A New Love

Quistis was ready to go meet her blind date at the quad, she reached for the door and it opened on its own, not new technology just Selphie stomping into Quistis' dorm

"What happened, Selphie?" She asked monotonously for she did not care. She never got to know Selphie well but, they did save the world together so the whole bunch was supposed to be friendly (except for Zell and Seifer.)

"Irvine broke up with me!" She whined "Now he's with that freaky lady, the one Rinoa and Squall bumped into at the dance!"

Quistis looked impatient, "I feel sorry for you (say something encouraging and leave!) but, he wasn't your type."

As Quistis headed outside Selphie clasped her arm tightly, "Then who is? Quistis! I don't wanna be single like you, doesn't it feel terrible!"

Quistis cringed, "(What? Better say something stupid then get the hell out for that blind date) well, you could go for Zell."

That was the first thing that popped into her head. Selphie thought a moment

"Alright, thanks Quistis" She shook Quistis' hand that she had been holding so tightly.

"Now to finish it off with something mean-"


"(Did I say that out loud?) Selphie, get out of my dorm!"

She pointed to the door and by some weird chance Zell walked right by. Selphie whispered to Quistis, "is that code for 'Zell is right there!'"

"What?" Quistis had turned her head over to the door; Selphie was dragging poor helpless Zell into the room.

"HELP, HELP I'M BEING ABDUCTED!" he yelled in fear

"Don't worry, Zell! We'll have fun together! Let's play a game with Quistis!" Selphie's cheery reply was.

"Well, you two could," Quistis started

"We'll play mash!" Selphie interrupted leaving Quistis with no excuse to leave the room.

Zell had finally stopped screaming.

"Mash . . .?" he sniffed

"It's a game of predicting a person's future," Quistis explained

"Yea," Selphie added, "you make a circle then make a hypnotizer thing in the circle, then count the lines from right to left!"

Selphie made one and got fourteen

"So the person is getting married at 28 years old, do you get it?"

"MARRIED?" Zell yelled in horror "28!"

"Now list some categories," She continued, "like the person he's getting married to or his job, then you put three options in the categories. Since I got a 14 I'll count down all the options and x out the 14nth then I continue but don't count the Xed out ones, and if two are Xed out from one category circle the last one and don't count that category anymore! Do you get it now?"

"...yes..." was Zell's only answer.

Selphie jumps on Quistis' bed and takes out three pieces of paper and handed them out to Zell and Quistis. Zell laid on the floor, Selphie laid on the bed and hoped Zell would do her future. She then saw Quistis' stereo and pressed play, "eyes on me" began to play.

"Cool music choice, Quisy!" she complimented.

Quistis' mind thought quickly, "(Music, sounds romantic, romantic is in dates, blind dates sometimes, my blind date! ah, he can wait.) "

Quistis was going to lie on her bed but Selphie had invaded it so she sat at her desk and started.


At the quad, someone waited patiently holding a clump of flowers and on his side, a new sharper Hyperion.