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Chapter 3: A Mother's Feelings, Part 1

Delia Ketchum is one of Pallet Town's well known residents. She's a very nice person, inviting strangers in for a home and a cup of tea. Her warm smile can melt the troubles of any human. And her cooking is simply to die for.

But beneath this kindly exterior lies a true mother at heart. She is one that takes care of her son with disregard to herself. And while Ash never knew this, Delia always worried about her son because of his ambition for becoming the greatest pokemon trainer in the world.

Her husband had a dream of the same name. So her husband left Delia to accomplish this dream when they were young. Delia became pregnant with Ash, but the father... he mysteriously disappeared. Delia wondered, but it wasn't until she had Ash that she found out that he was killed by someone named Giovanni. She didn't know much more outside of that.

Ash never knew of the man's death... ever. The mother cared too much about her son to deliver the news. Instead, she always said he was on a journey and always left it at that. If Ash said anymore, she would give him some food to make him quiet.

And now, her son would leave her. She wondered if he, too, would die. She knew that she couldn't hold onto the boy forever, but there was always the fear of her son becoming murdered. It was a terrifying thought for her and it ate her heart out sometimes when she thought of it.

Today in particular, she became so nervous of her son that she went off to search for him. Knowing her son would be at Professor Oak's lab, she hastily walked in that direction. She was worried. She had nothing to worry about but she feared this day when Ash would get his first pokemon. He would leave and poor Delia would be left alone. She didn't like the idea of people leaving her. It scared her to be alone.

She came up the long hill and came up to Oak's lab. She knocked hastily. Nothing happened. Waiting for a few minutes, she decided to knock again, this time louder and with urgency. Nothing happened. She tried opening the door. It was strangely unlocked. She opened it uneasily and looked around. She panicked upon hearing screams. She ran through the lab without regards to any of the consequences.

She stopped suddenly.

She saw Professor Oak. She saw Ash. But they were interacting in the strangest way possible. Ash was on his toes, in a sweat and with huge panicking eyes. Ash was slightly burnt and had a scent similar to some kind of charcoal or ash (pun intended; not funny). Professor Oak had a similar look on his face, but he wore rubber gloves. Both had their focus on a yellow rat with long ears assuming an offensive position on the floor.

Without warning, Oak jumped at the Pikachu and tried grabbing it. The hasty Pikachu jumped. Professor Oak fell and slid on the floor. The Pikachu landed on its head and jumped away from an equally hasty Ash. Ash landed on Oak; Pikachu got away. It landed on the computer and stared intently at the two. After blinking about four times, it jumped into Delia's hands and snuggled into her.

It was at that particular moment in time that the two persons on the ground decided to slowly turn their head towards the woman. Proceeding that moment was a slight muscle spasm in the right eye, the malfunction of the jaw, and a furrow of the eyebrow.

The first words the two said was "Huh?"

The second phrase they said was a combination of "Mom?" and "Delia?"

The third phrase was more of a sound, because it combined the phrases "You have Pikachu!", "Why are you here?", and various gasps into a single sound.

Delia, of course, had no idea how to respond. She instead attempted to give the Pikachu back. The Pikachu, however, clung tightly to the mother and prevented her from giving it back.

Ash and Oak quickly saw each others' positions on the ground. In response, the two got back up to their feet and brushed off the non-existent dust from their clothes. They both also coughed simultaneously.

"Well, Ash," Oak said, "I think that solves our problem. I am curious, however, as to how the Pikachu is going to stay with you throughout the journey. You could bring your mother along..." Oak chuckled at this.

"But we wouldn't want that. I'm wondering just how it'll stay with you. It won't go into its pokeball, so it may run away if provoked. I'm not too sure as to how much that Pikachu cost. It came with a couple others for about 20,000. Have it go home with your mother for a couple hours. It could get used to you. Either way, let me know. We should be able to figure something out."

Ash nodded. He walked to his mother, signaling. "C'mon, Mom, let's go."

The two went back home. Delia now held a sleeping Pikachu, cozily intent on dwelling within the pleasures of her arms. Ash walked with a smile on his face. His thoughts were moreover focused on the Pikachu though. It was going to be a tough journey figuring out how to keep the Pikachu tame and obedient. Ash thought over this for a bit.

While Ash was thinking about his journey, Delia was moreover thinking about how to convince Ash NOT to go on the journey. She was distraught to say the least. To lose her last connection to any of her family... after the rest of her brothers and sisters moved to a place far away called "Johto..." She wanted to talk to the boy, yet something suppressed her. Maybe it was the peaceful Pikachu in her arms or that the boy seemed too happy to leave home. Whatever the situation, her words never left her throat.

The mother and son came back home. Ash plopped down onto the couch and stared at the ceiling. Becoming tired from concentrating at the number of bumps on the ceiling, Ash quickly went to sleep. Delia frowned briefly, then put the Pikachu on top of the sleeping one. The Pikachu and the trainer didn't seem to mind the presence of each other.

Delia sighed. She had to talk to him.

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