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Chapter 1 Setting up the Pieces

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A SPECK THAT THINKS A GRAIN OF SAND LOOKS LIKE A MOUNTAIN" came the enraged yell of a subordinate of Colonel Mustang.

"They're at again." sighed Havoc listening to the yelling coming form the Colonel's office.

"Hey what's going... never mind I can guess." came form a new visitor in the office, Hughes, seeing the other officers watching the Colonel's office door.

Just then the Colonel's door slammed open and out came a boy who looked about 12 years old, with golden hair and gold eyes.

"Hey Boss, what's going on, did you get a new mission?" asked Havoc backing away from the boy, slowly.

"Ed, how's Al? I haven't seen him around lately." asked Hughes as soon as Havoc finished talking.

Ed smiled so softly no one could tell, but they could tell he had calmed down. He then replied, "Ya, Havoc, I have yet another mission that Colonel Bastard has assigned me. I swear that he only gives me there missions to piss me off. And Al's fine Lieutenant Colonel, he's just in our dorm room, we haven't been around lately because all these missions. I'm sorry but I need to go find some food, a shower and a bed to get some rest before noon tomorrow. Bye." Without another word Ed left the rest of Mustang's gang.

"Man I didn't even get to show him my new photos of my darling Elysia, then again..." Hughes grinned evilly and pulled out a stack of new photographs. "Roy look at my darling little Elysia, she's riding a tricycle, and in this one..." the others was glad the door closed after that.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Pride, has any information on the Philosopher's stone been found?" came from a feminine voice.

"No Master, I'm afraid not, the Elric brothers haven't found anything either." replied Pride.

"Why haven't they found anything Pride. They are under your jurisdiction, they should have found something." the master's voice held raw anger in it.

"Master, Fullmetal has been on missions for over the past month and nothing has been found. Last week Fullmetal was even injured..." the women's voice stopped him.

"Stop the excuses Pride." the anger was coming out in the voice.

"His injury almost killed him master. Not only that Mustang has been keeping him away form me." Pride didn't even tremble.

"Mustang. Colonel Roy Mustang, Flame Alchemist. He seems to be getting in our way more and more often, something needs to be done about him. I'll leave him up to you Pride." he was dismissed.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Fuhrer, do you know what your going to do about the Colonel?" came the calm, lazy voice of the women beside him.

"No Sloth, not yet at least I would like you to bring me his record though. I may find something to use in there."

"Yes, sir."

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Excuse me, Hawkeye, Havoc. I have a date." Roy Mustang said while heading out the door.

"And would this so call date be with Ali, the woman who dumped me yesterday." Havoc said in a heated voice. (he was still sore about it)

"Still sore, Havoc." Roy couldn't help but grin at his Second Lieutenant's hate filled face. "Yes the date is with Ali. Have a good night."

"Girlfriend Stealer!" Havoc yelled after him.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Colonel Mustang..."

"Call me Roy."

"Roy(giggle), I hear that you are happen to be a wonderful negotiator." leaning over the blond woman whispers huskily in his ear, "especially in bed."

"Would you care to find out." he huskily whispers back.

The blond just giggles.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"Boss, be careful on this mission, we don't need you hurt like that one time." said Havoc.

"The guy snuck up on me okay, I wasn't paying attention." sighed Ed.

"Yes bother, but you should have been paying attention to your surroundings at the time. If I wasn't there you would most likely be dead." replied Alphonse.

"Fine you both win, I'll be more careful this time around. Now come on Al otherwise we won't make the train. See you in a week Lieutenant" yelled Ed going toward the train.

"Goodbye Lieutenant." said Al before walking away.

"Good luck you two, be careful and come back alive." whispered Havoc to himself giving a little prayer to no one.

The train pulled out of the station.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

It was like any other day at the office. Havoc was being yelled at because he was smoking, Fury was fixing something or other, Brenda and Farman were working on paperwork, and of course Roy Mustang was trying to avoid his paperwork. But something was different was coming there way. The Fuhrer was on his way to Colonel Mustang's office to take care of something.

The door was open by the Fuhrer's secretary, letting the man though first.

"Fuhrer Bradley, sir, what did I do to own this pleasure?" asked Mustang quick on his feet.

"I'm here to offer you two opinions Colonel Mustang, but you may need the reasons why first. Lately many women in our services have been complaining about you womanizing ways and other men as well. I can not lose any of our personal to your ways Colonel, so you have a week to find a spouse or I will find one for you. By order of the Fuhrer. Good day Colonel." and the Fuhrer walked out with his entrust.

"Good day, sir." whispered a shocked Roy Mustang.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

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