Tol' d'y'all Enos'd be showin' up 'ere.

Enos took off his hat as he closed the door. The pale room was silent; Daisy was still sound asleep. Her nostrils flared slightly when she exhaled. He walked over to her bed, still clutching hi hat and a small cup of daisies he had picked. He set the cup down on the bedside table, and stared at the two Technicolor bruises that had developed on her cheeks. Even with the bruises, she was sure beautiful, with her tanned skin and golden brown curls. He brushed a few stands of that gold away from her face. Her skin was a silky smooth, his finger slowly slid down her soft cheek, avoiding the welt. She gave him a slight groan. He quickly pulled his finger away, intently watching her face. She remained motionless. Her hand was right by his. He hesitated. Sure, he'd had a crush on her since the seventh grade, when two bullies tried to steal his book bag, and she scared them off, looking them square in the eye. Now those intent brown eyes were closed, she was sound asleep. She wouldn't mind if he was here, she liked him, right? What if she wanted to have Bo or Luke there? The wiped the sweat from his brow with a trembling hand. He always got nervous when she was there. He tried to relax, then took her warm, softly calloused hand, giving her a small squeeze.

"Y'all's is sure pretty, Daisy." She was sound asleep, why was he talking to her? "Y'all's got a little bruise on your face, but you're still pretty anyway." He seemed to relax more. All of a sudden his collar didn't seem so tight. "I'll help Bo and Luke find who did this t' y'all, Daisy, I promise. " She groaned again. He felt her fingers close around his. "Daisy? Y'all awake?" Her eyes slowly opened.

"Luke?" She whispered. The shiny metal wiring around her teeth reminded Enos of those awful braces he wore in grade school.

"Luke ain' 'ere yet Daisy, It' s Enos." The room temperature rose twenty degrees, sweat started pouring down his back and his collar constricted around his neck. It got a lot harder to talk now that she was awake. He immediately felt unsure. Maybe he should just go and CB Bo and Luke to tell them she was awake, then get back to work. Daisy blinked a few more times, focusing on him.

"Enos?" She asked. His feet refused to move.

"H- hey, Daisy?" He said, trying to keep his hands from trembling, "Y'all feelin' okay?"

She nodded.

"Where's Bo an' Luke?" she asked, the metal glistening on her teeth. Enos took a deep breath.

"They're out talkin' t' Mr. Hogg, tellin' him wha' happened. I'm here on m' lunch break. Brought y'all some flowers." He added, motioning to her bedside table. Daisy glanced over at the flowers and giggled.

"Oh, why thank you Enos." She whispered.

Won'er how Bo an' Luke 'r doin' w' Boss. Looks t' me like Sparks an' Vol joined 'em after visitin' Cooter's.

Luke banged on Boss' office door at the Boar's Nest.

"What?" was Boss's muffled reply.

"It's Luke Duke. We need to talk wi' y'all."

"I'm too busy t' talk wi' any a' you no good Duke boys."

"Boss!" Bo yelled "We gotta talk w' y'all, an' Rosco didn't dang listen!"

"S' bout Daisy." Luke added. Vol and Sparks exchanged glances. The door opened, and Boss stared up at Bo and Luke.

"Wha's wrong wi' your cousin? She takin' another job? An' who's this?" He asked, motioning to Sparks and Vol.

"We're frien's." Vol began, "An' Daisy's gonna be in Tri- County for the ni'."

"She's in the hospital?' Boss asked, looking over at Bo and Luke. Bo nodded.

"Broken Jaw." Luke said grimly. "Some Yankee boy punched her." Boss glanced back over at Vol and Sparks, his mouth agape. Vol and Sparks nodded.

"Got hit real hard." Sparks whispered.

"So she's gonna be resin' at the farm for a few days." Vol added.

"Wanted t' tell y'all 'fore she didn't show up." Luke said.

"Well, that's mighty fine a' you Dukes, an' tell Daisy to get better soon," He said, nodding, "Now y'all get outta here 'fore I make a citizen's arrest fer loiterin'!" He slammed the door in their faces.

Well, tha' went well." Bo said.

"'Least he listened t' us this time." Luke added as they turned to leave. Vol and Sparks exchanged glances, then burst out laughing. Bo and Luke stared.

"Wha's so funny?" Bo asked.

"Hazzard's run by a walkin' tub a' lard!" Sparks exclaimed. Vol took a deep breath to regain her composure.

"Yeah, yeah, we all know Boss eats more at one meal than all a' Hazzard does in one day." Luke said. Sparks finally quit giggling, and they walked out to the General. The huge black truck pulled up, Wrenches at the wheel.Tiny slid out first, then Bookworm, brown paper bag in his hand.

"Got Daisy some fruit." He said.

"Good job buddy." Vol said.

"C'mon, les' get t' Tri- County." Luke said. Bookworm, Tiny and Sparks slid into the General with Bo, while Luke and Wrenches rode shotgun with Vol in the truck.

"What CB channel y'all on?" Vol asked.

"Twelve." Luke asked, trying to avoid stepping on the brown bunny snuggled on the floor of the truck. Wrenches bent down and scooped him up.

"Almost got run over by a good ol' boy, there, Mud." He said, stroking behind Mud's ears. Luke stared. "Spark's bunny rabbit- full name's Mudpie." Wrenches added. Both engines started, and the General Lee led the way to Tri- County.

Looks like Enos left in time for his lunch break.

Daisy glanced up as her cousin's walked in, trailed by the Frosts.

"Well, look who's up." Bo said with a smile.

"Hey, Daisy," Luke's smile widened as they both gave her hugs.

"Les' see." Vol said. Daisy smiled, exposing the shiny silver encompassing her teeth.

"Ooh… shiny…" Tiny said. Sparks punched him in the shoulder. "Wha?" He asked. Daisy started sniggering.

"How y' feelin'?" Bo asked.

"Hurts a little." She said. "Enos just left."

"Figures." Bo replied, kissing the top of her head. "You're still the prettiest girl in all a' Hazzard." Daisy grinned and leaned back against the pillows.

"Tired?" Wrenches asked.

"A little." She closed her eyes, breathing heavily. Bo and Luke shot worried glances at each other. "When am I goin' home?" she asked.

"Tomorrow." Luke said, "Doc wants to keep you overnight." She opened her eyes and stared at him.

"Wish we could find somethin' more 'bout them two men at the dam." Wrenches said.

"Deputy said they was gone by the time he'd got there." Sparks said.

"Probably outta town by now." Tiny added. Daisy sighed.

"What if they ain'?" Vol asked. Bo and Luke stared.

"Vol, don' start…" Wrenches began. Sparks shushed him.

"Here her out, will ya?" Vol stared at them both, then cracked her knuckled loudly.

"Way I figure," She began, "Only Daisy an' Lee got good looks at them two fellas. We all know one's big an' the other's a Yankee. News ain' traveled too far yet, so I don' think they'd leave Hazzard right away, 'specially wi' Boss Lardman an' Sheriff Idiot bein' the law. Deputy's got his work cut out for 'im." Bookworm pulled a folded piece of newspaper from his pocket.

"The car was a '77 mustang, ri'?" He asked. Tiny nodded. Bookworm unfolded the paper. "News 'bout tha' car's spread." He handed Luke the paper. Bo and Daisy both watched him read.

"Huh boy." He said.

"Wha'?" Bo said. Luke stared at them.

"FBI robbery in Atlanta" He began to read aloud, "Two wanted criminals strike again at FBI headquarters in Atlanta. Massachusetts native Tim Cummins and Kentucky native Charlie Miller have been previously charged with burglary and evading arrest, as well as being acquitted of charges of assault and battery. According to witnesses, Miller broke into a lab under Cummins' direction and made-off with a top- secret project. The pair rushed from the building in a light blue '77 Ford Mustang and headed out onto the interstate. Only the doctor in the lab was harmed. Cummins is described as a businessman, five- foot seven, with dark hair. Miller is well-built, six-foot four, with red hair. Both men are armed and dangerous."

"Li' we didn't figure tha' out yet." Sparks whispered. Luke folded the paper up and handed it back to Bookworm.

"Today's paper." He said. Bo took Daisy's hand. They both sat in silence, staring at each other. Vol and Wrenches stared at the Daisy's blanket.

"Tha's them." Daisy finally whispered.

"S' alri' Daisy, we'll get 'im." Bo squeezed her hand. Sparks' eyebrows shot up.

"Didn' them fellas rob Nashville?" Bookworm's expression imitated hers.

"Yeah, they did!" He exclaimed. "Capitol bank, 'bout 15 gran'. Got away t' Mississippi."

"Well, we know we're dealin' wi' hardened criminals." Vol said, "Still don' make it any easier t' get 'em." The blonde nurse walked in.

"I'm sorry about this, but visiting hours are over." She said. "I'm gonna have to ask you to leave." The Frosts all stood. Bo and Luke gave Daisy good-bye hugs.

"We'll come an' get ch' ya t'morrow mornin'." Bo said. Daisy waved to them as they left.

Looks like Daisy's gonna be alright. Y'all know I can' stand a man who'll 'tentionally hit a pretty girl like Daisy.

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