Just A Drabble


His nose twitched with the smell of humans. Humans, hrrr… he loved their sweet smells. It made his stomach growl. He turned his head, watching the brat and the priest fight in the yard. Oh, how he longed to eat the brat. If only the damned Beast Spar would vanish from Ushio's hands, then he would devour the brat in an instant.

Voices caught his attention. The tomboy and the girl were coming. One green slitted eye watched her. The girl as usual was naive and unsuspecting as ever. He smirked. Ah, yes. She was the perfect meal for him. The girl was wearing a short plaited skirt and a knitted long top that hugged her body affectionately.

He sobered as he remembered how she had looked like in a wedding dress. She had been… beautiful, elegant… and tantalizing. He shook his head. The girl had explained about Western weddings to him and they had even pretended to get married. But what was the real reason he had said "I do."? Was it because he knew he could eat her… or was it because he had developed feelings for her?

The girl looked up at him and waved. A large bag of burgers sat at her feet. He gave a sigh and flew down. Feh… he would wonder another day. Right now, he had more important matters to attend to. Namely……