Lily and James got married the day after they left Hogwarts but 2 years later, they were arguing all the time and after a huge fight Lily left, (not knowing she was pregnant) then almost a year later she gets a letter saying that James was in St Mungo's so she decides to go and make sure he's alright and tell him about Harry. Lily is a healer, James is an Auror

Chapter 1 Hostile Welcome

As soon as Lily turned into the corridor where James' room was in St Mungo's she saw Sirius, Remus and her mother-in-law arguing with the nurse. As she got closer she heard what they were fighting about.

"Let me in, that's my son lying in there" Kate, James' mother shouted.

"I'm afraid I can't let you in until the next of kin arrives and says it is okay" said the nurse

"One of us are the next of kin" screeched Kate

"Uh Kate, that's not technically right..." said Remus

"Why? Who is the next of kin?" Kate shouted at Remus

"That would be me" said Lily

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?" said Sirius

"Well I got a letter telling me to come here" said Lily then she said to the nurse, "Hi I'm Lily Potter, I believe there are some forms for me to sign"

"Why the bloody hell are you letting her in? I'm his best mate, that's his mother" spluttered Sirius

"I'm still his wife, last time I checked" said Lily cooly

"When was the last time you checked, a year ago when you walked out on him" said Sirius

"Look, Sirius we can stand here and argue, or I can go and sign the forms and then you can all go and see him" said Lily

"Fine, Lily will you please hurry up so I can see my son" said Kate not showing any emotion at seeing her estranged daughter in law.

Lily followed the nurse into a small office and signed the necessary forms.

"Right that's it. You can see your husband, although you do know that as his wife you can decide who sees him. I got the impression that you don't get on with..." said the nurse before Lily interupted.

"No, it would just make things worse." said Lily, "so I can go and see him now"


Lily went out of the office into the waiting area and found Sirius pacing, and Kate and Remus sitting.

"Right that's it. We can see him" said Lily

"We?" questioned Sirius

"Yes, or don't you want to come?" replied Lily

"You're going to see him"

"Yes" said Lily

"Why? You haven't been anywhere near him in almost a year" said Sirius

"Look I get that you're worried about him but..." snapped Lily

"Please stop fighting, I want to see my son" said Kate

"Okay come on then"

Lily took Kate, Sirius and Remus to James' room. James was unconsious on the hospital bed.

'He looks so peaceful, I have missed him. I never really noticed before, but Harry sleeps with his mouth a little open just like him' thought Lily as she just stared at James.

"You okay, Lily?" whispered Remus

"Uh yeah I'm fine thanks" said Lily, "It's just a little know"

"Yeah I do" said Remus

"Where's the healer? I thought one would be here to tell us what's wrong with him" said Kate

"His chart should be at the bottom of his bed" said Lily as she went over and picked up his chart and started to flick through it,

"Well, it seems he won't suffer any permanent damage. It was a death eater attack, wasn't it?"

"Yes. How long will he be unconscious?" asked Kate

"He's been put into a sort of coma, just so they can monitor his injuries" said Lily

"Wh-what do you mean monitor them? Is he g-going to get w-worse? Is he going to d-d..." asked Kate on the verge of tears.

"No it just a precaution. There is a chance there may be minor swelling in the brain, but there doesn't appear to be any" said Lily

"Would you listen to yourself? That's James lying there, not some stranger. That's your husband." said Sirius angrily

"I am perfectly aware of who it is" said Lily

"You swan in here after a year, you don't even ask how he's been..."

"I can see how he is" snapped Lily

"You don't give a damn. How do you think he'll react to seeing you?"

"I don't know, but he'll have to get used to me. I'm transferring back."

"You're what?" said Sirius dangerously

"You heard. Anyway I have some things I need to discuss with James, when he wakes up"

"When will that be" Kate butted in

"The potion should wear off in about 9 hours" said Lily

"You better not come and ask him for a divorce while he's in his hosptal bed" said Sirius

"That's not what I need to discuss with him," 'I need to tell him he has a son'

"Then what is it? You better not muck him about again"

"It is none of your business what I discuss with my husband"

"It is my business cause I had to pick up the pieces the last time"

"I don't need this I'm leaving" said Lily

"Yeah that's what you do best" Sirius shouted

"Keep your fucking voice down" hissed Lily

"He's in a coma"

"Look I don't want to argue with you. I'll come and see him tomorrow" said Lily then she stormed out of the room before Sirius could say anything else.