"Call me Mrs James Potter" she whispered, burrowing her face into his chest


"Uh huh" she said raising her head and looking him right in the eye, "I want my husband back"



James woke up in the middle of the night, confused when he realised someone was asleep on his chest, that soon disappeared when he realised it was Lily.

"What's wrong" mumbled Lily waking, almost sensing that James was awake.

"Nothing, sweetheart, absolutely nothing" he said

"Okay" she said, she gave him a quick peck on the lips and then lay back down

James was about to go back to sleep, when he noticed a small body lying on Lily's side of the bed.

"Lily" he said


"Why is Harry in here with us?"

"I bring him in here sometimes in case he wakes up in the middle of the night"

"Well, not that I don't enjoy having the two people I love the most so close, you know that you should never let babies sleep in with you, next thing you'll know is he'll be 9 and still sleeping in with Mummy"

"Argghhhhh you sound like my mother" groaned Lily

"Yeah, I probably do. But you know I'm right"


"I'm taking him back to his room" said James and he got up and did just that

James came back into the room and got back into bed.

"What were you thinking, you know you should never let babies get into that habit? You're too soft on him. He needs to be weaned onto a bottle and yet you just give in at the first sign that he isn't used to it" said James seriously

"Oh for god sake James, it was one night"

Lily shifted over to her side of the bed, and turned away from James.

"Oh right, now you're in the huff"

Ten minutes later, Lily was still turned away from James, neither of them had said anything, and neither could fall asleep. Then James couldn't take it anymore he scooted over to Lily, wrapped his arm around Lily's waist and rested his chin on the shoulder.

"Love you" he said softly, he could feel her weakening, "Sorry"

"No, I'm sorry" she said turning round to face him, "I shouldn't have brought him in, I know that. it's just..."

"I know it's hard"

"I will try, but he's just a baby"

"And he needs to get into good habits"

"You've been reading parenting books haven't you?" said Lily

"How did you know?"

"Cause you sound like a psychologist"

James laughed softly, "are we alright?"

"Yes" said Lily snuggling into James again

"Look at us our first fight, we're being such adults" said James

"Hardly our first fight"

"You know what I meant. We can do it this time, forever"



James woke up first the next morning, and as corny as it sounds he just sat and watched Lily sleep. After a little while he reached to get Lily's rings out of his trouser pockets. He slipped them on her finger.

"Yep, that definitely looks right, I'm gonna give them back to you today at the perfect moment" he said, "Maybe I'll cook you breakfast in bed, and put the rings on the bacon, or I could get Harry to give them to you. I'll think of something."

James reached out to take the rings off Lily's finger, but her hand moved just out of his reach, thinking it was just Lily shifting in her sleep he reached again, and again Lily moved her hand and let out a little giggle.

"Lily" said James frowning

"Uh huh"

"Were you pretending to be asleep"



"To see how long it took you to get bored of looking at me" said Lily

"I'd never get bored looking at you, love"

"Yeah, whatever" said Lily rolling her eyes

"Give me them back" he said indicating to her rings


"What do you mean? No. I'll give them back at right time"


"Come on, Lils. I want everything to be perfect"


"Cause, it should be perfect"

"It is, I have my husband back and I am never taking my wedding ring off again, ever" said Lily firmly

"I'm not going to win am I?"


"Well then I guess it's official you're Mrs Potter again" he said then he kissed her.

"I always was"

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