A/N: This little poem almost made me cry. I hope you enjoy it, though it is really sad, but happy, in an odd little way . . .

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or any characters affiliated, Butch Hartman does.

The Last Time the Phantom Flew

He found his way home

By a midsummer moon,

Tired and restless,

Knowing his woes would end soon.

His eerie glow flickering,

His eyes beginning to fade

His fight almost over,

It was time to join the shade.

He'd done his part to get into Heaven,

Helping people, getting no credit,

Only a few every truly appreciated him,

His life, though precious, he knew he must shed it.

Loves were never confessed from a girl he once knew

His heart felt the aching, of another he lost

Though he felt, deep inside, that his pain was ending

As his skin lost its warmth, and regret never his mind crossed.

He'd been blessed, he'd been cursed,

In so many ways,

He'd used his gift to help, from the very first month,

Never realizing the number on his days.

His life would be short,

That was guaranteed,

To do what he did, without any relief,

Was something that caused a weak mind to bleed.

A hero he was, from his birth to his death,

Only a few would miss both sides of him,

Those he knew truly cared,

He felt no sorrow, as his mind started to dim.

He had no way of knowing, if he'd become a ghost,

Already he had the powers most humans dreamt of

The abilities of specters and ghouls,

And though he had these, emotions he kept, for he contained both vast grief and vast love.

The end was to come shortly,

This was the last thing he knew,

After his last battle,

And the last time he flew.