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Chapter Fifty

Ginny Weasley Quidditch Star

Harry stood, shivering, on the frozen, snow-covered Quidditch pitch. Whilst the snow seemed to ease off the past week, the temperature was still hovering below zero. This caused the Gryffindor Quidditch team to dislike the fact that they were out every other evening practising for the upcoming game against Ravenclaw. Whilst the visibility was an improvement in comparison to when they practised in the falling snow, it didn't help that when practise was over, they found themselves frozen to their broomsticks.

Wood was currently doing a prep talk about the match and how, if they managed to beat Ravenclaw, they would be in prime position to take of the cup from Slytherin. Wood kept asking both Harry and Ginny what the status was on their brooms, but neither of them had heard anything after Remus's update. They hoped that Ginny would get her broom back soon so that she would have a better presence in the game.

"We need to win this game to keep our chance in the running of the cup," Wood said as he continued his speech. "Slytherin won the cup last year but that was only because our last game was cancelled." Ginny looked a little uneasy; it was the incident of Tom taking her down to the Chamber of Secrets that caused Gryffindor to have their match cancelled and therefore lose the cup.

"I do not blame you, Ginny," Wood said. "You were a victim. However, this is my last year at Hogwarts, and I want to go out in style. Winning back the Quidditch cup will impress any scouts that are watching. Not that I expect to be picked for any teams…"

"Nonsense," Angelina said, "you're the best Keeper in Hogwarts!"

"Too true," Fred agreed.

"There's no way you won't be picked up," George added.

"Be that as it may," Wood said dismissively, "we need to win tomorrow. I want to prove that the Gryffindor team, not just me, is the best this school has seen. Yes, I include you in that, Ginny. I've seen you in practise and in the game. All you lack is confidence; you have the ability to be one of the best Chasers to play for Gryffindor."

"I don't see what I can do on a school broom though," Ginny said darkly.

"What is the latest news on the Firebolts?" Wood asked cautiously.

"Last time I checked, they still hadn't removed the Hurling Hex from my broom," Harry told him. "But Ron is letting me use the Nimbus. Ginny's broom seems okay but they want to double check to confirm that. They don't want anything to happen to Ginny during the game."

"I see," Wood said.

"Ginny can use either mine or George's," Fred suggested. "A Chaser needs the better broom then the Beaters."

"What, no," Ginny said, appalled. "It's your broom, I couldn't."

"Of course you could," George said, agreeing with his brother, "I'll use the school broom; Fred is the better Beater, more upper body strength than I."

"And you are the better flyer," Fred said nodding. "What do you think, Wood?"

Wood contemplated the twins for a moment before nodding.

"It is definitely a thought," Wood agreed. "Most likely the best scenario for the position we are in. I think George on the school broom and Ginny using George's broom is the best solution at the moment."

"Are you sure?" Ginny asked.

"You need it more than me," George said. "Go ahead." And he handed the broom over to Ginny.

"Great, now that is sorted, I also found out who Ravenclaw are playing as Seeker, and it's a fourth year, Cho Chang." Wood addressed them. "It is going to be hard, but she's on a Comet Two Sixty. Against a Nimbus, Harry should be able to hold her off. And you never know, maybe the Firebolts will be handed back to Harry and Ginny."

"I doubt it," Fred said. "Flitwick is removing the hexes. And he is Head of Ravenclaw. Why would he hand the team his house is playing against more chance to beat them."

"I don't know," Harry said, "I always found Flitwick to be fair. Refusing to remove the curse just because we are playing his house doesn't seem like something Flitwick would do. Snape, I could quite easily see that, but Flitwick? No, I don't see that happening."

"I agree with Harry," Wood said. "I guess we will just have to hope something happens, in the mean time, Harry, any news on the Dementors?"

"I'm looking into it," Harry said, "but I can't promise anything."

"Well, I guess that's the best we can hope for," Wood said uneasily. "Anyway, that's it for tonight, go back to the common room, rest up, and go to bed early ready for tomorrow morning."

The team around them started to head out of the Quidditch pitch and towards the sweeping lawns that head up to the castle. Harry and Ginny walked together, holding hands.

"I'm going to be rubbish tomorrow, aren't I?" Ginny muttered under her breath.

"Of course not!" Harry returned. "You're one of the best Chasers in the school, your only problem is your confidence."

"I guess the Firebolts aren't going to be ready for tomorrow," Ginny said sadly.

"It does not look like it," Harry said agreeing. "But you are using George's broom, that's better than the school broom."

"I can't believe George agreed to that," Ginny said.

"He understands that the Chasers needs better brooms than the Beaters; it's for the team," Harry told her.

Ginny nodded and they walked through the great oak doors and into the entrance hall. Rather then heading into the Great Hall, they decided to head up to the common room first and get changed before getting food. When they reached the common room, they saw Professor McGonagall standing in the middle of the common room holding a Firebolt.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, Ms. Weasley," Professor McGonagall said as she started to talk towards them, holding a Firebolt in her hands. "Well, to update you on the situation, your broom, Harry, still has the Hurling Hex on it, but Professor Flitwick is trying his hardest to get rid of it. He has asked assistance from the headmaster and they are trying to get it ready for your match tomorrow, but we're not sure if we can." She then turned and added to Ginny, "We are sure though, that your broom is clear. Congratulations, that is a very fine broom indeed."

"Really?" Ginny said staring at it in awe.

"Yes, Ms. Weasley, really," Professor McGonagall said, smiling. "Do take care of it; I'm sure Mr Potter doesn't have the ability to replace it if something happened to it."

"Thank you," Ginny said, amazed as she took it and held it.

"It is Mr. Potter that you should be thanking," Professor McGonagall said to her kindly. "I am truly sorry, Potter. We did try and get your broom ready for tomorrow. Still are, in fact."

"Don't worry, Professor," Harry answered, waving away her apologies. "I know you tried, you want to have the Quidditch cCup back in your office just as much as the team does. I know if you could have given me the Firebolt this evening you would have done."

"That is very kind of you to say, Mr. Potter," Professor McGonagall said with a smile. "Now, if you excuse me, I have some fourth year papers to mark before the game tomorrow. Good luck to both of you."

"Thank you," Ginny said.

"You're welcome," Professor McGonagall said, nodding to Ginny, and then she left the common room leaving Ron, Hermione, and Neville to gather around the two of them.

"I don't believe it," Ron said. "A Firebolt! You are going to crush Ravenclaw tomorrow, Ginny. I just know it. Hard luck on your broom though, Harry."

"I can still use the Nimbus," Harry said, smiling. "It's not the end of the world."

"It will be if you break it," Ron added with a grin to let Harry know that he was joking.

"I'll look after it," Harry said, causing Ginny to snigger. "What is that snigger meant to mean, Ginny?"

"Nothing," Ginny said innocently. "It's just, how many times have you fallen off, or jumped off, that broom."

"I only jumped off it once!" Harry exclaimed. "It was perfectly fine afterwards."

"And that sounds like you take good care of your broom?" Ginny asked. Harry shrugged.

"You do a good enough job, love, without me," Harry said smirking, causing Ron to spit out the drink that he had just gulped down and Ginny to turn scarlet.

"What is that meant to mean, Potter!" Ron said, enraged.

"Nothing, nothing!" Harry said hastily. "It was a joke!"


The talk in the Great Hall the next morning when Ginny, who was with the rest of the Quidditch team, walked in holding the Firebolt became hushed for a split second, before muttering broke out along the house tables as the brand new Firebolt in her hands glinted from the light of the candles and the enchanted ceiling's sunlight. The Slytherins, especially Malfoy, looked like they had just been sick.

Wood looked suspiciously at everyone around the table the team chose to sit at so much that the Gryffindors that had already decided to sit there got up and moved. It wasn't until they were at least five seats down did Wood relax and decided to badger the team to eat something.

Ginny was nervous. Her first game back in November; even though they had won, was not something Ginny wanted to remember. She had played terribly for the first half of the match and it wasn't until Harry took her to one side and gave her a pep talk did Ginny score her first goal. Harry was hoping that this match went better for Ginny than the match against Slytherin.

The team ate in silence whilst waiting until it was time to go down to the Quidditch pitch and get ready for the match. Various students from all houses kept coming over to the Gryffindor to get a look at the Firebolt on display, but Wood kept shooing them away, afraid that they might try and sabotage the Firebolt. The fact that no student, apart from Harry, was capable of the power needed to interfere with the Firebolt's magic was completely beside the point.

Halfway through breakfast the Gryffindor Quidditch team had a very unwelcome visitor in the form of Draco Malfoy. Harry sighed in anticipation of what was to come next. The year so far had actually been quite pleasant when it came to Malfoy, because ever since the events of the Truth Sweet and Harry's wandless ability was brought into the open, Malfoy had decided to leave all of them alone. Harry had heard about him picking on younger Gryffindors whenever he wasn't around, but he has never managed to catch the Slytherin at it. He had even gone as far to ask Peeves to put the portraits and ghosts on the look out.

"You're sure won't break that broom, Weaslette?" Malfoy sneered. "A broom of that quality actually needs the flier to have some skill to fly it. And on the looks of the last match, you have no skill at all."

"You know," Harry said, smiling at Malfoy, "I have actually missed our joyful banter. Who would have thought that? I guess the saying is true, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. So where have you been the past few months? Was little Malfoy scared of little old moi?"

"I'm not scared of you, Potter!" Malfoy hissed at him.

"Really," Neville said, "because it certainly seems like that you have been keeping your distance ever since Harry put your ass in the hospital wing. Granted, it was only to mend a stupid twisted ankle."

"Watch your mouth, blood traitor, before I wash it for you," Malfoy snapped at him.

"He has a point," Harry said to him. "What's changed?"

"Nothing Potter," Malfoy replied, "I just been busy with school work."

"Don't make me laugh," Hermione said. "You, school work? I thought you got others to do that for you. I thought it was below the high and mighty Malfoy."

Harry silently agreed with Hermione. There was no way that Malfoy was busy with school work. Sorting through his memories of third year, Harry noticed that Malfoy had tried to sabotage the up coming game by dressing up as Dementors. It, of course, didn't work, but Harry couldn't believe that Malfoy was going to try that again, was he? Harry cautiously started using Legilimency on Malfoy and sure enough, there was the plan right at the front of his mind. Would Malfoy ever learn?

"I wasn't speaking to you, you filthy Mudblood," Malfoy said to Hermione. Ron jumped to his feet, wand raised as did, Neville and the twins.

"What is the meaning of this, Weasley, Longbottom?" Professor McGonagall shrieked at them and they dropped their wands. "This is not your house table, Mr. Malfoy. Please remove yourself from this table and head back to your own house table." Malfoy stalked away, glancing at Harry every now and then, causing to Harry to stay alert. It seemed that he would need to start keeping an eye out for Malfoy again. What was his motive for coming over? Maybe it was just to see if Ginny really did have a Firebolt. Malfoy's plan didn't need him to walk over to see Harry. He planned to keep an eye out during the game for Malfoy and his goons.

After McGonagall had removed five points each from the others for causing a scene at breakfast, the Quidditch team stood up and headed out of the hall and towards the grounds and the Quidditch stadium. The weather was an improvement over the previous day. The sun was shining and although it had no warmth, it meant that they would have no problem with visibility. Harry casted a Warming Charm over himself and Ginny whilst the walked down to the Quidditch pitch, which would hopefully warm them up before the game.

The team talk before the Quidditch match was a rather shorter affair than usual. There was no arousing speech, or threats of what would happen if they lost. The team already knew that a win today would put them as favourites for the cup. And they knew how much the cup meant to Wood. They wanted to win the cup back for Wood, since it was his last year at Hogwarts.

"You all know what you have to do," Wood said. "We have had obstacles in the way so far this year. But we have overcome them. And we can overcome this one as well. Just fly as hard as you lot can and we will win the game. That's all you guys need to do. I have confidence in you lot."

As Wood led them out of the changing rooms and onto the pitch, Harry took a quick glance at Ginny, who was a couple of heads in front of him in the line. There was no nervous jitter in her walk, and she held her head high. But Harry could see through the façade. He knew that she was worried inside but he had done all he could. It was up to her now.

When they reached the middle of the pitch, Wood and the Ravenclaw captain shook hands firmly, smiling at one another, before mounting their brooms. The two Quidditch teams copied their captains, waiting for the release of the Quidditch balls. Harry glanced over and saw Cho Chang standing next to him. His failed attempt at a relationship with her in his fifth year seemed a life time ago. He had not thought of her since his relationship with Ginny in his sixth year had started. He was glad at how things worked out. He was much happier with Ginny than he ever had been with Cho.

Harry waited impatiently as Madam Hooch released the Bludgers and the Golden Snitch, before she grabbed the Quaffle. Harry saw her throw the Quaffle into the air and Harry pushed off the ground, Ginny ahead of him because of the acceleration of the Firebolt. Soon, however, he had surpassed Ginny, as she stopped and grabbed the Quaffle, and Harry kept climbing higher and higher until he got an overall view of the pitch. And then his search for the Snitch began.

"Welcome to Quidditch folks, the most dangerous and fun sport to be ever held. Today is Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw and an interesting concept added to this game is the introduction of the Firebolt to one Ms. Weasley. Now Weasley had a very poor game to most standards last game; however we all know that Weasley was on a school broom at the time. Now she has what is most likely the best broom in the world: A Firebolt. And watch her go."

And indeed Harry did. It seemed the new broom had inspired some fight into Ginny this morning and she was flying rings around the Ravenclaw Chasers. Harry watched as she twisted around the last Ravenclaw Chaser, dummied the Keeper and fired the Quaffle into the empty left hoop, causing the Gryffindor stands to go wild.

Twenty minutes later and Gryffindor were up sixty to ten, Ginny scoring four of those goals, and assisting in the other two. Harry smiled as Ginny's talent shined through in the flying. She had intercepted more passes from the Ravenclaw team than any other Chaser on the Gryffindor team. Knowing that Ginny would now be fine, he continued the search for the Snitch.

Cho Chang had been keeping up the most commonly used tactic against Harry, which was tailing him and hoping that she could out run him to the Snitch, which never worked because Harry always had the faster broom and was clearly the better flyer. The only time he didn't have a better broom was against Malfoy. But Malfoy didn't have as much talent as Harry, did so Harry had always came out on top, Last year's game against Slytherin being the only exception.

As the game went on, Ginny continued to be Gryffindor's best player. Intercepting passes and setting up goals, Ginny clearly was the work horse of the Gryffindor Chasers. Harry was spellbound as Ginny continued to use more and more of her presence in the game to influence the score. As the time continued to the forty minute mark Ginny was using tricks and plays from the play book Ron had given her for her eleventh birthday to the great delight of the Gryffindor team and their house mates in the crowd. This got the Ravenclaw team agitated and soon they were being rougher than usual and started to harass Ginny even more, causing her to drop the Quaffle a couple times and allowing Ravenclaw back in possession.

However, the rest of team, uplifted by how well Ginny was playing, started to play better than Harry had ever seen them. Wood as almost unbeatable in goal, and the twins were determined to make sure that no Beaters ever got close to the Chasers. Soon the score was one hundred and forty to sixty and the Gryffindor team was starting to really get into their stride. Ginny commanded the game like a pro. And Harry was really taken aback to just how well she was playing. He had never seen her play this well in either lifetime, and considering she probably now had the next five years ahead of her playing Quidditch in the school like this, she could most easily try and accomplish her dream for playing for the HolyHead Harpies.

Tearing his eyes away from Ginny as she caused the Ravenclaw Keeper to dive the wrong way and then threw the Quaffle to Katie who just had to put the Quaffle into the empty goal, he continued his search for the elusive Snitch. However if the team continued as they were, soon they wouldn't even need to catch the Snitch. In the next ten minutes, they scored a further five goals with no reply, causing the score to grow to one hundred and ninety to Sixty.

It was then, that Harry spotted the Golden Snitch. It was circling the Ravenclaw goal posts. Cho, who had been following Harry for most of the game, was on the wrong side of him and Harry lay flat on his broom as he shot off across the pitch and towards the golden ball. Obviously sensing that a Seeker had spotted its movement, the Snitch shot off in the opposite direction of Harry. With the snow covered ground from the previous week's snow that had still not melted, it was rather easy to spot the golden ball against the white backdrop.

Harry raced his way in between Chasers and Bludgers as he chased the Snitch around the pitch, Cho just slightly behind him trying to catch up. The Snitch suddenly dived and Harry and Cho followed as it hurtled to the ground at breakneck speed. As the ground came speeding towards them, the Snitch levelled out and Harry and Cho found themselves only a foot or two from the ground as they chased the Snitch along the grass and towards the two hooded figures. The figures pointed at Harry but Harry smirked as he concentrated in catching the snitch. It was now just a straight line race between the Harry and Cho and the Nimbus Two Thousand of Ron's started to inch away from Cho.

The hooded figures in front of them started step back slightly but they were too slow for the Nimbus and Comet Two Sixty that Cho was on. They dived out of the way in the last second, or rather, the top two people did, causing them fall to the side and all four Slytherins of Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Flint, ended up in a poor huddle on the snow covered pitch.

Harry didn't see this as his concentration was purely on the Snitch in front of him. As Harry got closer, he stretched his hand, trying to grasp the Snitch in his palm. A Bludger flew towards him, causing Harry to snatch his hand back up his broom and lift up slightly so that the Bludger zoomed underneath him. Cho didn't have as quick reaction as Harry did. The Bludger banged into her side, knocking the wind out of Cho and causing her to fall to the ground a couple of feet below. Harry continued on as he once again came level witch the Snitch. There was a roar from the crowd as the Gryffindors celebrated another goal scored and then Harry eased his hand around the Snitch and then pulled up, gaining height, as he shoved the Snitch in his fist, into the air, to see the reason that the Gryffindor's had cheered a little early was that Ginny had been the one that scored.

Ginny zoomed over to Harry cheering with the rest of the team as they reached him and they celebrated in happiness as Lee Jordan announced the final score was two hundred forty to sixty. This put the Gryffindors in excellent position to win back the Quidditch cup and hope that nothing happened to any of them between now and then.

As Ginny reached Harry he grabbed her into a hug and held her close as the whole team celebrated their win. As they started to calm down and head towards the Gryffindor tower, Harry leant down towards Ginny's ear and whispered his congratulations on a great game.

"Thanks," Ginny responded in thanks, smiling at him, and then added a fiery kiss on Harry's lips for good measure. "That's the best I have ever flown."

"I'm not surprised," Harry said, his breath taken away from the kiss. "You were brilliant. Sometimes I just stopped and watched you fly. You flew rings around the Ravenclaws." and then he added, "how're Malfoy and the Slytherins?"

Both Harry and Ginny looked back to see Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Flint, being ripped into by both the headmaster and McGonagall. Harry smiled. All things seemed to be going right that day.

"I think they are going to be slightly disappointed that their plan didn't work," Ginny smirked before laughing. Harry put his arm around Ginny and they headed up towards the castle.

They were given a shock when they reached the common room as when they looked around, they spotted Alica Spinnet, there in the corner. They headed straight over towards Alica.

"Wow," Alicia said, smiling as the rest of the Gryffindor team huddled around her. "Best present I could have asked for coming back to see you guys floor Ravenclaw. I hear we won the Slytherin game too. I'm glad you replaced me, Ginny, you were simply the best out there today.

"When did you get back?" Katie asked Alicia.

"This morning," Alicia answered. "I was released from hospital back at Christmas and I spent some time at home recuperating before heading back to Hogwarts this morning. I came down to the pitch to watch. You guys flew magnificently. I was worried for a while in hospital, but then Katie wrote to me and told me Ginny had replaced me. And I wasn't as worried, and after watching the game, I knew I was right."

"This is great," Wood said, then stopped and turned to look at Ginny. Now they had a problem. Four Chasers, but only three starting positions. But that worry was soon forgotten as Alicia explained that even though she's well enough to come back to school, her spine wasn't strong enough yet to fly, and the Healers had banned her from Quidditch for the rest of the year. So Ginny would still need to play in the last match.

The party that afternoon was one of the best the Gryffindor tower had seen. Ginny's form and Alicia's return to the school seemed to be euphoric enough to have the party to continue all day long. Even Hermione failed to get any work done that afternoon as she too celebrated Gryffindor's victory.


Later that evening, Harry and Ginny was sitting on a sofa waiting for Professor Lupin to come so that Ginny could continue her lessons in the Patronus charm. Whilst they were waiting, Harry and Ginny decided to use the private time to continue where the left off on the Quidditch Pitch. Which is why when Remus walked into the room, he found Harry and Ginny in a full make out session on one of the couches.

Remus cleared is throat, catching the attention of the two teens. Red blushes spread across both their faces as they broke apart. Remus smiled at the two young people in front of him and sat down in a chair opposite them.

"Having fun?" Remus asked innocently.

"We were until you entered, old man," Harry countered.

"Old man?" Remus asked, faking being hurt, clutching his chest. "You wound me, you wound me." Harry and Ginny laughed as Remus smiled at them and continued. "Congratulations, I think, are in order. That was a very well played match. Now, as a teacher I am not supposed to take sides. However, I think I can safely say that Gryffindor is the best team in the school at this precise moment. Good luck for your final game."

"Thanks," Ginny said.

"Now," Remus started getting down to business, "I feel, after the happiness of the Quidditch game, and the joy of making out with Harry," he added smirking, causing Ginny to blush, "I think now is the perfect time to try your Patronus. Remember, keep the feelings of happiness inside you, and let it fill you up. And concentrate. You're progressing well. You just need to practise."

Ginny smiled as she reluctantly untangled herself from Harry and stood up, wand at the ready. Ginny concentrated as she brought up the memory she had chosen. before calmly and forcefully, saying the incantation aloud.

Misty Silver smoke forced itself out of Ginny's wand. Harry could see that whilst the form was not one hundred percent certain, he knew that the form was that of a bird. Ginny concentrated as she willed her Patronus to take shape. However, the mist failed to lift up to the promise of taking an animal form and dispersed back into the air and Ginny's wand fell limply to her side.

Harry stood looking to comfort Ginny as she was bound to be sad for being so close and failing. Instead, Ginny had a determined look on her face. An idea seemed to form in her mind behind those sparkling mahogany brown eyes as she stepped towards the table with Honeydukes chocolate and gobbled down a couple of pieces before turning and walking back to where she practised. Harry and Remus noticed the determined look in Ginny's eyes and let her get on with it as Ginny started to breath deeply, finding the memory she had obviously chosen to power her next try, and, with a determined stance, brought her wand up, her grip tightened. And then she said in a commanding voice:

"Expecto Patronum."

Out of Ginny's wand came a beautiful silver phoenix, Harry looked at it and it closely resembled Estelle. Shocked at this development, because Harry knew that in the last timeline her Patronus was a horse, Harry blinked a couple of times before realization came over his face in the understanding that Ginny had just casted a corporeal Patronus. He himself, had spent months trying to learn the Patronus, and here Ginny was, learning it in a space of five weeks. Shocked, confusion, but happiness swept over him as Ginny jumped at him, kissing him soundly in happiness.

"I DID IT, I DID IT!" Ginny exclaimed, breaking the kiss and beaming up at Harry. "I can't believe it, I did it." Harry looked over at the gobsmacked Remus, who was just as astonished at the events in the last couple of minutes as he was.

"You said I wouldn't get it done until at least Easter!" Ginny said, smirking at Harry.

"Hmm yeah…" Harry was speechless. Ginny frowned.

"You are happy for me, right?" Ginny asked uneasily at Harry's less than enthusiastic response.

"What?" Harry said being brought at of his shock. "Of course I'm happy, Ginny! I'm just shocked."

"And he is not the only one," Remus said, smiling at Ginny. "We really did not expect you to get this done so quickly. What memory did you use my I ask?"

"Today's memory," Ginny blushed before continuing, "Of me and Harry snogging."

"You are a good kisser then, Harry,"

Harry blushed himself as he put an arm around Ginny.

"Yes, he is," Ginny said, smiling. "So now what?"

"Well," Harry began, "I guess you need to practise with a Dementor now that you can cast a Patronus without one."

"Okay, I'm ready," Ginny said seriously.

"Really?" Harry asked her. "I mean…"

"Ginny might have a point, Harry," Remus said. "Now might be the perfect time for her to try with the Dementor."

Harry looked over at Remus and Harry saw the trust in Remus's eyes that Ginny was ready. But Harry couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. That, for some reason, Ginny shouldn't be doing it now. But as Harry couldn't think of a reason why not, Harry nodded as Ginny's determined look grew deeper.

Harry and Remus's stood back, out of the way as Ginny went to the middle of the room again and faced that door that held the Dementor behind it. Harry and Remus look at each other before Harry willed the door to open and out glided a black hooded Dementor.

The room suddenly seemed to grow cold, even though they had asked the room to stay at the same temperature, ice started to form on the walls and floor. Harry could see the breath coming out of Remus's, Ginny's and his own mouth as the temperature dropped to freezing. Screaming started sound in his head as Harry tried desperately to keep the occlumancy shields up.

The Dementor looked around the room, and started to head towards them when Ginny cried…

"EXPECTO PATRONUM," and a silver wisp of mist broke out of her wand, trying desperately to form the precious phoenix, however the Dementor breathed in deeply and the half corporeal Patronus vanished. The screaming in Harry's head was so loud that Harry was having difficult in concentrate on what was happening with Ginny.

The Dementor was gliding towards Ginny before it stopped, and turned towards him. Harry fell to his knees as the Dementor looked at him and drew a deep breath causing Harry to feel cold and miserable. The Dementor then vanished as the room the warmed up but it was too late. Harry's vision blurred, and he fell into unconsciousness.

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