's body trembled in his arms as the damage began to take its toll on her. "Fuck, she's dieing Adar." Said Adham, Adar's younger brother. He looked up to his brother resting Raven's back on his knee holding her head with is left hand while his right was pressing on her gash in her abdomen. "What are we going to do! We were supposed to protect her!" Fear was in his blood red eyes, no irises to be found.

"We'll have to take her to the demon healers." Adar said kneeling in front of his brother and placing another hand on Raven's most serious wound at the moment. "Come on," He said trying to stay calm even though every part of him was dieing to scream. "I'll hold her." He said as he move his hands to be under her picking her up under her knees and wrapping his other arm around her back just under her shoulders. His back pressed into the building behind them as he stood up but he paid that no mind. His brother stood with him and called their own shadows up to them and pulled them over their owners engulfing them in the darkness.

(Healer's Rosaza's)

The three of them appeared in a small room that had many shelves along the walls with a wooden table in the middle of the room in front of them. The shelves had jars, small boxes, herbs and other and such things upon them. A woman was reading sitting in a chair at the far of the room, for the three of them had appeared in the front of the room with the door right behind them. Her back was to them as she was leaning over a desk with one of the many candles that were placed in various places around the room before her while her right hand trailed over the book under each word she read.

"Woman!" shouted Adham.

"First off" said the woman in the chair stated as she lifted her head from her book. "My name is Rosaza or healer to those I have healed in the past and to those I know." She stated with confidence. She rose out of her chair pushing it back. "Now," she stated calmly, "what is it that you need" she turned to look at them and her eyes fell onto Raven's blood form. "OH BY THE SEVEN HELLS!" She screamed! "Quickly, get her on the table!" She said in a rush, running to one of the shelves and grabbing a few jars and some herbs, holding them in one arm she ran across the room to another shelf and grabbed a few more things.

The two demons quickly did as she said and Adar carefully laid Raven down. Adham put pressure on her stomach with both of his hands being on the opposite side as his brother. Rosaza returned to them once Raven had been placed on the table and sat the items she had gathered down by Raven's head on the table. "Alright, I need one of you to tell me how this happened, who she is, if any poisons are in these wounds, and I need the other to help me," she glanced at Raven's wounds. "These look to bad for me to do by myself and still keep her alive long enough." She stated and looked up to the two red eyed demons.

She herself could easily pass for a human. Natural brown hair that needed to be combed just a little bit fell down to her shoulders. She was wearing brown long T-shirt that looked to be about three sizes to big with her legs and feet nude. Her green eyes looked to them but she said no more for a few moments turning back to her herbs. "I need you" she touched Adham's shoulder since he was right next to her without looking up. "To take off her cloths so I can get to the wound better. And you," she stated using that same hand to point to Adar without looking up again since she was placing a few more herbs into a bowl. "To tell me what I asked."

Adham began her request cutting away her leotard with his black claws and unclasped her broach that held her cloak which had many rips and tares in it. Rosaza handed him a bowl of a bright green sap like substance. "Rub this onto her cuts it will stop the bleeding a help them heal." She said and then looked to Adar. "Now tell me what I asked and we'll continue from there." She stated to him.

Adar looked to Raven's naked and bloody body for a moment. She had a dark beauty to her with her moon kissed skin covered in her dark red almost black blood. "She was in a fight for territory." He said.

"Who's" Rosaza asked looking over Adham's progress. He had removed her cloths and was gently putting the green sap on her abdomen. Raven cringed and coughed making more blood leak from her lips. Rosaza saw this and began to make something for the stab in her lung.

"Marcin's" he said watching Raven breathe. It was irregular and wasn't getting any better. She gurgled and rasped with her breaths as blood continued to poor from the sides of her lips.

"So," said Rosaza, "She's another one of his victims huh." It was more of a statement then a question.

"No," said Adar with pride "he was her victim."

Rosaza stopped what she was doing and look up to him in shock. "You mean to say that this girl," she pointed to Raven causing Adham to stop putting the sap on her wounds. He was going to ask how much more this would take for her wounds had yet to stop bleeding but got caught up in the conversation. "This little girl, who can't be older then 13, killed Marcin!" She was astonished but then it leads to the question, if she really was so strong why wasn't she regenerating? Regeneration was a common demon trait; it's what helped make them hard fuckers to kill. "Then why isn't she regenerating?" She asked. "Surely a demon that strong could regenerate! Why isn't she?"

"She's not of pure blood." He stated and glared to Adham making him continue his work.

"So she a half-a, huh, so what are her blood lines?" She asked causally picking up her other bowl that she was mixing the next remedy in. It had turned a deep blue and was very thin, almost like water. She walked over to one of the shelves behind her holding the bowl in one hand and reaching up with the other. It wasn't uncommon to find a half-a (half breeds also know as cross breeds when the two blood lines are of equal or almost equal power) now a days.

"Are you sure you want to know that?" Asked Adar with a sneer, his brother too smiled but did not look up or stop what he was doing. Confusion was on written on his face, as he place a little more of the sap on the wounds but found that it still hadn't stopped bleeding.

"Oh course I want to know!" She said reaching up for a jar that had a red powder in it. "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to know you fool." She said as she sat the jar down and was opening it on a lower shelf.

"Well then bitch," Adar said growling. He did not like being called a fool; his brother snickered but said nothing of it. "If you must know her father is demon, and her mother is…" He stopped, he didn't know if he should say this or not. She might not want anyone to know this…

"And, what is her mother? I'm afraid I didn't hear you." She said placing the jar of red powder back where it belonged and picked up her bowl that had turned a deep purple when she add the powder.

"It doesn't matter so do not ask again." He said roughly deciding that it was just better to not say anything at all. Rosaza turned around and looked at him with her bowl in her hand mixing it with the other holding a wooden spoon.

"Well fine then, my so kindly friend." She said sarcastically walking back over to them. She placed the bowl down on the table and proceeded to add a few dried herbs and blended it all together getting a thick yellowish orange color. She scowled down at the boil and went to the other side of the room past Adar and grabbed a few things out of a jar, one of the items looked like a dried up eye ball. She crushed them into the mix when she got back to the table and looked back up to Adar. "Well then, I now know that her father was a demon, but I still do not know who he was." She stated and grabbed the bowl and stepped over to Adar to be standing next to him staring up into his eyes. He was about four or five inches taller then her but it didn't matter. She wanted an answer to at least one of this girls blood lines, and she was going to get it whether he wanted to tell her or not. "Let me say this to you my friend." She stated with an even voice showing no emotion or the kindly tone she had used before. "I knew Marcin." Her voice was hard and cold as she stirred her potion. "He was not a demon to mess with; he was strong and had killed many. Now tell me who this girl's father is or I'm kicking you out of my house and you're taking the girl with you." She said glaring at Adar who glared right back down at her.

Rosaza wasn't normally one to mess with this kind of stuff, blood lines and such but she felt something from this girl, like a connection. There had been many demons that had not even said a word to her that she had healed without saying a thing either, except asking a few questions as to what was in the ones that had been poisoned but other then that she couldn't care less. But with this girl, this young little girl, she could not shake the feeling off her skin. Something about her called to her, told her something, but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what it was…

"Fine then bitch," said Adar roughly. "You want to know who her father is." He said with anger leaking into his words. "Lucifer, her father is Lucifer!" He shouted to the woman who gasped and took a step back from Adar dropping her bowl and letting it shatter on the floor spilling its now red contents everywhere.

Her eyes were wide and her breathing quick. She looked from the two men who were now both staring at her. Adar with a look of anger, while his brother was just curious as to what she was going to do. She looked at Raven's body for the longest time not moving a muscle. "Then…" she was still in shock as she put the pieces together slowly. "But how," she looked to Adar. "I thought that, well Lucifer only took one mate, right?" She asked him and he nodded. She looked back to Raven and took a step closer to her, "Then his is the daughter I've heard of… this is Raven…" She let her voice trail off. It was common knowledge that Lucifer, their Lord, had had one child, a child that he had made sure everyone of them knew of. She looked back to Adar who had narrowed eyes at the woman and full realization dawned on her.

"Now you see…" said Adar slowly regaining a calm and steady voice. "Now you see why we need you to heal her. She has trapped what she is inside of her. She wishes for death, please, you must save her." There was an underlining pleading in his voice.

Rosaza nodded and slowly walked over to the shelf behind Adar who had turned back to Raven's side and grasped her hand in his. His eyes looked even more worried when he realized how cold she was. Her normal moon skin was paler then his snow white skin and in the places where blood was not covering her body you could begin to see her dark veins.

"Umm, Adar," said Adham slowly, almost fearfully. "It's not working, I've put all of the sap on the wounds but they haven't stopped bleeding!" He said with his words getting faster as he was starting to panic.

Before Adar could say anything a crash was heard behind him. He spun around to see Rosaza frozen before him looking right at Raven. Her right hand that use to be hold the jar she'd just dropped was held out frozen like this rest of her panic written on her face. "She's Arella's daughter." She said to them, but more to herself at the moment. She looked to the others that were looking at her questioning as to why that would really matter; didn't demon blood override almost any other blood you could mix with it? "My potions won't work on her!" She yelled out panicking, Lucifer was not a merciful when he was angry and surely letting his only daughter die would anger him. "Oh no, there's nothing I can do," she looked to Adham, "that's why the potions aren't working…" She let her voice leave her as she dropped to the floor on her knees. "Oh no," she whispered to herself as she stared off into space, the girl was going to die and she could do nothing about it, now she would have to face the punishment for it…

"FUCK!" Both screamed the brothers at the same time. They looked away from the woman who now meant nothing to them since she couldn't help. They quickly realized how much time and blood had passed for Raven and Adham was really starting to panic. He quickly stared to tear apart her cloak to press the cloth the wounds while he let his brother think of a plan to save the girl. He was always better under pressure then he was.

"We'll have to take her to the angels." Said Adar slowly looking over Raven's body and then to his younger brother's face.

"Do you think they'll help her, after all she is one of us?" Adham asked slowly wondering what his brother was thinking, as he put more cloth on the wounds.

"It's our only hope." Adar said gravely as he picked up Raven's body like he had before. She didn't respond to his touch or the movement of her body with her wounds, she was just limp, with only instinct to keep her breathing, even if it was faint… "Let's go, now Adham!" Said Adar roughly knowing that Raven's time was short…

Adham quickly pulled their shadows back over them and they were gone. Leaving the shocked woman to continue to stare off into space, if Raven should die she would be killed for her failure but if she lived Rosaza wouldn't ever be bothered by hell until the day she died… hopefully…

(Outside of the same church that the Titans are at now)

Standing only a foot from the first step of a huge church they both looked around making sure that no humans were out this moonless night. The stone gargoyles looked at them, not bothering to act like statues towards these two demons; for they were not going to let them take one step onto the church.

The two brothers looked at each other. They were strong, two of Lucifer's finest warriors so taking down those gargoyles would be no problem, but something that they've learned was if you wanted someone's help you don't go and kill their guards.

"Here," said Adham, extending his arms to his brother. "I'll take her, you've always been better at this kind of stuff anyways…" He said and Adar carefully passed Raven over to him and stepped up to the first step but did not place a foot on it yet while his brother stepped away from the church.

"We have come in search of help." He said trying not to start a fight, the angels were they're, Raven's, last hope, if they turned her away while she refused to let her power out and heal herself she would die, and he couldn't let that happen. He raised his arms above his head and stepped onto the first step of the church. The gargoyles reacted immediately and jumped off their perches growling at the demon while they were striding to the top of the last step.

Adar glared up at them with hate glowing in his blood red eyes. "Look," he said roughly "I have come here for help, not for me but for her." He said dropping his arms and pointing to Raven, who was in his brother's arms. The gargoyles just ignored what he had said and didn't even look to the girl. Adar growled showing his fangs and sharp teeth. The gargoyles tensed and crouched their bodies preparing to jump upon the demon. But Adar wasn't going to have that, he knew an angel was in there; he could smell him. "Angel!" He shouted, "I have come here under a truce! Come out angel; come out come out where ever you are!" He screamed out tauntingly but that seemed to be all the gargoyles needed to know that he should be killed for coming onto their home.

They jumped from the top of the steps at him roaring but he was too quick for them. Faster then the eye could see he ducked under them and raised both hands and fisted them. He screamed and punched the gargoyles in the chest launching them back onto the church wall, one gargoyle on each side of the doors. Their bodies slammed into the walls and they roared in pain, the wall's stone cracked around the gargoyle's bodies and a slamming noise echoed in the church. Adar was sure that would get the angel's attention.

The two gargoyles slowly regained their bearings and shook their heads to get rid of the dizziness that clouded them. The two stood up and growled at Adar but did not charge at him like before again. They now knew that they were out matched. They walked towards him growling mirroring each other with their bodies rigid and ready to fight to the death. They stood atop the steps again since Adar had not taken advantage of the fact that he could have ran into the church but choose to stay at the last step.

The two gargoyles crouched down again getting ready to jump but before they could the two doors swung open slamming into the cracked wall with a bang. "THAT IS ENOUGH!" Michael screamed, causing everyone but Raven who was having a harder time breathing, to look at the outraged angel. His wings were raised to highest they could go with a sword in his hand and the scabbard strapped to a belt around his waist. Michael walked forward glaring at Adar with something close to hate in his eyes. The gargoyles bowed their heads and retreated backwards to stand behind Michael, they did not want to be in his way…

Michael and Adar just glared at each other through narrowed eyes. Michael gripped his sword tighter that he held at his side in his right hand, ready should the demon try anything. It was Adar that broke the heated silence…

"Well, well, well…" He said braking into a grin that looked malevolent with his fangs pointing out from his lips. "If it isn't the Archangel Michael, long time to see isn't it." He said mockingly sweet in a slow voice.

"Not long enough to me." Said Michael not trace of good humor was carried in his words. Michael had yet to look to Adham or Raven for he saw only Adar as the real threat at the moment. "What is a high servant of Lucifer doing here?" He said trying to keep his curiosity from showing. He had fought Adar once, killed him, so he knew what this demon was capable of, which leads to the question he just asked…

Adar sighed as though he was tired, which in truth apart of him was. He relaxed as much as he could and looked away from Michael to the ground, which caught Michael off guard. "Look Michael," there was no sneer in his words. "I know you and I don't get along, I still have the scars to prove it. But my brother and I are here under a white flag." He looked at Michael and pointed to his brother, but Michael did not take his eyes off of Adar for he did not trust the demon he knew he was tricky. "We came here for help." He admitted dropping his arm.

"Why should I help a demon?" Asked Michael, that was the last thing he had expected. His wings dropped a little bit but were still raised enough to show that he had not let his guard down.

"Not us Michael, I would rather die then have you help me." He said viciously. "It is neither I nor my brother that needs the help but it is her." His brother Adham stepped out of the shadows he had half hidden himself in and walked up his brother hold Raven.

Correction, that was the last thing Michael was expecting. He gasped before he could stop himself. He could see the blood that covered her body as what was fresh shined in the light that spilled from the open doors of the church. He could feel her aura just barely and he knew that she was weak, which was why he did sense her before. Her aura was too subdued compared to the two brothers' auras.

He looked to Adar with an emotion that you could tell was rage. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?" He shouted gripping his sword so hard you'd think it would break. His wings were back to full raze and his aura flared causing Adham to back away and hold Raven tighter while his brother took a battle stance.

"WE HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HER!" Adar shouted, "WE WERE SUMMONED BY OUR LORD TO PROTECT HER! SO DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO PIN THIS UPON US YOU BASTARD OF AN ANGEL!" He yelled he didn't care if any humans heard them; it'd be a good stress release to kill some anyways. He forced himself to calm down; they need the angel's help, pissing him off wont get it… But it was a hell of a lot of fun to do! Thou he knew to save it for later. He took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes counting to 10; Raven had told him and Adham that it helps her… 'Hum, she's right' Adar thought to himself, 'it works…' When he opened his eyes he was a lot calmer. "Look Michael," he said, "this happened in a battle for territory. We are not aloud to interfere in those kinds of battles." He looked back to his brother and motioned for him to approach them again.

Adham did and handed off Raven to his brother who took her carefully. "Look" Stated Adar, "I know you don't like us Michael," he took a few steps back and knelt down and placed Raven upon the ground. "But you must help her; she is only half our blood and half of Arella's blood. You have to help her; you just can't let her die." He stood up and looked down at Raven again and then back to Michael. He took a few steps back and his brother followed his example.

Michael calmed down and relaxed his grip on his sword. He descended the steps slowly watching the two who took a step back each for everyone that Michael took. When Michael arrived on the ground the two demons were a few feet from him and Raven, but were still close enough to get to her should the angel try anything to hurt her more then she already was.

Adham was not the fighter of the two, he was just better at fast transportation. He was scared of the angel in-front of them, while his brother was not. True Michael had killed him once but he was stronger now then he was back then. Adar was at a cross road as to what he wanted. On one hand he wanted Raven to be healed and safe while on the other he wanted Michael to try to do something so he'd have a reason to kill him and send him back to the gates the hard way… or even better, steal his soul and take him down to hell…

Michael sheathed his sword and knelt down to Raven's body but he had yet to take his eyes off of the two. For a second they just looked to each other but then he tore his eyes away from them and looked over Raven's body finally seeing the full extent of the damage. His eyes clouded over in worry, "why doesn't she just heal herself?" He asked no one in-particular.

"She's locked that power and many others inside of herself." Answered Adar, he knew the same amount about it as his brother but he knew Adham wouldn't like talking to an angel not that he did either. "She doesn't heal because she wants to die…" He let his voice trail off, wanting death was not really a demon trait, unless your life mate has died or something else terrible had happened, a demon would never wish for death… What you would get out of it just wasn't worth it…

"Oh Raven…" Michael whispered not looking up to Adar. He carefully slid his arms under her small body and held her like Adham and Adar had. Her dark crimson, almost black blood quickly stained his pure white robe as he held her to his chest. He stood with her in his arms and looked at Adar and Adham, "I'll try to heal her but if she doesn't respond to it, for if what you say is true and she wishes for death, she maybe to far gone for me to heal." He stated sadly, he didn't want her to die; he wasn't one of the angels that were against her…

"Angel, you had better heal her, other wise I'll be sure to destroy this sickening place." Adar spat out like poison. But Michael choose to ignore that remark and turned to hurry off into the church. The gargoyles growled at the two demons that remand outside. The demons just growled right back but turned and walked into the shadow of the alley in-front of the church. The gargoyles shook their heads and pushed the doors that had remand opened closed with their heads and then returned back to their perches.

(Inside the church)

Michael was quickly running through the huge church holding Raven closely to his body. His wings were tightly pressed against his back and the passed the altar turning to the left which had an open door, the same one he had come busting out after he had heard the ruckus. He ran up a flight of spirally stairs and almost ran into Father Maui.

"Michael, what was that noise?" He asked as Michael rushed past him, he didn't get a good enough look at was in his arms and quickly followed the Archangel into a room that was seldom used. They were in the medical room that had a few standard beds with white sheets and curtains to pull around the beds for privacy. Across the room was another door that led to the room that held all of the medical equipment. A few stain glass windows gave the all the light that was need for this was another part of the church and it had its own roof so most of the glass windows were on the ceiling.

Michael laid Raven down on one of the beds while he answered father Maui. "There were two demons outside, they might still be out there so do not go outside; they'll kill you if they get the chance." He said removing the torn cloth that had once been apart of her cloak from the wounds letting the blood flow freely.

Maui walked up to Michael having regained his breath, he wasn't as young as he use to be. He was around 67 years old and the wrinkles on his face were proof that he once smiled a lot. He had balding gray hair that was quite thin now his eye brows were the same color and his eyes had bags under them but they were still the same color as the were when he was younger only now you could see the wisdom shining in his forest green eyes. Maui tried to look at what Michael was doing but the angel had his wings outstretched blocking his view of the bed. Maui stayed quite and waited for Michael to speak again. One thing you learn quickly about angels is that most of them and an unwavering amount of patients.

Michael set his wings back against his back and by doing so unblocking Maui's view. He old man gasped and quickly rushed forward to get a better look. "Oh my lord," he whispered out in a hushed voice. "What has happened to her?" He asked looking to Michael who hesitated in his actions but shook his head knowing that he could trust this man.

"She was in a fight for territory with a demon, the two demons outside, Adar and Adham, brought her to me to heal her." He finished removing the cloths and looked over the damage done to her naked body. "Father go and get me a bowl of warm water and some hand towels I want to wipe this blood and whatever this sappy substance is off of her."

Maui quickly did as he was asked and rushed off into the other door across the room. While he did that Michael placed a hand on her admen right on the deepest of the slashes. He closed his eyes and sent a little wave of power into her body to check for any internal damage. He gasped and opened his eyes to look at her when he finally realized the extent of her wounds. 'If you wanted to die, like Adar said,' he thought to himself. 'Why are you holding onto life?' he asked himself…

Maui returned after a few moments with some hand towels and a bowl of lukewarm water. "I have what you asked for Michael," he said handing off the items.

"Thank you Father," said Michael and he placed the bowl and all but one towel on a steel tray like table that is used in hospitals. He wet the tip of the towel in the water and began to gently clean around her cuts on her admen.

"Umm Michael may I ask you something?" The priest asked uncertainly.

"You may Father." Michael answered not looking up from what he was doing. He finished cleaning that area only to have fresh blood cover her skin again. He set the towel down on the bed beside her right hand that was relaxed on the bed. He placed his hand back on her stomach and let his healing powers come forth. His hand was enveloped in a white glow surrounded in blue; just like Raven's healing power…

"Michael, why are you helping her? If she was in a fight for territory with a demon, that would mean she is a demon. And you just said that it was Adar who brought her to you. If I remember correctly Adar is a demon that you have fought against before, or did I hear you wrong when you have told me of your, adventures?" Asked Maui he was standing on the opposite side from Michael. He was just watching, he wasn't going to help save a demon.

Michael looked up to him and his eyes narrowed he could feel that loathing hate rolling off the man in-front of him. He hated to think that the priest hated Raven before he even knew why Michael was healing her. "You have heard me correctly Maui." He dropped the 'Father' title as a sign of his disapproval. He had no kindness in his voice but it was not harsh either. "And yes she is a demon, but only of half blood." The priest was going to interrupt but Michael cut him off before he could even say one word, "I know that half-demons are just as bad as full blooded demons and too do not get into heaven so do not waste my time telling me this." There had been a note of finality in the last part of his words and he said no more upon it.

He looked back down at Raven's wounds but they weren't healing as fast as they should have been under his care. Worry came into his eyes and he pushed more power into his healing making his hand glow brighter. He worked on the internal damage first and in his mind's eye he could see the damage slowly stitching itself back together. Once he had healed that part of her he healed the three long slashes on her stomach. They stitched together without leaving even the tiniest of scars.

Maui knew that he had been dismissed but he stayed. He still wanted that answer to one of his questions. The curiosity was just too much for him to stop himself. Curiosity always got the better of humans when angels and demons were involved… "But why are you healing her then?"

Michael looked up Maui; his eyes were narrowed in anger. He had thought that Maui would have heard his finality in his voice, but it appeared Maui was getting brazen in his old age. "There is a reason I have not answered your question Maui, I shall not tell you my means for helping her." His voice was cold a hard. It was a voice that chilled you to your core. "And since I see that you did not understand that you were dismissed I'll tell you that now. You Are Dismissed Maui." Michael said trying not yell at the priest. Angels are normally not quick to anger but once one is he or she is a force to be reckoned with.

The priest looked taken back by the way Michael was acting towards him. They had never fought and Michael had always been very open to him and the others. But Maui knew when to keep his mouth shut. Bowing he said not another word and turned from the bed and began walking to the door that they had came from until Michael's voice rang out to him one last time.

"Maui, I have one last thing to ask of you." The Father turned to Michael who had turned to face him with his back to Raven. "I ask of you not to tell anyone that she is here and that I am helping her. Understand Father?" He asked unsure whether Maui would hold true to that request for how he had just acted with him just now.

Maui thought about it for a second, but nodded his head. "I will not tell a soul, Archangel Michael." He said formally to Michael who smiled at him.

"Thank you Father," he said taking a bow with his wings out stretched tips brushing the floor. He rose back to his full height and his wings set back into place. The Father dipped his head before exiting the room and closing the door behind him.

Michael turned back to Raven and picked up the towel that he had laid by her hand. He dipped it back into the bowl that was still semi warm. The dark blood quickly bled into the water staining it a thin red. Michael sighed as he looked at her. He began to clean away the blood around the wound that was above her left breast. "Oh Raven what have I just gotten myself into." A smile and chuckle came from him, "and for that matter my dear." He said lightly his good humor was coming back into him. "What have you gotten yourself into?"

He placed the towel that now was more then half way ruined from her blood down onto the bed and place both hands right over the gash that was still bleeding. He called forth his healing powers and began to stitch the injury back together starting with her bleeding lung and the pierced lung sack, stopping the blood from flowing into her trachea. Once he had healed her ribs and pushed as much blood out of her lungs and back into her veins as he could he closed the wound and allowed it to heal without a scar once again. He slowly moved his hands down her body, never touching her skin, healing the little cuts and burses along her arms and legs. Only once he had finished healing her did he finally realize how much she had been through. He felt exhausted having used so much power healing her. It was always harder to heal a wound then to make one. Whether it was emotional or physical, wounds always took time and energy to heal. And he knew she had more emotional pain then any other…

Sadness could be seen in Michael's eyes right then, he knew what had happened… everyone knew now… "Oh Raven… I wish that you had not been brought into all of this." He said mournfully. "You were a good child, and always will be in my eyes…" He sighed and shook his head, now was not the time to go and think about what had happened, he leave that up to the counsel. He closed his eyes pinched the bridge of his nose trying to get the weariness to go away. He opened his eyes and picked up a new towel and began to gently clean away the blood and green sap like potion that was on her body.

Any other man would have been drooling over her body while Michael was really not noticing her figure. Her nicely rounded hips and thin, thin waist with her nice plump breasts gave her an hourglass figure that any top model would kill for. Though Michael was not interested in things like that, lust was a sin and no angel was to indulge in worldly pleasures. Michael was not interested in becoming one of the Fallen.

Once her body was clean of blood he took the towel that he did not use back and poured the blackish red water down the drain. He went back to her and pulled the thin white sheet from being folded neatly across the end of the bed, over her body up to her neck. He smiled down at her but then looked over himself and finally noticed the huge dark ruby blood stain that covered his chest and most of his sleeves on his arms.

He laughed at this, "the nun that has laundry tomorrow isn't going to like this!" He said laughing. He looked at Raven again. He could feel her aura, strong and getting stronger… "Stay put my dear; I'll only be a second. I need to change incase someone comes looking for me, it wouldn't be good to walk around with a huge blood stain on me now would it?" He walked to the door but took one last look at Raven before opening the door and leaving the room closing the door once again behind him.

The room was quiet for awhile and nothing moved until the last sound of the angel's steps had long since faded away. Raven slowly opened her eyes but did not move as she took in her surroundings. She knew by the feeling of the place that she was in a church. She could feel the holy aura just clawing at her mixed one, making her skin crawl. The church didn't want her here, it didn't want her to taint this holy place and she couldn't have agreed more.

Raven didn't move as she allowed a few of her demon attributes to be unlocked from one of the many wards she had placed upon herself in order to not use her powers. She could feel her claws lengthening as she lay still under the sheet. With her demon senses she could smell two fresh scents. One she recognized the other she did not, but she could tell that is was human so it meant no bother to her right now. Since she was in a church; she was going to have to have a nice long chat with Adar and Adham about that. But she was in a church it could have only been a nun's or a priest's scent, and plus if they were with the angel, she knew who it was, then they would not tell anyone, or else they'd risk the angels wings… Literally.

'Michael…' Raven thought to herself quietly as she sat up from the bed. Holding the sheet to her chest and braced her body on the other arm. 'Michael, thank you… Thank you so much.' She looked to the door hoping that he would come back right then, but then she realized that it was better if she just left now before he could came back. She stepped onto the cool stone work that was the floor, with her bare feet. She stood unsteady for a moment and leaned onto the bed until she regained her bearings. She stood and placed the blanket back onto the bed and looked at her body making sure that everything was as it should be, all wounds closed and no scars that she would have to heal later. She looked over her shoulder at the door again there was no shame in her body language as she stood there, wishing; hoping that maybe… just maybe… 'NO!' She screamed into her mind. 'I can't be here, I have to leave now. I need to finish what I started tonight; I have to make sure the mortals I'm going to fight with are safe!' She thought quickly and focused her mind on Adar's and found that he and his brother were waiting for her in the alley in-front of the church. She called up her soul self and was gone with a raven's cry.

(End of flashback)

Raven and Michael had not moved their bodies much while Raven had told him all of that. She had been aware of it all even when she had been so close to death, it was a trick her mother, Arella had taught her. That and the fact that Adar and Adham had let her drink from them helped with a few finer details too. Raven tilted her head and opened her eyes to look at Michael.

Michael's eyes were closed as he thought over what he had learned. "I was really worried you know." He said at last looking down at her, "I heard your cry and came running to see what had happened but you were gone already." He paused and just looked at her for a moment. "Raven you were so close to death that night. Why were you hanging on?" He asked her quietly but was a little shocked when she just smiled at him and looked away.

Raven didn't answer him at first; she watching something, Michael looked to where her gaze was but didn't really understand it yet. "I stayed because of them," she said and then Michael understood that she was watching the Titans. "Its true when I first meet them I felt like an outsider," she laughed lightly. "I always am, but I knew that they needed help, true each one of them is strong in their own way, but they are mortal and back then were really only children like I was then, well by age at least."

"My dear I don't think you were ever really able to be a child…" Michael said softly as he moved his body and wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her shoulder while they watched the Titans. His wings wrapped around her hiding all but their faces and her legs that she had let dangle off of the pew. Raven smiled and snuggled up to Michael's warm and feathery embrace.

"I had to watch over them Michael, they each show so much potential. I hadn't wanted a demon or an angel to help me with Trigon either, that would have cause to much trouble for both sides." She said as she leaned into him, it felt so nice to just feel safe in his arms for now. It wasn't the lover kind of safe or a father kind of safe, it was just… safe. To be concealed from the church's hurtful aura that just kept stabbing at hers, it was nice and clam within Michael's arms…

They just watched the Titans interact with Ava while she showed them around. Robin looked over to them and caught Raven's eye. She could see and feel that he was hurt, and her eyes betrayed her and showed just how sad she was. Michael could felt the sift in her aura and then caught Robin's eyes and knew why. "He desires you Raven," Michael said softly in her ear while he stared at Robin who had fisted his hands to stop himself from going over there and ripping Michael off of his Raven.

"I know Michael." She said "believe me I know. I wish he didn't though, I can't mate him." She said to him sadly.

"But you wish you could don't you?" He counter-asked her.

"There are a few I wish I could mate but I can't. My power would kill them…" She pushed her body closer to his to try and get rid of the cold feeling that had just set itself in her veins. Michael changed their body positions and pulled her onto his lap. Her back was pressing onto his left arm and wing while her right shoulder pressed on his chest. Her legs were lying across his lap and the pew's set. Raven didn't fight against him and allowed herself to be wrapped in his arms and wings on his lap. She laid her head on his collarbone and he rested his chin on top of her head.

Michael's large wings blocked her view of the Titans now but she didn't care, they were safe, she didn't need to watch over them right now. She closed her eyes and just rested against Michael's body as he slowly stroked her left arm with the backs of his fingers from his right hand. It didn't matter if anyone was looking for his wings were completely wrapped around all but her lower legs. They would only be able to see his face and that was all. "Raven I care for you deeply, just as I care for your mother. I would help with anything but…" He paused and thought about it and the humor in it was just too much for him and a chuckle escaped him. "But this is something I can't help you with, I'd rather not become one of the Fallen my dear, I'm too fond of the place in Heaven that I serve." He said lightly with most of his good humored voice back to him.

"Michael," she said looking up to him. "You're a great guy and all." He looked down at her while she continued. "But you're really not my type anyways." She said smiling at him, and with that said Michael couldn't help but laugh that soothing laugh of his. "Besides," Raven said, "I wouldn't want someone to literally fall for me anyways." She snuggled up to him more and he tightened his grip on her.

Michael was smiling, he couldn't help it, true she was half demon, but she was still Arella's daughter, nothing was going to change that, ever. They just relaxed together no love or lust was in their embrace just a friendly cuddle that Michael felt she need right now.

Robin watched the two with green eyes, not literally but close enough. He could see the way the angel was touching her and he HATED it. He just wanted to go over there and rip those wings of his off and pound him to the ground. But he remembered where they were and that the others were here with him and that it really wouldn't be leader like to go beat up a freaking angel! He's an ANGEL for goodness sakes! Robin just gritted his teeth and tried to listen to the girl who was showing them around. Besides once they got home Raven was going to tell him, or well everyone, what was going on.

Raven lay in Michael's embrace, soothed from the church's holy power. She was protected from it since Michael's aura was wrapped around her own and had no intention on harming her. But she couldn't completely rest, not while she had a question that needed answering.

"Michael?" Raven asked quietly from with in his arms and wings.

"Yes, my dear?" He asked looking over at the Titans; he could still feel that Robin was not happy about how he was acting with Raven.

Raven move her head from his chest and he looked to her in her eyes. "Where is Gabriel, I was at the gates to deliver some lost souls but he wasn't there…" She said a little bit of worry crept into her words. And Michael understood why; they had never been really close but Gabriel had stood beside her mother and her when they had needed it, he was as close a friend with her that any angel could be...

"You don't have to worry Raven, Gabriel is fine. He's here on earth right now, staying in this very house." Michael said that last part rather happily; it was good to have another angel around to talk about the things that have been going on in Heaven.

Raven looked alarmed and she visible tensioned in his arms. "He's here!" Michael could feel her breathing get a little faster. It was then that he remember the little chat about her that they had had a few days ago between him and Gabriel. He realized what Raven was thinking, they hadn't talked since… Well since IT had happened… He remembered that Gabriel had told him that when she had been bringing the lost souls that go to Heaven to the gates that she hadn't talked to him at all…

"Don't worry he went out for a flight, He wanted to stretch his wings." He said reassuringly to her. He felt her relax a bit but he could still see that she was worried.

She sighed. "So when do you expect him back?" She asked calmer then she had been a few moments ago.

Michael thought about it for a second looking up at the ceiling. He was remembering how long Gabriel's flights normally were and how long he had been gone. "Actually my dear, I would expect him to come back any minute now." He said looking down at her.

"Oh no," she rushed out, "I must leave now!" She quickly pushed herself out of his arms and he let her go opening his wings.

"Raven why!" He asked her standing up and placing a hand on her shoulder stopping her from walking over to her friends. "Gabriel isn't going to start anything and he's not mad at all! We all understand what happened! You don't have to run from us!" He said trying to control his voice; he didn't want her to leave!

Raven pulled her shoulder out of his grasp and started to walk towards her friends with her cloak swept behind her. "Yes Michael I do, I don't want to see him." Her voice was hard almost cold, almost… "I don't want to be here when he gets back." She said still not looking at him.

Michael's face hardened and he followed her not happy with her answer. "Why?" He said coldly hoping to get through to her; he knew Gabriel wanted to talk with her. So why didn't she want to talk with him?

"Things are better this way." She stated as she walked up the Titans that were right in-front of her now. "Guys I have to leave, I'll be at the tower." The Titans looked at her and then to Michael and even Beast Boy noticed that Michael wasn't happy about something.

"Oh but friend Raven you must stay! We have been learning so much about this place of holiness!" Said Starfire flying up to Raven with her hands clasped pleadingly in front of her chest.

"You guys can stay, but I must leave." Raven said her voice was harder then before. She wasn't going to give into Starfire's pleading this time; she didn't want to risk a meeting with Gabriel.

Robin was going to speak up but Raven had turned and brushed past Michael before he could even think of something to say. Michael just turned and watched her walk quickly through the pews back to the front doors. He wasn't going to try to stop her; he knew if she wanted to, she could kill him…

Raven was right in-front of the doors when they were pulled open right before she could grasp the handle. She gasped and took a step back seeing and knowing who she was looking at. Gabriel was standing right before her in all of his glory. His pure white wings that were a little bit bigger then Michael's were raised up behind him while his hands were still holding the doors open. He like Michael was wearing a long white robe but unlike Michael he had a belt around his waist and a long sword was in its scabbard sheathed at his right side. He was a little bit taller then Michael standing at around 6'5 maybe 6'6 if you push it.

Gabriel's hazel eyes stared down into Raven as he took a slow step into the church. Raven took a step back from never looking away from his face. Gabriel took another step closer to her and again she took one back. He turned from her and closed the doors. He took his time and it seemed he was lengthy with each of his movements. Raven did not move from her spot knowing that she had been caught, and she had dared not to use her powers in here, the protection spells might activate thinking her a threat, or they might not. But she wasn't going to take that chance, not with two angels so near… And not with the chance of her friends getting caught in the crossfire should something go wrong, and being caught counted as something going wrong…

Gabriel turned his whole body to face her and let his wings relax, which caught Raven off guard. Gabriel was great at hiding his emotions and intentions and could fool almost anyone. Raven was having a hard time trying to read his aura and his mind, both were heavily guarded and he was using the church's aura to shield his own from hers. Gabriel took two steps forward and once again Raven took two back.

Gabriel's eyes narrowed and he took two more steps closer to her. Gabriel's aura had changed just like the expression on his face, it was now almost demanding, like he was implying something of her or to her. Raven's demon blood burned with his change since it implied a threat, or at the very least he was being very rude. She didn't back away this time but stood her ground.

The Titans plus Michael watched them each and every one of them were tense. Michael didn't know if Raven would try to run or fight… nether choice would be good for anyone… Robin made a move to walk to Raven but Michael held out and arm and blocked him. "No" he whispered to him, "now is not the time that she needs you." He said and Robin forced himself to listen to the angel, surely he wouldn't say it if it wasn't true… Right?

Gabriel looked down at Raven but then everything changed. His face relaxed and the cold hard look that was there before was replaced by a soft sad look. His aura too relaxed and the demanding power stilled and fell away leaving an aura like a stray puppy that just wants to be picked up and taken to a good home. The shock of the change stilled Raven and she didn't even move when Gabriel dropped roughly to his knees in-front of her, like a man who had just lost everything, and wrapped his arms around her waist and laid the side of his face on her body just below her breasts.

Raven was in shock for a few more moments before she wrapped her arms around his head and gently stroked his longish hair. His grip tightened on her as though he was afraid she would leave. She looked down at the top of his head and just let him hold her like that. "Gabriel," she whispered to him softly. "You can let me go; I'll stay for a while more." She said softly to him; she couldn't help but let that little kind part of her soul out when she was with these two angels they had always been kind to her…

Raven hadn't need to read his mind, his actions spoke louder then his words. Gabriel loosened his hold on her and looked up at her like a little kid that was lost and just wanted to find his mother. Raven smiled at him. "I promise ok, besides I guess I should introduce you to my friends anyways." Gabriel let her go and stood back up from his knees and folded his wings over his shoulders so that they overlapped each other on his chest, his arms trapped inside of them. He nodded to her but didn't smile or say a word.

Raven shook her head and walked back to the Titans and Michael with Gabriel in tow. Michael had dropped his arm in-front of Robin and had crossed them over his chest and had an annoyed look on his face. Gabriel looked at him confused as to why Michael was annoyed at something, normally he was really never anything other then his good humored self, hence why he got along with humans so much, almost nothing ever bothered him. "And what may I ask is wrong with you Michael?" Gabriel asked, his voice was deep and rolled easily off his tongue.

Michael gave him a sharp look but couldn't hold back his grin. "Why is it that she'll give you and hug and not me I ask?" He looked at Raven and smiled a good kind smile. "Not that I'm jealous it's only I ask because…" He paused trying to think of a good reason but really couldn't think of one. "Well ok I am jealous, but it's a friendly jealousy." He said finally, looking at the two.

"Perhaps I like Gab here" said Raven as she placed her hand on Gabriel's wings. "More then I like you." She said with an almost dark grin on her lips. Gabriel looked at her hand and raised an eyebrow but said nothing of it.

"Oh I see," said Michael taking the bait. "What don't like angels with a good since of humor?" He asked but then just started laughing while Raven just sighed and dropped her head shaking it from side to side. Just thinking about what her friends might be thinking about this… It's ironic really a demon that is friendly with the angels… well at least two of them anyways.

"Anyways," She said trying to move the conversation along. She dropped her hand from Gabriel's wings and took a step off to the side to make the introductions. "Guys meet Gabriel, the angel I really didn't want to run into today." She said dryly again pinching the bridge of her nose. The church's aura was really starting to get to her now… It felt like her aura around herself; that she was having to try to control from fighting back against the church's, was just getting stabbed with a red hot poker every few moments. She really just wanted to get out of there and go home but she sucked it up and stayed for her friends.

Gabriel stepped up and stood by Raven almost in-front of her so that she could see him without turning her head to far. She was standing so that her body was facing Michael. Michael was standing next to Robin's right a few feet away who was only a foot or two from Raven's right side. Behind Robin was Cyborg with Starfire floating off to his right with Beast Boy standing in front of her. Next to Beast Boy in-front of him and off to his right was where Michael was standing, completing the circle.

Gabriel gave them a low bow without moving his wings. "Greeting Titans, it is a pleasure to meet you face to face after watching over you for so long." He said calmly. "I know each of your names so introductions are not needed, but I shall properly introduce myself. My name is the Archangel Gabriel ruler of the Shamayim, the First Heaven. I too like Michael am in the order of the Seraphim." He said as he rose from his bow.

"Wow…" Beast Boy said breathlessly. "I've just meet two archangels in one day…" He was totally astonished at his luck. "Hum I have a question." He said quietly but everyone was looking at him as though he had screamed it out, all with the look of curiosity on their faces. The team, all but Starfire, were just hoping he didn't ask anything too stupid.

"And what be your question young one?" Gabriel asked looking at him closely.

"Well… You see I was… I was wondering if you really are the "Left Hand of God"?" Beast Boy asked sheepishly biting his lower lip.

For the first time since the Titans had meet Gabriel he smiled. "And if I may ask, who told you I was?" He asked him kindly. Everyone was looking to and from him then to Beast Boy who awkwardly chuckled.

"My mother did, she was a pretty religious person. But she had focused more on the angels and not God in the things she'd tell me about… I guess I really did listen to her…" His voice trailed off as he remembered his mother and the time he had spent with her and his father…

Gabriel, Michael and Raven could since his sorrow. Michael stepped over to him and placed a hand on this shoulder. "Tell me if I'm right on this. Your mother's name was, is Marie Logan I'm correct yes?" Michael asked him looking at the changeling's face. Beast Boy nodded to him, which had cause Michael to smile at him. "I'll then be sure to tell her that you really did listen to her all those years ago." He said and Beast Boy's eyes widened in shock.

"You know my mother!" This time he really did almost scream that out. Michael chuckled softly and gave BB's shoulder a good squeeze before he let him go.

"Of course, she in Heaven with the rest of the angels, as well as your father my good man." He looked at the other Titans too. "As are yours" he pointed to Robin. "And yours" he then pointed to Cyborg. "And yours too my dear." He said finally, pointing at Starfire. The four Titans were in shock for a few seconds but Starfire shook them out of it when she zoomed across them and grabbed Michael around his chest and lifted him off the ground enveloping him in one of her bone crushing hugs.

"Oh thank you for the wonderful news dear friend Michael. I am most joyest to finally know that my K'norfka's are happily safe in, how you say it, Heaven!" She said joyously as she squeezed as hard as she could.

"Yo Star girl put him down you're killing him!" Cyborg yelled the first to recover from the shock of both what they had just learned and what Star was doing now.

"Oh no, she fine." Said Michael and he quickly returned the hug wrapping his wings and arms around her. "But I would like to have my feet back on the ground." He said looking down at Starfire who looked up at him and seeing his smile she blushed a deep scarlet.

"Hum, yes, yes of course. Please forgive me." She said uncomfortably. She sat his feet back on the ground and Michael opened his wings and arms and let her go. Michael smiled at her as she backed away from him the blush on her cheeks only starting to fade away. Michael took a step closer to her and went down on one knee and took her hand into one of his and brought it to his lips and gave her a soft kiss.

"My dear," he whispered to her looking into her eyes while his hot breath played against her hand. "There is nothing to forgive; I had quite enjoyed that hug. It was nice to know you were so happy about what I have told you." He said softly his words flowed together perfectly and Starfire found herself trapped in his pure honesties eyes. The baby blue's just mesmerized her to the point that she could almost lose herself in them. Michael kissed her hand again before he stood letting her hand go as he did. Starfire had the urge to clasp her hand in his again just to feel his warmth on her hand that was now felt cold without his. Michael smile a kind smile at her once more before he walked back over to the place he had stood before with his wings pressed against his back.

"You had better watch yourself Michael." Raven said warningly. "Angel's are not allowed worldly pleasures." She said looking to Gabriel who turned away from her gaze and addressed Beast Boy.

"You had asked me 'if I was the "'Left Hand of God'"?'. The answer is yes, I am the 'Left Hand of God'." Gabriel stated to answer his question and move the conversation away to what Raven had just said. Robin had caught what had just happened between Raven and Gabriel as did Michael, but neither sad a word about it, though each had a different reason for not bringing it up…

"Cool…" Said Beast Boy not totally thinking straight, well as straight as normal anyways…

"Listen guys," said Raven slowly as she looked at each of the Titans. "I need to talk to Gabriel since I can't just run and avoid it." She said dryly when she glanced at him. "I trust Michael would not mind if you guys talked with him, right?" She asked as she looked to him.

"Of course I'd be honored," he replied to her. "We can talk me on angels and such things." He said looking at Beast Boy who smiled back glad that he finally understood a conversation that they others for once might not!

Raven nodded to Michael "thank you." She said dipping her head to him who returned the gesture to her. Without another word Raven walked away from them and past Gabriel who bowed to them before following her. Robin's fists were clinched again and Michael noticed.

"Robin, is there a reason why you're about ready to tear something apart?" He asked taking a step closer to him with an eyebrow raised. Robin looked at him and quickly relaxed his hands realizing that Michael might, just might explain a few things…

"Michael what's going on between Raven and Gabriel?" He asked him calmly trying to keep his emotions in check. Michael sighed and looked over to Raven and Gabriel who had sat on the same pew he had just been setting on with her, though they sat at the far side of the pew, farthest from them…

"Honestly Robin I'm not sure." He sighed out and shook his head. "There shouldn't be anything, as Raven said we angels are not allowed worldly pleasures and a lover would be a worldly pleasure." He looked at Robin with sad eyes. "Lust is the reason why we have lost many of the angels that fell to be come ones of the Fallen. We in Heaven all share a family love for one another. We do not love one more then the other, but because of that strong bond between all of us it makes us prey to a single type of love that could lead to our down fall…" He said gravely dropping is head and wings in shame and sorrow.

"Please friend Michael, I do now understand how love could lead to ones downfall?" Starfire asked as she floated over to him while BB and Cy walked closer to Robin and Michael.

Michael sighed and looked at her. "It's the kind of love that leads to its sister the sin called lust. Angels must always try to never be temped with any sin, but lust is one of the hardest to avoid its up there with pride. The Grigori, other wise known as 'Watchers'," BB nodded to Michael understanding the term; again he realized just how closely he had been listening to his mother. "They fell from Heaven for they had become enchanted with the daughters of men and had revealed some of the secrets of Heaven and fell in love with the human women. Some of the Grigori even took wives and fathered children with them. God had been so angry with them that he had cursed those who had betrayed Him and threw them out of Heaven transforming them into demons. A few of the once noble angels who fell in this account are Semyazza, Samael, and Azazel." Michael's voice was grave as he remembered all that had happened in the past… Samael had been a good friend of his… At least until he was chosen as a 'watcher'… Now he was a fearful opponent…

"Woo…" Cyborg said as he took in all that he had just learned, as did the rest. "So then, back to what Robin just asked… Why did he hug her like that?" He asked looking over to the two only to see Raven stand so Gabriel could open his wings and let Raven lean on them, like she had with Michael… He had looked, checked up on his little sister like the good overprotective big brother that he was.

Michael sighed again… It seamed he too was doing that a lot nowadays… "Once again, I cannot say, not only because I do not have the full facts but it's because didn't not wish to get Gabriel into anymore trouble then he already is in…"

Raven walked over to the far side of the pew in the first row not wanting to be over heard with Gabriel. She had a feeling a few personal things might be said, on both sides of the conversation… She sat down and Gabriel walked past her to sit on her right knowing that she would want to keep an eye on her friends. His wings were still folded over him just like they have been since he meet the Titans. His wings were more flexible then Michael's. They just sat there for a few moments with Gabriel not moving and Raven had her hands clasped in her lap looking at them trying to think of something to say. Truly a lot had happened, and none of it was good… And all of it was her fault…

But it was Gabriel that broke the silence. "You never liked being inside of a church." He said calmly as though they were talking about the weather on a fine day outside. Raven looked at him but didn't say anything yet, she knew he wasn't done. "So then, my dear beautiful Raven; why are you here, can't only be because of your friends." Gabriel looked at her from the corner of his eye. Raven sighed and looked away from him to the Titans.

"I had to deliver a soul here, it was his last request." She smiled and looked at Gabriel turning her head to face him. "After all I have a soft spot for humans." She said making Gabriel smile.

"Yes," he whispered softly. "Just like your mother," he turned his head to face her. "You take after her you know." Raven smiled and a hollow laugh that wasn't a laugh at all escaped her. It was one of those little laughs that hid so much pain, pain that to the point that you don't know whether to cry or die… Pain that just never went away, pain that you had cause through an act that destroyed everything you ever held dear to your heart…

"No Gabriel, I take after my father more so then my mother." He voice was as hollow as her laugh and it held and underlying coat of pain. "After all, if I took after my mother then…" She lost her voice, unable to finish what she was saying. She dropped her head in shame and pushed back all the emotions that rose up with the memory…

Gabriel sighed feeling her pain. "Come here." He slowly opened his wings as Raven stood. With his wings open he let Raven sit next to him and press her back on his soft wing. She was right next to him and he leaned her body to his side using his arm to do so placing a hand on her back. She didn't fight him but did as he motioned and laid her head on his chest with her left arm on his side while her right rested on his thigh. His left wing moved and laid across his chest but instead of wrapping around him again he stretched it out and let it cover her.

Raven felt the wing stretch over her, the feathers brushed her cheek and it made her smile. The end of Gabriel's primary feathers touched his other wing as it hid her upper body from view and helped to protect her from the church's power. She relaxed under his wing and rubbed her cheek on his broad chest. He took his other arm and gently brushed his knuckles across her cheek. He smiled while he looked down at her.

"Thank you…" She whispered when she looked up at him. He smiled and again brushed his knuckles on her cheek loving the feeling of her soft skin.

"Think nothing of it my dear." He said softly. Raven nuzzled her cheek against him again before going still except for her slow and steady breathing.

"Gabriel, why are you here?" She asked him quietly after a few moments of silence and relaxation.

"I'm here…" He started but didn't really know what to say, why he was here, oh yes now he remembered… "I'm here because there is a demon here that I need to find and punish for his crimes."

"Was it the one that killed those people?" She asked not bothering to look up, she was just too comfy to move.

"No it was one that had slain an angel." He felt Raven tension but he only held her closer to him. "Don't worry Raven-"

"I'm not worried about myself but you!" She looked up at him. "You aren't one of the hunter angels; you shouldn't be out chasing rogue demons. Your God's left hand, why are you here, why are you doing this?" She asked quickly, she needed to know why, before she let him cause too much trouble.

Gabriel sighed knowing he wasn't going to be able to hide it from her. She had an uncanny ability of figuring what was going on, and how to change it into helping her… Something she's proven to them the past 3 years the angels had been trying to rid this city of the Underworld. True there were other places that had more of a demon problem, but they didn't have the Devil's daughter in them now did they? "Alright, I was hoping to find you… I've been wanting to talk with you for the past three year but you've been avoiding me, you're very good at that by the way." He said the last part lightly to try to make her smile… It didn't work.

A growl rippled from Raven's throat as she pushed her body off of Gabriel's and stood in-front of him. She was angry at him, still growling and with a vengeful look in her deep violet eyes he knew he was about to get yelled at but made no move to stop her. He just let his wings hang open and wait until she was done, after all, she did have a right to be mad at him…

"Gabriel," her voice was hard and anger flowed freely within it. "I don't want to talk, not with you, not with Michael, and not even with Lestat or my friends." She glared at him and he could feel her demon origins in the intensity of her eyes. They had a look that could kill backed up with the power swirling within them, just waiting to be released. "Stop following me Gabriel, I'm not my mother, and I'm not my father. You and I have known each other since my birth, I do not want you as my enemy but if you do not change how you perceive me, I may have no choice." Her voice was hollowing at the end of her words. Gabriel had always been good to her and her mother, but if he was watching her like he was so much then that meant that ever since 'IT' happened he no longer trusted her. And she couldn't risk trying to trust him with anything, should she need his help, if he didn't in turn trust her…

"Raven," he whispered as he easily stood up with his wings out, not as a threat but just so that he could freely use his arms. He took a guess as to why she was angry and was lucky getting it right the first time. True like her he was empathic and telepathic to some degree, he wasn't going to even try to read her aura or mind. She protected both too much to get any readings that would help him understand what she was feeling so why bothered… "I haven't been watching you because I don't trust you. I do, I'd trust you with my life Raven."

Raven had been taken aback by those last words. He trusted her with his LIFE! No, he was an angel; no angel would trust a demon with their LIFE! But he had said it, and he wouldn't have lied to her… he just didn't lie to anyone period… "If it's not that then Gabriel, why have you been watching me so closely?" She asked curious as to why he bothered to watch her when she was sure there were other things to do that were more important then just her…

Gabriel sighed knowing he'd hit that road all too quickly. Really this wasn't the place to talk about such things, but if he didn't tell her now, he might not get another chance later… "Raven I've always held you close to my heart." He pause for a sec and was going to add something but Raven beat him to it.

"Just like you held my mother to your heart?" She asked him, where if he had said it, it would have been a statement…

"Yes Raven, I hold you in my heart just as close as I hold your mother." He stated nodding to her.

"You shouldn't, it's forbidden for an angel to love Gabriel." She stated to him, holding no emotion in her voice even though her heart had just skipped a beat.

"This kind of love, yes Raven, I know it is forbidden but I can't help it." He said a little sorrow and just the slightest amount of panic in his voice.

"I understand that Gabriel I do, but you should have gotten over my mother along time ago. She's mated another not you, and even if she had mated you, you would still be in trouble. You have once fallen into disgrace and band from Heaven before for not following a command exactly as it was given to you from God Gabriel. He will not be as merciful to you again." Raven voice was hard and cold she didn't want to be mean to him like this, but she didn't want him to become one of the Fallen either. "And as for holding me in your heart, God has made it very, very clear that I am not welcomed in Heaven. You and I both know this; you were with me at the time. I won't allow you to toss away your place in Heaven just for feelings that you shouldn't be having in the first place!"

"Oh believe me, demon, you won't have to." A new voice cut through their chat like hot steal on flesh sizzling their skin, so to speak. Raven spun around and faced the new person that had snuck up upon them unnoticed. Her cloak flowed over the air like silk in the wind before settling behind her again; her hood was still down, though right then she wished it wasn't. Gabriel looked up from Raven and looked at the man before them.

He was tall only a few inches shorter then Gabriel with short brown hair cut just above his ears. His face was male but he didn't have that high of cheek bones. He had brown eyebrows and dark green eyes. They shined with a light of justice and power. He was nicely built, not as much as Gabriel, but don't let that fool you, he was much stronger then he looked. He had on robes like Gabriel and Michael's but he also had a deep blue cloak like article draped across his shoulders and it covered his left arm completely. He had large wings that were pure white like the other two angels. This was Raguel, the Archangel of justice, fairness and harmony. He was the Archangel that watched over all of the other angels making sure that they were working together with mortals in a harmonious and orderly fashion according to Divine order and will. He is also the Archangel that brought all the other Archangels and angels to account for their improper deeds he issues the punishment for angels who have disobeyed.

He had an all knowing grin on his face, as though he knew something that they did not…

Michael froze in his chat with Beast Boy about the hierarchy in Heaven when he felt the presence of another angel appear with in the church. He rose to his full height and turned to look over at Gabriel and Raven and saw that they too were looking at the new angel, at Raguel. Michael's blood froze thinking the worst of why Raguel was here… Did he learn of Gabriel's lust and love? If so, was he here to deem him one of the Fallen? There were too many questions and too few answers.

"Michael what are you looking at?" Asked BB who looked passed Michael and saw another angel. "And who is that?" He asked pointing at him. Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin were looking from Michael to the new guy now too.

"He is another Archangel, his name is Raguel. And it can not be a good thing that he is here, come on, I want to know what is going on here." Michael said before he started walking over to Raven and Gabriel at a brisk pace with the others at his heals. There was no trace of his good humor in his voice, he was all business now…

Gabriel caught sight of Michael and the Titans as did Raguel and watched them approach them while Raven didn't take her eyes off of Raguel biting back a growl the best she could. "What is going on, why are you here Raguel?" Michael asked as he took his place next to Gabriel both of them behind Raven.

"Oh I have some business to accomplish from Heaven." He looked over everyone lingering on Gabriel and finally Raven. His know it all smirk grew into a full blown grin, he was happy about something. "You know Michael, demons are not allowed in a church if I'm not mistaken." He said looking at Michael who did not back down from his gaze but rose to the challenge.

"Yes this I know, but she is only a half demon and has come under peace. She came to this house to deliver a lost soul prior to his final request." He said, his voice unwavering cool, strong and collected.

"I see, and did you ask whether she had killed the man? After all" he looked at Raven. "She has kil-"

"SHUT UP!" Raven shouted at him taking a step forward towards him. Her power flared and created and gust of wind that blew at everyone's cloths. "Don't you dare say a word about anything that has to do with me!" She yelled at him. He was one of the angels that were against her and her mother. He was the one that had punished Gabriel to his twenty-one day period of being band from Heaven. He was the one who had tried to kill her while she was still in her mother's womb. "You have not right to speak of me, nor of anything that has happened in the past, or what has happened now that pertains to me!" Raven anger was in her voice but she kept herself in check though her claws, that had elongated, pierced into her palms since her hands were fisted with the effort.

"Silence your tongue demon; you have not place to make demands in this house!" Raguel shouted back at her with his body tense and his wings raised.

"Now it is you who needs to silence their tongue Raguel!" Shouted Gabriel as he stepped up to Raven's side to defend her from Raguel, or maybe it was to defend Raguel from Raven… "You have no right to command her to do anything!" Rage was in Gabriel's eyes, he and Raguel never really did get along. "She has free will, and it is not within your jurisdiction to give her commands!" Gabriel took a step up to be in-front of Raven, guarding her. Something was different about Raguel… It felt as though he had more power then he did before… It would seem Michael too felt what Gabriel was feeling; there was an air of power close to Raguel. It wasn't in his aura, but next to it, as though it was from something he was holding…

Michael looked at his covered arm and could see the aura. Little traces of it peeking out from the cloak, invisible to normal; human, eyes. It was powerful and he could tell by the way the golden aura flared it was dangerous. "What do you have with you Raguel?" Michael asked calmly, he was good at not losing his temper… Sometimes…

Raguel looked at him and smile, "oh this." He said using his other hand to point to his covered arm. Raguel smiled and then laughed as he looked over everyone, it wasn't a loud laugh or one with any force behind it… It was almost dark… "Well you see this is why I'm here." He said as he raised his arm letting the cloak slowly fall from it. In his hand he was clutching something that was wrapped in a deep purple cloth with thin golden lines twirling all over it. The cloth shimmered in the light as he drew it out to hold with his arm completely outstretched. What was in the cloth was long and entirely covered. It was not too wide and Raguel was able to grasp it in the middle with one hand. It was about 45 inches from end to end. The end that was in-front of his chest, since he was holding it with his left hand, was wider then the end and with the cloth wrapped around it making it the look like a long cross… "Come here Gabriel, and take this from me. That's why I have it, it's for you." He said sweetly with a smile on his face.

Everyone looked to Gabriel, the Titans didn't know what was going on and had made an unspoken agreement that they weren't going to get involved unless Raven needed their help. They didn't know anything about the workings of Heaven or the angels, even Beast Boy who had some background on them didn't know what was going on. So they figured that it would be better to just not get involved, less chance of get Raven and them in trouble.

Gabriel walked up to Raguel and held out his hands open under the item. Raguel smiled and set it in his hands. The moment Gabriel felt its weight and how it was setting on his hands, he knew what it was. He looked up at Raguel's face uncertainty was written on Gabriel's face as he closed his fingers around it. Raguel just smiled at him.

"Go ahead Gabriel show us what our Lord Almighty has given you and I shall tell you why He has given it to you." He said calmly as Gabriel took a few steps away from him and off to the side that no one was at. He looked up the Titans who were in-front of him about fifteen feet from him facing him. Michael was in-front of them about only ten feet from Gabriel, he too was facing him. While Raven was next to him Michael who was standing at her side thou her body was still facing Raguel her head was looking at Gabriel and what lay in his hands… She could feel the power just rolling off of it in strong thick waves…

Gabriel carefully unwrapped the item and his worst fear was realized. Inside of the cloth was a long sword. There was no scabbard upon the sward, he unwrapped the handle fist holding the sword down so that the tip of the blade was pointing to the ground. He was holding on to the blade of the sword with the cloth still around it draping over his hand looking at the handle of the sword.

"Isn't it beautiful Gabriel?" Raguel asked not expecting him to answer. "The three inch cross you see connected to the pommel is pure diamond. The pommel itself too is a rounded diamond place into the end of the hilt; which is made out of pearl with diamonds that are normally seen on small rings in crested into it. They are placed into an integrate pattern of swirls like little lines of sparking smoke. The hilt is flawless and perfectly smooth, but everything is set just right to be able to grip it just fine. It is truly a work of art that no mortal could ever hope to create, don't you agree?" Raguel asked looking at everyone's astonished faces. All but Raven nodded, she was just looking at the sword, not moving only to breath, and even then it was very shallow. Raguel continued as though he had never asked. "Where the hilt connects to the very middle of the cross-guard is a beautiful blossomed white rose, with the blade emerging from within its pedals. The cross-guard, what gives it its cross look," he stated noticing that Starfire and Beast Boy looked confused. "Are the miniature angel wings, one wing on each side with the feathers pointing towards the hilt with the wings outstretched." He looked over them all again and then directed his words to Gabriel. "If you'll please grasp the sword and remove the cloth Gabriel I'd like to finish what I've started here." He said motioning with a hand in-front of him.

"What, oh right…" Gabriel said when he looked at Raguel. He had been so caught up in the sword, its look the way the light caught it just right igniting each and every precious stone in crested into this weapon. But it wasn't only that, the power this sword was emitting was enormous. It was to the point that he didn't want to even touch it, just wrap it back up and seal it away from anyone and everyone… But he did as he was told somehow knowing that the sword wasn't going to hurt him… He gasped the hilt in his right hand and gasped from the power that coursed up his arm and over his body. He looked at Raguel as he let go of the blade dropping the cloth to the ground. He raised the sword up with ease pointing the tip of the blade up to the ceiling.

If they all thought the hilt and was beautiful so was the blade. Rising out of the white rose was the blade. "Now that you can see it, take a good hard look at it." Raguel said looking at their astonished faces. "The sword is a double-edged blade with runes etched into it that have been flawlessly filled with gold along the middle on both sides." Gabriel twirled the blade in his hand to see the other side, trying to read the runes. "Like in the hilt small diamonds have been molded into the sliver blade scattered like stars on the night sky on both sides. And one more thing has been added to the blade. Gabriel, if you'll tilt the blade so that it catches the light so that we may see it and not just you." Gabriel looked at Raguel and lowered the blade so that the tip of the blade was pointing diagonally to the ground. The light from the church caught it and made it shine brighter then any kind of steel could. "As you can see if you look closely you see a thin, very thin layer of unbreakable diamond that has been fused into the very steel, gold and other diamonds within it. It's as sharp if not sharper then any other blade," Raguel sneered at Raven as he finished. "Claw or fang, nothing could ever dull this blade which can cut the very air we breathe."

Raven glared at him when she felt his eyes on her. Gabriel saw her gaze upon Raguel and looked at him before looking back to the sword moving it from pointing down to be at his face again. "So tell me Raguel, why did God want me to have this sword?" He asked as he continued to inspect the great sword. "Last time I checked I was still not completely on his good side." Gabriel asked gazing at Raguel out of the corner of his eye. Raguel looked at Gabriel smiling.

"Well Gabriel you see with this sword you will be back on his good side. As long of course as you do exactly what is ordered of you Gabriel." Raguel said to him with his smile growing wider and wider.

"Who was the one that has given him this order you speak of and what is the order?" Raven asked suspicion growing in her soul; something about that sword just made her body shiver. The golden aura around the sword just kept violently flaring towards her, as though it was trying to attack her. But luckily it never reached her aura, normally her aura would be out and about moving without constriction but right now, she kept it close and trapped to her person with only a few feet of freedom.

Raguel laughed and looked at her. "The order was given to me to pass on to who it was meant for which is Gabriel. The order was made by the same one who made that sword." He said motioning to the sword with his right hand.

"Then who is the one that made that sword?" Raven asked as though she was bored already tired of talking to Raguel, he was so exhausting to her.

"God" said Raguel calmly. Michael gasped and Gabriel's grip on the hilt of the sword tightened. The Titans were a little shocked but do not really understanding how severe this really was. Raven took a step back from everyone her heart started to beat faster but she quickly calmed herself and stepped back up to where she was before, hoping that no one caught her falter. Unfortionently for her see wasn't that lucky this time. "Oh yes demon you should be afraid, after all" Raguel laughed. "It was made to kill you!"

"WHAT!" Michael the Titans and Gabriel cried out at the same time. Everyone but Raguel was shocked. Raven took a few steps away from Gabriel and Raguel and ended up bumping into Michael who clasped his hands on her shoulders to stop her from pulling away from him. Gabriel had almost dropped to sword but something about it just wouldn't let him put it down. Shock and terror were on his face just like the rest of them, well all but Raguel, he looked quite happy…

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WAS MADE TO KILL HER?" Gabriel yelled as he advanced on Raguel with the sword still in his right hand pointing diagonally to the ground. Rage was in his eyes as he grabbed Raguel by the scruff of his robes in-front of his neck easily lifting him off of the ground.

"Gabriel, Don't! You Need To Keep Your Anger In Check!" Michael yelled to him hoping that he'd listen and not strike Raguel. Michael kept his grip on Raven making sure nothing happened to her.

"Answer me Raguel!" Gabriel demanded of the Archangel in his grasp. Raguel just laughed as though his life wasn't being threatened by an enraged and very powerful Archangel. Gabriel growled at him and thrust his arm out releasing Raguel who stumbled but used his wings to regain his balance.

Raguel was still smiling; it had never left his face the whole time. He chuckled before answering Gabriel. "Oh come on Gabriel, you know why! We all do! After what she's done you still side with her mother! By all I know, you are a fool! She has demon blood in her and yet you still love her! Her mother Arella mated Lucifer, of her own freewill! And yet you still love her as well! Gabriel we are angels we are not suppose to love like that!"

"It is of my own freewill if I choose to love and who I do!" Shouted back Gabriel standing defiantly infront of Raguel.

"Then it is also of your own freewill to become one of the Fallen!" Raguel yelled, his anger was rising, how dare he choose a demon bitch over the rest of them, over Heaven!

"NO!" Raven shouted from with in Michael's arms. "You can't do that! Gabriel please don't! I deserve death Gabriel, you know I do!" She shouted trying to get out of Michael's grasp and finally succeeding. Michael was too shocked at her words to try to pull her back away from harm. "If this is what the Counsel of Angels has decided then so be it! It was my fault about what happened to Azarath, I'm the one who did it! Gabriel just do as you're ordered!" She yelled at Gabriel looking him in the eyes. Gabriel was too shocked like Michael to move let alone say anything.

Raguel was still smiling. "Oh now you see it wasn't the Counsel that made this choice, demon, it was God Himself." Raguel said looking at Raven who looked back at him. "You see it was taking too long since the Counsel was torn between killing you or letting you live, so God decided to take things into his own hands. So he forged the sword that Gabriel holds now to kill you. You see if Gabriel does as ordered he will be allowed back into Heaven and you, well lets just call it atonement for your sins. Of course you still won't be allowed into Heaven; after all you're still a demon." He said sneering at her.

"You can't do this!" Robin yelled taking a few steps forward to stand next to Michael.

"Stay out of it Robin!" Raven said to him her eye's flashed warningly at him but Robin didn't stand down.

"No Raven, I'm not going to let them hurt you!" He yelled and the others stepped up to him and Michael.

"Yeah like hell I'm letting them hurt my little sister!" Cyborg said charging up his sonic cannon and pointing it at Raguel.

"Yes friend Raven, we are not going to just stand here and let them kill you!" Starfire yelled and floated above the ground with her eye's blazing and her starbolts at the ready.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy yelled. "What she said! You're part of this team and we're not going to let them hurt you!" He said puffing up his chest with air trying to look intimidating.

Raven was touched deeply by their words but she knew what had to be done. A black tear slipped from her eye and slid down her hoodless face. "I'm sorry my friends, but yes… You are." She said slowly as she raised a hand and her black power encased the Titans who's eye's widened in shock and started to hit the dome wall with everything they had. Screaming for their friend to not do it, to not let them kill her. She watched her friends and let her ebony tears drip from her eyes without bothering to wipe them off. "I'm so sorry my friends. But this is how things have to be. I have always loved each and every one of you, I will miss you. Goodbye my… family." She whispered slowly, pain and sorrow etched into her voice.

The Titans heard her words and had stopped trying to get out while she was talking but now that she was turning her back to them they started back up with trying to bring the wall down. They gave it everything that they had but it just wasn't enough… They could hear what was being said outside the dome and listened intently to it, now knowing that they weren't getting out and their screams weren't being heard…

Michael moved from being by the Titans right after Raven had trapped her friends in the dome. He had taken flight flapping his wings a few times only to land next to Gabriel both watching the scene before them with sad eyes. Raven turned and addressed Gabriel.

"Gabriel I want you to promise me that you'll look after them!" Raven said as she stepped up to them slowly. Gabriel started to say something but he was hesitant so Raven continued. "Promise me that you'll keep them safe, that you'll keep them out of the Underworld! Promise me this Gabriel!" She stopped walking towards him. She was standing not six feet from the middle of the altar. Raguel was just standing off to the side of it with his arms crossed over his chest; his job was done; now it was all up to Gabriel to kill the demon. Gabriel walked up to Raven slowly seeing her eyes glance at the sword which seemed to pulse with power the closer he got to her. He could feel it traveling up his arm. He did not raise his arm but kept it pointing towards the ground.

Gabriel stopped a foot from Raven the pulsing of power from the sword was so strong that he didn't dare get closer to her. "Raven…" He breathed out sorrow displayed in every portion of his being. "Raven I…"

"Promise me Gabriel, you have to keep them safe." Raven said to him, she almost to the point of braking down… Just like Gabriel was. "Promise me…" She said softly holding back her emotions but not her tears…

"I promise you my dear beautiful Raven." He replied sadly.

"Thank you," she said. "Now Gabriel" Raven took in a breath prepared for her death, after all it was what she deserved… "Kill me." She said looking into his eyes.

Gabriel's breath caught as he slowly lifted the sword that was pulsing more and more as though it had a heartbeat. "No… Raven… I can't!" He pleaded. "Not you! I can't kill you; I can't kill the one I love!" He started to drop the sword to his side but Raven's words stop his movement.

"Gabriel if you really do love me, then kill me!" She said coldly looking straight into his hazel eyes. So many emotions were playing in each others eyes it was like a complex dance. "I wish for death Gabriel, ever since it happened I've wanted to die." She said sadly dropping her head. "Please…" She whispered, "Gabriel, give me this sweet deliverance." She looked into his eyes with fresh ebony tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Alright…" Gabriel said softly, "I'll give you what you wish for." He took a step back and raised the sword, Raven made no move to stop him, just stood there staring into his eyes. Gabriel stepped forward again and placed the very tip of the sword on Raven's left beast, right where her heart was. Raven winced from the hot power that went through her body burning her blood. A tear slipped from Gabriel's left eye as he used his other hand to grip her right shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze. Raven gave a sad smile up at the taller man and mouthed the words 'end it' to him. Gabriel nodded and quickly drove the sword through her heart gripping her shoulder to hold her steady.

Raven's eyes widened in shock and pain, the power coursed through her body preventing her from screaming. Her lungs froze up and her regeneration abilities tried to heal her but the sword was still inside of her making that impossible. Her arms shoot up and she grasped Gabriel's arm that was holding her with her right hand while her other hand grabbed onto his robe and she tried to pull herself closer to him, trying to push the sword all the way through. Gabriel understood and he caught her body as she lost her strength. Keeping one hand on the sword he moved his other to the middle of her back and slowly lowered her to the ground going down with her. Her muscles began to tremble from the lack of air her regeneration abilities were doing their best to keep her alive, but it could only keep her going for so long… Her grip fell as her arms dropped to the ground she now laid on. Gabriel had arched himself over here holding the sword in one hand while his other cupped her face. Blood was slowly seeping from her wound on her chest before it started to drip from her lips. Her eyes were pleading with him to finish it.

Gabriel bent forward and kissed her forehead on her gem. "I love you Raven." He whispered before using his angelic strength to drive the sword through her body and embedding it into the stone floor. Only about three to four inches of the blade remanded above Raven's chest.

Raven completely froze and then slowly she began to relax her eyes closing, never to open again, the breath that had been trapped in her lungs left her as she went limp. Blackish red blood began to pool from under her body. The smallest of smiles was on her face, as though the weight of the world had been finally lifted off of her shoulders. And she just lied there not moving as though she was asleep. But in reality, she wasn't asleep... She was dead…



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