Therapy terror

Rated T for safety.

Summery: one day at café mew mew Minto's had enough. All the couples are fighting and it's driving her mad, so she decides to give them counselling. What secrets will be revealed?


Pairings: Ichigo/Ryou, Zakuro/Pai, Taruto/Purin, Minto/Kish, Keiichiro/Rei, Rettasu/Sergio

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Minto was seated at her usual table at café mew mew except today instead of tea; she was drinking water and had a bottle of aspirin. The bottle was half empty. That wouldn't have been a problem but it was new (the bottle of aspirin I mean).

Minto sighed, today was not a good day- Ichigo and Ryou were having a shouting competition of a fight, Zakuro and Pai were glaring daggers at each other while their 1 year old son Sardon junior (SJ) was running around without a nappy, Taruto and Purin were on sugar high again and were bouncing around (they are teenagers but they act like they are 8) , Rettasu and Sergio were making outcough I mean cooking in the kitchen, Rei was shouting at Keiichiro for leaving Wesley junior (WJ) alone in the house and her husband Kish was out doing groceries.

Yep today was defiantly not a good day. Suddenly with a load bang from the kitchen Sergio and Rettasu, who were making out, were now screaming at each other.

Enough was enough Minto was taking some action "SHUT UP EVERYBODY!" everyone who was shouting, glaring or bouncing turned to face Minto. "YOU ALL NEED MARRAGE COUNCELLING! NOW EACH COUPLE WILL MEET AT MY MANSION AT 8PM SHARP OR THERE WILL BE DIAR CONCEQUINCES!" and with that Minto stormed out to o set up her therapy room.

End chapter

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