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Adventures of the Tainted

Chapter Five: The Pendant of Narnium

Izzy sat himself down on one of the fallen trees from their earlier battle. "We need some answers," he said to know one in particular.

"That's a fantastic idea, Iz. Maybe we could ask the next digimon that attacks us what it is they're after. Or better yet, let's contact Ladymiramon and ask her why we're here. She brought us, after all."

"There's no need for all that attitude, Tai," Izzy responded calmly. "I was simply implying that Gennai might be able to help us."

Tai, I don't have a fever, I can see monsters on TV, and I have been to Digiworld! Tai rubbed the side of his forehead with irritation.

"Don't you recognize where we are?" Izzy continued.

Tai looked around: fallen trees and more wreckage was all he could see. "Nope."

"We are right near the lake that Gennai has his house in."

"Seriously?" Yolie asked. She remembered the young and handsome Gennai, someone she wouldn't mind running into again. "Hey! Maybe he has a shower!"

Mimi giggled. "Yolie, haven't you noticed the benefits of being stuck in the Digital World for an extended period of time? We don't get dirty or smell or anything. Showers aren't really a major priority when we're going to stay like we were when we first arrived."

"That's excluding how dirty our clothes get from running and being attack," Joe added. "Besides, that's only true if time is moving faster in the Digital World than in our world."

"Could we focus on the more important issue? Like, maybe the charms and new digivolution? Gennai is our best bet for finding out anything useful. If Davis is up to it of course," he added.

Davis lifted his head slightly. He was lying down on the ground and didn't feel like making the effort of moving very much. Getting shot took more energy out of a guy than he would have guessed. He was grateful to that Calib guy, even if he turned out to be one of the baddies. "Can't we sleep for a few more days?"

"He's fine," Yolie insisted. "Unless you want to stay here and Kari and I will go find that super hot Gennai guy?" she asked Davis.

"Nope!" Davis shouted, pulling himself into a sitting position. "I'm up now."

Yolie rolled her eyes as Davis stood up. She found it rather amazing that he was suddenly fine, able to move and walk at the same pace as everyone else.

"So where did you go yesterday?" Mimi asked.

"What are you talking about?" Kari responded, letting the two of them fall to the back of the group.

"You had me keep the guys busy while you went off somewhere…right before you exposed Calib."

"I don't know what you're talking about, I wasn't anywhere."

"Don't bullshit me, Hika. I might not understand all the freaky shit that has happened in the Digital World, but when I have to tell Tai about my misadventures at the Cat Scratch Club, I think I deserve to know why."

"You told my brother about that! Why didn't you pick another story?"

"I wanted to make sure that I had their full attention. It was the only story I knew that I could tell that would keep them distracted while you were gone. So, spill; where were you?"

"It's no big deal," Kari replied with slight hesitation. She wanted to tell Mimi, but she knew it wasn't a good idea. "It felt like something was wrong, so I took a walk to think about it. Then I realized that Calib wasn't who he claimed to be."

"What are you two talking about?" Yolie asked. She wasn't very fluent in English, and had only caught a few words. There was something about a cat and a walk, that was about all she got.

"Nothing," Kari said quickly.

Yolie frowned. Why was she keeping secrets from her? Weren't they still friends? "I was just saying how embarrassed I was that I actually told some of the guys that I went to a strip club, that's all," Mimi explained.

"We're here," the computer whiz shouted. The digidestined lined up next to each other with their digimon at their feet. "Now we have to figure out how we get the water to part."

Gomamon jumped into the water. "It's nice!" he commented. "Come on in, guys."

"We aren't fish," Joe shouted to his digimon, walking closer to the edge of the water. Unfortunately, he tripped, and landed in the water. "Dammit, it's always me!"

The water around Joe rose to the sides and formed walls, leaving Joe sitting on the stairs. "All it took was someone getting in the water," Izzy said.

The group walked down the stairs to where Gennai's house was. "What happened?" Tai whispered, shocked by the sight in front of him. Gennai's house was lying in ruins, the roof had been blown off and the walls knocked down.

"Oh, it's only you," a voice said from a distance.

"Gennai?" Joe asked.

"That's right," Gennai said, making himself visible. He clapped his hands together and the team was blinded by a light that surrounded the house. When it died down, the house was found to be intact.

"It was only an illusion," Ken commented.

"Yep, I didn't want anyone to come down here looking for me."

Yolie's eyes widened. That was not the Gennai she had met. It was some ugly old man with squinty eyes and a beard. "What happened to you? You can't be the same Gennai I met!" She heard Davis fighting off laughter. "Shut up, Davis!"

"I know I'm not as young as when we last met, Yolie, but I assure you that I am the same Gennai. When Azulongmon planted his Seeds of Light to replace the Destiny Stones, I was revitalized and became younger. Now that they have matured, I am once again an old man. But enough about me, what brings all of you to my humble home?"

"We lost our crests, for starters," Tai replied.

"Well do you want me to tell you that you're an idiot for losing them, or would you like to tell me something that I don't know?"

"You already know!" Izzy said.

"Oh course I know, it's my job to know these things. Is there anything else you'd like to mention?"

Davis held up his hand and let the charm dangle. Gennai grabbed Davis' wrist and yanked him forward, examining the charm closely. "A Charm of Suduko…" he gasped. "Are you the only one who has found one?"

"Ken has one too," Davis said, trying to wrench himself free from the old man's grasp. "What are these things exactly, and why don't they always work?"

"You tried to use it for a selfish or unjustified purpose, didn't you?"

Davis hesitated. Was trying to impress the love of your life an unjustified purpose? "I don't think so…"

Gennai sighed and released Davis. "Come inside, everyone, and I will tell you everything I know about these charms."

The group followed Gennai into his house in silence. He offered them drinks and gave them a place to sit, his mind obviously focused on things other than his guests. "Where to start?" he wondered aloud.

"Who is this Suduko?" Izzy asked.

"Ah, yes, Suduko, he was a very fine man, indeed. He was actually one of the leaders of the congress."

"What congress?"

"I'm getting ahead of myself already," Gennai said with a sigh. "Many years ago, before any of you were in existence, even the digimon, a congress was called between the four worlds. A false world was created to maintain the balance, a world of water and beach."

"That's what became the Dark Ocean," Kari whispered.

"Um, yes, actually," Gennai agreed, confused as to how she knew that. "But before that, Suduko, the Light World representative, Daeo, the Dark World God, Azulongmon, as the Digital World's representative, and myself, representing the human world since no one with any unique powers was alive at the time, met in the Ocean to try to make peace. Daeo had been trying to corrupt the other worlds and rule over everything with his dark powers, but that would completely destroy the balance of the four worlds and ultimately destroy everything. Daeo agreed not to attack, but soon after our congress parted ways, he led an all out assault on the Light World. Suduko had no way to defend his world, so he created the Charms of Suduko and put his power into each of the twelve charms. We never gave them to you because they were made in such a rush and without careful planning that they were unstable, a last resort, if you will.

"After Suduko was killed by Daeo, the charms were hidden in the Digital World. Only the owners could call them out in a true emergency, if their will was strong enough. The defeat of the Light World offset the balance that led to your being needed. Daeo thought that he could use the Ocean to cross to the other worlds, so he changed it to the Dark Ocean. However, his plans backfired and he never made it to the Digital World or to Earth. His current whereabouts are unknown. But that is unimportant now. What does matter is the Shoku Spirit Evolution that you must master because it is all that is left. It is delicate and fickle, not always working if it has not been mastered. There's no way to even be sure that you all will receive the charms. If I were you, I would find a way out of the Digital World as soon as possible; you have little power at this point in time, and things may not change for the better."

"That's just wonderful!" Joe growled. "Not only are we going to be killed here, but we will have the opportunity to beg for our lives before they murder us! We are defenseless! I don't want to die here!" Joe dropped to his knees.

"Stop being so overdramatic," Sora hissed. "Like we really want or need you making things worse."

"Maybe we should find a way out of here," Cody suggested. "You guys didn't use computers or televisions the first time you came here, did you?"

"No, but we didn't have the option of returning home whenever we wanted. We were stuck here for as long as we were needed, with the exception of when we used the gate in Myotismon's Castle," Tai explained. And I have been to Digiworld! I think I got there through… When was this voice going to go away? "I must be losing my mind," Tai whispered so that no one could here him.

"Maybe we should start looking for a way out," Agumon suggested. "I'm pretty sure that it won't be at Gennai's, though."

The group got the point and decided to leave right away. They didn't really want to spend anymore time with the pessimistic old man that had basically told them that they were fighting someone else's war now. They walked back up the stairs to the surface once more, more discouraged than they could remember ever being.

"What's that?" Davis asked suddenly, pointing up at what looked like a giant ice crystal.

The others had no idea, but they knew it couldn't be good when an artic breeze chilled their bodies and the crystal melted into the form of a digimon. She looked almost identical to Ladymiramon, except that her bodysuit was a baby blue and the slashes around her waist and ankle were dark blue. Her hair was white and her eyes were a solid grey color.

"Who is that?" Ken asked Izzy, who had opened up his laptop and was searching furiously through the Digimon Analyzer.

"I don't know; she isn't in here. She must have been created by someone."

"I am Biramon, the Artic Shami of Ladymiramon. I was made in her image. I want Peace and Serenity."

"If you want peace and serenity, then you're on the wrong side, lady. We fight for that, not Ladymiramon," Davis said.

"No, you ignorant twit, I want the digidestined bearers of Peace and Serenity."

Izzy looked around at the teens around him. The original eight digidestined were bearers of the attributes of their crests, as was Ken. Davis was Miracles; that left… "Yolie and Cody," Izzy whispered.

"Artic Ice Wing!" The feathers on Biramon's arms stuck straight out and shot icicles forward towards Yolie.

Hawkmon tackled Yolie just in time, narrowly avoiding the icicles himself. "Run!" Hawkmon advised.

Yolie scrambled to her feet and started running with the group. A new wave of ice crystals flew past them, freezing the trees ahead.

"Lightning Paw!" Gatomon attacked, trying to buy some time for the others to escape. She was hit by Biramon, who, being an ultimate, overpowered the small feline. Gatomon went flying into one of the frozen trees, causing it to smash.

One of the flying shards stopped midair in front of Yolie. Curious, she grabbed onto it and the ice melted away, leaving a charm and bracelet in her hands. "Hawkmon!" she shouted happily, showing her digimon partner the Serenity Charm of Suduko. It was a rectangle with the bottom side cut out, and an upside down 'v' in the center extending from the middle of the top side to the opening ends. Three wavy lines ran horizontally through the v, also.

Yolie tied the bracelet around her wrist, activating the charm. "Hawkmon transform to… Shoku Spirit Tutsinmon!" A large bird wrapped in clothe stood where Hawkmon had been. The wrapping was a pale red and his forehead and right arm were both exposed, revealing dark read flesh. The very sight of him made both Yolie and Biyomon gasp in admiration.

The mummy-like bird flew up into the air and landed in front of the others, readying himself for the confrontation with Biramon. "Artic Ice Wing!"

"Powder Force!" Tutsinmon countered, the bandaging lifting up in a sudden wind and releasing a whirlpool that sent the crystals harmlessly to the ground. He flew towards Biramon. "Raging Fist!" The arm that was not bandaged was used to initiate a brutal attack that overpowered Biramon.

Backing away slowly, Biramon raised her arms above her head. "Artic Missile!" Three large bullet shaped ice crystals flew out of the space between her hands. One hit a nearby tree, one landed on the ground, and the third hit Tutsinmon dead center in the chest. The wounded bird digimon did not get up.

"Now then, Peace and Serenity, unless you want me to kill all of your friends, I suggest you surrender now." Biramon's voice was raspy and mechanic, and fell unpleasantly unto the digidestineds' ears.

Cody looked uncertainly at the others. Surely his life wasn't as important as the others; he was only the quiet introvert with self-acceptance issues and a slight anger problem. "Take me, but leave the others," Cody pleaded.

Biramon looked surprised. "Your life is only half of what blocks me from obtaining my true power. Your cooperation is appreciated, but Serenity must die as well."

Cody shook his head. "Leave her and the others out of this!"

"Stop being a moron, Cody!" Tk shouted, amazed by the younger teens selflessness. Or stupidness, he couldn't decide. "We aren't going to let you or Yolie get hurt. Stop thinking like that!"

The ground in front of Cody began to tear open as an unidentifiable object burrowed itself out of the earth. Cody grabbed onto it as it shot up into the air. A circular charm with a line that went down, right, and then down again was attached to a black bracelet. "Is this my charm?" he asked in disbelief.

"Armadillomon transform to… Shoku Spirit Glitsomon!" The Peace Charm of Suduko enabled Armadillomon to become a large silver being that closely resembled Ankylomon. His body was made of metal and tougher than challenged even the toughest type of armor. His tail was short and covered in spikes and the circular hat that covered the top of his head and eyes also had spikes shooting out of it.

Glitsomon helped Tutsinmon to his feet. "Take that ice bitch out!" Yolie shouted. Tutsinmon nodded slightly.

Glitsomon and Tutsinmon linked arms and chanted in unison. "Serenely Peaceful Beam of Justice!" From their linked arms came a two powerful beam that were red and yellow in color. The connected beams wrapped around each other as they neared Biramon, hitting their target and releasing a blinding light.

Biramon was barely standing when the light died down. "Let's finish her off," Glitsmon suggested. He ran forward and head butted the humanoid digimon while Tutsinmon flew above and attacked while she was flying backwards from the impact.

"Serene Gaze!" The attack shot out of Tutsinmon's eyes and provided the final blow for Biramon. She screamed in agony as her body was ripped apart into tiny pieces of data.

The two digimon dedigivolved and collapsed in exhaustion. "You were fabulous!" Yolie shouted as she hugged Hawkmon tightly. Biyomon hopped up to Hawkmon and kissed his cheek, making the little hawk blush with intrigue.

Cody sat down beside Armadillomon. "How do you feel?"

"I'd love to take a nap right now," he replied, curling up into a ball.

"No way," Tai interrupted. "We can risk getting attacked again. We have to keep moving, for the time being, at least."

"But I'm so tired," Armadillomon complained.

"If you can dedigivolve again, I can carry you," Cody suggested.

Armadillomon nodded enthusiastically. He wasn't really sure how to dedigvolve, but he was willing to give it a try. He concentrated hard on becoming his in-training self. "I did it!" Upamon squeaked happily.

He fell asleep as soon as Cody picked him up and cradled him in his arms. "I guess it's safe to assume that we can't overexert them after they digivolve," Cody said.

"If you can get them to digivolve again, at all," Davis replied bitterly.

"Shut up Davis; you didn't even try to make Veemon digivolve!" Yolie yelled.

"Did you forget that it doesn't work?"

"Only because you're selfish and inconsiderate!"

Ken watched nervously as the two neared each other, arms flailing and voices rising. Truthfully, he hadn't even thought to make Wormmon digivolve. He was so used to having his D3 that the charm didn't even come to mind. He wondered if it would have worked if he had tried.

His attention went from the two arguing to Kari, who had put herself between them before they did anything they'd truly regret. "Will you two please stop arguing? Tai is right, we need to keep moving, it isn't safe here."

"He started it!" Yolie whined.

"I did not!"

Kari ignored the two and went over to Gatomon. She picked up her injured partner and started forward. Ken ran to catch up. "What aren't you saying?" he asked bluntly.

Kari turned to face him. She had forgotten that Ken sometimes had the ability to read her when she was being secretive. "This area feels tainted. Something bad is going to happen here and we shouldn't be here when it does."


"This damn clue doesn't make any sense! It is impossible to have an angel from all four worlds, there must be a mistake." Calib paced back and forth in frustration.

Daemon sat on his throne in the Dark Ocean and watched as his servant walked back and forth in front of him. Calib did seem to have a point, it was impossible to have an angel that was dark, light, human, and digital. Unless… "Of course! It's so simple!"

Calib stopped pacing and stared up at his master. "You've figured it out?"

"Yes, and the answer is so obvious! The angel was chosen by the Light people to be the protector of the Digital World's Light. That's two worlds. The angel is human; therefore the third world is Earth. Finally, she has been chosen by the Dark World God to be his queen."

"And the only one who fits that description is… Hikari!"

"Exactly," Daemon replied as he tried to keep his expression neutral.

"But how do we get it? The clue says that it is hidden within her heart-"

"So that's where we're going to get it."

Daemon stood and walked towards the black void that lined one of the walls of the throne room. He opened up a portal to the Digital World using the power of the darkened crests. "Come now, Calib, we have work to do."

Calib followed Daemon through the void and into the Digital World. They ended up near a lake, where a battle had very recently taken place. "I'm guessing that Ladymiramon went after Peace and Serenity," Calib said.

"Her affairs matter little right now. The digidestined are not far from here. Let's go."


Davis and Yolie decided to 'forget' about their little fight for the time being, but neither one would speak to the other. Tai led the way with Sora clinging to his arm. Matt was close behind them, constantly look back to see where Kari was. She had fallen to the back of the group, her thoughts focused on other things than walking. Yolie and Cody were right behind Matt and discussing the prospect of their digimon being partners since they shared an attack. Mimi, Joe, Izzy, and Tk were behind them, walking in silence. Davis and Ken were trying to figure out whether or not they'd be successful if they tried the Shoku Spirit Evolution again.

Gatomon had run to the front and jumped into Tai's arms, receiving a scoff from Sora in return. "What's up, Gato?"

"I'm worried about Kari, she's been acting strange today."

"Stranger than usual?" Tai joked. And I have been to Digiworld…

Sora fell into step with Matt but his attention had gone to Tai and Gatomon. He looked back again; Kari was walking even slower and the space between her and Ken and Davis. He was about to go back there and speak with her when Gatomon started speaking again.

"She's been having dreams about Daemon and the Dark Ocean. She didn't want me to tell anyone, though, so don't say anything."

"What kind of dreams?" Tai asked, concerned about his younger sister's wellbeing.

"She won't tell me the details, but they're about Daemon so they can't be good. And I think that the Digital World being off balanced is affecting her, too."

I think I got there through… "Dammit, what do these stupid thoughts mean?" he hissed under his breath. "What has she told you?"

Gatomon looked at the older Kamiya curiously. Had he just mumbled under his breath? "Tai, what-"

"Kari!" The white feline was interrupted by Matt's scream.

The group turned around to find Kari with her back to the rest, facing Daemon and Calib. Daemon stalked up to her and thrust his tentacle arm through her chest. Her scream was stuck in her throat and her body was paralyzed.

Matt ran past the others right into a force field that Calib had put up. After rebounding backwards, Matt struck his fists against the barrier. Gatomon tried to claw through it but it was in vain.

"Where is it?" Daemon questioned aloud. He searched through the Chosen of Light's soul carefully.

Matt threw his body against the barrier repeatedly, and Tk, Ken, Davis, and Tai soon joined in to try and take it down. The combined effort weakened the force field and when Matt rammed the side of his body against it again, he broke through and landed on the dirt ground.

Gatomon jumped through the whole too before it closed up. She jumped at Daemon only to be knocked into the air by one of his tentacles. Matt tried to run at him also, but Calib put himself between them. "You'll have to get through me first," he said calmly.

Matt tried to tackle Calib but the Dark World creature had hundreds of years of combat training and easily overpowered the older of the blondes. He threw a punch that sent Matt to the ground and pressed his foot against Matt's throat. Matt tried to pry him off, but it proved more difficult than he thought.

"Aha! I found it!" Daemon slowly pulled his arm out; it was in far enough where it should have gone right through the other side of Kari's body, but he had entered her heart and soul to find the pendant. He pulled the shining pendant out of her heart and held it up triumphantly.

Calib was distracted enough so that Matt could escape from his grasp, but he grabbed Matt before he could get away. Daemon held the paralyzed girl close to him. "Don't worry my dear; the preparations will be complete soon. I will come back for you as soon as they are ready."

Daemon and Calib's bodies faded from the scene. Matt caught Kari as she fell backwards, still unable to move. The others ran forward as the barrier diminished and disappeared.

Holding onto her, Matt could feel her shaking in his arms. Joe noticed as well when he sat down and put his hand on her wrist to check her pulse. "We need to get a fire started," he said.

Izzy, Davis, and Ken were volunteered by Joe to get the firewood and their digimon accompanied them. After assuring the group that Kari was going to be fine, although he really didn't know in reality, Joe also suggested that they find a nearby place to set up camp.


The added warmth of a second blanket was enough to make Kari stir. The moon was the only source of light and she could barely see the person heading back to his spot around the fire to lie back down. "Matt?"

Matt's head shot up as he heard Kari's voice. "You're awake," he whispered. "We were worried.

Luckily for Kari, the lack of light made it so Matt couldn't see the sadness in her eyes. Daemon was coming for her, he had said so himself. Her time was limited. She forced those thoughts from her conscious mind and stood up, holding the second blanket that Matt had covered her with. She walked over and handed it to Matt.

"Keep it; you need it more than I do."

Kari shook her head as she sat down beside him. "I can't have two when you don't have any," she began.

"I don't want it," he whispered sternly.

"Too bad," she protested, "I don't either."

"Take it."



"I don't want your blanket; you're going to freeze."

"You need it more than I do," Matt retorted.

Kari got up and went back to her spot. After grabbing her blanket, she went back to Matt. "The only thing to do is share them, I guess." She threw both blankets over them before lying down.

Matt wasn't sure if he had heard properly. Share? As in sleep next to each other under the same blankets? Had he died and gone to heaven?

Matt pulled the blanket up to her shoulders before lying down as well. There really was no point in arguing. He draped his arm around her side and tried to use his body to warm her as he felt that she was still shaking.

He fell asleep with a small smile resting on his lips.

The observer wasn't smiling.

It was Tk's turn to watch over the group, and he had witnessed the whole scene. How could his brother betray him like that when he knew exactly how he felt about Kari? Tk slammed his fist against the tree he was leaning against and instantly covered his mouth to keep from screaming in pain.

Seeing blood drip from the side of his palm, Tk decided to investigate exactly what he had hit. A small piece of something was sticking out of the bark where he had struck the tree.

It was the edge of a charm. Tk pulled it out and found that he was holding the Hope Charm of Suduko. The charm was exactly like the Crest of Hope; a circle with rays shooting out of it above a rectangle with the top cut into.

The moon light didn't provide sufficient light for Tk to see that his crest was discolored.


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