Author's Note: The outside summary kinda sucked, so here's one that is marginally better. The digidestined have once again been called to the Digital World. Old enemies, as well as some new ones, have teamed up to defeat the digidestined and take over the Digiworld. But they have personal demons to deal with, too. Hatred, jealousy, lust, desire, fear, and bitterness have tainted the protectors of the Digital World.

I had a few grammatical errors that I went back and fixed - same chapter, hopefully error free.


Kari, Ken, Davis, Tk, Yolie: 19

Matt, Tai, Sora, Mimi, Izzy: 21

Cody: 17

Joe: 24

The Adventures of the Tainted

Chapter One: Returning to the Digital World


The tension in the room was evident. Brown eyes glared at ocean blue ones. Blue ones returned the icy stare. The brown eyed brunette was sitting at the kitchen table, his arm swung comfortably over the back of the chair and his feet up on the chair diagonally across the table.

The attractive blonde across from him was slouching in his chair. His knee was pulled up so that his foot was flat against the seat. His forearm rested on the raised knee.

The blonde blinked.

"Ha! I win again!" the brunette shouted, shifting so that his feet were on the floor. "Drink up!"

"Come on, Tai! That was just a practice!"

Tai nudged the bottle that was in the center of the table towards his friend. "Since when? You drank the last four times you lost."

"That was before I started getting a headache," he explained. Tai wasn't convinced. The blonde sighed and snatched up the bottle, taking a healthy swig of the strong alcohol. His face tightened as he forced the burning liquid down his throat, his eyes watering as he did so.

"Honestly Matt, you need to work on your alcohol tolerance," Tai said while Matt recovered.

"Shut up, Tai," Matt retorted.

A loud whooing sound was made in one of the bedrooms. "Is Tk here? I thought he was going to go to the movies with Davis."

"He was, but he looked up the movie online; it's basically about hookers and people's head's getting blown off, so he bailed out."

"Oh," Tai commented, nodding his head in understanding. "We should see it."

Tk ran into the kitchen, a bright smile illuminating his face. "Oh hey guys," he said, not really looking at either of them.

"Care to join us, Teeks?" Tai asked, gesturing towards the bottle.

"No he wouldn't," Matt said as he grabbed the cap and screwed it back onto the bottle. "This stuff could kill him."

Tai reached his arm across the table, flexing and bending his fingers like a child would do when he wants something. Matt sighed and passed the liquor across the table. Tai grabbed it greedily, unscrewed the cap, and took a big enough gulp to make Matt cringe. "Honestly Taichi, you have the maturity of a twelve-year-old."

Tai stuck his tongue out. "Whoa," he said, looking over at Tk. "Have you been smoking something Teeks? You're smiling like an idiot."

Tk's smile involuntarily widened. "No, this is way better," he said.

"Well, don't keep us in suspense, Tk, spit it out." Matt sprung up with fake enthusiasm.

"I just checked my mail and Kari sent me something."

"Ugh, is that all? I get e-mails all the time; I thought it was something important. Jeez!"

"I wasn't finished, Tai. It's what she wrote that's important. She broke up with what's-his-face!"

"Really? Thank God, I didn't like what's-his-name at all."

"Did she mention why?" Matt asked casually.

"As a matter of fact, she did. The creep wanted her to move in with him!" Tk pulled at his sleeves, something he always did when he was annoyed.

"Didn't she only start dating him like two months ago?"

"A month and a half, actually," Tk corrected.

"Teeks, you're pathetic. You do realize that?" Tai shot the younger blonde a playful grin.

"Would you stop calling me Teeks!"

"Not so long as it annoys you!"

"Well, if I'm pathetic, than you are too. Shouldn't you be with Sora right now, instead of hanging out here with Matt? You know, the girl you've been obsessed about for ten years?"

"First off, the girl I like is my girlfriend; second, you've liked Kari for what? Eight years? And you've never said anything? Hmm… at least I've told Sora. But, uh, yeah, Sora's mad at me, again."

"What did you do this time?" Matt asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine. It seems like she's always mad at me for one reason or another. Maybe if someone could talk to her, maybe ask her why she's mad…?" Tai looked from Matt to Tk.

Matt shook his head. "I'm staying out of this one," he replied.

Tai looked at Tk with pleading eyes. "No way! Not a chance."

"You know what, I just thought of something. Matt, do you remember the guy who plays center when I'm not on the field?" Matt nodded. "He was asking me if I'd hook him up with Kari. Since she's single now, it would be a perfect opportunity." He looked smugly at Tk.

Tk pulled at his sleeve. "Bull shit! You never approve of Kari's boyfriends. You would never hook her up with someone; especially not someone with his reputation."

"He did approve of Ken," Matt mused.

"Kindly refrain from mentioning that name in my presence!" Tai growled.

"In Ken's somewhat undeserving defense, Sora and you were 'taking a break' and she kissed him. Ken just did what most guys would do when an attractive girl starts kissing him." Matt stifled a laugh. "What? You wouldn't?" Tk asked his brother.

"If I had a girlfriend like Kari, I wouldn't be stupid enough to let some other girl kiss me. And I definitely wouldn't let some other girl kiss me while my girlfriend was in the other room. Ken's lucky that Kari forgave him."

It was Tai's turn to laugh. "If you had a girlfriend at all! God man, when's the last time you've had a girlfriend?"

"I go on plenty of dates!"

"You go out with a girl once and then you never speak to her again! It's your attitude that's the problem."

"What's wrong with my attitude?" Matt questioned.

"Well, first it was 'I'm a badass so everyone leave me the hell alone,' then it was 'I'm an oober cool rock star and I'm awesome,' then it was 'I'm an oober cool rock star but I'm really a badass that can't be bothered with people so leave me the hell alone'."

"Don't ever use the word oober in front of me again." Matt warned.

"Oober, oober, oober!" he taunted back at the blonde.

"I really want to know," Tk chimed in, "when was the last time you had a serious girlfriend?"

"I don't know, I think Sora was the last girl I actually dated." Matt shuttered.

Tk laughed. "I remember how pissed Tai was at you! He was freaking ready to hire a hit man!"

Tai glared at the both of them. "Well excuse me for knowing that Sora and I are meant to be."

"Shut up, Tai," Tk said, his voice very serious.

"What's your problem?" Tai hissed.

"Seriously, Taichi, shut up a minute."

"I think your brother has finally lost it," Tai whispered to Matt.

Tk set himself in a defensive stance. "There's something here," he mumbled.

"Are your spidey-senses tingling?" Matt piped up.

"What the…?" Tai coughed as dust particles fell on him. He looked up at the ceiling. The ceiling around the hanging lamp was breaking apart. "Do you think our landlord will pay for this?"

The ground began to shake. Matt and Tai both jumped out of their chairs. A thin crack sprouted up the wall. The lights flashed on and off. "I can't see it, but I definitely feel something," said Tk.

A clashing sound, like a lamp being knocked to the ground, was heard from the other room. Three objects came speeding through the air. One hit Matt in the chest; one struck Tk in the back of the head before falling to his heels; and the third got stuck in Tai's hair.

"My digivice?" Tai said as he pulled the electronic device out of his unruly hair.

"Mine too," the older blonde said, his hand covering where he had been hit.

Tk stood there rubbing the back of his head. "That freaking hurt!" The shaking of the floor intensified and the entire wall broke where the crack had formed. Bits and pieces of the ceiling caved in. Tk bent down and picked up his D3. Darkness seemed to fill the surroundings, closing the young men in.

A light flashed from the three devices. A blinding flash filled the room, and then, there was no one.


The Silver knob was pushed in, halting the flow of the scorching hot water. A tall and slender young woman stepped out of the shower and onto the bathroom tiles. Mimi wrapped a towel around her newly dyed hair. She had recently switched back to pink after spending a short while as a blonde. She dried off her silky skin and tied a second towel around her body.

Mimi opened the bathroom door and steam escaped into the hallway. Cool air rushed at Mimi, which was a welcome experience. She walked into the bed room and took off the towel that was wrapped around her hair. She threw it on top of her laundry pile before taking a seat in front of her vanity.

A hairbrush, black eyeliner, some pink eye shadow, a variety of fruity lip glosses, and several other miscellaneous items were neatly set up on top of the vanity. Mimi picked up the brush and combed the snarls out of her hair. Setting the brush back down a minute later, Mimi stood up. She walked over to her closet, which had mirror doors, to check herself over. The towel dropped to the ground and Mimi looked over her body with a critical eye. She placed her hand over her flat stomach. "Maybe Hika will be willing to sign up for that yoga class with me again. I don't want to lose my figure and the instructor was awfully cute."

After making a mental note to speak with her best friend about resuming their yoga class, Mimi was satisfied that she looked alright. She searched through her drawers for a pair of pajamas and settled on a pink tank-top with pink pants that had red and purple hearts on them. "I totally wasted my Friday night," she said, seeing that she was ready for bed at nine.

Mimi noticed that the mirror doors on her closet were slightly foggy. She went over and wiped her hand along the door. The water condensing on the mirrors felt slimy and gooey. "Eww!" Mimi shrieked, wiping her hand on her pants. Suddenly, the light flickered on and off several times. Mimi screamed as a box pulled itself out from underneath her bed. The top flew off and the contents jumped into the air and landed at her feet.

Her old digivice had flown out of the box. Mimi bent down to pick it up, but the ground began to shake and she lost her balance. The unsteady girl threw her hands out to keep from landing on her face. The carpet was damp from the same watery substance that was on her mirror.

The vibrations became more violent. Mimi grabbed onto her digivice as the lights shut off completely. The digivice produced its own glow, absorbing Mimi into the radiating light. She disappeared into it.


"No way man, the best part was definitely the scene where that girl got her head blown off!"

"You only liked it because she was a prostitute and walking around in nothing but a silk thong!"

"Well, no duh! It's the only part that made the movie worth paying seven bucks to see."

Ken stared blankly at his friend. "You're deluded, Davis; you know that, don't you?"

Davis scoffed at him. "I'm not deluded, I'm honest. Don't tell me that you didn't think that that was the only worthwhile part of the movie."

Ken stuck his hands in his pants pockets. "It's getting colder out. We should walk a little faster," he said, changing the topic.

Davis slowed down his pace and shot his friend a mischievous smile. "No way, not until you admit that that scene was freaking hot!"

The sound of footsteps hitting the ground at an obnoxiously slow speed was the only noise for a moment. "Fine," Ken said with a sigh, "the prostitute scene was the only good part in that entire obscenely distasteful movie. Happy?"

"As a matter of fact… huh?" Davis jumped and placed his hand over his back pocket. He pulled his D3 out and stared at it intently.

"You brought your D3 with you?" Ken inquired.

Davis nodded. "I had a strange feeling and thought it was a good idea to bring it," he explained.

Ken reached into his inside jacket pocket and pulled out his D3. "I kinda felt the same way," he admitted.

The two teens looked from each other to their D3s and back again. The lamp post above them flickered. Ken felt an eerie sensation chill his body. He turned his head to where he felt the source of discomfort was coming from. "Shit," he whispered, his eyes wide and heartbeat steadily increasing.

"What is it?" Davis asked, trying to see what was freaking his friend out. "What are you looking at?"

Ken extended his arm and pointed down the alleyway. "Those are what I'm looking at."

"I don't see anything."

Ken's eyes visibly dilated. He grabbed Davis' arm and pulled him down the road. "Then trust me when I say it isn't something you want to see!" The bulb of the flickering lamp light they had been under exploded. All of them began to explode as Davis and Ken ran under them. They covered their heads in an attempt to protect themselves from flying shards of glass.

"How the hell did they get here?" Ken mumbled to himself, dodging another attack of shards.

"Who!" Davis cried in frustration. "What do you see?"

Ken looked back to confirm his fears. The digimon, at least he believed them to be digimon, that dwelled in the Dark Ocean were chasing after them and cutting the distance between them at an unnerving rate. They had no true forms, their bodies' mere outlines that surrounded a black and swirling appearance. (A/n think back to "His Master's Voice" when Kari was sent to the dark ocean. Not the Scubamon, what the Scubamon turned into after Kari freed them and led them out of the cave.)

A black arm shot out of the ground inches in front of Ken and Davis and tripped the two teens. Davis fell flat on his face while Ken twisted his body so that he landed on his back. Both boys sat up. Davis looked over at Ken and saw an expression he had never seen taint Ken's features; a look of pure terror.

The creatures were nearly at them now, and the one whose arm had shot up through the pavement had somehow pulled himself through the sidewalk and was looming over them. Davis was more confused than anything else, but Ken's actions were making his body shutter. He didn't know what Ken was seeing, but it couldn't be good. Ken did not scare easily.

The forgotten D3's began pulsating. They lit up, making both boys cover their eyes. The light overtook their bodies, and they too disappeared.


Her sleeping form spread out over the entire bed. Sheets were wrapped up around her legs, the pillow was on her head, instead of under it, and one arm hung carelessly over the side. She awoke, desiring something to quench the parched feeling in her throat. There was a water bottle somewhere, and she felt around for it. "It must have fallen under the bed again."

She pulled the pillow off of her head, exposing a mess of long, lavender hair. She had two options, walk all the way to the kitchen and get a drink of water, or roll under the bed and get it. Yolie rolled her body off the bed, landing with a thud. She made a mental note to actually get up and out of bed the next time she needed to.

Standing up and putting the sheets that had come off with her back onto the bed, Yolie yawned and stretched her arms out. She turned on the lamp by her bed.

A loud noise from inside her closet startled the girl into waking up completely. Something inside her closet began knocking itself into the door, trying to open it. Yolie walked to the center of the room. She remembered that in every horror movie she had ever seen, the idiotic, big breasted girl always went towards a creepy and unidentifiable noise, instead of away from it. Then the girl was brutally murdered.

Something grabbed Yolie's arm and wrenched it backwards. She cried out in pain but found nothing holding her arm behind her back. The banging sound got even louder, making the door shake violently.

The lights went out, leaving only a glow from the creases in the closet. The light shining through reminded Yolie of Hikari. Drawn to it, as she was to her friend's light, Yolie fought to get closer to it.

The closet door pushed to the side, releasing the glowing object. It flew at Yolie, and her arm was freed. She caught the D3 before it hit her and was absorbed into the light.


The constant clicking of the letters being pressed down on the keyboard by skilled fingers was the only sound filling his ears. He was typing furiously, working by the light of the laptop screen.

You have mail.

The spiky redhead excitedly clicked on the icon that had changed from blue to yellow when the e-mail reached his inbox. "Someone read my fan fic!" he cheered. "Hey KingKnowledge, I read the first installment of your fanfic, but I couldn't bring myself to proceed onto the second. The idea is original and creative, but I only understood like three words. Edit it so that normal people can understand it and I'll read installment two." The computer whiz sighed at the disheartening review. "I understood it perfectly," he mumbled.

He went back to wasting his time in a chat room. "My name is Izzy," he said as he typed. "I'm tall, muscular, and I play basketball." He stopped typing. "I'm so pathetic." The backspace button was pressed repeatedly. Izzy was feeling pretty bummed after wasting another Friday night in a chat room.

You have mail.

"Again?" Hoping for another review, maybe a positive one, Izzy opened his mailbox again. He opened the e-mail, not recognizing the address. The e-mail was blank. Disappointed, he went to close the window, but the screen was frozen.

"What the…?" Words began appearing in the message box.

Beware…the darkness…is coming…for you…Izzy.

Izzy jumped back, knocking the seat over. The laptop screen went black. Izzy had his digivice set up on a small pedestal on his desk. It went at him, hitting his arm before he could react. "This is impossible!"

Izzy found himself standing in darkness. Something pushed against him, forcing him to smash into the desk. Instinctively, Izzy grabbed his beloved pineapple laptop. Fumbling in the darkness, the digivice went unnoticed. It began to glow, attracting the redhead's attention.

Izzy fell on his hands and knees, reaching towards the white device with his free hand. The light it emitted pushed back the surrounding darkness. It over took the young genius and he too, disappeared.


Another day of high school had tired him out completely. He was irritable and annoyed and sappy soap operas on TV weren't helping. He looked over at the phone resting on the coffee table, willing it to ring. But it didn't.

He could have gone out that night, called Yolie or someone, but he had rather stay and wait for the phone to call.

"Argh!" he shouted, letting his frustration out in the form of an aggravated scream. The bowl of popcorn that had been resting on his stomach was set down; the television was violently shut off.

"Come on, Cody, you really didn't expect him to call." Expect? No. But the boy could hope. Cody sprawled himself out on the couch. He wasn't angry, just disappointed. His disappointment, however, came out more aggressively than other people's.

Some people thought that he had an anger problem. Years of being tormented had hardened him; especially in the last year. Now that most of his friends were in college, the awkward boy was a prime target for the jocks. No one had messed with him the year before in fear of getting on Kari's bad side. No one wanted to be on her bad side. The upperclassmen who hadn't known that she had moved to New York were nice to him still so they could ask about her.

Cody looked at the phone again. Nothing. "He's probably out with someone fun and exciting," he wallowed. He needed to stop caring, it wasn't like he had told Cody that he would call.

A cool breeze made Cody shiver. He stood from his comfortable position on the couch and headed towards his room. Ms. Hida was gone for the weekend, staying at her boyfriend's place.

Cody pulled his tan colored sleeve up to his shoulder and opened up his shirt drawer. Searching through the drawer until he found the box cutter, Cody's heartbeat sped up.

He sat down on the bed and put the blade against his skin, just above the elbow, where countless scars decorated his flesh. Cody winced as the blade cut through his skin. Not too deep, just enough to draw blood.

People always said that cutting was a dangerous habit to get into, but Cody loved it. It was pain he could control, there were scars that left a physical mark. He didn't have to think about anything else.

Cody felt the blade going deeper than the pressure he applied would allot. Something wasn't right. He couldn't pull the blade away. It felt like someone had his hand over Cody's, forcing the blade down.

Blood dripped from the wound onto the bed comforter. Cody panicked; he screamed and pulled at his arm.

The bed began to shake. The chill he had felt in the living room now invaded the bedroom. Shadows came out from the corners and approached him. The kendo sticks leaning against the wall in the corner fell to the ground. Cody's D3 shot out from the rubble and landed on the blood stained sheets.

Without a second thought, Cody used the hand dripping with blood to pick up the D3. The pressure on his other hand ceased to push down. Cody threw the blade against the opposite wall.

From his hand came a blinding light. Cody blinked repeatedly as his surrounding vanished around him.


Her moans were muffled by his lips pressed against hers. His lips moved down to her neck, gently sucking on the skin, though not hard enough to break any blood vessels and leave a hickey mark. His hips beat rhythmically against hers.

"Oh, God, that's it! Don't stop! Ooh!" she screamed. Her partner's face was frozen in an expression of pleasure as he too climaxed.

His body collapsed next to hers, both were panting heavily. She cuddled against him, kissing his tanned skin. "I'd better get going," she whispered.


"Yeah." She pulled on her shirt.

He sat up and began kissing her neck again. His hand made its way up her thigh. "Stay awhile."

"I can't."

He shook his head. "You're going home to check your messages."

"What? No, I mean, yes I'll check them when I get home, but I'm not going home to check them." She hopped out of bed and finished dressing.

"Bullshit, Sor. You want to see if Tai called to apologize." Sora said nothing. "I was right."

"What's your problem, Mark?" she asked, taking a seat next to him.


"Now who's the bullshiter?"

"It's just that things never change. You get mad at Tai; come over here to achieve some sexual gratification because Tai is in trouble; Tai apologizes; you wait until Tai apologizes again; then you call me the next time he pisses you off."

"What's your point?"

Mark sighed, his brown eyes glinting with disappointment. "It's just getting old."

"It never bothered you before." She snuggled up close to him but he backed off, grabbing his boxers from the edge of the bed.

"Yeah, well, it does now. I'm tired of being your plaything you pick up when you're pissed at your boyfriend."

"I should think you'd like it, sex without commitment. Are you saying that you'd rather we stop doing this?"

Mark stayed silent. He knew that he wouldn't break off their relationship. She knew that he wouldn't break off their relationship. He knew that she knew that he wouldn't break off their relationship.

"I'll call you" she said, flinging her bangs to the side.

"Whatever…" Mark responded, halfheartedly.

Sora left her lover's apartment without saying another word to him. She walked quickly down the darkened streets, her thoughts focused mainly on Taichi. She honestly couldn't remember why she was mad at Tai this time. She loved him, or rather; she had learned to love him.

Sora's first love had been Yamato. She remembered when he had asked her out. The new digidestined were doing the whole save the world thing, and were taking a break to go to Matt's first real gig. Matt was sixteen and looked gorgeous up on the stage. He had asked her to meet him after the show, but evil digimon had gotten in the way. It wasn't until everything was straightened out that they became a couple.

They dated for about three months, until Matt confessed that he was in love with someone else. That was okay; Sora could deal with that. Matt would ask her out, she'd turn him down, and then Sora would be there to comfort him and Matt would see that he really did love her.

But Matt never did ask her out. He just admired her from afar. As far as Sora knew, Matt was still in love with that scank-whore.

After Matt had broken up with Sora, Tai followed her around like a puppy dog trying to comfort her. She fantasized about Matt coming to his senses and challenging Tai to a fight for her. She loved Tai; she just still loved Matt more.

Sora entered her apartment quickly, trying to escape the cold. The answering machine played no knew messages. "Stupid Tai," she growled.

Sora looked very much like she had when she was sixteen. Same hairstyle, same height, only now, instead of the modest school uniform, she frequently wore very short skirts and revealing tops. It got her all the attention she wanted.

Her thoughts drifted back to Tai. She needed to remember why she was angry at him before he called. If he called. "Of course he'll call" she assured herself. "He's probably talking to Matt about me right now."

She knew that she should leave Tai. It was unfair to him that she was in love with his best friend. But there was no guarantee that she would ever end up with Matt and Tai was too amazing in bed to just throw away without someone else to go to. There was Mark, but their relationship was strictly about sex.

A scratching sound brought Sora out of her musings. She looked around but found nothing that would have caused the noise. Shrugging it off, Sora collapsed on the couch. She stared aimlessly at the ceiling until she noticed strange shadows moving about.

Alarmed, Sora sat up; only she couldn't see anything other than the couch. The room was veiled in darkness. She brought her knees to her chest and closed her eyes tightly.

Then something smacked her in the forehead. Rubbing her forehead and cursing loudly, Sora was distracted from her fear. She picked up the digivice that lay on the worn out couch.

It began vibrating in her hand. Glowing brightly, Sora was drawn into the light and the light died down, leaving no one in the room.


He stuffed his hands in his coat pockets to protect them from the cold. He stood on the doorstep with a sheepish smile on his face when the door opened. "You forgot your keys again, didn't you?" the woman at the door asked.

"Uh, yeah, I may have."

"What am I going to do with you, Joe?"

The man stepped through the door. "I have a suggestion, Meg," he said, pulling Megan into a kiss.

Megan ran her fingers through Joe's blue hair. "Remind me where we were when I get back."

"Where are you going?" the blue haired man inquired.

"I have to run down to the store and get some milk."

"Why didn't you just call me? I could have gotten it on my way home."

"Because you worked a triple shift today. And you forgot your cell phone. It's on the kitchen counter, by your keys." Megan gave her boyfriend a quick kiss before heading out the door.

Joe yawned and shook the hair away from his eyes. He needed a trim; the shortest layer always fell behind his glasses and got in his eyes. But working double and triple shifts at the hospital didn't leave enough time for such trivial things as haircuts.

Joe had graduated from medical school the previous June and started working by August. Being as ambitious as he was as a young teenage, Joe took every opportunity to work at the hospital and get some hands on training. Blood was still an issue that he was working on, but he no longer got sick from the sight of it.

Another yawn reminded Joe exactly how tired he was. He let his jacket drop to the floor and walked to the bedroom.

The door slammed shut behind him, causing the young doctor to jump. Joe went to pull the door open but it didn't budge. Too tired to care very much, Joe ignored it. Megan could fix it when she got home.

He unbuttoned his shirt as he headed towards the bathroom to take a shower. The door slammed closed just before Joe reached it. He pulled at the door, but, like the other, it wouldn't open. Joe looked back towards the door that led out of the room. He couldn't see it because of the shadows. Half the room was lit half was pitch black, slowly advancing towards the young man. "I'm more tired than I thought," he murmured, unwilling to believe that the scene was a rational one.

Something struck Joe from behind. It felt like a fist had punched him in the small of his back. Joe fell forward, onto his stomach. The darkness had spread across three-fourths of the room, creeping across his outstretched fingers.

Joe's digivice was placed on a shelf that was nailed to the wall. It fell to the ground and slid towards him. It was the only thing visible through the darkness. Joe grabbed it as it reached his outstretched palms. It began glowing and swallowed Joe completely.


"Thanks for walking me home," she said, jingling her keys in her hands. She placed the key in the lock before turning back to her companion.

"Anytime," he returned, leaning in to kiss her. She turned her cheek to him. He laughed shortly. "Uh, right, sorry Hika."

She smiled apologetically at him before opening the door. "'Night, Kyle," she said with a wave.

"'Night," he recited, though she had already entered the hall of the apartment and shut the door.

Kari sighed as she watched him turn and leave sullenly. It was suddenly very clear to her why most people didn't stay friends with their ex's. They for some reason thought that they still had boyfriend rights. Kyle was a nice guy, but definitely not her type.

The walk up the stairs was quick, seeing as her apartment was on the second floor: 32B. It was decent sized, furnished with cheap but attractive furniture; an empty fridge and sometimes poor lighting conditions were the only complaints she could make.

Kari hung up her jacket and took off her shoes. Moving at a leisurely pace, she headed for her answering machine. The light indicating that there was a new message was flashing persistently.

"Hey Hika, it's Meems, of course. I'm just calling to tell you to keep your schedule free for next Friday. We're double-dating! I met this really great looking guy at Starbucks the other day, and we had an awesome conversation about, well, everything, so I agreed to go out with him but his cousin is in town. His cousin is a hottie, don't worry, and I said you'd come. Please? I love you! You're amazing and I know you wouldn't let me down! Call me, bye."

Kari groaned. The last thing she wanted to do was go out on a date next weekend. There was nothing wrong with being single, or at least not having to go on blind dates less than a week after getting out of a relationship.

She ran her fingers through her long, silky hair. Kari had really grown into a beautiful woman since her adventures in the Digital World. Her hair was layered and went past her shoulders. She had grown quite a bit taller, no longer a foot shorter than everyone. Her eyes still had the ruby tint to them; they had even become redder in the past few years. Timid was no longer a quality that described Kari. She was bold and adventurous, though still kindhearted and bearing an air of innocence and purity. She had developed well through her teen years. Long, slender legs, a flat, muscular stomach, decent sized breast, and a well toned body were just some of her gratifying features.

A year in New York had brought Kari and Mimi closer together. Before, they barely knew each other, but now they were almost inseparable. She had decided to go to school in New York, at New York University with Mimi. Freshman year was nearly over and Kari was eager to get back to Japan. She missed Odiaba and her friends and family.

The phone rang, causing Kari to jump. "Hello?" she said, quickly recomposing herself. "Oh, hey Kyle. How am I? About as good as I was when I saw you five minutes ago. Of course I made it up to my place okay, you saw me enter the building. I, hello?" A clicking sound was heard, muffled by static. "Kyle?"

What sounded like heavy, forceful breathing was heard through the other line. "Kyle? Stop being a jerk off!"

A croaking voice went through the line. "Light…we're watching you…"

"Who is this?" she demanded.

"Watching… we're always watching you, right behind you, in the shadows…" Kari slammed the phone back down on the receiver.

She shivered with fear. The shadows in the corner seemed to advance towards her. Right behind you, in the shadows echoed her thoughts. Kari turned on her heel and saw that nothing was there. "I'm being stupid; someone's just trying to scare me." She sounded more like she was trying to convince herself than anything else.

Laughing intruded her thoughts. Kari didn't need to turn around; she knew that they were behind her. The monsters from the Dark Ocean.

A piercing pain shot across Hikari's forehead. She fell to her knees as the headache blurred her vision. She could hear them circling around her. "I won't go back!" she shouted; her hands were grasping the sides of her head.

The creatures exchanged glances, each nonverbally commanding the other to move. None of them wanted to, however, they all feared what would happen if they provoked the Chosen Angel of Light. Finally, the leader took a bold step forward to grab Kari.

A glowing pink device flew between the creatures and landed by the young woman. Kari lowered a shaky hand over her D3. She picked it up and held it close to her as the agonizing headache drove her from consciousness. A light surrounded her as she passed out, consuming her and she disappeared.


The creature stood perfectly still, eyes concentrating on the black void in front of him. The surroundings suited him perfectly; cold, damp, and dark. He was standing in the throne room of his castle.

He closed his eyes and reached a tentacle forward to the void. A flash of light and a golden pendant shaped like a tear drop appeared in his mind before he retracted his tentacle arm in pain. Shaking the pain away, he considered the vision he had. A pendant. Was it what he was searching for?

"Report," he hissed, not bothering to turn to the servant that had entered the throne room.

"My Lord, we went after the digidestined, like you instructed."

"And…?" he said, finally turning away from the darkness.

"It was as she warned. The digivices reacted and protected them from your dark magic. They were sent to the Digital World, like she predicted."

"Fine, fine, does she know?"

"She has digimon ready to greet them."

"Very well. Is there anything else?" The creature sat on his throne.

"Only that a few of them could see us," he explained.


"Kindness and Light. Hope felt our presence, but none of the others knew we were there."

"I want you to start researching any Digital, Dark, Light, and Earth pendants you can find out about."

"Yes My Lord." He bowed and left the room.

"So they have returned. Things are falling into place perfectly."


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