Well, Welcome t' Hazzard county, where the only thing better than gettin' yerself outta trouble's keepin' yerself outta trouble. An' stayin' outta trouble's the one thing them Duke boy's got themselves a problem with. Here's Bo an' Luke headin' out to the Boar's Nest to go pick up cousin Daisy. Seems Dixie's been slackin' a bit, an' Uncle Jesse wants all the dukes at home this af'ernoon.

Luke turned back to see Rosco's lights as the police siren wailed louder and louder.

"Hang on cousin!" Bo yelled. Luke whirled back to face the front. The General was aimed straight for a small rise just off the right of the road about 100 yards ahead, right past Shelby road. Behind the jump, a vast pine tree's branches blocked the sky like a flyswatter.

"Bo, you ain' gonna…" Luke began. Bo turned back to Rosco.

"Any other ideas?" He asked. Luke shook his head. Suddenly, a huge black jacked-up Chevrolet pickup took the turn off Shelby Road, looming closer and closer on th thin road. "What the…" Bo straightened out the General, Rosco gaining considerable ground. The truck sped past the General, and suddenly swerved sideways, blocking Rosco. Bo and Luke exchanged glances, then looked back at the truck. Several people were riding in the bed; a cloud of dust registered Rosco's reaction to the sudden roadblock. Bo continued straight. "Well, that worked."

"Yeah, but din'ja catch the license plates on tha' truck? " Luke asked, "Tennessee." Bo stared.

"Why'd they wanna help us?" He asked. Luke shrugged.

Tennessee plates in Hazzard? That's bout as common as a donkey wi' horns.

"Nope, Sorry fellas," Daisy began as she handed her cousins each a beer and sat down. "I din' see any trucks wi' Tennessee plates." Luke glanced over at Bo.

"Well, why did they dang block Rosco?" Bo asked. Luke shook his head.

"No idea.. he began." But they shouldn' be too hard to find. Think 'bout it. A truck as big as tha', here in Hazzard? Tennessee plates?"

"They'll stick out like Boss's belly." Daisy said (making sure Boss wasn't anywhere in earshot). Luke nodded.

"But they wasn' headed towards town. Fact is they seemed t' be headed towards the farm." Bo added. Daisy looked from one cousin to the other.

"Wha' I don' still get is how a truck wi' Tennessee plates knows 'nough t' block Rosco from y'all." Daisy pondered. "An' they ain' been in town."

"Never saw 'em before." Luke said, and sipped his beer. Bo smiled.

"Maybe they know 'bout us an' the General?" He said earnestly. Luke spayed his beer onto the floor. Daisy's eyes widened and she stood up to help her cousin as he coughed, trying not to laugh.

"Sorry 'bout tha' Daisy, I'm fine," Luke said as he wiped the beer from his chin. "Bo, I don' think the General's reputation is quite up ta Nashville." Bo nodded as they both finished off their beers and handed the glasses to Daisy. She took them to the counter.

"I'll be out in a minute, fellas." Luke turned to Bo.

"So when we gonna find this truck?" Bo asked. Luke shrugged.

"We'll check the back roads on the way back to the farm. I dunno why Uncle Jesse wants us back so early." They both stood as Daisy returned.

"Well, les' go." She said with a smile.

Seems like them Tennesseeans missed a good time at the Boar's Nest… Now I hear there's some commotion at a Government buildin' in Atlanta.