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Two pairs of eyes lowered their gaze to the woman at their feet.

"So, this weakling was the one who managed to follow us all this time." A low voice growled. They'd sensed someone following them since they'd passed Konoha, so they'd decided to slow down and meet the pursuer. He looked to his accomplice, and wasn't surprised as he was met with silence. He always had been the silent type. "I will dispose of her. It would take only a second."


He watched in silent amazement as Uchiha Itachi gestured for him to pick up the kunoichi on the ground. He obeyed. Perhaps it was because he knew that The Uchiha had the ability to kill him if he wished. Slinging her over his shoulder, he followed his partner back into the trees towards their destination. As he moved, he was struck with a sense of recognition. She was a kunoichi from Leaf, Haruno Sakura. The one they'd seen as they passed through Sunagakure. If he remembered correctly, she was close to the Kyuubi Jinchurinki. He recalled that Uchiha had expressed a subtle interest in her as they passed through the Sand.

"The place I was telling you of is up ahead." Kissame pointed out, and indeed it was. Earlier that year, he'd been sent out, under Itachi's orders, to find places for them to stay as they traveled. The one he was speaking of at that moment was a small building, in an even smaller town close to the edge of the Sound. It had looked to be abandoned, and it would do for that moment. "You're not planning on bringing her there, are you?"

"Yes I am. You are not to harm her. Place her in a room, and leave her alone. I will take care of everything else."

Kissame shivered. By the way he'd just said that order, Uchiha meant business. Then again, he always meant business. He made directly for a room towards the back.

The house had four small bedrooms, a tiny bathroom, and a kitchen. All the rooms were connected by a narrow hallway. He entered one, and set her onto the old musty carpet. The deep green of it contrasted magnificently with the color of her hair. Indeed, he wasn't one for women, but this one was beautiful. She had long eyelashes, smooth tan skin, fine curves, and delicate features. She looked a bit like an intricately sculpted porcelain doll. Then again, dolls were useless. A thought struck him. Maybe Uchiha wasn't only interested in the Kyuubi...

"Leave." Kissame turned to see Itachi standing in the doorway, passively staring into the room. Immediately obeying, he hid the smirk on his face and stepped out of the room. Maybe he'd get something to eat. There was nothing better to do anyway. He was itching for some action; maybe he'd go out and find a shinobi to pick on. He managed one last glance into the room, and could have sworn that he'd seen Uchiha looking to the kunoichi with a rather uncharacteristically soft look in his eye. He froze, and the door shut in his face.


Sakura awoke with a startled gasp. A wave of hunger overcame all her thoughts, and she was thankful to see some type of soup in a bowl three feet away from her. He hungrily made her way toward it, scooting herself across the floor, and in seconds it had disappeared into her mouth.

She sighed, and surveyed her surroundings. She was in a small, dark room. The carpet was a dirty greenish color. It had limited furnishings, which included only a small coffee table to her left. She shivered. Where the hell was she?

She stood, with much effort. Pain shot through her legs, and she fell back onto the ground. Well apparently, he hadn't killed her, if it had been him even. She concentrated a small bit of her chakra to her hands, and was amazed at how easy it was to collect her chakra. She must have been out for quite a long time, for her chakra to build up so much. She forced a bit of it into her sore muscles, and was relieved as it eased most of the pain.


She looked to the door at the sound, and found her breath caught in her throat. She watched as her visitor shut the door behind himself, and slowly walked to her. She let her eyes take in every detail of his body. He'd discarded his cloak, and was wearing only a pair of pants. His eyes shone deep crimson, and it contrasted deeply with his long dark hair. Droplets of sweat clung to his defined chest, as well as his face. He was definitely better looking than the last time she'd seen him, or maybe it was only the absence of his cloak. Either way, she still found her heart beating just a bit too rapidly and a small blush on her cheeks.

"Why have you come?" He asked in that smooth, but quiet tone, the one that brought butterflies to her heart and stars to her eyes. She watched as he found a place, and leaned against the wall. How could this be the boy she'd met so long ago?

"I-I--- Well..." She paused. He was watching her with patience, and some sort of smirk playing in his eyes. She took a breath, and attempted to continue, "You... I... I needed to see you." She bit her lip. She hadn't meant for it to come out that way, but it had. There was nothing she could do about it now; she'd learned that with many aspects and experiences of her life in the past. She watched as he regarded her with a small smirk.

After a few moments of silence, he looked her over and asked quietly, "Can you walk?" After she nodded, he turned to the door, and opened it. "Come with me." He said, his back to her. She followed quietly behind him as he lead her down the narrow hallway, and didn't think twice about disobeying him as he stated simply, "This is the bathroom, clean up."


Drying her hair in the small towel she'd been given, she mulled over her thoughts. What was she going to do? Would he let her leave? Did she even want to leave? What had she expected coming here?

She sighed, and let her long vibrant pink hair fall from the towel. Her heart fell when she realized that the only clothing she had available to her were her dirty ones. Where had her bag gone?

Sighing, she wrapped her towel around her body, and poked her head out the door into the hallway.

No one.

She tip-toed to her room, and was disappointed to see that it was no where in sight. Again, she peeked out into the hallway, and again, there was no one. Silently thanking every god she knew, she tiptoed back towards the bathroom. Her dirty clothes would have to do. And then it happened, right before she'd walked into her designated room, and any trace of pride she'd kept disappeared.

Kissame stopped in his tracks. What a surprise he'd come upon, and all he'd wanted was some food. Instead, he'd gotten food, and he got to see a beautiful kunoichi scantily clothed. He smirked as she tried to strengthen her demeanor, and push away the blush painting her cheeks.

"D-do you know where Itachi is?" She asked, trying to remain calm. As his eyebrows rose, she added quietly, "I need my bag. It has my clothes in it."

"You mean the tan one?" He asked. He didn't think twice about how rough his voice sounded, it had always sounded that way. So, he was blind to the fact that he was scaring the holy shit out of her.


"It got caught on my Samehada, and I took it back to my room." He stepped past her, and she watched him enter the room across from the bathroom. The truth was, he was going to be nice to her, even if it pained him terribly. If she was on Itachi's good side, he had to be. Besides, he hadn't noticed that he'd had the bag until the morning after they'd taken her in. It had been three days, but he hadn't even thought of approaching Itachi. He returned from his room, and handed her the bag. She bowed, and he shook his head. "Don't do that."

She blushed, and hurried into the bathroom.

He shook his head. If he'd been rude in any way, and she happened to tell Uchiha, it wouldn't be pretty. There was something going on in his partner's brain, and he wasn't going to intrude. Especially if it involved something like a woman. They'd made a silent agreement years ago. They wouldn't talk about anything other than business.

He shivered, and stumbled into his room. Just as he was about to close the door, he saw the kunoichi standing in the hallway. He eyed her for a second, and then asked, "What?" She'd been staring at him. All his life people had stared at him, and it angered him beyond measure when he happened to catch someone doing the same thing.

"N-nothing. Where's Itachi?"

"I have no idea. We tend to stay away from one another while we aren't traveling." He growled.

"But aren't you Kissame?" She asked, her finely shaped eyebrows furrowing in confusion.


"Aren't you... friends?"

"Friends?" He chuckled a bit to himself. Wow. This woman knew nothing about Uchiha. He, himself had never had any friends, and every time he heard the word, he felt the urge to break out into laughter. "Kunoichi, I have no friends, nor does Itachi. We are partners, it ends there."

Her deep green eyes widened, and she muttered a soft, "Oh... Never mind then."

She guessed she'd just sit in her room until he came to her again.

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