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I just sat there and stared into those deep chocolate eyes.


"Oh um, I was supposed to be getting a skip for Tank. His name is Carlos, know of him?" I asked.

He cracked a grin. "Yea babe I know him. What is he in for?"

"Quoting Tank exactly; He is wanted on charges or lying, hurting the woman he loves, and just being an all around dumbass." He just smiled a little bit more, and I saw women stop dead in there tracks and stare.

"So where is he?" I looked around to see if there was anyone dressed the way Tank described. That would be a negative. Oh boy!

"Babe" he just stared deep into my eyes. Was there something I wasn't getting.

"I smell rubber burning. What is my full name babe?"

I didn't see how this was relevant but "Ricardo Carlos Manoso……….Oh my god. Its YOU"

He smiled to wide I thought that I might have gone blind there for a second. How was I supposed to bring him in? He wouldn't let me, how could I possibly pull this off? Then it hit me just like I always do, charm him right into the cuffs in the back of my car.

This wasn't going to be as hard as most. It is clear to everyone that there is some chemistry between Ranger and I. And now that Joe and I are just friends something could happen except for the "I don't do relationships" bullshit.

So I decided to put on my best show. I put my hand on his shoulder and swung my hips around to the other side of him where I made a big deal of bending over to put my purse down.

"Drink babe?" he asked watching me intently.

"Tequila sunrise." I said in the most soothing voice I could muster. I couldn't really do soothing while my emotions were going crazy inside of me. Half of me just wanted to jump him there, and the other half wanted to make him pay for how much pain he caused me.

A few minutes later our drinks came and we talked about random things.

"Ric, come dance with me." I said softly in his ear. I could see his brown eyes darkening.

I didn't wait for an answer; I just grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dance floor. This was a faster song, with a strong beat, and Ric came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. I began to sway up against him feeling very aware of his movements. I was trying not to enjoy this too much, trying to keep my focus on getting him into a pair of cuffs and off to jail.

I was all too aware of my core temperature rising fast. I was enjoying this way too much, stupid Hungarian hormones. So I leaned back and whispered in Ric's ear that I wanted to go back up to the bar to get another drink. He seemed all to happy to oblige.

As we sat back down at the bar I downed two more Tequila sunrises and was feeling no pain. I pulled him back out onto the dance floor, this time there was salsa music going. I've never done salsa, so I decided to let Ric lead. He was an amazing dancer. I watched as his perfectly muscled body moved in time to the beat. What a sight. After dancing through a few more songs I headed off to the bathroom.

When I opened the door I expected to see a sink and a toilet and possibly a few people waiting in line, but instead I see two men whispering and one handing the other a stack of money. I was a tad to drunk to think about running away so I just stayed and listened.

"She is about 5'2 125 lbs, brown curly hair, really spunky, bounty hunter. I want her gone. Deal?" the man whispered.

This is when it clicked with me and I must have made some sort of squeak because as soon as I know it the two men have multiplied into 13 huge army brutes all with guns pointed at me. Then I felt a surge of pain running through my body and I collapsed.

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