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Chapter 15 Father

Click, click, click. Silence.

"Lust is it done. Is Edward Elric dead. IS HE DEAD?!" Dante at last screamed.

"Yes." Lust's voice was somber, as if that wasn't the answer she wanted to give. Dante didn't notice.

"Yes," Dante hissed, "that boy is finally dead. DO YOU HEAR THAT HOENHEIM, YOUR SON IS DEAD!" the yell carried though the decaying city.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"The entire headquarters has been looked but we did not find Major Elric, Colonel Mustang." said a Security Personal not looking at the Colonel.

"You searched everywhere you say are you sure about that. Because my fiancé is still missing." You could feel yourself freezing by the Flame Alchemist's words.

"S-Sir, We-we have searched everywhere." the Security Personal stuttered with as much bravo he could muster.

"Go." the Colonel muttered toward the frightened officer. The man took the chance to leave.

"Roy?" MA entered the office. "You okay?"

Roy scoffed at the question, "Of course I'm not okay, Maes. Ed still has not been found and you and Hawkeye won't let me look for him." He ended up glaring at Hughes.

"Hey buddy, if Riza and I didn't make you come in here to rest you would likely running yourself ragged and you'd have never found Edward. We're all working on it, don't forget even Fuhrer Bradley is looking for him. He told the officers that were near him when Scar was brought to the Interrogation Room." Hughes tried to make his friend feel better.

"I know Maes, but I can't rest knowing Edward is out there somewhere." Roy looked hopelessly in Maes' eyes, "Thanks, anyway."


Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

A pain filled groan was heard in the room.

With it a voice came to in a pained hissed, "Did anyone get the number of the train that hit me?" Ed's golden eyes opened to see a room he'd never seen before.

The room was, in lack of other words, grand. The floor was made of white marble and covered in fine rugs that looked like they were from Xing. Fine wooden tables and chairs littered the room. A bookcase on the other side of the room was filled with books on Alchemy, some books were there were so rare that only a few still existed. A huge window, covered with red drapes, that looked out upon a dark city. Not to mention the king size bed he was sitting on. Made of majestic maple wood and inlayed with gold trimmings. The covers made from Xing silk, or so Ed thought. Colored in reds, golds and whites.

"Where...where am I?" whisper Ed looking around the room. Until he walk over to a desk and noticed the note lying there.

Fullmetal Alchemist,

I know your probably scared out of your mind right now, but don't worry. Your safe where you are now. Don't leave the room no matter what, we don't need another injury. Especially yours, as you seem to be the one who gets hurt the worst. So to repeat myself, stay where you are.


King Bradley

Fuhrer of Amestris

"Well at least I know who has taken me from HQ." said Edward only a little relieved. "I best do something with my time."

He headed toward the bookshelf.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"First Lieutenant, thank you for the information on brother, we'll inform you if he comes home. Yes, thank you, Goodbye." Alphonse's voice echoed emotionlessly with in his amour. Before he hung the phone up.

"What's wrong, Alu? Where's Ed?" Winry asked hearing the conversation between Lt. Hawkeye and Al.

"Brother has gone missing from headquarters, Scar attacked this morning. Brother was under guard but when the attack started he was swept away from the since. It seems he found Scar and they fought. No one knows anything else. But the military is all out looking for him now." Al explained, worry in his hollowed voice. "I should be there looking as well."

"Alu, I know how much you care about your brother but you need to remember that Edward can take care of himself. And this way if he is found you would be informed as soon as possible about it." reasoned Winry.

"Your right, Winry. Thanks." if Al could he would be smiling at her softly because of how she helped him see reason.

Winry smiled gently in return.

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

Central Headquarters was being reconstructed by the alchemist that could be spared. While almost all other officers and alchemist were looking for the Fullmetal Alchemist. They have already lost two of their comrades that day, they could not lose Fullmetal.

Then a few of the alchemist who were fixing the headquarters saw a man that had golden eyes like the Fullmetal Alchemist's but these eye's were not full of life like the teens but dark and dead. Then the man started walking toward the door to enter the building. Who was he?

Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy Ed Roy

"So no one has found the Boss yet?" A weary voice asked from the doorway and in fallowed Second Lt. Jean Havoc.

"No, nothing yet, Havoc. But everyone's still looking and we finally got the Colonel to sit and rest for a while." informed Hughes. "And Riza here, just finished telling Alphonse the news."

"We need to find Edward soon or we'll all be unable to function, because we are too worried." said Hawkeye.

Havoc opened his mouth to say something but a knock came to the office door.

"Come in." said Hawkeye in military mode again.

The door opened to show the man that looked like Edward, but wasn't him.

"I'm sorry but I was hoping that you could inform me where to find my son." the man said.

"What is his name and yours?" asked another voice, it was Mustang.

"Ah yes, sorry. My name is Hohenheim Elric and my son is Edward Elric."

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