15 long agonizing hours of work, Sam thought to himself, and we finally got the job done. It'd be easier if dad were here...

Sam walked across the deserted road of some town in the middle of Arizona. He had just picked up some coffee and snack food of the long ride ahead of them, when he saw Dean take a hop, wait, take another hop, wait, and repeated this over and over again. Sam stopped in his tracks, which were conveniently in the middle of the road, and he thought to himself, I wonder what he's doing, this is weird…

Sam finished walking across the road. He walked in front of the dark blue '67 Chevy impala and stopped once he was in clear view of Dean. Dean, being him, had made up a new game to play to pass the time, from what Sam could see, each time Dean took a hop, he took a swig from a metal flask.

"Dean, what the hell are you doing?" Sam asked.

"Playin' a game," Dean said before taking another hop and drink.

"What game?" Sam asked even more confused than ever.

"Hop-Scotch. Take a hop, have a swig of scotch."

Sam looked at him and raised an eyebrow, "You must be kidding, where'd you find the scotch?"

Dean turned to face Sam, almost tripping entirely. After having a few dozen swigs, one starts to fall over. After regaining is stability he slowly said, "Underneath the passengers chair. Keep it there for safekeeping. Well, mostly so you don't drink it all."

"Me!" Sam exclaimed. Slowly raising his hand to his face he thought to himself, he's not my brother, he's not my brother… oh wait, he is! Crap! The he responded, "Why would I drink it? I barely finish a beer when we go to bars!" Sam was shocked, thinking his brother would even think that he'd drink it. "Oh well," he said to himself.

"This is fun," Dean said hoping again and taking another swig.

"I'm driving," Sam stated.

"No, not my baby…" Dean hiccupped.

"Not like that you are. I'm the only sober driver Dean. Now go sit in the passengers seat like a good 4 year old."

Dean smirked, "I'm 26 dude."

After Sam motioning to sit in the passengers seat, he finally move around mumbling to himself and having mini temper-tantrums. Sam just sat there, trying to contain the laughter that filled his face. Gotta love funny drunken Dean moments, Sam thought to himself, it's a nice way to brighten up a long day. And with that, they drove away into the sunset, with the sound of the car purring…