Okay, first these stories were posted once already. But I no longer have that account and would like to still have them… they are mine after all.

Having said that, these two stories are almost the same. Almost. "The World is Black" and "Depression Kills," those are the names of them. First yes they are older but I don't care. That aside, they are two version of Jack's abused past and they have two separate yet similar tellings. They are both fairly angst ridden. They're first chapters are the same.

If you like a little bit of angst and happiness too, not to mention straight couples than try Depression Kills. If you like heavy angst and don't mind yaoi then read Perfect Happiness… whoops (how that get in there?), I mean the World is Black. Or you could read them both and tell me what you like better. Whatever you end up doing at least read one of them and leave a review. It would be really nice anyway.

So without further ado-

The World is Black chapter 1-

This the second of my dual stories. It does have some parallels to my other story depression kills but they are different. They're both about Jack and they do have similar plot lines but they are not the same. Don't confuse one with the other please. The first chapters of each are the same.

I'd explain better; but I'm lazy.

Disclaimor: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown.

Chapter 1: an intro.

"Where's Jack!" Clay asked Katnappe and Wuya for the third time. This had been the second time that they'd gone after a Shen-gong-wu and Jack hadn't been there.

"That's not your concern!" Katnappe shouted back as they searched for the shen-gong-wu.

"It is if that snake is scheming something!" Clay shouted back.

They were searching for a new Shen-gong-wu in a mountain area. There were rocks everywhere and steep drop-offs were a big danger.

"I found it!" Kimiko yelled as she held up a shiny little gold ball.

"Well, let's get out of here I've got a bad feeling," Dojo said and the four Xiaolin warriors jumped on Dojo and went back to the temple.

As they arrived they saw Master Fung waiting for them.

"This can't be good," Raimundo said as they touched down.

"Young ones, I have grave news, some of the Shen-gong-wu have been stolen again," Master Fung sighed.

"I knew that low down dirty varmint was scheming!" Clay yelled agitatedly.

"It was not Jack," Master Fung sighed.

"WHAT! Not Jack!" Kimiko shouted in confusion.

"But who else could it be!" Omi stammered.

"It was the Chameleonbot," Master Fung replied, "He was programmed to look like Jack but I realized it wasn't him when he broke."

"Broke?" Kimiko asked.

"Yes, I was trying to fight him when I jammed him up against a wall," Master Fung said as he ignored the kids stunned looks, "and he started to spark so he took off with the Shen-gong-wu that he did have."

"If Jack's too busy to do something himself I bet he's really planning something big," Kimiko said as Master Fung walked away.

"I don't like the sound of that," Rai mumbled.

"So then let's do something about it," Kimiko said with a smile.

"And what do you suppose we should do?" Omi asked curiously.

"Kidnap him," Kimiko laughed.

"And then what!" Rai laughed at her.

"Well, it's better than letting him carry out whatever devious plan he has, isn't it?" Kimiko yelled angrily, "Besides it's not like we don't owe him one."

"I agree," Omi said.

"Let's turn the tables on him," Clay agreed.

"Turn what tables?" Omi asked confused.

"Omi, it's just an expression," Rai sighed annoyed.

"Yeah, it just means let's do something that he isn't going to suspect," Kimiko said.

"Well, let's go," Clay said.

"I don't know about this kids," Dojo said after they told him.

"It'll be fine," Kimiko said. "I've got the Shroud of Shadows and the Jetbootsu so no one will see me and then I can just knock him out."

"C'mon, Dojo!" Rai pleaded.

"Fine," Dojo muttered and he turned into the larger version of himself.

"Thanks," they said as they hoped on dojo.