The Crueler Side of the Pokeball

A description to thee of what this fic is about.

Many people today are concerned about one aspect of the world. Whether it be the constant devaluation of the dollar here, global warming, overpopulation, or other reasons, I've never seen such a world portrayed in any title. Perhaps it's because it is too hard to do.

However, I will attempt to address these world issues via the Pokemon world. Yes, I am messed up for disrupting the peaceful retreat of Pokemon where children can forget themselves. But I chose Pokemon because I believe that Pokemon has some quality so similar to ours that I had to use the world. I will say this once and only once:

I highly respect the people who created Pokemon. You have done wonders to the world by allowing children to briefly imagine a peaceful world. And I am fond of the carefree world. Therefore, I have no claims or titles to Pokemon; I am only a fan.

Alas, what you read may be entertaining. It may disgust you as well. This involves themes that you would never encounter in the pokemon world, including (quite unfortunately) pokemon eating other pokemon. And if you don't like this story because I have changed the Pokemon world so much, then I am truly sorry for bothering you…

Ah, by the way, this is a REWRITE of the first chapter. I managed to make a huge mistake in my first chapter by being inconsistent with the main goal I was trying to achieve. If any of you are reading this for the first time, I put a gang of English speaking, smoking Oddish congregating outside Ash's house after he came home. Obviously, that makes no sense and made the reader confused.

I replaced the Oddish scene with a more logical scene that fits into order. Nothing else was replaced because it seems to be satisfying. Thank you, Pink Parka Girl and Maverick Hunter Cyros, your deed is deeply appreciated, as you stated what was wrong and showed me how to fix it. You are the part of the population that knows how things can be corrected, not just condemned. Hopefully, this ending will satisfy you.

And to Yuki Tsukihana (If I am not mistaken, that means snow and moonflower respectively; correct me if I am wrong), your review pointed out flaws within the Pokemon series. I will be sure to include that within the fanfic. And to answer the question if this is a "Pokemon Special" manga... well, as animals can kill humans, so Pokemon can also kill humans as well. And as trainers are required to wander around in an unknown world... well, I'll let you think about that.

Indeed, let's move on.

Chapter 1: The Road of Desire

"I still can't believe you have to wait in these lines… it takes forever…"

As many people have in Kanto's past, it was traditional to send off your child on the road to become a pokemon trainer. This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation and continues onto today. Recently, however, the growing demand of becoming a pokemon trainer resulted in a surplus of trainers. This new influx of trainers was a deep concern, for this generation was lazier and more dependent than the last. It was believed that the fad of pokemon would take a great downward spiral.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a strain on the badge system. The badge system was a way to determine who has completed preliminaries. But as too many trainers came to the gyms, gym leaders often complained of the amount of people coming in. Additionally, the final leagues would be filled with people whose morals are reduced to dust, rather than the old days where honorable battling took place.

As a result, it is now required to test to obtain a license. The license is a "privilege" that allows the owner to compete with their pokemon. Additionally, the license permits only certain things. Some licenses are for contests, a show of performance; others are for battling it up to the famous Indigo league. Licenses could only be issued by government officials and not by professors as previous laws dictated. They now built special houses called "Trainer's License Domes" that have the purpose of issuing licenses to new trainers.

(On a miscellaneous note, a trainer must be 11 years of age, medically examined, emotionally stable, have a decent criminal record and with a 3.0 G.P.A. or higher to obtain a license.)

Since this new method of obtaining licenses has been under way, the amount of incompetent trainers has decreased. The badge system was now executed easily and without complaints. The Indigo Plateau was no longer of weeds, but of skilled trainers whose work was long and hard. But in exchange, successful registration was extremely tedious...

One of these to be pokemon trainers was in the line. Or more appropriately, it was a line where logic made no sense. People wanting to register had to pick a number from a vendor and wait for their number to be called. The trainer's number was 456. The number being called was 145.

The trainer's name was Ash. His mission was to become the world's greatest pokemon master. It was his ambition since he was born. Compounding the best books about the world of pokemon and the annual TV shows about the tournament, he became one of the best in knowing what Pokemon is.

The trainer was quite grumpy by the time his name was called for. Sunset fell on the bleak gray building.

"My name is Ash Ketchum and I'd like to obtain a Trainer's license, please," the trainer groggily requested.

"They're all here for that, you know…" the lady at the counter yawned. It was about time to close up for the day and this lady was a bit hasty. She quickly shot physical questions to the trainer, such as height, weight, age, and so forth. Following the interview, the person told Ash to step to the screen on the side of the wall. Ash obliged and wearily walked towards the screen.

"Please smile."

A giant flash of light hit Ash's inattentive face. He stared blankly while the attendant printed out his license.

"Here's your license, sir." The lady quickly gave the license to him.

Ash was rather disappointed at his stupor smile and half opened eyes. It looked like he was intoxicated, in fact. But that didn't matter. He was more satisfied that he finally got a license in the first place. He smiled just a bit and chuckled just a tad.

"Sir, I would like to ask you to please step out of the building."

Ash strolled out humming; though his stroll was more of a half assed attempt to keep his two feet on the ground. He was tired from waiting in that stale tasteless room. He kept mumbling things about being a pokemon master and catching all the pokemon out there. His legs forgot what the ground was like and as a result, Ash's body eventually stopped. This, of course, was achieved by tripping over an invisible object, most likely a wandering Oddish, and falling onto a soft patch of grass. Of course, his twitching body of fatigue was a prime target for the local law enforcement of Officer Jenny.

"Ma'am, is this your son?"

Obviously, the boy was retrieved and carried by a local Officer Jenny. There were a lot of them around and no one ever seemed to figure out how all these Officer Jennys came to existence. It was impossible for them to have the same mother as there were at least twenty of them running around. Even stranger was the peculiar physical resemblance between each Jenny. Genetic defect or cloning, the population does not know, but what is clear is that these officers have surpassed the usual all male police department. Apparently, the paperwork and coffee got to them.

In this quaint house of Ash's there lived only one person: Ash's mom. She was relatively energetic for her age and still acted childish at times. She was a single mother; it seemed that the father left the scene long ago. In any event, the mother was rather surprised to see her only son handled like a doll with another woman.

"Yes, I believe he is." The mother answered. It sounded like she didn't know it was her own son.

"Seems to me like your son could use a little rest in the right place," the officer replied. "You were lucky we found him. There have been reports of a gang of Oddish that use Sleep Powder to make people fall asleep. They take the person's possession while they're still sleeping." She looked at the boy's drooling face and looked back at Ash's mother. "Please take care of your child, ma'am. I don't want to call Social Services."

The mother was puzzled. She nodded and took her son to the couch, bowed to the officer and bid her good bye. Taking a blanket, she threw it on the sleeping boy. She sighed briefly, then went upstairs to bed.

Looking out the window in her charming little room, she wondered what exactly happened to her son while he was out obtaining his license. She remembered the days when Pallet Town was a place of peace and everybody knew each other. And now, instead of the good old days, she lived in an era where her son would face criminals, prostitutes, and just weird, untrustworthy people. She worried about her son's life and began to frown. It was time she stopped acting so oblivious and cute... and time to prepare her son for a trip around the world.

The mother finally decided that she would just go to bed and sleep her worries off. She never liked thinking about these things too much. It hurt her brain and made her sad. With that, she drank a glass of water and settled into sleep.

Again to Yuki Tsukihana, instead of using the double line as you mentioned, I will make author's notes italicized, is that all right? And if you haven't noticed, if I mention an author, that person's pen name will be in bold and italics.

There will be a smoking Oddish... but at the right time, with a proper explanation for its absurd behavior.

I am not so serious in real life; however, I must set the tone for this story so if this formal accent displeases you, I am most sorry.

I would like the readers to review again to confirm that I have done the right thing by changing this ending. That way, I can continue forth with the assurance that I can write this fanfic properly. And if I do manage to make a mistake... then you reviewers will make sure I come back to the right path.