Hey guys sorry about this late update. Just had a touch of writer's block and coursework to do. Any way here it is the latest edition from my warped and twisted mind. Lol!!

Erik: Where have you been? My Turkish Delight supply has run out!!

Angelflowers: Er…somewhere…that's not here…

Erik: You better get the Turkish Delight; my compositions have not been as good.

Angelflowers: You write compositions on a sugar high? I never knew that. Who knew?

Erik: Yes you insignificant little twerp. Now give me the Turkish Delight!! Now or you will feel the Punjab Lasso!

Angelflowers: Arghhhhh!! Help! Save me. Runs away whilst Erik chases her holding the Pubjab.

Disclaimer: I own it!! I really do!! ALW sold me the rights at last!! Hahahaha!! Sees lawyer approaching looking disapproving and ALW threatening to sue right behind her Ahh! Okay, okay, I don't own it. Sniff.

Chapter 6

A few days after the railing and rat incident, Jenine lay in the lair on a sofa reading an original copy of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" when Fiona stumbled in looking thoroughly depressed. She flopped down on the sofa next to Jenine with a loud "Humph" of boredom. Jenine didn't look at her but flipped the page in the book and continued to read. Fiona sighed again loudly. Jenine continued to ignore her and read. Fiona glanced at her dark-haired friend lying prone on the sofa next to her and sighed again much louder. When Jenine didn't move, she got so infuriated that she snatched the book out of her friend's hand and threw it across the room at the organ, narrowly missing Ayesha who was lying curled up next to it.

"Oh hello Fi. What's up?" Jenine asked blinking up at her friend with a slight smile on her face.

"What's up? What's up you ask?" Fiona replied testily.

"Why I do believe that's what I asked." Jenine said.

"What is up is the fact that there hasn't been any fun around here since Erik and us delivered those notes and we watched Andre and Firmin's faces, which were hilarious by the way, and we threw water bombs at the ballet rats during their rehearsal. I'M BORED!!" Fiona yelled, referring to the incident the day before when the pair of them had snuck up to the walkways above the main stage and pelted the poor unsuspecting ballet rats with water balloons, that Fiona had stashed away in her bag.

"How can you be bored? We are in The Lair." Jenine said.

"Well I am."

"Hmm. Where is Erik?" Jenine asked

"Watching Christine's rehearsal I think. Or terrorising Carlotta."

"Actually I'm here." Said a silky voice from just behind the girls. The pair of them jumped up in surprise, well Fiona did, Jenine just fell off the sofa with a loud thump.

"Jesus, Erik, you scared the hell out of us." Fiona said clutching her heart.

"Yeah, can you not do the whole sneaking up on us thing anymore?" Said Jenine thickly emerging from the floor where she had become tangled up in a blanket as she fell off the sofa, her hair all mussed up. "It gets old. Where were you anyway?"

"It's quite funny to me Mademoiselle. I was in my room going over some compositions, when I heard Mademoiselle Fiona's screeching." The Opera Ghost replied.

"I was not screeching!" Fi said indignantly. "Besides the only person who screeches here is Carlotta and you can't quite hear her down here."

Just then numerous screeches could be heard faintly from up above.

"Are you sure about that? What is she doing?" Jenine muttered sardonically.

"Practicing her scales I think, judging by the high screeching and low screeching." Fi said, her head cocked to one side listening.

"Oh. I thought she was killing a cat. Sorry no offence Ayesha." Jenine said hurriedly glancing at the Siamese who had raised her head and hissed at Jenine's statement.

"Mademoiselle Fiona. What were you saying earlier?" asked Erik.

"I was saying I was bored because we hadn't done anything fun since we threw water bombs at the…" she stopped as she looked at Jee who was trying to shush her up.

"…corps de ballet?" Erik finished, glaring at the two girls before him. Jenine immediately stopped her ridiculous actions and looked guiltily at Fi who looked guiltily back.

"Oui, I know about that." The Phantom growled. "What do you have to say for yourselves?"

Both girls started babbling quickly.

"Um…Well we didn't think you'd mind-"

"-because you're the master of chaos-"

"-and we love chaos-"

"-in fact we're like the female Fred and George-"

"-except prettier-"

"-and more intelligent-"

"-and the ballet rats are more scared of you than ever-"

"-because of the chaos we caused-"

"-yesterday." They both chorused.

Erik looked slightly confused for a moment. Then he shook his head.