This is My Life

By: Strength91Possibilitynone

Naruto: Yay!! A fic about ME!!!

Sasuke: What about me, dobe?

Naruto: What about you?

Sasuke: (eye twitch)… never mind

Strength: Umm…ok… how about I go get some popcorn before we start?

Naruto: Yay!! POPCORN!!!

Strength: That's a yes. How about you Sasuke?

Sasuke: (bored) Hn.

Strength: (ignoring Sasuke) Then I'll go get some popcorn, and in the meantime you can start the show!

"Where the hell is he?!"

The bridge. It is a certain place where people could peacefully watch the fish in the river flow or look at the clouds and have no worries. Yet there are times where if you stay too long, you could get annoyed. Especially if you're waiting for a certain someone who told you to come at six in the morning, only to wait for that same person for three more hours. Although Team Seven should be used to it by now, they still get impatient.

"You should be used to this by now, dobe." A usually silent, stoic, and uncaring black haired boy answered the hyperactive, loud-mouth blonde. Sasuke really wishes their sensei would hurry up, Naruto's babbling isn't something he plans on listening to any longer.

"What do you care, bastard? If we wait any longer, I won't be able to enjoy my ramen at Ichiraku's. It'll be free!" As said by none other than the number one loud mouth ninja of Konoha, Naruto. Then he added, after seeing that the other boy looks more bored than usual, "Iruka-sensei is treating," Sasuke felt a twinge of an unfamiliar emotion come from within, "but it's not like you'll care any way. I don't know why I'm even wasting my breath trying to explain to an ice prick who can't appreciate the joys of ramen!"

Sakura, the other teammate, just sweat dropped with the scene in front of her. 'Who argues about ramen'

"Only dobes like you enjoy eating ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." Sasuke could never understand how the dobe could eat so much ramen, it's so unhealthy.

"Don't call me a dobe, bastard!" Naruto shot back and… was that an animal growl?

"Well, how about dead-last then?"




By this time the person they were waiting for finally arrived, "Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic on the way here and well…" Sadly, while this excuse was lame he also had the nerve to put on the innocent act. The up-curved crescent moon shaped eye, his hand rubbing the back of his neck, you name it. This also means he didn't notice the two boys arguing or the usually energetic girl looking bored out of her mind. Though, what he did notice was the lack of yelling from two of his students for his last minute lie.

To solve his own confusion, he opened his eye to see what was going on. What he saw wasn't much of a surprise to him. Sasuke and Naruto seem to be in another argument, with Naruto doing all the yelling, that has something to do with either the name calling, Naruto's obsession of ramen, or Sasuke being too much of a jerk. Or, it could possibly be all three. 'Oh well, might as well see where this goes, it's not like we have anything better to do.' There were no missions today and, as of now, no training either.

"Well, at least I don't always have a stick up my ass!" Naruto's voice reaches their teacher's ears.

"Well, at least I'm not going to die sooner than I should from eating too much ramen!" Sasuke sounds as if he's actually going to rip the Kyuubi holder's head off. Looks like it was going on for awhile now. That, or they just aren't in a good mood today. (Gee, I wonder why.)

"That's it! You're dead, bastard!" He lunges at Sasuke and they both fall on the bridge. They start splashing around in the water as they begin choking each other whilst, renewing their efforts at upping one another in their verbal fight.

"I don't see why… gag… it's so imp… cough… ortant to you, going to… wheeze… Ichiraku's with Iruka!" Sasuke gargled out between labored breaths.

"What's it to you?... wheeze… So what if I like someone… pant… as child would a parent or as a brother… cough… no one else would, and I… gag… want to keep him as a friend… always." His speech was whispered out but the last word was faded off towards the end and it was barely heard. He tried to get Sasuke off before he ran out of air.

"Ok… that's enough you two," Kakashi steps in as he grabs both of their shirts to lift them as far away from each other as his arms could reach, toes barely toughing the ground.

"It's about time you got here!" Naruto yells, forgetting about the previous fight, as he struggles to get out of his teachers tight grip with no luck, "So what will it be today, missions or training?"

"Neither," Kakashi pauses to see his students' reactions. Sasuke has the stoic face, like always, but his eyes say a different story as he hangs there, Naruto stops struggling and stares at Kakashi with his jaw dropped, and Sakura doesn't have the worried look on her face anymore, instead it's replaced by murderous anger. Who can blame them? They were just waiting for three hours for him to show up only to have the jounin say they weren't going to do anything today. He continues anyway, "There are no missions today and I decided that I have something else to do."

"I can understand the 'no missions' part… I guess… but no training? I doubt you have something else important going on." Stating the obvious, Sakura looks at her teacher warily, trying to decipher his cryptic language. 'How much you want to bet that it has something to do with that pornographic book!'

"Actually, I do have a mission." Kakashi matter-of-factly stated. "But it's a secret mission only meant for me. So yeah… I guess I'll see you tomorrow… maybe," The last word is mumbled as he leaves in a puff of smoke leaving the two boys to drop in the water, splashing them soaked and even getting Sakura on the bridge.

"Great." Sasuke grumbles as he gets out of the water and back onto the bridge, Naruto right behind him cursing everything around him. The pink haired Kunoichi just looks at her dress and groans. She should've expected to get some kind of nature on her whether it be green or clear.

They try to get as much water out of their clothing as possible. Naruto wrings his jacket out and, still unsatisfied, puts it back on.

"He probably had a big mission that included him to go some place far," Sakura matter-of-factly stated after the long silence while the dried off. She can't think of another reason as to why he rushed off (he is usually late for everything).

"Hn," Sasuke silently agreed.

Meanwhile, not too far from Team Seven, behind a tree that is actually behind them, is none other than the perverted sensei, Kakashi. His book is out but he isn't reading it as he silently watches and waits for his chance.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke silently walked through the streets of Konoha. If anyone they knew walked by them, they would have thought that A) the world is going to end, B) Team Seven got abducted by aliens, or (the more logical one) C) Sasuke and Naruto got in another fight. Their team was known for being loud and obnoxious. They were never categorized as quiet when together. A stranger passing by would have thought that they were nice, peaceful children (now that's a laugh).

A couple times, Sakura tried cutting the tension by starting a conversation with Sasuke, but the tension was so thick that not even a recently sharpened kunai could cut through it. Every attempt was futile as she was ignored completely. She didn't even think about talking to Naruto… what if he got the wrong idea? So she just stuck with being quiet.

What they didn't know was that they were being followed. Who else would it be besides the masked copy ninja, Kakashi. He was silently jumping across the roofs of the houses they passed by, waiting for the perfect time to strike his unsuspecting students.

You see, Kakashi thinks he has a perfect plan. A plan that is so great that he must not speak of it. He is following his three students, waiting until something happens that'll get Naruto and Sasuke by themselves.

Although Sakura is keeping quiet, she is still trying to get rid of the tension, or better yet get away from it, because it's starting to freak her out. She's fidgeting to the point that even Sasuke and Naruto could tell. So she does one thing she could think of to get away from this tension-of-death.

"Oh no! I almost forgot! I promised Ino that I would meet her at the shop as soon as I could!" 'Yeah! That's a perfect idea!' She slaps her head with her hand to show that she had forgotten, then adds sweetly, "See you tomorrow, Sasuke-kun."

She runs off after waiting a couple seconds for an answer, though she never gotten one. The boys watch her until she turns the corner, still silently walking along the streets.

'Great, now all I have to do is get rid of the dobe.' Sasuke's still looking the other way, trying to decide which would be the best shop to go into. Any shop would be fine but if he chooses one that has a girl owner… let's just say he'd rather be with the dobe.

He was about to start to walk over to a store when he felt a slight tingle in the pit of his stomach. Then he felt it spreading through his body, getting worse as it went. The pain began soon enough and he could hear the blonde next to him curse unintelligibly. Until, finally, everything went black.

Kakashi sees Sakura leave the two boys and thinks that his plan couldn't go any smoother. 'Just when I thought that I was going to do something drastic. Oh well, now I can go on with the plan.'

He starts to make hand sign to form a jutsu and ends shortly after with the sign of the horse. A couple seconds later, both boys stop walking and stand still with their faces contorted in pain. Soon, they both fall to the ground, one on top of the other.

"Well, it looks like I'll be a courteous teacher and bring them to their respective houses."

With that said he jumps from his hiding spot and picks Sasuke and Naruto's bodies up by the front of their shirts. He then tucks Naruto's limp body under his left arm and does the same thing to Sasuke's under his right. With that done, he heads off on top of the roofs once more.

To Be Continued…

Naruto: ……uh, wha-

Sasuke: What the hell?! What did Kakashi do to us?!?

Strength: (smug smile) You'll just have to wait 'til the next chapter.

Sasuke: No! I want to know right now!

Strength: No, you won't be surprised like everyone else. Besides, you might give everything away and then it won't be as exciting.

Naruto: It's never fun to know before you see or read it. You should wait.

Sasuke: … Who cares what you think?! But since I'm most likely not going to get answers and that I don't feel like fighting a girl, I guess I'll wait.

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Sasuke: (grumbling) Never mind…

Strength: HAH!!!