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Strength: Sasuke! Hide me!! /hides/

Sasuke: Why should I? Is Itachi here?! /sharingan/

Strength: No! They're going to kill me!

Naruto: Well, that's your own fault.

Sasuke: /didn't listen/ You know I'll find you! You can't hide from me, Itachi!

Strength: /sighs and slaps Sasuke/ Fine, whatever. Let's see you say that when you find me dead later.

Naruto: Can we please just get on with the fic, we've already been waiting long enough.

Strength: Heh, sorry about that everyone! Okay, on with the fic!

"Prove it."

Sasuke stops glaring at Naruto to redirect his glare at the brunet on his other side. Yuuji ignores the look and smirks.

"What?!" The Uchiha snarls.

The smirk widens. "You heard me. I want you two," he points to Sasuke and Naruto, "to prove to me," this time he points to himself, "that you guys are boyfriends." Yuuji casually tucks some of Naruto's blond hair behind his ear.

"Don't touch me!" Sasuke flinches back.

Naruto growls. Neither boy seems to notice, however. He isn't sure if the growl is because Yuuji wants them to 'prove they are boyfriends' (which they clearly aren't), Yuuji is touching his body, or because Naruto knows that Sasuke is being touched by a stranger. For some reason, the thought of someone touching Sasuke didn't bode well with him.

Yuuji is unaffected by the responses of his actions and waits. The bath house plunges into silence as the tension increases (with possible thoughts of death of one certain brunet held by Sasuke) until, finally, someone breaks it.

"And why the hell should we do anything for a low life stranger?" Sasuke practically growls out, not in the mood for games. He just wants to get back into his own body, dammit! But no, that body-stealing dobe has to make things even more complicated by claiming that they are boyfriends! At this rate, he might as well as start buying new clothes that'll suit his style.

Without warning, Sasuke feels strong arms wrap around his waist under the water and pulls him up against an equally muscular body. Chest against chest, the Uchiha tries pushing back but the arms won't let up. The blond freezes, a blush dancing along his face. That… That is his… his…

"Get off of me, pervert!" Sasuke punches the brunet in the jaw. The arms around him loosen before tightening up again. Noticing this, Sasuke looks up at the other's (now bloody) face to see the guy leering at him, chuckling.

"I love it when they put up a fight." Then, to Sasuke's surprise and horror, the brunet's lips descend toward his. Realizing that there was nothing else he could do, Sasuke tightly clamps his eyes and mouth shut, just wanting to get it done and over with. It never comes. Slowly opening his eyes he finds an amusing sight before him.

A pale hand clamps over the lower portion of Yuuji's face, right below the nose. From the wide green eyes focused on the person the hand belongs to, he can tell that he is just as surprised as he is.

Despite knowing who it is, Sasuke still faces his savior (though he'll rather die than admit that out loud). With the glaring and the clenched jaw, Sasuke wouldn't be surprised to see the sharingan activated in those eyes. However, the person inside the body isn't capable of doing so. The eyes are still as black as midnight.

"Get. The fuck. Away from him!" Naruto growls dangerously low. His hand tightens on the face it was holding. Seeing what he is doing, Sasuke backs up a step and knees the brunet in the groin and backs out of the way so Naruto can finish him.

And finish him he does.

The two shinobi walked the shortcut through the forest in silence. Sasuke glances over to his companion, who is unusually quiet, he turns away. If it weren't for the fact that he is a victim in this whole switch-a-roo, Sasuke will have thought that the person next to him is the real Sasuke.

But he isn't.

Well, not on the inside, at least.

Thinking back to after Naruto shoved Yuuji's head into the water until Sasuke decided to pry him off. Sasuke remembers seeing obsidian eyes stare wide eyed at the shaking pale hand before the Sasuke-imposter stalked off. He still can't understand what happened then. Did he do all that because he wanted to save his body?

But, no, that makes no sense. The older boy knows that Naruto doesn't lose control like that unless it's for another person. Plus, if he wanted to keep the person away from his body, he would have screamed for the guy to get away from him but get away from my body. That's just the way he works, Naruto speaks his mind and doesn't try to hide the reasons for his anger.

That means he was protecting him!

'But…' Sasuke looks over at Naruto again, 'for what reason?'

Too busy with his thoughts to notice the Uchiha staring at him, Naruto attempts at soothing his thoughts. Notice the word 'attempt'. It's pretty obvious it isn't working out well.

Flexing his fingers, Naruto mentally sighs. He can't understand the reason behind loosing control back there. Yeah, sure, it was his body that was being violated, but he also knows that that wasn't the reason why he flipped. Although he doesn't know the exact reason, he does have a gut feeling that it has something to do with his… the person next to him.

Why else would he say him instead of my body?

Just because he found that out doesn't mean he found all the pieces to the puzzle. There are still a few pieces missing. His eyes shoot to his companion before going back to looking at the ground. Maybe Sasuke will know?

He almost slaps himself at that thought. Of course he doesn't know, he's not a mind reader, even with the sharingan (which he doesn't have now), it's still practically impossible to read minds (unless you're a Yamanaka and he's sure Sasuke isn't related to that family whatsoever).

Apparently, Naruto isn't allowed anymore time to mull it over as he is pulled by the wrist in another direction by the person of his thoughts.

"Wh-what the hell are you doing, teme?!" Naruto tries to pull his wrist out of the vice-like grip the other has on him, keeping up to speed so as not to get dragged. He doesn't receive an answer after a few minutes.

Sighing in defeat, he deems it alright to go along with whatever Sasuke has in store for now.

In the meantime, he'll be coming up with ways to get accustomed to his newly acquired body.

They traveled for fifteen minutes before Sasuke stopped in a clearing and sat them both under a tree next to each other.

Being as blunt and to the point as ever, Sasuke starts of with saying, "We need to talk," surprising Naruto out of his reverie.

Instead of answering, Naruto went back to what he does best - staring. Sasuke doesn't join in, growling at the body-stealer. Then he does something unexpected, he slaps the other on the head, nothing girly but rather that would get Naruto to do something. Which it did, by the way.

"Ow! Teme! What the hell was that for?!"

"When someone says 'we need to talk', it doesn't include staring, dobe." Sasuke retorts.

Naruto snarls, hating the fact that he's being reprimanded and being called a dead last (and that he just got slapped). He launches himself at his rival.

Both boys roll around on the grass, trying to up the other. A few punches are thrown throughout the tumble. Naruto gets a cut on his lip from a successful elbow from Sasuke. Sasuke can feel that he'll be getting a black eye from the left hook Naruto threw at him. At one point, Sasuke tops Naruto, but then that switches as Naruto bucks up and gains control. But, then, it just starts all over again.

Finally, after tiring themselves out, Sasuke lands on top of Naruto, straddling him. Both are bruised and worse for wear, panting to catch their breaths.

Tightening his hands on the blue shirt Naruto is wearing, Sasuke pulls the black haired shinobi up towards him then slams him back into the ground. Naruto grunts in protest, glaring at the person above him all the while.

"So…?" Sasuke starts off, trying to get Naruto to start talking.

"'So', what?" The used-to-be blond grips the black shirt the current blond is wearing, bringing him closer so the glare can be more effective.

Sasuke grits his teeth, "I need to know what the fuck that was all about back there."

"What was what all about?" Oh, Naruto knew what Sasuke was talking about, he knew perfectly well, but that didn't mean that he will go and say what it was. He himself doesn't even know. How the hell is he supposed to tell someone else if he isn't so sure of the reason for his actions?

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about."

"Even if I did, what makes you think that I would tell you?" Stall. That's good. He can stall, figure out how to get out of this, and run off. Easy.

Yeah, right.

Sasuke feels like he's going to pop a blood vessel, now. Or, better yet, pummel his teammate into the ground until he won't know his left from his right. "Just freakin' tell me the reason for sa… what happened at the hot springs with that pervert." 'Saving me' is not a phrase he will ever admit that the dobe will do for him. No, he likes his pride way too much to lower himself to that level.

Naruto stays silent, biting his lips to show that he won't answer.

He receives a right hook to the face in reply.

About to attack back, he doesn't get the chance to. The Uchiha grabs both pale wrists and holds them above his companion's head.

"Just answer already!" Sasuke is really getting annoyed with his antics. It's like trying to get a five year old to tell him where they hid his shuriken.

"I don't know! Okay?! I don't freakin' know why I did that! I just acted upon instinct! God, Sasuke!! I hated seeing how that guy was up and flirting like everything revolved around him! Especially wi-" And clamp goes the pale jaw as it closes shut once more. Sasuke almost, almost, groans out loud. But, he didn't.

"Finish it." His stern order is rejoined with a shake of a head. "Finish that sentence." Another stern order given; another shake of the head. "God dammit, dobe! Just finish the sentence!"

Everything goes quiet. Naruto stops struggling and lies still, not biting his lip anymore. Sasuke just sits on his friend's hips, waiting. He didn't have to wait long when he hears a soft mumble below him. Sasuke tilts his head forward and tells Naruto to say it again, louder.

Looking off to the side, Naruto repeats himself, "I said, 'especially with you'." He continues to stare off to the side, afraid to see what Sasuke's face will look like after that blatant confession.

One of the hands on his wrists disappears and his eyes scrunch closed as he waits for something, anything, to happen. He hated feeling vulnerable, more than ever to the person right in front of him. These kinds of situations he loves to avoid, and this is the reason why. An expectant punch turns into a tug on his chin, making him face the person above. He still doesn't open his eyes.

He does open them, however, when he starts feeling the fingers move (thumb still in place) and begin tapping on his jaw. The expression in the deep blue eyes he gazes into is something he can't describe. He's never seen that expression before.

"W-what?" Naruto stutters out, scared that Sasuke will just come out and hurt him at any second for being an idiot that he always accuses him of.

"Hn. Dobe." Naruto's eyes widen as his friend did what he thought he would only… different. There was sincere… warmth in that one word.

Then, out of no where, pressure is put onto his lips and he notices that it's his friend's lips on his own. He feels a continuous jerking in his stomach and vaguely thinks it's weird to be kissing his own lips before everything goes black.

Waking slowly from unconsciousness, the blond snuggles into the pillow beneath him, trying to go back to sleep. He pauses in his ministrations, though, when he feels his pillow move up and down… and then up and down again… and again… It continued in that same rhythm, and he can hear a small thump if he pressed his ear closer to his pillow.

It took him awhile to get his hazy mind to function and when it did, he did not like how it added all the clues up to equal that he was not sleeping on a pillow but living human being.

Opening his eyes, blinking repetitively, the blond rested his chin on the 'pillow' below him and looked up to see a sleeping face. But not just any face. No. It had to be that of a black haired shinobi.

The blond blinked once more, trying process the situation, until he fully jumped off of the other shinobi and screamed. His scream, unfortunately, woke up the other shinobi, who also jumped up with a kunai ready for use.

They both stare at each other when the blond decides to start babbling excuse after excuse for screaming, trying to keep away from the fact that he was just lying on his friend. The ebony haired man ignores him as he inspects himself. He would've grinned if it weren't for the constant jabbering from the blond across from him.

"Naruto." A says in a sharp, concise voice. "Shut up for a second."

His friend stops talking, eyeing the ebony haired shinobi. "Why?"

Said shinobi sighs in exasperation. "Just observe your surroundings for once, dobe. And think what we've been through."

Taking a few minutes to think, Naruto stops everything before jumping, and running to the Uchiha only to hug him tight.

"Yay!! I'm back to myself! I can be a full out ninja again!" Sasuke pries Naruto off of him, smirking at the joyful blond.

"Took you long enough."

Either he ignored him or he just didn't hear him, Naruto continues to cheer on. That all ends, however, when a thought comes to him. He hesitates to turn to Sasuke but does it all the same.

"So… before we… um… we…" Naruto scratches his cheek then smoothes his hand to the back of his neck. He looks down to the ground, blushing. Some rustling comes from ahead and he looks up to see Sasuke walking away.

"Hn. Dobe." There it is again. The insult, yet it's not. The sharingan user stops walking and turns toward him. "Come on. I'll buy you some ramen."

With that answer, Naruto grins brightly, knowing that everything is alright between them…

"And then I'll buy you some new clothes because I won't be going out with someone who wears obnoxious clothes." Sasuke smirks back at him.

"Teme!" Naruto dashes up to him glaring and smiling, taking his hand.

… If not, better than before.


The grey haired man is angry that he was disrupted in coaxing his lover into bed by the front door being knocked on.

Stomping up to the door, seething, Kakashi flings the door open.


In front of him stands a brunet, about fifteen years old. He looks like he went through a training grounds filled with academy students. He doesn't look like he's happy about it either. Well, who can blame him, he might even have to go to the hospital. It almost makes Kakashi want to wince in pain for the guy.

"I'm here for my money."

Kakashi sheepishly smiles at the guy, taking out some money to give. "Heh. So, how did it go?"

The guy snarls. "What do you think?"

Blinking in innocence, he answers, "Um… pretty well?"

"Tch. For them, maybe."

Chuckling nervously, he hands the guys the money and is about to close the door when the other shinobi stops him with his parting words.

"You're paying for my hospital bill."

The End

Strength: MWAHAHAHA!! I'm DONE!!

Naruto: It's about time.

Strength: Shut up! Can't I just enjoy my accomplishment for a LITTLE bit?

Naruto: No.

Sasuke: …

Strength: Too bad, Sasuke.

Sasuke: …

Strength: NO! I don't want to be alone! Wait until later when I'm asleep!

Sasuke: /stalks off/

Naruto: What did he want?

Strength: You'll find out later, just go stalk for now and I'll join you in a second.

Naruto: Okay! /stalks Sasuke/

Strength: Well, thanks for sticking with me, everyone, and for ALL of your great reviews! They were greatly appreciated!! I love you all! /blows kisses/ Now, if you'll excuse me… /follows Naruto/