Everyone knew that team seven was an intricate love triangle.

That Naruto loved Sakura, and Sakura loved Sasuke, and Sasuke…

Well, Sasuke hated everything.

But what everyone didn't know was that Naruto make out with Sakura behind the ramen stand one day, and Sakura made out with Sasuke in the training grounds two days later.

Or that Naruto slept with Sasuke a few weeks earlier.

And they didn't know it when Sakura slept with both of them in turn.

They were also clueless when they all admitted that they were fooling around with all the members of team seven, and team seven only. And Sasuke complained that it was all entirely too complicated.

Or that Naruto's reply was that it really didn't have to be…

And they most certainly didn't know when they all three jumped in bed together.

Or, at least, that's what they like to say…