Erasing the Future


All of my Dreams, Torn Asunder

Harry sat in front of the fire in silence, pain cursing through his heart as he thought of what this war had cost him; his friends, his family… All the people that he had ever loved, all the people he would have happily sacrificed his own life for.

The war had been, to put it lightly, a complete disaster. Years of suffering, of trials and losses had been for naught: Darkness had won and Voldemort was triumphant. The fact that Harry's body was alive, his heart beating and his lungs breathing did not matter in the slightest, as what made him Harry was more than dead.

Reflected on his glasses, the fire sizzled and crackled; its warmth the lone comfort Harry had. The spark of life and hope had been extinguished from his eyes, the green orbs turning duller and darker as his mind went over the spiral of events that cost him everything he had held dear.

The Weasley clan, his family in all but blood, had been killed a year after the death of Dumbledore, with the exceptions of Ron and Ginny. And that had just been the beginning of a very mentally-tortuous, downhill slope. Months and years passed in a blur of battles, death and inconsolable years until Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville were the sole ones left to fight against Voldemort. They were too young to be the veteran soldiers they were, too young to have been condemned by Voldemort personally to die at his hands. They were too young to have forgotten about their dreams and hopes. But they had. Oh, they had.

In the blink of an eye, it then soon dwindled to only Harry and Ginny. Despite the bloodbath and incorporeal scars, they somehow managed to stick together, and perhaps the horrors of the war brought them closer than the most fabled of lovers. It was no surprise that they had married shortly after the deaths of the others.

With only the two of them left, they had decided to pursue one last desperate plan, but the plan had failed. Ginny had died only a week ago and had left Harry on his own. Perhaps the most tragic thing was that Harry had found a very rare spell book in the Potters' library just three days after the death of his wife. In it were spells that Harry was sure could have been used to help them defeat Voldemort and, perhaps, escape with their lives.

It was in this book Harry noticed a spell to change the past. To put right what once went wrong. It would send Harry back in time, not as Time-Turners did, but actually allow him to relive his life and, hopefully, correct the wrongs.

Harry had decided to go back to his eleventh birthday. Where it had all started. So that was why on Harry's twenty-first birthday he found himself in his basement reciting a ritual which would send him back in time in order to stop Voldemort, before he had toppled the Ministry of Magic, before he had caused Dumbledore's death, before his friends had died, and before Ginny had died.

On Harry's twenty-first birthday he decided to cast the spell. He had to recite the spell's incantation constantly for four hours before he felt the spell react. All of a sudden, he felt a pull in the vicinity of his navel and he was dragged backwards in time, images of past time around him, hazy and distorted

He closed his eyes, and hoped to arrive to a time where it was not too late to change the future. To erase what had been done and start over.

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